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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Expected CODE of CONDUCT

Etiquette is an expected code of behavior that delineates social behavior that is appropriate.

Etiquette is the code of ethical behavior regarding professional practice of action among the members of a profession in their dealings with each other.

It is taught.
It is a “pass it on” quality.
It is a "sign of breeding".

It is a form of self-respect and it is given to show respect for others and the environment we live, work, worship, do business, make laws and represent others in.

Etiquette is the high mark of distinction that every man, woman, child owes to his/her fellowman, "civil discussion" and "making the world a better place" for ALL to live in.
Mary Glass - July, 2010

SAFETY MATTERS RESPONSE NETWORK, a Case Learning Approach in the Public Square

We launched the SAFETY MATTERS RESPONSE NETWORK public square engagement component this past Saturday, August 27, 2011.

It is called: Safety Matters SATURDAY TALK.
It is to be a two-hour discourse that is to help facilitate open analysis, detailed discussions about complex and ambiguous issues. Our objectives include connecting stakeholders (youth-teens-young adults-adults-practitioners) with commitment, excitement, creativity, problem solving and enrichment training.

"We are seeking well-reasoned conclusions in the public square, with the stakeholders, to ambiguous and complex neighborhood-level issues", said Mary Glass, Chair/CEO, Milwaukee Professionals Association.

The next Saturday Talk will introduce the first Case Learning session where skill development for ALL participants will commence. Improving skills in analyzing andd dealing with issues that have incomplete information.

We were especially pleased to have had three (3) "articulate" and "insightful" student participants around the table that came from schools in the area. They were:

-- Pemba Mwepu, Senior, International Student from Africa, University of WI - Milwaukee

-- Deanna Jackson, Graduate, Milwaukee School of the Arts
-- Terrence Redmond, Senior, Banner Preparatory School

The practitioners present were:
-- Dwayne McDonald, Community Volunteer and Emerging Entrepreneur (Missing Link)
-- Steven Mussenden, President - WI Black Chamber of Commerce
-- Shannon Stinson, Educator/Facilitator
-- Dr. Todd Price, Educator/Professor - National Louis University
-- Mary Glass, Moderator

Strategic planning got on the way with our annual conference for 2012.
Our Facilitator, Shannon Stinson, introduced an idea of a Diversity Conference.
We will host - 2012 Milwaukee Safety Matters Diversity Conference.

Our next Saturday Talk is Saturday, September 10, 2011, 1:15pm - 3:15pm, University of WI - Milwaukee, Union Building, 2200 E. Kenwood.

Our Facilitator is Attorney Tom Reed, Head of Milwaukee Criminal Offce, WI Public Defender's office.

To register, CLICK.

The FACEBOOK page is a platform for launching information, sharing information and problem solving regarding issues of Safety Prevention and Intervention.

Our first concern is on how best to address the recent "revolts/protests in violence" with youth-teens-young adults and stereotypes.

We will also look at the "image" and "branding" of the City of Milwaukee neighborhoods when dealing with Safety Prevention - a Roll Call by our local law enforcers that resemble an "army".

We are looking for Friends to be Correspondents.
Join us.

Visit: SMRN

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Heine and Viswanathan, The Other BRIC in Latin America: India

by Jorge Heine and R. Viswanathan

India emerges as a major partner for Latin America.

When trade relations between Argentina and China hit choppy waters early last year, a new partner suddenly appeared on the horizon. In April 2010, Beijing stopped buying Argentine soybean oil in retaliation for Argentina’s restrictions on Chinese imports. That could have dealt a serious blow: Argentina is the world’s largest exporter of soybean oil, and China is the world’s largest importer. Efforts by the government of President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner failed to resolve the trade spat.

Enter India, which promptly tripled its own imports of Argentine soybean oil from $606 million in 2009 to $1.8 billion in 2010 (Chinese imports over that same period dropped from $1.8 billion to $240 million). This was followed by mutual visits between Argentine Minister of Agriculture Julián Domínguez and his Indian counterpart, Sharad Pawar, and the signing of a memorandum of understanding on agricultural cooperation. Total trade between Argentina and India reached $2.5 billion in 2010 and is likely to reach $3 billion in 2011.

Welcome to the new kid on the block in Latin America.

While much attention has been paid to China’s role in the Americas, the growing Indo-Latin American ties have been largely ignored by the press. But others have noticed the change. In 2010, the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) issued a report entitled “India: Latin America’s next big thing?” followed by a similarly bullish report by the Sistema Económico Latinoamericano y del Caribe (SELA).

India's Alternative: High Value Investment
India is now a palpable economic presence from the Caribbean to Uruguay, and its interests are remarkably diverse. Since 2000, Indian companies have invested about $12 billion in the region in information technology (IT), pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, mining, energy, and manufacturing. Among the leading firms operating in the Americas today are the IT firm Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories (pharma), United Phosphorus (agrochemicals), Shree Renuka Sugars, Havells Sylvania (lighting equipment), Videocon (television), and ONGC Videsh (oil).

For the FULL story, go to CLICK

Introducing...Americas Quarterly: The Policy Journal for Our Hemisphere is the only magazine dedicated to policy analysis and debate of economics, finance, social development, and politics in the Western Hemisphere.

Launched in 2007, AQ reaches over 17,000 readers—high-level policymakers in Washington DC and throughout the region, top-level business men and women investing in the Americas, and new leaders in the worlds of finance, business, politics, and the media. AQ has gained a reputation as a balanced, authoritative, and accessible journal that responds to issues facing the region and brings a diverse set of key players to the table. The editorial mission is to engage a new generation of political, economic and social leaders in a discussion of future policy alternatives and to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas.

Editorial Board members include former presidents Fernando Henrique Cardoso, Ricardo Lagos and Ernesto Zedillo, as well as a new generation of emerging scholars from the worlds of economics and political science.

AQ Online brings timely updates to the journal in the form of Web Exclusive articles, multimedia features and daily blog posts from contributing bloggers across the hemisphere.

For over 40 years, the publishers of Americas Quarterly, Americas Society and Council of the Americas, have actively engaged in the dissemination and discussion of a policy agenda that aims to significantly influence the future of our hemisphere. We look forward to continued fresh, positive exchange on the critical topics of the day


Bartiromo - Investor Brief, Dissecting Bernanke’s Speech

Monday, August 29, 2011

In This Week’s Brief
•Economic Report Card
•Maria’s Most Popular
•Poll: Will Unemployment Improve?

