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Friday, February 28, 2014

MILWAUKEE PROFESSIONALS ASSOCIATION LLC hosts District 15 Candidates Forums, March & April, 2014

March 15, 2014 & April 19, 2014
February 28, 2014
CITY CENTER MILWAUKEE | Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC will host historic forums for the Special election of the next representative at the city level of Milwaukee for District 15.  The Special Election follows the January 31, 2014 resignation of ex-Alderman Willie Hines.  The alderperson will start a new legacy of representation of District 15 and will complete 2 years before the full 4-year election timeframe.  The Candidates' Forums are:  
  • Saturday, March 15, 2014 - 9:00 am - 12 NOON
  • Saturday, April 19, 2014    - 9:00AM - 12 NOON

 Enlarge - click photos
The Candidates Forums will be held in the Amani Neighborhood at:  WI Black Historical Society & Museum, 2620 W. Center Street, Milwaukee.

"We are excited about the opportunity to host these two events for engagement in the public square.  We are looking forward to vibrant and informed candidates with a NOW and futurist agenda for infrastructure sustainability for the 39,117 constituents.  We need specificity in what the candidates will bring to the table in an aggregate form to remove Enduring Concentrated Poverty.  We need a leader-spokesperson-listener-innovator who remembers who put him/her in office.  We need a professional that applies 'due diligence' and depend on his/her constituents to be at his/her back," said Mary Glass, Chair/CEO, MPA LLC.  Glass will be the Moderator for the forums. 

There will be Affordable Health Care representatives present to share information.

Candidates can sign-up online with MPA LLC new Concierge customer care Calendar app by BookingBug located on this website.

15th District Aldermatic Voting Wards

Mr. President - The DEEP & Quiet Warrior, February 28, 2014

The man, husband, father and USA President - Barack Hussein Obama - Mr. President
USA - WORLD | U. S. President Barack Hussein Obama is rounding out the 2014 Black History Month in representation and a legacy over the last 6 years that is "bar-none" for an American President given the unprecedented but-failed racial behavior of detractors that are so consumed with wrongful privilege that is on its way out. 

Mr. President has been and IS a warrior with eloquence distinction, stick-to-it for the right of it, grand wit laced in academic and practicum evolution.  He has faced tremendous odds from Day 1 when he decided to run for President of the USA.  In spite of his overwhelming odds, doomsayers, haters and combustible clashes man-made by his detractors; he has stood with eloquence, given consistent leadership and extended the opportunity of partnership to forces that were and are hell-bent on anarchy in the public square "because he is an African American man" - An African American man that is the President of the United States of America.

He as so many African Americans we bear witness this February month to honor and remember have made considered and considerable hours of commitment to make this country and world a better place for all. President Obama has had profound efficacy in spite of the five year disrespect in the public square by primarily Caucasians old enough to know better.  They are the generation that should be finding distance from the awful and brutal legacy of their parents and grandparents against African Americans in this country.  
The good news is the Baby Boomers with the Code of Conduct of divisiveness and racial wrongdoing are headed for their own sword.

Mr. President, Barack Hussein Obama was chosen for this time in history to bring about a change - a gift that has been ordained by a higher power.

My Brother's Keeper
On February 27, 2014, he added another layer of raising the bar of leadership and the pursuit of happiness for Americans.  He launched My Brother's Keeper Initiative - males of color empowerment.  Mr. President's mother, father and grandparents have got to be proud of their son and grandson, Barack Hussein Obama - Mr. President.  Their joy is matched by his wife, 2 daughters, son, his sisters and brothers and other relatives that are alive.

May he know that there are those of  us - the millions-on-top-of-millions, of all races, creed and color, who have your back.  God Bless you!

My Brother's Keeper Initiative


MPA LLC online Concierge Customer Care & BookingBug

February 28, 2014
CITY CENTER MILWAUKEE | Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC continues to increase its customer care services with enhancements for convenience during online visits.  The new addition will go through implementation evaluation the next month in MPA LLC Concierge Calendar using BookingBug.

We ask your patience and feedback if you incur problems entering information for booking and our feedback service to you.
  • February 28, 2014
  • MPA LLC BF-M Membership
  • MPA LLC Candidates’ Forums – Aldermanic District 15
  • MPA LLC Stand Your Ground Strategists
  • MPA LLC WELCOME Wagon – Domestic and EB-5
Feedback Email:  mpapublicpolicyreview@gmail.com

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Do you live in a Stand your Ground State? Do you live in a 'Retreat prior to lethal force' State?

