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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

MPA LLC CHECKLIST – NBA Bucks Deal Lack Social Responsibility

JULY 15, 2015

The June 4, 2015, MEGA NBA Bucks deal, It’s Cheaper to Keep Them” deal, submitted by Scott Walker – Governor of WI, Chris Abele – County Executive of Milwaukee County and  Tom Barrett – Mayor of Milwaukee FAILED to provide due diligence and profit loss for the taxpayers of Milwaukee to buy-in.

The Checklist grows long with missed “due diligence”. 

Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC empirical data includes the following:

Approval and Agreement of "building a NEW NBA Bucks Arena" by Herb Kohl, Marc Lasry, Wes Edens and behind the scenes power brokers as a pre-requisite of selling the NBA Bucks Team was not disclosed, discussed and approved by the People.

Prior to Walker, Abele, Barrett and the "Republican only" delegation decisions, NO cost benefit analysis was presented to the state legislators and Milwaukee Common Council for presentation to the ultimate decision makers - The taxpayers and stakeholders for final approval.

Layout of role and responsibilities of NBA Bucks team players as major investors in the present Arena deal.

Layout of payment by each NBA Bucks team player and all other NBA players when they play games in Milwaukee, Madison and other cities in Wisconsin with benefit to the city of Milwaukee/People's coffers.

Discussion with the People, ALL 15 districts of Milwaukee, for funding a 30-year commitment for the NBA Bucks projects/deal.
Specificity of “wage growth” in 30-year commitment.

Specificity of “employment” - # of jobs, types of jobs, industries of jobs, oversight and transparency of jobs, jobs tied to apprenticeship, internship, part-time and full-time.

Specificity of “entrepreneurial” deployment in layout of business development.

Layout of Arena deal with specific asset management and benefits to Milwaukee taxpayers for the 30-year investment.

Assessed value and layout of possible revenue for the taxpayers of Milwaukee.

Layout of the proposed Park East real estate use related to the NBA Bucks owners and benefits to taxpayers for investments.

Layout and justification for land use gifts and land use development for NBA Bucks owners and developers ONLY.

Built-in NBA perks that call for "in-the-future" payment by the taxpayers of Milwaukee and Milwaukee County.

Layout of environmental – DNR/Department of  Natural Resources related and other preparation of land use cost for use of ALL real estate with benefits to the People/taxpayers.

Specificity to the People of the use of Wisconsin         Transportation and the U.S. Transportation control.

Layout to the People for "approval" of Park East with 30-year and beyond benefits for the People.

Layout of year-by-year growth and impact of  benefits to the People for 30-year investment.

Layout of 30-year comment of taxes from Milwaukeeans and Milwaukee County taxpayers.

Layout of BONUS for taxpayers at the end of 30-year investment/commitment.

Layout of "specific sales tax" of the People.
Layout of "specific sales taxes" that are exempt for the NBA Bucks owners - all projects.

Layout of "TID/Tax Increment District" and other 
resources of funding and support through the city of Milwaukee to provide foundation of land use.

Layout of project funding from federal resources of the city of Milwaukee and Milwaukee County on the credit of the taxpayers.
Layout of "hiccups and cost overruns" that protect the taxpayers.

Uses of the BMO Bradley Center with specific benefits to taxpayers after the People's 20-year  investment.

Layout of Audit and revised role and responsibilities of the Wisconsin Center District/WCD.

Layout of NEW WCD Board member composition that includes African Americans, other People of Color and Work Challenged stakeholders that represent the  public - "citizen" members.

Layout/Audit of Wisconsin Center District with  specifics of hiring of Milwaukeeans and impact of under and un-employed Milwaukeeans - growth plan of hiring in city vs out of city and out-of-state.

Layout of review of Wisconsin Center District statute for necessary updates for MORE INCLUSION of the public, neighborhood and People of Color for best practices and due process for economic development.

Layout of specifics proposed by Chris Abele – Milwaukee County Executive, for acquiring taxes on behalf of the "Collection Procedures" proposed.

Tools in place to address Depression in the economy and Enduring Concentrated Poverty during the 30-year investment.

Special funding and resources yield by the People to promote information technology, recreation, the arts and business development at the neighborhood and NSP levels.

Disclosure and Transparency - Layout of individuals, organizations and businesses that are in the deal from "What's In it For Me" – collaborators promised a piece of the pie benefits.

Creation of a body of neighborhood stakeholders of the city of Milwaukee to monitor and provide oversight monthly for accountability.

The June 4, 2015 deal called, "It is Cheaper to Keep Them"’signed by Scott Walker, Governor of Wisconsin, is not the BEST PRACTICE development for the Peopl of the city of Milwaukee and Milwaukee County.

They failed to consult with the people. 

Walker and his GOP representatives (DEMOCRATS were not included) failed to ethically address the sensitive and costly issues of the NBA Bucks Arena and the seige of land and massive benefits by Herb Kohl, Marc Lasry, Wes Eden, developers and investors brings shame to the elected-appointed-hired and donor for hire representatives of government.

NO DEAL as is.

Visit John Oliver report on the ruthless behavior of NBA owners and other national teams - a run on the city and county coffers across the good ole USA.

CLICK - JOHN OLIVER and the Stadium Report.
See Tom Barrett

Updated:  July 15, 2015

Mary Glass – Chair/CEO/CVO
Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC
Email:  mpapublicpolicyreview@gmail.com


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