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Sunday, September 1, 2013

So you think WE WILL buy Gov Walker, WI Hospital Association, St. Mary's & Milwaukee Health Care Partnership Takeover?

Right Down = Governor Scott Walker, Steve Brenton, President/WHA
  L-R; Mark Taylor, President/CEO/St. Mary's; Joy Tapper, Executive Director/MHCP; and Eric Borgerding VP/WHA
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September 1, 2013
MILWAUKEE |  Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC is a for-profit organization that works to remove the strangle-hold of Enduring Concentrated Poverty from the census tract and neighborhood level of Milwaukee.  We seek paradigm shifts that create opportunity, engage residential and commercial partnerships with the stakeholdersreform and innovate with research, engage nuance in the market structure, link technology and education attainment for BRANDING hidden talent and vetted businesses at the census tract-neighborhood for upscale empowerment.

We are passionately seeking more and more market space in sharing Preparedness for Milwaukeeans, especially African American, other People of Color and Work Challenged End-Users of the Affordable Health Care promises.  We seek economic engines that are per customer, per employee, per store, per place and per population.

In an ideal world, Pure or Perfect Competition is desired.  Given today's technological boundaries, of the four (4) market structures, we feel that creativity, innovation, life style, entry/exit ease, differentiated competition will work best for the Affordable Health Care producers in the market and those emerging producers. We want competition without barriers to entrepreneurship at the census tract and neighborhood level.  We seek to benchmark the pluses of pure or perfect competition. However, we know that "Monopolistic Competition" will work for census tract and neighborhood level competition.  It would allow entry/exit, producers from start-up to corporation-style yet, demand cost containment through engagement at all levels.  Monopolistic Competition uses one "mono" to describe the entire area being utilized by many firm, many producers with heterogeneous products with little to no barriers to entry and exist.

We want control of revenue, price and demand to be influenced by a large number of competitors/producers and the knowledgeable consumers/buyers.  Therefore, customer preparedness is very important.  It requires ongoing engagement in the marketplace for health management.  Takeovers, oligopoly and monopoly  and "We-know-best-for-you competition/oversight" is not acceptable.

We vigorously work to identify, report and get rid of monopolies controlled by, oligopoly groups within Milwaukee and outside who receive earmarked funding for the reform of disparaging conditions and growth of areas of poverty; but, fail to incorporate the formula of self-sustainability by providing education and technology attainment, gainful employment in the area of granted funding and buy-in of growth accountability for the long haul - not just annual funding cycles.

Since the national economy has and is experiencing loss, all federal funding has a component geared to promoting entrepreneurship,  employment, education, technology and some form of construction - individuals and groups that receive Urban Renewal funding and resources must establish ongoing commitment to Communication with per population engagement. This includes recipients of tax credits, transportation, construction, Targeted Investment Neighborhood/TIN, Tax Increment Districts/TID, Tax Investment Financing/TIF, Section 8 and Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development/WHEDA, environmental and Homeland Security tools.  

Our research show that the term "NON-PROFIT" has obtained a reputation that needs "scrubbing".  It has become a high-end method of recruiting federal funding and federal benefits that relaxes obligations of paying tax - FREE MONEY.  We see it over-and-over in NEW and LARGE consolidation groups that are made-up of "well-connected" individual that exploit the funding of reform and change for quality of life and economic development.  We see more and more those "losing employment" due to downsizing and other economic requirements of the marketplace finding their way to "full-time" employment and consultation at non-profits.  Many, if not most, bring the high-end cost right along with them for "title" and "privileges".   

We must see that the taxes and funding stay in the city of Milwaukee for growth and sustainability.  We must tap into the world of hidden talent and vetted businesses at the census tract and neighborhood level - those who live-work-educate their children-open businesses-hire from the neighborhood-help to build the infrastructure of the neighborhood, pay taxes and shop in the neighborhood.  Otherwise, it is worst seeking best - not tangible to sustainability and  for worst.

Affordable Health Care  
Today, over 60 million low-income individuals, young adults, people with disabilities, seniors and entire families receive Medicaid to exist.

The uninsured, primarily adults, are a target population for the Affordable Health Care law; many of whom are small census tract and neighborhood level business owners. 

The Affordable Care Act provides 100 percent federal financing for new coverage between 2014 and 2016, and then federal financing for this group phases down to 90 percent by 2020 and beyond. Under the current Medicaid program, the federal government pays for about 57 percent of costs.

Race and Low-Income
African American, other People of Color and other Americans of low-income make-up over 80 percent of the total population in urban Milwaukee.  Milwaukee has over a half-million folk that are up for enrollment in the Affordable Health Care plans.  For five years, we looked at how Milwaukeeans, especially African American and People of Color became more and more disenfranchised even though $$millions-on-top-of-millions were sent to the city annually to shore up-the-shores with reform.  So, what's the problem?