USA AMERICA |  To help ensure that information is shared for informed decision making, Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC will publish often information about Stand your Ground for spreading the news.  

Enlarge - click photo
States w/Stand your Ground law
The following information is taken from Findlaw.

Many states have enacted so-called stand your ground laws that remove the duty to retreat before using force in self-defense. Florida passed the first such law in 2005, generally allowing people to stand their ground instead of retreating if they reasonably believe doing so will "prevent death or great bodily harm."

Other states followed with laws specifically affirming one's right to defend themselves, even outside of their homes and with deadly force if necessary. The wording of the each state's laws will vary, but typically require you to have a right to be at the location. Here are the states that have passed stand your ground laws: 
  • Alabama
  • Arizona
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Indiana
  • Kentucky
  • Louisiana
  • Mississippi
  • Montana
  • Nevada
  • New Hampshire
  • Oklahoma
  • Pennsylvania
  • Tennessee
  • Texas
  • Utah
Note that some states have adopted stand your ground-like doctrines through judicial interpretation of their self-defense laws -- but they are not included in this list.

Enlarge - click photo
Some states have self-defense laws on the books that are similar to stand your ground laws, often with at least one key difference. These laws generally apply only to the home or other real property (such as an office) and are often referred to as "castle doctrine" or "defense of habitation" laws. These states include: Idaho, Illinois, Kansas, Michigan, Oregon, South Carolina, South Dakota, Washington, and West Virginia.

Enlarge - click photo
Duty to Retreat States
 On the other end of the legal spectrum, some states have laws imposing a duty to retreat. A duty to retreat generally means that you are not allowed to resort to deadly force in self-defense if it is possible to safely avoid the risk of harm or death (by running away, for example). If that is not an option, say if you were cornered or pinned down and facing serious harm or death, then you would be authorized to use deadly force in self defense. The following states impose some form of duty to retreat before using deadly self defense: 
  • Arkansas
  • Connecticut
  • Delaware
  • Hawaii
  • Iowa
  • Maine
  • Maryland
  • Massachusetts
  • Missouri
  • Minnesota
  • Nebraska
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • North Dakota
  • Ohio
  • Rhode Island
  • Wisconsin
  • Wyoming
Laws on self-defense vary widely from state to state and may have minor, but crucial differences in their language and application. For an in depth understanding of self-defense laws and how they work in your state, consider contacting a local criminal law attorney.

Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC - Stand your Ground logo

CITY CENTER Milwaukee |  Today, Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC released its "REPEAL STAND YOUR GROUND LAW" logo. It will help drive signing of the Repeal Stand your Ground Law petition that is now on Move-on.org.   It will appear on T-Shirts and other products in MPA LLC Business Shops 1& 2 - Cafe Press online shopping.


Marissa Alexander and Stand Your Ground - 20 year sentence, In wait

Marissa Alexander, Mother of 3
Jacksonville, FL | Marissa Alexander, 33, of Jacksonville, Fla., is now under house arrest while she awaits a new trial. The mother of three had spent the last two years in prison for a domestic violence dispute in which she allegedly fired two warning shots at Rico Gray, Sr., who admitted he had threatened to kill her.

A judge ruled in September that Alexander would receive a new trial after finding that the initial jury had been given bad instructions during her first trial. The case began in August 2010 when Alexander was arrested for aggravated assault while getting into an argument with Gray, when she fired one shot. Her two children witnessed the altercation. Alexander’s defense attorneys said she fired a warning shot at Gray, while the prosecution argued she shot directly at her estranged husband while he was with her two children.
Alexander’s defense petitioned for protection under Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” law, saying her estranged husband was abusive, which led her to fire the weapon. The judge ruled the law could not be used in this case since Alexander willingly left the home and returned with the gun.
She was then offered a plea deal to serve three years in prison in exchange for a guilty plea, which her lawyers rejected. The jury later found Alexander guilty of three counts of aggravated assault and was sentenced under Florida’s "10-20-Life" law, which states that any crime involving a gun carries a mandatory minimum sentence. In Alexander’s case -- firing a weapon -- carries a 20-year minimum sentence.  By 
on November 28 2013 11:34 AM
Click MORE specifics

Monday, February 24, 2014

Rev. James Clone - An Influential Theologian

Rev. James Hal Cone  - Union Theological Seminary, City of New York
James Hal Cone (born August 5, 1938) is an American theologian, best known for his advocacy of Black liberation theology. His 1969 book Black Theology and Black Power provided a new way to articulate the distinctiveness of theology in the black Church. Cone’s work was influential from the time of the book's publication, and his work remains influential today. His work has been both utilized and critiqued inside and outside of the African-American theological community. He is currently the Charles Augustus Briggs Distinguished Professor of Systematic Theology at Union Theological Seminary in the City of New York.

