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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

FCC Lifeline program clinic - Connecting the Digital Divide in Milwaukee through Team Internet

AUGUST 16, 2017
CITY-WIDE MILWAUKEE || Connecting to the Digital Divide is PARAMOUNT to gain access to quality of life and economic development services in Milwaukee and globally.  To get employment, to get announcements from government service providers, to hear from elected-appointed-hired-donor for hire government representatives, to sign-up for information deadlines and registration periods, to keep tabs on your social security, Medicare, Medicaid, Affordable Health Care information, to monitor you health records, to handle your banking, to shop at home, to pay bills, to take classes online, to follow your emails, social media, and on and on.

There are service providers for access to the wide-wide web - the internet.  There are broadband and wi-fi (an abbreviation for wireless fidelity, meaning you can access or connect to a network using radio waves, without needing to use wires.) providers 

You must become INFORMED for your personal benefits,
You must become familiar with the options available to you.

In fact, seniors are asked to immediately address their like of access to the Internet.

They are reminded that having access - land line and/or mobile is critical to their "well-being".  Failure to GET CONNECTED is unwise.  It is like not have a utility for electricity.  Yes.  That important.

Lifeline program
The Lifeline program is the FCC/Federal Communication Commission program to address the lack of connectivity to the internet due to low income.  It provides assistance to a household.

As of December 2016, the Lifeline Program was created.  The services are administered through:

Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC).  

They service the entire USA.

Like any NEW program, we must tweak it to get the bugs out.  In other words, the services provided will become better through our use and training.

Join us.

Milwaukee Kick-Off
Thursday, August 24, 2017
East Library, 2320 N. Cramer
Community Room
2:30pm - 4:30pm

Join us.

Staying FOCUS - Public Policy w/Mary Glass

August 16, 2017
CITY-WIDE MILWAUKEE || Staying FOCUS is necessary for the People - the citizenry - Milwaukeeans - to help tone-down so many narratives that are coming like a Tsumni in our daily lives.

WI U.S. Congresswoman Gwen Moore - District 4
This morning the thought comes from my Google Alert (thanks, Google) - the Office of Wisconsin U.S. Congresswoman Gwen Moore, District 4, regarding the Impeachment of Donald John Trump.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

FCC - Chair Wheeler & Commissioner Clyburn introduced Lifeline program for Broadband

L-R:  Commissioner Mignon Clyburn and Chairman Tom Wheeler
 - Federal Communication Commission

March 8, 2016 - 11:00 am

Broadband: A Lifeline for the 21st Century

If you’re reading this blog, youve probably come to take Internet access for granted. 
Without even thinking about it, millions of us go online multiple times daily, to check e-mail, catch up on the news, or shop or stream our favorite shows while the kids research their homework assignments on the Web. 
Now imagine if that Internet connection were severed. 
Almost every aspect of your life would be disrupted: how you keep in touch with friends and family; how you do your job; how you get news and entertainment; how you make informed financial decisions. More than sixty-four million Americans, however, don’t have to imagine life without an Internet connection; they live on the wrong side of the digital divide.
The biggest reason these Americans don’t sign up for broadband is cost. Only half of the nation’s households in the lowest income tier subscribe to broadband
The biggest reason these Americans don’t sign up for broadband is cost. Only half of the nation’s households in the lowest income tier subscribe to broadband. And 43 percent of all people who don’t subscribe to broadband at home say that affordability is the reason. Of the low income consumers who have subscribed to mobile broadband, 44% have to had cancel or suspend their service due to financial constraints and for those whose only access to the Internet is their smart phone, 48% have had to cancel or shut off service for a period of time due to financial hardship.
We can recite statistics all we want, but we must never lose sight of the fact that what we’re really talking about is people – unemployed workers who miss out on jobs that are only listed online, students who go to fast-food restaurants to use the Wi-Fi hotspots to do homework, veterans who are unable to apply for their hard-earned benefits, seniors who can’t look up health information when they get sick.
Internet access has become a pre-requisite for full participation in our economy and our society, but nearly one in five Americans is still not benefitting from the opportunities made possible by the most powerful and pervasive platform in history.
We can do better. We must do better. Indeed, Congress told us to do better.  By modernizing the FCC’s Lifeline program, we will do better.
Lifeline was established in 1985 to help low-income Americans afford access to vital communications, and the program has allowed tens of millions of Americans to afford basic phone service. But at a time when our economy and lives are increasingly moving online and millions of Americans remain offline, it doesn’t make sense for Lifeline to remain focused only on 20th century voice service.
Today, we are putting forward a proposal to help close the broadband affordability gap by modernizing the FCC’s Lifeline program. There are three central facets of this reform plan.
Chairman Tom Wheeler
Commissioner Mignon Clyburn
March 6, 2016
This is a back story worth you reading.

