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Monday, January 4, 2016

January 4, 2016 - MPA LLC announces Peoples' Tribunal during Milwaukee Police Probe - A Pre-emptive Strike by Edward Flynn, Police Chief

U.S. Department of Justice COPS Probe
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Peoples Tribunal of Milwaukee
DISTRICT STRATEGISTS of MPA Candidates Caucus Network and other CORE CONSTITUENTS of the city of Milwaukee are asked by Mary Glass, Chief Visionary Officer, Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC, to volunteer and to help provide expertise along with others who see the need for "Due Process" through the creation of stewardship, leadership, ownership, citizenship, partnership, apprenticeship, mentorship, entrepreneurship, scholarship and fellowship.

Members of the Peoples' Tribunal of Milwaukee represent citizenry independent of state authorities, and they will examine and provide judgments relative to violations of human-civil-legal rights - the U. S. Constitution.  

They will look at efforts of the US DOJ, "pattern and practices" review of "BLUE CULTURE" and DISRESPECT of People of Color, especially African Americans.

They will look at "deadly force" by police that is backed-up with impunity and a license to kill African Americans, laws on the book that aid and albeit unlawful but lawful and get-away with it by police, district attorneys office, public defenders office, courts and any other authority.  

Core RACISM as evident by behaviors, laws and like of reformed laws that are implemented and reviewed, reporting by media, double-standards, profiling, and "messaging" for believability.   

Motto:   Re-define, Re-brand and Un-trap Milwaukeeans


Day 1 - On December 17, 2015, the United States Justice Department commenced its probe of the patterns and practices of the Police Department in the city of Milwaukee.  
Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC is the founder of the PEOPLES' TRIBUNAL OF MILWAUKEE
On behalf of CORE CONSTITUENTS, Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC, a public policy advocate based in the city of Milwaukee, calls for upfront and from-the-beginning inclusiveness of African Americans not appointed by any elected-appointed-hired or donor-for-hire representative of the local-county-state-federal government - volunteers from the People (citizen participation) at the census tract level - focus groups of the 15 districts, charettes of each of the police districts, neighborhood strategic planning groups, commercial stakeholders, youth-young adults-adults, 53206 families, and re-entry Milwaukeeans from incarceration (felony and misdemeanor) and those fighting wars.


Director Ronald Davis - US DOJ COPS office
(the video is the top video - it takes a moment to load)

The probe is under the leadership of Director Ronald Davis, COPS - Community Oriented Policing Services, US Department of Justice.  
 Ronald L. Davis was appointed by United States Attorney General Eric Holder in November 2013 as the Director of the Office of Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS Office) of the United States Department of Justice (DOJ). The COPS Office is responsible for advancing community policing nationwide and supporting the community policing activities of state, local, and tribal law enforcement agencies. To date, the COPS Office has invested more than $14 billion in the advancement of community policing. The COPS Office currently manages over 2,000 active grants totaling $1.4 Billion.

In December 2014, President Obama appointed Director Davis to serve as the Executive Director of the newly created President's Task Force on 21st Century Policing. The President charged Director Davis and the Task Force with developing concrete recommendations to improve community trust in the police while enhancing public safety.

Prior to serving as COPS Director, Davis had a distinguished career in law enforcement serving 8 years as Chief of Police of East Palo Alto (CA) and 20 years with the Oakland (CA) Police Department. Davis was recognized for his innovative community policing efforts and for working collaboratively with the community to dramatically reduce crime and violence in a city once named as the murder capital of the United States.

Davis also worked closely with the DOJ in the past, serving as a policing expert for the department's Civil Rights Division. While in this capacity, Davis served on two federal monitoring teams with oversight of police-reform consent decrees between the DOJ and the Washington, D.C., and Detroit Police Departments.
Edward Flynn - Chief of Police in Milwaukee
SEE Video
(top video - there are other videos on the page)

The City of Milwaukee probe is said to be a "volunteer review" by Edward Flynn, Chief of Police, city of Milwaukee. 

I suggest to you, it is a "pre-emptive strike" by Police Chief Ed Flynn and mayor Tom Barrett to combat the glaring patterns and practices of law enforcement in the city of Milwaukee.  To stem the tide of anger from the decision to "do nothing" about the killing of Dontre Hamilton, Red Arrow Park, April 30, 2014, by Christopher Manning, Milwaukee Police officer.

The request by Police Chief Flynn followed a vote of the Milwaukee Fire and Police Commission to re-hire Edward Flynn for another term and recent Accreditation of the  Milwaukee Police Department by Wisconsin Law Enforcement Accreditation Group (WILEAG).

Flynn told reporters he made the request because he believes "there are many in this community that still question this department's commitment to reform as well as its commitment to transparency".

Tom Barrett - Mayor, City of Milwaukee
(move down the page to video of Tom Barrett, Mayor - Dontre Hamilton)

It is fair to say that the negative incrimination of Police Departments due to criminal behavior of "police officers" across the country and the recent disclosure of the widespread corruption in Ferguson, MO and Chicago, IL (mayor's office, council and down to beat policeman), it would be just a short matter of time that the heat of a comprehensive probe would come to Milwaukee. 

It would suggest to the city of Milwaukee that they  try to get out ahead of the obvious.  The comments by the mayor is focused on "recent" 40-hour training for the "mentally ill".  

We need to look closely at the type of training model used, who decided on the course syllabus, who did the training, who took the training (what comprises the term "ALL" as said by Barrett in video), who were the African Americans and People of Color that took part in the process and procedures of training.  