Cone was born in Fordyce, Arkansas and grew up in Bearden, Arkansas. He and his family attended Macedonia African Methodist Episcopal Church. He received a B.A. degree from Philander Smith College in Arkansas in 1958, a B.D. degree from Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminaryin 1961, and M.A. and Ph.D. degrees from Northwestern University in 1963 and 1965, respectively. He taught theology and religion at Philander Smith College, Adrian College in Michigan, and beginning in 1970 at Union Theological Seminary in New York City, where he was awarded the distinguished Charles A. Briggs Chair in systematic theology in 1977.


The hermeneutic, or interpretive lens, for James Cone's theology starts with the experience of African Americans, and the theological questions he brings from his own life. He incorporates the powerful role of the Black church in his life, as well as racism experienced by African Americans. For Cone, the theologians he studied in graduate school did not provide meaningful answers to his questions. This disparity became more apparent when he was teaching theology at Philander Smith College in Little Rock, Arkansas. Cone writes, “What could Karl Barth possibly mean for black students who had come from the cotton fields of ArkansasLouisiana and Mississippi, seeking to change the structure of their lives in a society that had defined black as non-being?”
Cone's theology also received significant inspiration from a frustration with the Black struggle for civil rights; he felt that Black Christians in North America should not follow the "white Church", on the grounds that it was a willing part of the system that had oppressed black people. Accordingly, his theology was heavily influenced by Malcolm X and the Black Power movement. Martin Luther King, Jr. was also an important influence; Cone describes King as a liberation theologian before the phrase existed.  Wikipedia


REPEAL STAND YOUR GROUND - Bishop Kenneth H. Carter shows Christian Leadership

Bishop Kenneth H. Carter, Jr. - United Methodist Florida Conference
February 24, 2014
Florida Conference of the United Methodist |  On February 19, 2014, Bishop Kenneth H. Carter, Jr. stood up for justice.  He spoke to the quote of Dr. Martin L. King,:

The time is always right to do what is right.

Bishop Kenneth Carter

United Methodist Church

Florida Conference of the United Methodist Church

Bishop Kenneth Carter is bishop of the Florida Conference of the United Methodist Church, headquartered in Lakeland, FL. Prior to his election as bishop in 2012, he served as Waynesville District Superintendent in the Western North Carolina Conference of the United Methodist Church, a position he assumed in 2011.
For seven years he was senior pastor of Providence United Methodist Church in Charlotte, NC.
MORE about Bishop Carter
We Commend and Welcome
"We commend Bishop Carter for honoring his spiritual beliefs and taking needed ACTION.  He took decisive ACTION.  He wrote to the Governor of Florida with a Request.   We need more and more to step up by signing the petition below.  Just as the in the civil rights of the 1960's Caucasians marched and spoke out against racism, lawlessness, brutality and murder; we look forward to them stepping forth to assist in correcting the Stand your Ground wrong," said Mary Glass, Chair/CEO, MPA LLC. 
You  can take a step by signing the REPEAL STAND YOUR GROUND LAW.  Go to:

Belvedere & Schacknow - Squawk, February 24, 2014

Compiled by Matthew J. Belvedere and Peter Schacknow
»Click Here for Currencies, Fair Value and More Pre-Markets Data
In the news today
Ukraine's ousted president is being sought on charges of mass murder, while the country may now face default riskfollowing last week’s deadly upheaval. (CNBC)
Comcast (CMCSA) customers are about to get improved Netflix (NFLX) streaming, after the two companies announced adirect connection deal(Reuters)
With its handset division soon to become a part of Microsoft (MSFT) , Nokia (NOK) has turned to Google's (GOOG)Android mobile OS to help crack the low-cost smartphone market. | Full coverage from Mobile World Congress 2014 in Barcelona, Spain (CNBC)
Apple (AAPL) has issued a security fix for its iPhone and iPad devices. It left the Mac line-up unpatched, but not for long. (CNET)
U.K. bank HSBC (HSBC) missed estimates with its latest earnings report, and warned it would be impacted by greater volatility in emerging markets this year. (CNBC)
The G-20’s plan to add an extra two percentage points to global growth over five years has a good chance of succeeding, said the IMF’s chief. (CNBC)
Gas prices in the U.S. rose 12 cents to $3.41 a gallon during the past two weeks, as crude rose due, in part, to violence in Venezuela and cold-induced demand in the U.S. for heating oil. (AP)

REPEAL STAND your GROUND Law violates 14th Amendment - NOW IS THE TIME -

USA | On February 24, 2014, Mary Glass, Chair/CEO, Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC, releases the "REPEAL STAND YOUR GROUND - HARM'S WAY Petition Campaign.