Even amidst earthquakes and hurricanes, all investors could focus on last week was Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke’s speech at the Kansas City Fed conference in Jackson Hole. At last year's meeting, Bernanke readied the market for QE2. There are a lot of mixed feelings on Wall Street about whether a QE3 would be good for the economy and markets or not, but most people agreed that Bernanke had to let people know the Fed isn't walking away from the current economic challenges.

Despite an initial drop right after his speech started at 10:00 ET Friday morning, the rest of the day’s action seems to indicate the market was at least comfortable with what it heard. Bernanke announced that the Fed’s next scheduled meeting in September will be expanded from one day to two, at which point the governors will decide whether they need to step in with additional steps to try to spark growth. He again said the Fed will do all it can to restore growth and employment. But if you were expecting him to announce, or even strongly hint at, what he and his fellow Fed Heads might do, you were disappointed.

Also notable were Bernanke’s warnings to Congress and the administration that many economic policies are outside of the Fed’s purview, that they should consider the “fragility of the current economic recovery” when formulating deficit reduction plans, and that a repeat of this summer’s debt-ceiling debacle would likely hurt the economy.

In fact, he went so far as to say that if Congress and the administration take the right steps, he believes strong employment and growth should return. He also said he’s confident the recent recession and financial crisis did not permanently damage the U.S. economy. Within a fairly short time, the markets had regained their lost ground, and it’s clear that September will be a pivotal month.

I continue to hear from many business leaders that until Washington develops a clear plan on how to move the economy forward, especially regarding trade and tax policy, there is little incentive to expand businesses. The Fed now seems to be expressing that opinion as well. It is up to Congress and the White House at this point.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Milwaukee Professionals Association 2011-2012 SATURDAY TALK Launched - August 27, 2011


The goal of each SATURDAY TALK is to address a theme around the Main Issue for the Public Square - To PROACTIVELY address from the neighborhood-level, engagement around the recent and ongoing "revolts/protests in violence" led by youth-teens-young adults - with a 2012 Milwaukee Safety Matters Diversity Conference in mind.

The discourse is in two-parts:
-- An "Introduction" by Facilitators.
-- "Case Learning" for solution-building by all stakeholders present, especially assigned participants - those traditionally and by design left out of wealth-building and quality of life for sustainability.

August 27, 2011
For the kick-off, Orientation was limited to the introduction of Safety Matters Response Network (Mary Glass - Moderator) and the 2012 Diversity Conference idea (Shannon Stinson).

Main Forum Issue: Safety Prevention and Safety Intervention

Saturday, August 27, 2011 - Topic:
-- Introduction to Safety Matters Response Network.
-- Introduction of 2012 Diversity Conference idea.

Facilitator: Shannon Stinson
Moderator: Mary Glass

The Start-up participants were:
Shannon Stinson - Facilitator
Pemba Mwepu - Senior, Zambia, Africa International Student, UW-Milwaukee
Deanne Jackson - Graduate, Milwaukee School of the Arts
Terrence Redmond - Senior, Banner Preparatory School
Dwayne McDonald - Community Volunteer/Entrepreneur
Steven Mussenden - President, WI Black Chamber of Commerce
Todd Price - National Louis University Professor

Saturday Talk is on Saturdays. The next three (3) in September are:
-- September 10th.
-- September 17th.
-- September 24th.

On September 10th, Attorney Tom Reed, WI Public Defender Office is the Facilitator.

Going toward Autumn
Over the next two months, we will form the framework for how the goals will provide a 15-district engagement for the City of Milwaukee that can be a model for other cities, towns and countries.

SATURDAY TALK is a neighborhood planning tool sponsored by Milwaukee Professionals Association.

O'Connell - 5 Places Never to Use Your Debit Card

by Brian O'Connell
Sunday, August 28, 2011

provided by

Brian’s article gives tip on use of the Debit Card on the following:

-- Rental or security deposits.
-- Restaurants and bars.
-- Regular payments.
-- Wi-Fi hot spots.
-- Any retail outlet where you choose the "credit" option.

Debit cards are great financial tools, and it's easier carrying a card that a wad of cash. But debit cards shouldn't be used all the time — and the situations listed above should be at the top of your list of "no debit" zones in the future.
We suggest that you always use common sense when addressing any financial use. For example, if you need to pay the bill at the restaurant by debit card, check ahead to see if there is the option of swiping the card or paying the bill on your way out with the card in your possession except when the waiter/waitress/checkout swipes the card.

For to see specific reasons for the FIVE PLACES, go to CLICK.

Special Forces BOLD - Coming to the nearest DRYHOOTCH Coffee Shop

Stay tuned.
Dryhootch Brady will have a new blend of roast - "Roasted over the ashes of a Taliban stronghold".

Coming this Week!
Support the men and women of our Armed Services.

Reserve your Pound of Beans or Ground!
Address: 1030 E. Brady Street
Milwaukee, WI 53202

Phone: (414) 763-2785
Email: veterans@dryhootch.org

Milwaukee Professionals Association supports DRYHOOTCH on Brady, a neighborhood organization.

Schacknow - TODAY'S PRIMER, August 29, 2011

Peter Schacknow, Senior Producer, CNBC Breaking News Desk

Wall Street plans a normal Monday morning open, something that was not a certainty before Hurricane/Tropical Storm Irene passed through the New York area. With the worst case scenarios avoided, exchanges made the decision to operate normally, though some businesses remain closed and local travel in the New York area will still be somewhat difficult.

The major U.S. averages are coming off their biggest weekly gains in eight weeks, despite wide swings and high volatility. The Dow has registered triple-digit moves in six of the past seven sessions, and only once in the past seven sessions has it moved less than 1%.

Corporate earnings are not much of a factor this morning, but economic statistics are: the government is set to release July numbers on personal income and spending. Economists are forecasting a 0.4% rise in income following June's 0.1% increase, and they think consumer spending jumped 0.5% after declining 0.2% in June. We'll also get June pending home sales numbers from the National Association of Realtors, with a 1.0% decline representing the consensus forecast. Pending home sales had risen 2.4% in May.

Insurance stocks could get a boost this morning, as Morgan Stanley issues a report saying that Irene presents a perfect opportunity for insurance companies to raise premiums. Among the stocks mentioned are Travelers (TRV), ACE Limited (ACE), Axis Capital (AXS), and Chubb (CB).