We must look long and hard at the scope of training and its integration of training and laws on the books.  Nothing that Barrett said spoke of use-of-force in day-to-day engagement when it is delivery of customer services.  

Nor, did he speak of his proactive approach to help secure laws that are archaic in the archive of the public square for law enforcement.

He did not mention his office lobbyists/intergovernmental staff working with Milwaukee-county-state-federal legislators to seek "changes in law" at the state level - he kept mentioning - recapitulating the "core" problems of Milwaukee Police to training only.  We have mega problems that will not be solved with just training every time an officer shoots and murder an African American OR law enforcement officers behavior when it comes to arrest, profiling, discrimination, misrepresenting the truth, and use of guns and tasers - weapons that kill.

Barrett says he understands - What does that mean?
He said if it was his son or brother he would also be angry.
One of the problems here is - he does not think it will be his Caucasian son or Caucasian brother.  If so, he would take actions to remove the walls of DISTRUST and lack of accountability when an officer shoots and kill citizens in the city of Milwaukee - they seem to be African American and Latinos for the most part.  And, the officers continue to get off.  What does he understand about that?

This is where we the People of Milwaukee must take this once in a NOW TIME to step forward and "play trumps".

Playing Trumps include:
  • Use the U. S. DOJ probe as a time for the "People's Tribunal" for needed reform and changes from the supreme courthouse to the home of Milwaukeeans.
  • Overall "misuse of power" and "disrespect" CULTURE in the Police Department (mayor, chief, staff and police union) of African Americans and People of Color.
  • mounting accounts of displeasure of police services in Milwaukee.
  • police report request by members of the Common Council.
  • recent law and order commitment of city-county-state and federal engagement this year - city of Milwaukee Police, DA office, State AJ and U. S. DOJ (8th District).
  • requests by those of us to the US Justice Department and others for audit/probe/comprehensive wrongdoing investigation of Milwaukee Police Department.
  • pending and outrageous incidents by Milwaukee Police Department over the decades (practices and trends - Harold Brier to Edward Flynn).
  • role and responsibilities and negative behavior of the Police Union, now and past.
  • "individual" police district wrongdoings.
  • examination of "training" syllabus and protocol.
  • use of funds - huge-overruns of information technology system.
  • ongoing supply of "extra funding" by US DOJ - What was the oversight?
  • use of funds - "extra funding" through US DOJ funding, etc.
  • use of funds - "overtime payments" of police staff.
  • use of funds - "annual budget" items)
  • search, seizures and arrest, profiling People of Color.
  • recruitment of People of Color.
  • review of appointed Fire and Police Commission - pattern and practices - hearing procedures, evaluation of police chief,  refusal/arrogance to meet and share information, refusal to hold meetings and appointed by Tom Barrett, mayor.
  • uptick of legal suits (resolved, pending and potential Class-Action suits).
  • role and responsibilities with the Milwaukee County District Attorney's office - E. Michael McCann to Now (arrest-investigations-testimonies at trial and special cases).
  • results and outcomes of 2007 Vera Institute Report, other reports and of DA office.
  • role and responsibilities with the Public Defender's office (arrest-investigations-testimonies at trial and special cases).
  • Suspicions regarding city of Milwaukee Police Department- and decisions and/or lack of decisions made by the Milwaukee Community Council Justice Committee.
  • MCCJC selection, composition and participation of the citizens (especially African Americans and other People of Color) on the committees and the role of each member - Judicial, Executive and Legislative.  Tom Barrett, Edward Flynn, Sheriff David Clark,  Chris Abele, Judge Jeffrey Kramers, Judge Maxine White and Dr. Mallory O'Brien and members.
  • review John Barrett, Clerk of Circuit Courts, role and responsibility for accurate and uncompromised records by the DA office.
  • Appointments to the MCCJC by whom, for how long, for what good and what to the citizenry.
  • Accountability of the MCCJC - by whom.
  • questionable role and responsibility in Safe and Sound program - appearance of conflict of interest, lack of transparency and accountability to the people and use of tax dollars - role for Milwaukeeans not headed by neighborhood - chair leader lives in Racine - Kane Communications; Vice Chair Kane Communications and Past Chair Edward Flynn, police chief.
  • lack of neighborhood-based policing which mandates residential and commercial citizens to take the led working with public and private organizations and the police department to create effective models for engagement in city of Milwaukee neighborhoods with specificity identified and agreed upon for service delivery that have prevention and intervention at the CORE.
  • reform of the overpowering, UNTRUSTED and non-effective control at the district level of MPD that is heavy-handed, misplaced use of time-staff-funding and lack hands-on and strategic engagement of the taxpayers in a productive number.
  • Homeland security at the neighborhood level for ALL Milwaukeeans - CORE CONSTITUENTS.
  • to not be taken lightly - We the People expect no stone to go unturned for to provide "clarity" and mega changes for due process of the CORE CONSTITUENTS of the city of Milwaukee.  The population - demographics - cultures of the city of Milwaukee.
We expect this probe to have extended probes into the executive, legislative and municipal branches for finding "root" causes.

The Justice Department’s Office of Community Oriented Policing Services developed the Collaborative Reform Initiative for Technical Assistance in 2011 as an independent and objective way to transform a law enforcement agency through an analysis of policies, practices, training, tactics and accountability methods around key issues facing law enforcement today.
To be Continued . . .

Updated:  January 4, 2016

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