 Emmett Till, Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis are the three (3) poster teens of why we can never forget, what Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said:

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.

NOW IS THE TIME for a Repeal of the Stand Your Ground laws in Florida and across the United States of America. Stop the Harm’s Way and lack of equal protection under the law.
Inline image 1

Respect-4-Respect Petition is an effort to speak out about the Stand your Ground law specific Harm’s Way effect on African American. WE know it is African Americans, African American teenagers NOW; but, this law will claim other citizenry as time goes by with the same trigger-happy rule-of-thumb. Stand your Ground legally promotes lawlessness, discrimination, stalking, profiling, myths, criminalizing, privilege-to-kill and growing threat of by-design murder. 

The two recent trials in the state of Florida, in-the-court cases, for the death of two African American teenagers, Trayvon Martin, 17 years and Jordan Davis, 17 years proves that the law Stand your Ground is extremely bias and racial in its intent and implementation. It said the teens were automatically guilty even though they were not the perpetrators. It has sent a message of one-side law and privilege of the Caucasian race dictates rights (human-civil-legal) and one can shoot-and-kill without reprisal. 


Thursday, February 20, 2014

TECHNOLOGY - What Facebook isn't saying about its WhatsApp purchase

Published: Thursday, 20 Feb 2014 | 3:27 PM ET
By:  | Technology Reporter, CNBC.com
Facebook's $16 billion (or $19 billion by some measures) purchase of WhatsApp doesn't mean it has won the mobile messaging wars just yet, industry experts say.
WhatsApp faces serious competition and is going to have to make some changes if Facebook is going to turn a profit from the deal, analysts said.

An outrageous price for WhatsApp? Hang on .

"There is a lot of competition in the space, not only in the U.S. but around the world. This is a continual threat," said Brian Blau, an analyst at Gartner.
From AOL's AIM to Skype and Google's Gtalk, the messaging space is nothing new and it will continue to be a tough place to compete, Blau said.
"Tech companies have been going after this for a long time. Competition is fierce because these users are highly valued and they are highly valued because they are engaged users," Blau said.

TUSKEGEE INSTITUTE - The only University that is on the National Registry - February 20, 2014

Booker T. Washington  House on Campus
Booker T. Washington, his wife, staff & wealthy donors
L-R:  Booker Taliaferro Washington, son, E Davidson Washington and son, Booker T. Washington Jr. 
CLICK photos - Enlarge
CLICK - Booker T. Washington BIO

February 20, 2014
TUSKEGEE, AL | Tuskegee University is a Private, Historically Black University located in Tuskegee, Alabama, USA; established by Booker T. Washington. The campus has been designated as the Tuskegee Institute National Historic Site, a National Historic Landmark

Tuskegee University's campus is the only school in the United States to hold this distinction. 

Tuskegee University is home to over 3,100 students from the U.S. & 30 foreign countries. Tuskegee University is ranked among the 2014 Best 378 Colleges & Universities by the Princeton Review & 5th among the 2014 U.S. News & World Report Best HBCU's. 

Tuskegee University is conveniently located approximately 1 hour 45 mins drive from Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport, the world's busiest airport.
Tuskegee University is home to:

Inter-Neighborhood Service Directory - February 20, 2014

MPA LLC Inter-Neighborhood Services Directory 2014
City Center Milwaukee  | Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC developers are at again with the latest "customer care" tool for residential and commercial Milwaukeeans at the Census Tract and Neighborhood level.  The NEW tool is called:
  • Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC Inter-Neighborhood Services Directory 2014.
Over the next seven (7) months, MPA LLC will document services of health insurers (CMS and private), health providers (hospitals and home care), health practitioners (doctor, nurse, specialist), pharmaceuticals (local and national), suppliers (local and online), academic networks and other networks for better access and selection of services after 2014.