Apple (AAPL) could be a stock to watch, as it awards new CEO Tim Cooke one million restricted stock units. We'll also watch airline stocks like United Continental (UAL), AMR (AMR), Delta Air Lines (DAL), U.S. Airways (LCC), Southwest Airlines (LUV), and JetBlue (JBLU), as the industry assesses the financial losses attributed to Irene, and moves to restore a normal schedule after the weekend disruptions.
Eurozone officials will resume talks today on the stalled collateral deal between Greece and Finland that is emerging as an obstacle to the latest Greek bailout proposal.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

LARSON Weekly REPORT - August 25, 2011

WI State Senator Chris Larson - 7th District

Job Creation in Wisconsin
As Wisconsin continues to slowly navigate its way out of the most recent recession, job creation and unemployment reduction remain at the top of our priority list. Therefore, I am providing an update on the status of job creation in Wisconsin and how our neighbors have and continue to be affected as our state struggles to escape the clutches of this recession.

Wisconsinites Struggle to Find Work
Wisconsin has consistently posted unemployment rates lower than the national average since the most recent recession began in 2007. However, our state's unemployment rate remains an issue of constant concern as it has been steadily increasing over the past few months, virtually negating any progress that was made prior to Governor Walker's inauguration.

Please view the chart below, which shows our state's unemployment rate compared to the U.S. over the past year.

Chart Courtesy of BadgerStat

These statistics illustrate that just one year ago, Wisconsin faced an 8% unemployment rate, which has only decreased by 0.2% over the course of that time to 7.8% statewide. Unfortunately, our local community has been especially hard-hit by the economic downturn. According to the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development (DWD), Milwaukee County is currently facing an unemployment rate of 9.6%, which means about 45,456 of our neighbors who have been displaced from their jobs continue to search for work.

Clearly more needs to be done by our governor and his administration in order to help our neighbors who have been knocked down by these hard economic times get back on their feet.

Job Growth Continues to Hit Road Blocks
Our state lost a total of 171,400 jobs between January of 2008 and January of 2010, and is still struggling to make-up ground and turn our job growth figures around. According to the Wisconsin Department of Revenue, "Most of the jobs lost in the recession came from the two largest sectors: Manufacturing (75,800) and Trade, Transportation and Utilities (38,300)."

Wisconsin job growth progress has proven to be slow and unstable. Please view the chart below to see Wisconsin's monthly job change over the past year.

Chart Courtesy of BadgerStat

As you can see from this table, intermixed with several months of job growth, Wisconsin has also experienced three months of severe job losses and three months of relatively little change.

The fluctuations in job growth are expected to have a significant impact on the future success of our community. In a June 2011 report, the Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerce stated that "...there has been some slippage in the aggregate number of positive indicators over 2011's first six months giving some pause for concern about the strength of future growth."

There is also some concern over the types of jobs being created. According to Governor Walker, much of Wisconsin's job growth can be attributed to the state's tourism industry. Such jobs are often seasonal and will soon disappear causing unemployment to rise even further and the number of jobs created to drop once again. Placing all our eggs in the tourism basket is only a temporary fix and will result in the same catastrophic results as putting a band-aid on a wound that requires stitches. Instead, we should be focusing our efforts on creating high-quality, year-round jobs that will translate into stable economic recovery for our community and our state.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Milwaukee group's stern REMINDER of Urban Accountabillity to People of Color

August 24, 2011 - Milwaukee Professionals Association is gearing up for the 2011-12 school year BOOSTING GRADUATION focus at private and public outlets of education.

On March 22, 2011, Vice President Joe Biden issued a Call to Action to BOOST graduation rates.

Right away, MPA's Chair/CEO, Mary Glass, added his call to All Hands on Deck, WE, Not Me Initiative - Accountability Matters format. It is to assist the neighborhood-level stakeholders in creating platforms for "inclusion", especially African American, other People of Color and the Work-Challenged (un-, under-employed; un-, under-skilled; un-, under-financed neighborhood-level businesses, disabled, and re-entry, especially those re-entering from WAR, INCARCERATION, boomerang employment and boomerang retirement) who have "by design" and "consistently" been left out of education and technology attainment as well as wealth-building for sustainability.

Over the last six months, MPA's Open Complaint of Discrimination against the UW System has revealed specificity in a "Culture of Discrimination".

We are committed to the advocacy of top and inclusive services that include the recruitment, widespread training, evaluation, and pipelining student for global competition and academic excellence. This includes "soft-skills", relevant tested writing-speaking skills and dress-for-success from DAY 1 OF Orientation.

Our BOOST GRADUATION expectations look long-and-hard at those schools, colleges, programs, partnerships and funding mechanisms that produce top talent through academic, research, practicum, scholarship, internship, co-ops, exchange, student/classroom learning and especially the NEWly added departments and/or schools.

Our targeted individuals, groups and areas for examination and Accountability Matters follow-up include the following:
-- UW Regents Board
-- UW System President Kevin Reilly
-- UW-Milwaukee Chancellor Michael Lovell
-- UW-Milwaukee Chancellor Cabinet
-- UW-Milwaukee Foundation Inc.
-- UW-Milwaukee Real Estate Foundation
-- UW-Milwaukee Research Foundation
-- UW-M Partners
-- UW-M Freshwater School
-- UW-M Kenwood project
-- UW-M Neeskay Project
-- UW-M School of Health
-- UW-Milwaukee Innovation Park
-- UW-Milwaukee Master Plan
-- UW-Milwaukee Post (student-management)
-- UW-Milwaukee Student Senate
-- UW-Milwaukee WUWM Radio Station
-- UW-Milwaukee Faculty
-- UW-Milwaukee Letters & Science
-- UW-Milwaukee Urban Studies
-- UW-Milwaukee Student Services
-- International Urban Affairs Association

"We, the People, must provide hands-on accountability that include due diligence of preparedness, repurposing and partnering by the People while calling upon legislators and government agencies to guarantee civil-human-legal rights", said Glass.

DRYHOOTCH Announcement - Agent Orange

1030 E. Brady

Veterans can file for disability claims online at VA's Agent Orange Fast Track Claims Processing System.

Agent Orange - from the Admiral Elmo R. Zumwalt, Jr. Collection

(DA NANG, Vietnam) - Vietnam-era veterans who have medical diagnoses for three presumptive conditions related to Agent Orange exposure need to file their disability claims with the Department of Veterans Affairs by Aug. 30 in order to qualify for up to one year of retroactive benefits.