Monday, August 14, 2017

B R E A K I N G N E W S -- DATE CHANGE: Kick-Off of TEAM NEUTRALITY MKE, August 24, 2017

CLICK PHOTO to Enlarge

Milwaukee Kick-Off
Thursday, August 24, 2017
East Library, 2320 N. Cramer
Community Room
2:30pm - 4:30pm


Click RSVP here.


TEAM NEUTRALITY Kick-Off - August 17, 2017, East Library, 2320 N. Cramer

Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC
T E A M   N E U T R A L I T Y   M K E

August 14, 2017
CITY-WIDE MILWAUKEE || JOIN US.  Be a part of Smart Growth in Milwaukee.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Time:  2:30pm - 4:30pm

East Library
2320 N. Cramer
Community Room

RSVP here so I can know you're coming.

Kick-off for

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Sunday, August 13, 2017

SHOW 32 - Free Press, Net Neutrality, Team Internet & Sherman Park $2 Million Initiative

SUNDAY, August 13, 2017

CITY-WIDE Milwaukee || Public Policy w/Mary Glass & 

Company Show 32 shared a theme of:  
  • Free Press
  • Net Neutrality
  • Team Internet 
  • Sherman Park $2 Million MERI Initiative

Free Press
Mary Alice Crim, National Field Director & Organizer, Free Press, was the special guest for Public Policy w/Mary Glass & Company, Friday, August 11, 2017, Show 32.

Theme:  Free Press, Net Neutrality, Net Internet & Sherman Park $2 Million MERI Initiative.  

Crim shared her reasons for being a staff member of Free Press and the background of Free Press, the well-known national media reform organization formed in 2003.  

She talked about Net Neutrality initiatives of Free Press and complimented Glass on the scheduled August 17, 2017, launching of "Team Internet MKE". 

Free Press was formed with the leadership of Robert McChesney (Professor, Southern Il University-Urbana Champaign; IL), John Nichols (Editor, Capitol Times; WI) and Josh Silver (Founder, Represent.us; MA).

Team Internet
Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC
Public Policy w/Mary Glass & Company
INDIVISIBLE - Milwaukee (The Hub) will kick-off 
"Team Internet MKE"

Thursday, August 17, 2017

2:30pm - 4:30pm

East Library
2320 N. Cramer


MPA LLC Internship Program
Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC introduced to the audience the first Intern - BRIA SMITH, Sophmore, 16 years of age, the 2017 Ms. Juneteenth.  She will work to improve her skills in Communication for Public Policy w/Mary Glass & Company.   Her training will be as a Generalist to give her a broad-based opportunity.

Ms. Dawn & Youth Planting - Heritage Garden, 8th & Concordia
Dawn to Dusk Forever Community Garden

CLICK photos to Enlarge
Open Mike
Commentator Dawn Powell, Dawn to Dusk Forever Community Garden reminded the audience of her continued outreach to youth and young adults at Heritage Garden earlier on Friday with planting in the garden at 8th & Concordia.

Planting tips for the radio audience were for NOW planting during August, i.e., radish, spinach, kale, carrots,  and lettuce seeds.

Above:  BID 39 Outreach to neighborhood
Below:  Tia Richardson, Sherman Park Rising Mural 

Rickey Potts, Chair - BID 39, Center Street, provided the food and refreshments for Artist, Tia Richardson, "Sherman Park Rising Mural".  

Mr. Potts shared four (4) strategic points he, the Board and Jennifer Potts, Executive Director, is working to improve quality of life and economic development in the many contiguous neighborhoods of the Sherman Park area.  They include:
  • Removal of the brand "High-Intensity Drug Neighborhood" by government officials.
  • 100-Business leadership.
  • Sustainable Jobs with gainful employment. 
  • Continued outreach to members of the neighborhood for fellowship, i.e., Center Street Mural and BID 39 Meet n Greet.