Emphasis is on the following:
  • Truth in advertisement.
  • Price differences within the same company (site-to-site and state-to-state).
  • Price differences within city (store-to-store).
  • Price differences within city (hospital-home care)
  • Transparency of companies and organizations.
  • Inclusion in employment and at the board level of companies (neighborhood rep).
  • Employment training for Milwaukeeans from the Census Tract level.
  • Outreach and placement of Academic training for Milwaukeeans from secondary, technical and higher education.
  • Goodwill shown by companies/corporations at the neighborhood level for "preparedness" - does not include well-connected or national groups.
  • Partnership for sustainability and infrastructure fingerprint of district-to-district and neighborhood-to-neighborhood purchasing power with 10-Neighborhood DEMO by MPA LLC.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Off-color jokes with race-on-the-brain

Staff of ex-County Executive Scott Walker
February 19, 2014
Today, we see emails of what "hired public servants" of County Executive Scott Walker and a Michael Best & Friedrich paralegal shared in disrespect of those they work for, their positions and themselves. The emails were vile, cheap and inappropriate.  They were made by Chief of  Staff - Thomas Nardelli (ex-Alderman of Milwaukee), Deputy Chief of Staff - Kelly Rindfleisch and a paralegal - Kelly Teelin at Michael Best & Friedrich.

"Frankly, the irresponsible racists comments speak of the sophomoric thinking and wayward minds of those who made the statements in email.  It is clear that they had much too much time on hand, not fit for the positions held and did not have or value their role and responsibility to serve the People. The sleazy references by Teelin and Nardelli and agreement by Rindfleishch spoke of how they were three  insecure individuals.  As a Milwaukeean who is African American, I do get tired of the we-are all that by some Caucasians.  It is a sign of lack of class," said Mary Glass, Chair/CEO, Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC.

Below are comments by Nardelli when he ran for mayor - apparently, he forgot his upbringing.

"One thing about Tom, he's an honest guy," said Dominic Frinzi, an attorney who has known Nardelli since he was a boy. "He's a man of integrity.  He's firm in his positions and he's a straight shooter." 

"I'm proud of my heritage," said Nardelli, 59. "I grew up around hard-working people with Christian values." 

"Some people take themselves too seriously," he said. "If you think you're better than anyone you serve, then you probably shouldn't be in office." 

in 2010 emails - racist and disparaging comments that include reference to dogs, unemployment, speaking English and fatherless are the target of  this article. 

Journal Sentinel
According to the Journal Sentinel, Lee Bergguist, there were emails shared by Nardelli, Teelin and Rindfleisch.

Here are disclosures contained in emails made public on Wednesday as part of former Scott Walker aide Kelly Rindfleisch's appeal of her 2012 conviction of misconduct in office for doing campaign work on county time.
- In April 2010, Michael Best & Friedrich paralegal Kelly Teelin sent Rindfleisch a joke about someone whose dogs supposedly qualified for welfare because they are “mixed in color, unemployed, lazy, can’t speak English and have no frigging clue who their Daddys are.”
Rindfleisch wrote back: “That is hilarious. And so true.”
- In another email, sent in July 2010, Thomas Nardelli, Walker chief of staff for Walker at Milwaukee County, forwarded Rindfleisch and others a joke about someone who has a nighmare about turning into a black, Jewish, disabled gay man. “Oh God, please don’t tell me I’m a Democrat,” the email concludes.

- Walker’s operatives made it clear they favored Brett Davis over Rebecca Kleefisch — the ultimate winner — in the race of lieutenant governor. On March 2, 2010, Rindfleisch, who was working part time for Davis, wrote Gilkes asking whether Kleefisch would be allowed to use material for advertising from a campaign event Walker and Kleefisch attended.
“I know she’s the bane of your existence. But I have a question. Will Kleefisch be allowed to use anything for the event for advertising? Like post it on Facebook, TV commercial, etc.,” Rindfleisch wrote to Gilkes.
“I’m REALLY beginning to dislike her,” Rindfleisch wrote to Gilkes.
The next day, Gilkes wrote back, “No — that will be made abundantly clear to her.”
Then, in June 2010, Gilkes wrote to Rindfleisch: “We are not touching anything to do with Kleefisch — she is radioactive and not worth the time.”
Davis’ campaign should “work on Mayor Ross and turn it into a two person race to kick her ass,” Gilkes wrote, referring to then-Superior Mayor Dave Ross, who is now Walker’s secretary of safety and professional services.