The three diseases recently added to VA's list of presumptive conditions related to Agent Orange exposure or other herbicides during the Vietnam War are ischemic heart disease, hairy cell and other B-cell leukemias, and Parkinson's disease.

"Veterans who suffer from these presumptive conditions can apply for disability benefits at any time," said Verna Jones, director of The American Legion's Veterans Affairs & Rehabilitation Division. "But they need to apply by the Aug. 30 deadline in order to possibly get up to a year's worth of benefits retroactively,"

Widows and widowers whose spouses have died from Agent Orange presumptive conditions may also qualify for retroactive benefits and are encouraged to file for dependent indemnity compensation by Aug. 30.

Veterans can file for disability claims online at VA's Agent Orange Fast Track Claims Processing System.

For MORE, go to: CLICK

Milwaukee Professionals Association supports Dryhootch.org, a neighborhood-level organization.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

MEET STEVEN MUSSENDEN - President of Wisconsin Black Chamber of Commerce

Steven Mussenden is the newly elected President of The Wisconsin Black Chamber of Commerce.

The focus of The Wisconsin Black Chamber is economic empowerment and sustainability of businesses in the African American community.

Steven is dedicated to address current issues related to economic development and entrepreneurship in the African American community. Prior to this position Steven has worked as a nonprofit executive for over 8 years, serving as Executive Director for the Providers First Group located in Park Ridge, IL.

Steven will speak at the 6th Anniversary Celebration on September 2, 2011.
Time: 12:00pm - 1:30pm

The Wisconsin African American Women's Center
3020 W. Vliet Street
Milwaukee, WI 53208

$10 Members, $20 Non-Members


Milwaukee Professionals Association supports this "neighborhood-level" organization.

Maria Bartiromo - A Crisis of Confidence

August 23, 2011

In This Week’s Brief
•Looking for Growth
•Maria’s Most Popular
•Poll: Housing Recovery on Horizon?

Overall, the biggest impediment in the U.S still points back to a crisis in confidence that investors and corporate have regarding Washington’s leadership. The view remains that as long as plans — or the lack thereof — to deal with fiscal problems are murky, the economic outlook also remains murky, and no one is willing to make long-term commitments of capital.

We’ve talked before about the lingering effects from the wrangling over the debt ceiling. The markets stalled and the economy stalled while the politicians debated. And by the end, the first month of the third quarter had passed without any significant or positive movement from Wall Street or Pennsylvania Avenue.

Many believe the politicians have essentially kicked the can down the road another quarter, and now investors will be hanging on third-quarter earnings reports more dearly than they did second-quarter numbers. This continues to keep the traders running the markets and their fluctuations, not investors that are having a hard time reading the fundamentals.

Here’s another example: I recently read a report on insider buying that showed an uptick in buying — signifying that insiders thought the sell-off had run its course and were investing in their oversold stocks. But then insider buying dried up again, so insiders may have tabled their investment plans in expectation of more bumpiness.

The growing concern now among many of the people I talk to is that corporate earnings, which have been the shining star in the economic storm, may be under pressure. Since 2008, large companies have become lean and mean and have managed to find ways to operate profitably in the current challenging conditions. Investors are now concerned that if that dynamic changes, the U.S. economy may be headed down a harder road.

Bottom line: Until Washington gets its act together and provides some real direction on fiscal policy and the economy, the markets will find a lot of reasons to remain cautious. Businesses and consumers can adapt when they know what they’re dealing with, so we’ll watch what happens in the coming weeks and months as the bipartisan “super committee” in Congress attempts to come up with a fiscal plan.

Monday, August 22, 2011


Why it is important to "stay-at-it".

MILWAUKEE, WI - Milwaukee Professionals Association will be knocking on doors the next four days to BOOST attendance this Saturday for the SAFETY MATTERS RESPONSE NETWORK SATURDAY TALK, 1:15pm - 3:13pm.

We are meeting to address the Safety Matters Initiative that address safety prevention and intervention. Our Key issue: recent upheavals.

Mary Glass, Chair/CEO said, "We are anxious to meet with proactive individuals, youth-teens-young adults and other stakeholders in the Milwaukee neighborhoods that see a need in addressing the recent revolt/protests in violence by youth-teens-young adults; and, broad-brushing comments by adults".

"We know that it should NOT take place. However, we are interested in the WHY? And, how we can communicate another train/trail-of-thought, paradigm that will provide understanding, communication, cohesiveness, culture-updates, TRUST and a safe environment that promotes options and opportunities for ALL".Join us.

R.S.V.P - To Register, CLICK

This is a FREE Neighborhood-level event for Milwaukeeans.

Place: UW-Milwaukee Union Building
2200 E. Kenwood, Milwaukee.

Time: 1:15pm - 3:15pm

LARSON Weekly REPORT - August 19, 2011

WI State Senator Chris Larson - 7th District

Bill to Aid Displaced Workers Introduced
My Democratic colleagues and I introduced legislation this week to remove the one-week waiting period for newly-displaced workers needing to collect unemployment insurance (UI) benefits.

Earlier in the month, Republicans placed partisan ideology above the interests of Wisconsin 's displaced workers by voting to increase the burden on these neighbors by forcing them to arbitrarily wait one week before obtaining unemployment compensation. As a result, tens of thousands of Wisconsinites who were knocked down by the economic crisis will not receive the help they need, when they need it the most.

The legislation proposed by my colleagues and I would delete the one-week waiting period, allowing displaced workers to receive unemployment compensation immediately after losing their job so they can continue to pay their mortgage and feed their family. This legislation is crucial to our community as 8.4% of our neighbors, family and friends in Milwaukee County are currently unemployed. Should this legislation pass, Wisconsin’s displaced workers would be able to receive much-needed support during these tough economic times helping them to get back on their feet.

CLICK HERE to view a copy of this recently-introduced bill.

Walker Administration Declines Funds to Fight Drug and Alcohol Abuse
This week I signed a letter to Wisconsin Department of Health Services Secretary Dennis Smith expressing our disappointment for Governor Walker's administration declining to pursue several federal health grants this year. These grants would have helped fight drug and alcohol abuse and expanded health care access across Wisconsin. Additionally, the letter urges Secretary Smith to support future prevention and health care grants that will expand our health care safety net and decrease dependence on drugs and alcohol statewide.

