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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Inaugural blog, June 3, 2010 - A Tribute to Buddie

Today is June 3, 2010
This young lady to the left is my one and only child - My gift.
She is 28 years old today.
I love her so much.
I miss her so much.
She is in heaven.
Happy Birthday Buddie!


Today is September 8, 2011.
It marks Buddie's 7th year ascension to heaven.
Love you Buddie!


"Time and Tide wait for no man,but time always stands still for a woman of thirty."
~ Robert Frost

Today is June 3, 2012

Today is my daughter's 30th Birthday.  Yahooooo!

We are celebrating Yvette's special day with family in Detroit, MI.


Year 8 - September 8, 2012

And so it is another year, this time 366 days.


Year 11 - September 8, 2015

And so it is year 11.  It is marked with warm tears at this time while thinking of a very special-special gift - my daughter, Ms. Yvette.  She ascended to heaven on September 8, 2004, while driving home from work on the FDR Freeway in New York City.  It was raining.  She lost control due to the rain and the brakes of her car malfunctioned.  She was 22 years old.  

What do you say?  
What is there to say?  
You inhale and exhale the memories as they flow - some fast and some slowly.  

This morning, eleven years ago, was imprinted in the annals of time with my child's name.  It said Mary Glass, Ma, we have taken Pooh Bear, Buddie, your child; she was placed with care in the arms of Jesus and is just fine!  The tears you share are necessary for your continued movement and releasement at this time. 

Do you see her smile?
Do you see that face?
Do you see her in glowing fashion that were so classic Yvette, the model?
Can you hear her words of wisdom?

Are you remembering the beautiful legacy she left you, family and friends at such a young and tender age?

I love you Buddie!  Ma.