Sherman Park $2 Million MERI Initiative
Host Glass provided the third segment of Open Mike.  

She started a weekly update of the Sherman Park MERI/Milwaukee Employment/Renovation Initiative.  

This is the city of Milwaukee $2 million dollar funding through WI Department of Justice and Volkswagen.

TAKE A LISTEN here.  Click, the Show starts at 40 seconds.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

SHOW 32 - Free Press comes to Public Policy w/Mary Glass & Company

August 10, 2017
CITY-WIDE || Free Press the national voice for Net Neutrality will visit Public Policy w/Mary Glass & Company to talk about the campaigns afoot across the country to support NET NEUTRALITY.

Field Director, Mary Alice Crim will provide the background of Free Press as well as her 11 years working with Free Press to acquaint the citizenry across the country with top issues impacting freedom of use of the wide-wide web.  Providing up-to-date information about strategic planning, awareness for access and spreading the word.

Right now, Ajit Varadaraj Pai, Chairman, Federal Communications Commission, is busy with rolling back the gains made for open use by all rather than allowing a monopoly-oligopoly control by the wealthy and powerful businesses like Verizon, AT&T, and Comcast.

Milwaukee Kick-Off
Thursday, August 17, 2017
East Library, 2320 N. Cramer
Community Room
2:30pm - 4:30pm
Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC will kick off a robust approach to providing HOPE and change through sharing in safe places - GENRES of Art.

Published on Aug 10, 2017
Artist and poet G Yamazawa grew up Asian-American and Buddhist in the southern Bible Belt, where he often felt as though he didn't belong. But insecurity transformed into a love for the stage and performance. G Yamazawa gives his Brief but Spectacular take on art and creating a safe space for young people to cultivate their own voices. 

This entrepreneur says health care for all starts with keeping local talent.

Published on Aug 3, 2017

Christopher Ategeka grew up with the devastating effects of not having health care access, having been orphaned by HIV/AIDS and losing his brother to malaria. But he got the chance to go to school and become an entrepreneur, and now he's using his influence to recruit health professionals to work in underserved parts of Africa. Ategeka gives his Brief but Spectacular take on health care for all.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

eVICTION Center - Legal Action Assistance a Plus

August 9, 2017
Milwaukee County - Attorney Rafael Ramos and his team is making headway with servicing those being trapped in Eviction.
CLICK here for video.

Tillerson, Trump & Kim Jong-un - Who's the most experienced? Who's word do you trust?

August 9, 2017
WORLD NEWS || Yesterday saber rattling reached an all-time high in blunder.  Guess who made the uninformed and juvenile statement that was an over-the-top threat that has placed USA soldiers, their families and our protectees in South Korea and Japan at risk by threating Kim Jong-un - Premier Leader.

.“North Korea best not make any more threats to the United States. They will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen,"  Donald Trump.

Enough Already!
It is time for sensible Americans to "rein in" and remove DONALD JOHN TRUMP and the many old Caucasian men in power in Congress by any means necessary.

As for TRUMP, he is unfit and unqualified to hold the prestigious office of President of the USA.  PERIOD.

WE also have OLD Caucasian men who have high-jacked the system with privileged experience, income, and wealth.   They are IN THE WAY.

Trump is DESTROYING the positive image of America that is presently in jeopardy.  Why are we "waiting for the obvious danger"?

His "Fat-Mouthing" to Kim Jong-un is a punkish play that Jong-un will not hesitate to blow out the water.  Then what?  
I mean, "Then what" to those of us who become vulnerable to bombs and ongoing bombing here in America.

Mary Glass - American Citizen
71 years old
African American

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Center Street Daze Festival - Saturday, August 5, 2017

August 8, 2017
CENTER STREET || The 20th year Celebration of Center Street Daze Festival was held from 11am to 7pm on Saturday, August 5, 2017. Thanks to Ruth Weill, Coordinator - Riverwest Neighborhood Association, many many volunteers, Center Street businesses, and sponsors, they had a constant flow of participants to listen to the stages of music, eat seasonal treats, and view/purchase clothing, art, jewelry and other services.

Riverwest Radio station was a sponsor of Center Street Daze Festival and was on hand all day with producers of the Riverwest shows present with Martin Hallanger, Program Manager, in an open-air panel adjacent to the Fuel Restaurant.

CLICK photos to Enlarge