Wisconsin currently has the highest rates of drunken driving and binge drinking in the nation. Unfortunately, because Secretary Smith did not apply for two federal health grants our state lost out on $8.6 million to combat this pervasive problem. One of the federal grants would have helped to expand delivery of substance abuse intervention services by laying the groundwork for Wisconsin’s alcohol and drug screening, intervention, and treatment referral services. The second federal grant would have enhanced our state’s substance abuse prevention infrastructure.

Making quality health care available to Wisconsin citizens is a priority of mine. This includes supporting accessible and affordable programs that prevent and expand treatment for substance abuse across the state for our family, friends and neighbors.

It is my hope that our request for Secretary Smith to aggressively pursue future federal health funding for Wisconsin is given serious consideration so that we can properly address substance abuse problems plaguing Wisconsin communities and families.

To view a copy of this letter, please CLICK HERE.

Schacknow TODAY'S PRIMER - August 22, 2011

Peter Schacknow, Senior Producer, CNBC Breaking News Desk

Wall Street comes off four straight weeks of losses in one of the most volatile markets in quite some time - and it's sobering to note that last week's declines of 4% or more in the major averages weren't even the biggest weekly declines of this month. U.S. stock index futures are pointing to a higher open this morning at this point, but they, too, have been quite volatile.

Today's trading will once again be news driven, especially in the absence of any significant earnings or economic numbers, though there's plenty of data on tap for later in the week, including new home sales, durable goods orders, and GDP. Later this week, Fed chairman Ben Bernanke will speak in a widely anticipated speech at the Fed's annual Jackson Hole, Wyoming symposium.

Crude oil prices are under pressure this morning, as traders anticipate a possible restart of Libyan oil exports with the apparent fall of Libyan leader Moammar Khadaffy. The dollar has bounced off a record low against the Japanese yen, and gold has once again reached a record high.

Dollar Thrifty (DTG) could be a stock to watch today, as it asks Hertz (HTZ) and Avis Budget (CAR) to put forth their best takeover offers. Both companies have bids on the table for their rival. We'll also watch shares of Dow component Verizon (VZ), as a strike involving 45,000 union workers ends, though no final contract agreement has been reached. Anadarko Petroleum (APC) may get some positive action, as an appraisal well in Mozambique has more than 70 meters of natural gas.

Sexual assault charges will likely be dropped against former IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn today, according to WNBC-TV. Attorneys for DSK's accuser are scheduled to meet with prosecutors this afternoon.


Mexican Fiesta - August 26-28, 2011

Join in the celebration of Mexican Fiesta - Maier Park - Summerfest Grounds.

Beautiful music, food, events and artisans from Mexico and other South American countries.

Come and see our very own Mexican Plaza with beautiful arches surrounding every shop, a remarkable water fountain and beautiful hand crafted artisan pieces brought to you directly form the states of México - Estado de México, Guanajuato, Hidalgo, Jalisco, Michoacán, México City, Oaxaca, Puebla, San Luis Potosí & Zacatecas -. In addition, enjoy the arts & crafts from other South American countries.

DRYHOOTCH Brady Celebrate 1st Anniversary - August 27

1030 E. Brady is the place on this Saturday at 12 NOON.

The activities include a kick-off at NOON with cold drinks, brats, coffee and great conversations. At 1:30pm, JOHN WITMER, author of "Sisters in Arms" is guest speaker and followed with wonderful music and more brats, cold drinks and coffee. Do not miss this treat.

Help our friends at Dryhootch celebrate one year of "on-it" outreach and upgrade to the services they provide our men and women of our military services. Come out and learn how you can be a part of year TWO.

Milwaukee Professionals Association supports Dryhootch.org on Brady. It is a Neighborhood-level organization.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Dedication of the Martin Luther King, Jr. National Memorial

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

The Dedication of the Memorial on the National Mall in Washington, DC will take place at 11 a.m. on Sunday, August 28, 2011.

Harry E. Johnson, Sr.
President & CEO
Washington, DC Martin Luther King, Jr. National Memorial Project Foundation, Inc

The Dedication promises to be a historic event for the U.S. and nations around the world, as Dr. King’s vision and timeless beliefs continue to resonate with people of all lands. World leaders, civil rights pioneers, citizens who remember the hard days of segregation and those leading the next generation closer to Dr. King’s dream, will assemble together for the long-awaited celebration and remembrance.

This ceremony will be the culmination of a week of events, inspired by the establishment of a permanent honor to one of our nation’s greatest citizen leaders. Dr. King was a profound teacher, whose lessons were anchored in the primacy of human dignity. He enacted irreversible social change and led our country forward, relying exclusively on non-violent means. The Memorial will be a lasting tribute to Dr. King’s legacy and will forever serve as a monument to the freedom, opportunity and justice for which he stood.

For MORE information, CLICK

CNBC.com - TODAY'S PRIMER, August 19, 2011

Friday, August 19, 2011

US stock index futures pointed to a sharply lower open for Wall Street Friday, with stocks pressured by losses in Asia and Europe and many investors concerned the world economy is on the brink of another recession.

European stocks approached two-year lows in Friday morning trade after already suffering heavy losses on Thursday.

Fears that euro zone leaders would not be able to contain the debt crisis weighed on stocks, as did concerns over funding for European banks.

Commodities also suffered on Friday, with oil lower amid concerns about global growth. Meanwhile spot gold continued to touch new highs.

Hewlett-Packard is among stocks traders are watching Friday after the world's biggest maker of personal computers said it was considering a spinoff of its PC business and had struck a deal to buy UK infrastructure software group Autonomy.

The stock was down about 11 percent in Frankfurt trade Friday, while Autonomy shares soared 70 percent in London.

Bank of America is cutting 3,500 jobs, the Wall Street Journal reported, joining the parade of banks including HSBC that have axed thousands of jobs.

There’s no US economic data due out on Friday, nor are any major earnings reports expected.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Milwaukee Professionals Association LAUNCHES Safety Matters Response Network in Milwaukee

August 18, 2011

Milwaukee Professionals Association Launched Innovation RISK STRATEGY SESSIONS for youth-teens-young adults in Milwaukee

MILWAUKEE, WI –Thursday, August 18, 2011, Mary Glass, Chair/CEO, Milwaukee Professionals Association, announced the NEW addition of All Hands on Deck, WE, Not Me Initiative. It is the Safety Matters Response Network/SMRN. It is Leadership, Not Abandonment.

The Safety Matters Response Network is an outgrowth of strategic planning around the recent “protests/revolts-in-violence” seen in the City of Milwaukee. It is a city-wide collaborative.

