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Thursday, October 24, 2013

MPA LLC Consumer Protection Group adds links for Reporting & Empowerment Zones - Public Square

WASHINGTON, DC |  MPA LLC Consumer Protection Group quest to link more and more individuals for the overall aggrandizement of information for decision making and monitoring of Code of Code of Conduct in the public square.  We have added four (4) new groups for networking.  They are:
Empowerment Zones
The 8 Demo neighborhoods of Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC are part of the discovery and research to expose "health disparities" in the 8 neighborhoods and to make them EZ/Empowerment Zones - models for its contiguous neighborhoods at the census tract level in the   The models are uniquely representative of the demographics of the neighborhoods and will provide reporting to the government levels - local, state, regional and federal for their infrastructure fingerprint and driving continuity in services, support of awards for services and cost effeciency.

MPA LLC EZ will take a close look at health providers, health practitioners, pharmaceutical, suppliers, health insurance, hospital ACO [ambulatory care and services, PUE (primary, urgent and emergency oversight)] and monitoring boards value.   

Take a look

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