Our findings put elected-appointed-hired government officials at the core of the reason why best practices, transparency and accountability is NOT was NOT a long-suit in Code of Conduct for best practices.  In addition, we found well-connected and donor-for-hire individuals, and groups-committees-boards-regent, being appointed-hired engaging in widespread cronyism, conflict of interest, bullying-intimidation, misrepresenting the truth, misusing power, engaging in cover-up and engaging in delayed and "no response" to request for public information. 

   Industry - Health & Health Care

On October 1, 2013 and January 1, 2014, health care as we have had it will be no more.  We see groups of power forging alliances, coming together for the Affordable Health Care Act.  We see the "grass hopping" from one organization to another for "consolidation" of power and funding. We see monopoly seizing of the wealth for African American, other People of Color, Work Challenged and those considered below poverty levels rendered "sterile" in the marketplace.  

We see elected officials knowing much too little to help guide the necessary tweaking of policies and guidelines.  We see census tract and neighborhood level stakeholders scheduled for the "late train" of preparedness.  We see business-as-usual gaming the system by skilled and highly paid consultants.

We at Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC say, "NOT THIS TIME".

To help ensure that Affordable Health Care 101 inclusiveness and preparedness is being addressed, MPA LLC Consumer Protection Group was put in place in March, 2013 to help monitor Code of Conduct and implementation.  To draw attention to Affordable Health Care benchmarks and  strategies.  To look at Long‐term/Short‐term issues; such as:  
  • Providers: Payment reductions bundling
  • Beneficiaries: Age of eligibility Increased cost sharing
  • Plans: Payment reductions 
  • Program Structure: Benefit restructuring Program redesign (premium support)

Monopoly and Oligopoly
Governor Scott Kevin Walker continues to engage in bait-n-switch, abuse of power, divisiveness and exploitation of the assets of Milwaukee - the People, Land, Historic Value, and federal funding resources.  Recently, he is claiming that the Affordable Health Care implementation is why he can not meet his election promise of 250,000 jobs.  Can we say, he has lost that many jobs with his Act 10 law and overall uniclusive adiscriminatory practices?

Affordable Health Care
Then there is Walker's failure to exercise good judgment in leadership of Oath of Office and following a law of the land - The Affordable Health Care Act.  His partisan and political decision to have his cabinet members impede the institution of appropriate and lawful benchmarks for the state of Wisconsin Exchange has placed Medicaid and Medicare recipients of Wisconsin in harm's way - a point for the constituents to remember during the election for Governor of Wisconsin in 2014.

In Wisconsin Health Care, he has signed in the 2-year budget $73.5 million for hospitals in the state while rejecting Medicaid Expansion for cheaper insurance for those who can least afford to pay.  The Medicaid Expansion would help those who earn up to 133% poverty level ($15,282) this year.

He continues to pit one sector of the citizenry against the other.  In Act 10, it was the public workers he felt he needed for his safety i.e., law enforcement and fire fighters.  These public employees were privileged while their neighbors, parents, siblings, spouses, and children that are public workers, were discriminated against.

Wisconsin Health Association/WHA
WHA has a major role of leadership from afar.
Wisconsin Health Association leadership, Steve Brenton, President and Eric Borgerding, Executive Vice President, have been out in the forefront regarding Medicare Expansion and the position of Scott Kevin Walker, Governor of Wisconsin.  However, money speaks louder than words.  They received $73.5 million in the budget.

WHA has its long tentacles that expand to Wisconsin hospitals, health care practitioners, schools, sponsors and its members on various committees and boards across the state. 

WHA has formed a three-way leadership partnership with:
  • Governor Scott Walker
  • Mark Taylor, President/CEO, St. Mary's Hospital, Milwaukee
  • Joy Tapper, Executive Director, Milwaukee Health Care Partnership 
There next steps include a monopoly-oligopoly takeover led by Mark Taylor, St. Mary's Hospital and Joy Tapper, Executive Director, Milwaukee Health Care Partnership, for design and monitoring of health care and health care delivery that generate millions of dollars, without the fingerprint and blueprint designed and OK'd by the target audience.

Mary Glass, Chair/CEO, Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC said, "We must work together for the greater good of driving up health and health care; and, down health care cost.   I will be in touch with them to let them know that they have been identified as a Monopoly-Oligopoly organization that is not inclusive at the core and blueprint level stakeholders of African American, other People of Color and the Work Challenged of Milwaukee.  Therefore, we would be back with request for change and we would monitor their organization for 1 year."

Revised:  September 2, 2013

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