The Safety Matters Response Network calls for a core team consisting of youth-teen-young adult leaders in the City of Milwaukee working with a sponsor group. The sponsor groups are identified as:
-- a neighborhood block club
-- a neighborhood association
-- a church organization
-- a school, or
-- an organization that receive government funding on behalf of Milwaukeeans.

Baseline requirements of a SPONSOR is to ensure that there is neighborhood-level outreach, in-house education and training for the youth-teen-young adult representative, facilitating meetings, built-in chaperones, marketing, assisted fundraising (per decision of SMRN), encouragement and engagement of principled-center leadership AND collaboration for Annual Diversity Conference.

The youth-teen-young adult and their organization sponsor will make-up Milwaukee’s Safety Matters First Responders Team. They will call upon residential, commercial, social and governmental stakeholders for a holistic safety prevention and intervention engagement.

It is important to note that there must be a partnership between the youth-teen-young adult SMRN representatives and one of the five sources (block club, neighborhood association, church organization, school or an organization receiving funding on behalf of Milwaukee). We know that some will overlap. It is the youth-teen-young adult leadership that will guide and make collective decisions for SMRN. Therefore, it is important that the sponsor is engaged as an adult-partner-sponsor.

We expect the organization to take a “leadership role” in seeing that they have a representative (youth-teen-young adult) at the table representing them. We expect youth-teen-young adult to contact organization and ask to be sponsored.

SMRN organizations are asked to provide youth-teen-young adult representatives that they are “grooming” for citizenship to have hands-on in the strategy building, discussion, training, competition and outreach. They will need to provide MPA a resume.

The NEW Safety Matters Response Network/SMRN is to bring a NEW approach for more FORESIGHT and COLLECTIVE ACTION to address reality issues affecting day-to-day positive growth in neighborhoods of Milwaukee. It includes: Code of Conduct, Civility, TRUST, education and technology attainment, quality of life, economic development, Enduring Concentrated Poverty, health, wellness, transparency, and customer care through principled-centered leadership that calls for All Hands on Deck problem solving; and, safety prevention guided by infrastructural intervention engagement.

First Responders Team - SMRN
We will create a platform for building TRUST, open-communication and problem solving through respect of other cultures and differences, planning, commitment, buy-in, paradigm shifts and successes from identifying in proactive ways, strengths, threats, opportunities, and challenges for mitigating risks in negative behaviors – ALL Milwaukeeans and those they trust to conduct their neighborhood welfare.

Since we know that there are a myriad of youth-focused organization that are serving the City of Milwaukee fifteen (15) districts, we will call upon neighborhood-level, state and national organizations that receive government funding on behalf of Milwaukeeans to take the lead, especially those with missions engaged in youth training, activities and growth.

They include:
Safe and Sound Crime Strategy Initiative Project, Holton Youth and Family Center, COA-Riverwest, Girl Scouts, Boy Scout, Running Rebels, True Skool, AmeriCorps, Public Allies, Junior Achievers – Wisconsin, Young Women Christian Association, Young Men Christian Association, Boys and Girls Club, Big Brothers and Sisters, Milwaukee Public Theatre, Radio Milwaukee 88.9FM, YES-Voces de Frontera, Milwaukee Public Schools, Milwaukee Area Technical College, UW-Milwaukee, Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee School of Engineering, Marquette University, Alverno College, Concordia University, Cardinal Stritch University, private and technical colleges-schools, Milwaukee Health Services, Inc., Positive Images Inc., Black Child Development Institute, Black Health Coalition, Children’s Hospital, St. Mary’s Hospital, Mt. Sinai Hospital, St. Joseph Hospital, Froedtert Hospital, St. Luke Hospital, and Aurora Advanced Clinics.

Milwaukee Professionals Association will work with the SMRN to “re-define”, “re-brand” and “un-trap” Milwaukeeans by coordinating the “public messaging” through Saturday Talk, 2012 Annual Diversity Conference, videos, blogs, press releases, public service announcements, host Facebook website, and coordinate ongoing training.

Our first Orientation is: Saturday, August 20, 2011.

UW-Milwaukee – Union
Multicultural Lounge
1st Floor
2200 E. Kenwood

Milwaukee Professionals Association recruitment Orientation will discuss recent Global Temper Tantrum (Revolt/Protest-in-Violence), provide information about SMRN/Safety Matters Response Network and how to register for to be a SMRN member and/or sponsor for the 2011-2012 timeframe. JOIN US!

To register, CLICK

'Eric Blowtorch Playing in the Courtyard!' on Dryhootch.org!

Time: August 19, 2011 from 6pm to 8pm
Location: Dryhootch Coffee House
1030 E. Brady
Milwaukee, WI
Organized By: veterans @ Dryhootch

Event Description:

Electric Eric Blowtorch

Solo singer/guitarist since 1985 -- burning up stages and streetcorners in Milwaukee, Chicago, Minneapolis, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, London, Kingston, and, some day, hopefully, your town.

In the Dryhootch Brady Street Courtyard this Fri.

Milwaukee Professionals Association supports Dryhootch on Brady - a neighborhood-level organization.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

What is a Eurozone bond?

Europe - August 17, 2011

What is Eurozone?
The collective group of countries which use the Euro as their common currency.

The Eurozone came into being in 1999, and originally consisted of 11 countries. As of 2009, 16 countries were part of the Eurozone. The Eurozone does not include every country in the European Union (some countries are not yet using the Euro), and does not include every country who is using the Euro (to become part of the Eurozone, the country must use the Euro as its sole legal currency). As a currency union, monetary rules are created and maintained by the European Central Bank.

A Eurobond is an international bond that is denominated in a currency not native to the country where it is issued. It can be categorised according to the currency in which it is issued. London is one of the centers of the Eurobond market, but Eurobonds may be traded throughout the world - for example in Singapore or Tokyo.

For up-to-date video, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, she met with French President Nicholas Sarkozy; click below.

You will need to PAUSE the Black Enterprise video below, if it is yet on the HOME page.

Markets fall as Merkel-Sarkozy debt talks disappoint

Investors were hoping for more detailed proposals on how to solve the eurozone debt crisis

European shares have fallen after talks between French and German leaders did little to calm investors' fears that the debt crisis could spread further.

The two leaders agreed to press for closer economic integration within the eurozone, but did not announce any specific measures to tackle the crisis.

Shares opened sharply lower before recovering, with Frankfurt's Dax index down 0.5% and London's FTSE 100 flat.

The gold price also hit a new a record high, reflecting continued uncertainty.

Full Story

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Back Story - LARSON Report, August 11, 2011

WI Senator Chris Larson, 7th District

Tuesday, August 16 from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Make your voice heard regarding the expansion of WIS 241 (S. 27th Street, the six mile segment from County Line Road to College Avenue) by being part of the discussion and attending the last S. 27th Street public information meeting.

The meeting will be an informal open house-style meeting that allows citizens to stop in anytime to meet with Wisconsin Department of Transportation project staff. Exhibits and information will be available regarding preferred roadway and intersection alternatives, changes to median openings and driveways, and the right way of impact.

Dear Neighbor,

I am hosting a neighborhood meeting on the Hoan Bridge reconstruction project with Reps. Richards and Sinicki, members of the Milwaukee County Board and Milwaukee Common Council, and state transportation officials. This meeting is devoted to talking about a possible Hoan Bridge bicycle and pedestrian lane.

DATE: Tuesday, August 23
TIME: 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.
PLACE: Beulah Brinton Cafeteria Room
2555 South Bay Street
Bay View, WI

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation (DOT) is currently studying the feasibility of creating a bicycle and pedestrian lane on the Hoan Bridge. DOT expects to complete its study sometime this fall, so now is the time to learn more about DOT's study and make your voice heard about adding a bike and pedestrian lane to the Hoan Bridge

The DOT recently launched a Web site devoted to the Hoan Bridge project where you can find the latest, most up-to-date information. CLICK HERE to visit the Web site.

I am also including a PDF document from DOT that outlines the Hoan rehabilitation project, which you can view by CLICK HERE. This document provides additional information on the timing and scope of the project, along with contact information for the project personnel from the DOT.

Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or thoughts you have on the Hoan Bridge project. I hope to see you on August 23rd!

DMV Centers to Remain Open
Governor Scott Walker announced a plan last month that would close 16 Department of Motor Vehicle offices, while extending hours in other locations. This decision appeared to place partisan politics above the constitutional rights of Wisconsin voters as the offices targeted for closing were in Democratic-leaning districts, while the offices that were to have extended hours were in Republican-leaning districts.

The budget requires that DMV service centers in all 72 Wisconsin counties be open at least 20 hours each week so that Wisconsin citizens may obtain a state driver's license or identification card before the ID requirement for voters goes into effect. Currently, only 30 counties statewide have at least one DMV location that is open 20 hours each week and three counties have no DMV service center at all.

After receiving pressure from legislators, advocacy groups, and neighbors, Governor Walker has backed down from his initial plan. Instead, four new DMV offices will be opened and all existing offices will be maintained to establish 92 DMV offices across the state. Additionally, the number of hours all offices are open will be expanded by 620 hours weekly or 32,000 annually. I encourage all Wisconsinites to continue fighting for their constitutional right to vote in our state.

Legislators Seek Unemployment Interest Waiver
This week, colleagues on both sides of the aisle signed onto a letter requesting that President Barack Obama and the Secretary of U.S. Department of Labor Hilda Solis grant a second waiver for interest payments due on loans made by the federal government to our Unemployment Insurance (UI) Trust Fund.

In February of 2009, the state of Wisconsin’s UI Trust Fund was exhausted during the worst economic recession our nation has seen since the Great Depression. Like many states, Wisconsin borrowed much-needed funds from the U.S. Treasury so that families in Wisconsin could continue to pay for their mortgages, car payments, feed their families, and cover costs for other crucial living expenses.

Interest began to accrue on these loans at the beginning of this year after being waived for a grace period that extended from February 2009 through December 2010, which was put in effect by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. This month, Wisconsin employers, both large and small, whose taxable 2010 payrolls exceeded $25,000 were issued Special Assessment billing notices from the Department of Workforce Development. Currently, the due date for employers to pay these assessments is set for September 9, 2011.

This bipartisan request is an effort to provide Wisconsin employers a second grace period for UI interest. Wisconsin’s economy is still unstable and this grace period would help our state’s employers to continue moving their businesses to a more secure and solid position, which would foster increased job creation.

It is my hope that our request for a second waiver on UI interest payments is given prompt consideration so that Wisconsin’s economy can move forward

Email: Sen.Larson@legis.wi.gov

Mailing Address:
State Capitol
P.O. Box 7882
Madison, WI 53707

Web Site: SenatorChrisLarson.com

Monday, August 15, 2011

CALM after the STORM - This Week on the Street

After an historic and volatile week in the markets, investors will be watching for any signs of stability from upcoming economic releases.

This week, we’ll see what prices are doing at the producer level when the Producer Price Index for July is released on Wednesday. Prices tumbled last month for the first time since June 2010, primarily due to the recent decline in oil and gasoline prices. Commodities are likely to influence July’s results as well.

The housing sector has continued to drag and an improvement is not expected any time soon due to a combination of unemployment, credit restrains and unsold homes. But this remains a key sector to watch due to its influence on the overall economy. This week, we’ll get the latest numbers on housing starts and existing home sales.

New housing starts were better than analysts anticipated in June, and a continued rise in this measure could reflect a rebound in the latter half of the year. Meanwhile, existing home sales fell for the third consecutive month in June, coming in well below the expected gains. Watch for these reports on Tuesday and Thursday.

Earnings reports are on the wane, but some big ones are due out this week. Tech stocks Dell and Hewlett-Packard are on the schedule, as are home improvement giants Home Depot and Lowes. After last week’s better-than-expected retail report, it will be interesting to hear from Wal-Mart, Target, Gap and Staples, which all release earnings later in the week.

Additional economic releases to keep an eye on include the import/export prices, industrial production and a statement from the Philadelphia Fed.

PROJECT L.I.F.T (Leadership and Investment for Transformation) and its Charlottee, NC partners got the right idea

Kudos to Project L.I.F.T. (Leadership and Investment for Transformation) and its Charlotte, NC partners for their "infrastructural and systemic" strategic planning for the welfare of the community through maximizing investments - people, capital resources and ideas.

Project L.I.F.T., a coalition of foundation and community leaders working to explore the most effective role for philanthropy in Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools in North Carolina, has announced a grant of $950,000 to Communities in Schools to enhance programming in West Charlotte corridor schools during the 2011-12 school year.

The partnership will build on CIS's existing programs, services, and community connections in the region and provide additional services alongside Project L.I.F.T.'s efforts in local schools.

Foundations working with the community, at the neighborhood-level, is optimum to ensuring that America is economically sound and globally competitive on all sides. We, ALL, have a hand in making sure that the capital resources are "one-of-the-fertilizers" for sustainability. It requires an ALL HANDS on DECK approach supporting the same agenda.

For more about the article in Philanthropy News Digest, and comments by Mary Glass, CLICK

Schacknow - TODAY'S PRIMER

Peter Schacknow, Senior Producer, CNBC Breaking News Desk

Already coming off its worst week in well over two years, Wall Street is primed for more losses this morning, following S&P's late Friday downgrade of the U.S. AAA debt rating to AA+.

Futures are pointing to a sharply lower opening, following the S&P 500's biggest weekly decline since November 2008. Japan's Nikkei Averages fell more than 2 percent overnight in response to the downgrade, but European shares are having a somewhat better session, with sentiment boosted by the ECB's bond buying program.

U.S. crude oil futures have slumped about $3 per barrel near the $83 per barrel mark - they've not closed below $83 since November 23, 2010.
The euro has been boosted by the ECB program, while the dollar has been volatile all session.

Treasuries - which logic might dictate would be the most volatile following the downgrade - haven't been, not moving much in either direction.

Gold continues its record breaking surge, rising above the $1700 an ounce mark. In the midst of the flurry over the U.S. downgrade came word that Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner will remain in his job, putting to rest rumors that he'd been seeking to leave. Geithner is the last member of President Obama's original economic team still serving. There's no economic data scheduled for today in the U.S., which may be just as well, since attention is clearly focused on the downgrade and on the ECB's actions.

Earnings are likely to be similarly ignored, though this week is much lighter for quarterly numbers than the last two weeks have been, with few companies of note on the calendar for today.

If we do look for some stocks to watch, Dow component Verizon (VZ) is a candidate. 45,000 workers are out on strike, the company's first walkout since 2000, as Verizon and its unions fail to come to agreement on a new contract to replace one that expired over the weekend.

AIG (AIG) is reportedly planning to sue Bank of America (BAC) to recover more than $10 billion in losses in a $28 billion investment in mortgage backed securities. BofA told CNBC that AIG's losses are solely attributable to its own excesses and errors.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Famous Interior Designer Sheila Bridges discusses Hair Loss

Sheila is a famous Interior Designer, writer and tv host.
In this introduction, she talks about her "baldness" - Alopecia Areata (AA).

What is AA?
AA is a medical condition in which hair is lost from some or all areas of the body, usually from the scalp. Because it causes bald spots.

The most common type of alopecia areata involves hair loss in one or more round spots on the scalp.

Hair may also be lost more diffusely over the whole scalp, in which case the condition is called diffuse alopecia areata.

Alopecia areata monolocularis describes baldness in only one spot. It may occur anywhere on the head.

Alopecia areata multilocularis refers to multiple areas of hair loss.

The disease may be limited only to the beard, in which case it is called Alopecia areata barbae.

If the patient loses all the hair on his/her scalp, the disease is then called Alopecia areata totalis.

If all body hair, including pubic hair, is lost, the diagnosis then becomes Alopecia areata universalis.

Alopecia areata totalis and universalis are rare.

For MORE, go to:

Saturday, August 13, 2011

“i.am FIRST – Science is Rock and Roll” SPECIAL, August 14, 2011

ABC-TV, 7pm ET,“i.am FIRST – Science is Rock and Roll” special on Sunday, August 14th.

This special takes an inside look at the 20th Annual FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) Championship, which is a worldwide science and robotics K-12 competition.
Will-i-am, The Black-Eyed Peas Robotic and Music Concert

Friday, August 12, 2011


by: Shannon Stinson

August 12, 2011

It truly is time to “Listen” to our future leaders asking for guidance, standing up against the weight of the negative perception of their generation.

“Listen: We are not a stereotype!” called out from posters & handouts at Wednesday afternoon’s youth town hall meeting at Gordon Park Pavilion in River West as youth leaders from Safe & Sound’s Crime Strategy Initiative gathered “to discuss issues that concern them, and the change they want for their community…”

These young leaders spoke out against the recent violent actions of their peers, to inform their community that they will not stand for being associated with these actions and they are committed to working to break down the stereotype that all young people in Milwaukee are violent and out of control.

When the young panelists were asked why they believe these stereotypes exist, they responded by acknowledging that the media plays a huge role in perpetuating the image of recklessness and violence.

They feel that the negative perception of youth in Milwaukee today is based on the actions of a few, which the news will report on repeatedly. When in reality, young people are working to overcome the challenges facing them by being active with organizations like Safe & Sound, the Holton Youth & Family Center and COA.

Where is the coverage of proactive projects like the transformation of a vacant lot into “A Lot of Respect” park? The State Fair rioting made headline news for days, and yet the coverage of this town hall meeting was minimal.

These mature young people explained that they do not blame people for having these stereotypes when the image of violence and loss of control is what people see and read about most often, but they want help building an equally strong, positive image for the future.

When asked how this might be done, several key ideas flowed forth. For one, the young people just want to be heard. They expressed frustration over the lack of communication between themselves and their community members, the police, even their peers in other neighborhoods. “The city is so segregated even within races,” explained one of the panelists. If only people were able to talk to each other, connect more, then these communities might be able to break down the wall of fear that persists and positive action could move forward.

Education is another issue that arose towards the end of the meeting. Not public education, but the informal opportunity to teach young people to understand that there are consequences to their actions. Several adults spoke up about the fact that having activities and programs to keep young people from getting into trouble on the street is all well and good, but we are missing an opportunity to connect with and build relationships with young people in order to help guide them through the challenges they face. More dialogue needs to occur about the choices young people are making and the effects of those choices as they grow up.

As the town hall meeting came to a close, both the young panelists and adults in the audience agree that this discussion needs to continue. Ideally with not just youth and adults from this one community, but with policy makers, business owners and police representatives from all over the Milwaukee area.

It truly is time to “Listen” to our future leaders asking for guidance, standing up against the weight of the negative perception of their generation.

“Young people will win other young people,” as one of the attendees stated at the end of the meeting. We must seize this small window of time available to us to respond to our young people and prove to them as a community that we will support and empower them to become advocates among their peers to create positive change in their communities.

Milwaukee Professionals Association supports efforts that respect the fact that, "Safety Matters" - a neighborhood-level idea.