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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

SATURDAY TALK - June 27, 2015 - Quarterly Meeting, Follow the Money Highlights

Photo by:  Craig Jackson
CLICK photo to Enlarge 
SATURDAY TALK topic of discussion was:  The Buck and NBA Bucks stop with the CORE CONSTITUENTS - NEW Arena and Park East Development for the NBA Milwaukee Bucks.

Business Focus:  Guaranty Bank
Yudi Dogra and Ryan Denninger

In addition to full-service care, Yudi and Ryan highlighted Guaranty Bank services  
Photos by:  Craig Jackson
:  Yudi Dogra, Mary Glass and Ryan
that identified:
  • Credit Builder CD/Certificate of Deposit
  • Credit Builder - Building one's credit plan (average FICO score after 6 months in Credit Builder for people who started with no score). 
MPA LLC Follow the Money outreach to the public will offer site visits to young adult, millennial/born free and senior sights with Guaranty Bank representatives to help BUILD credit scores.

NBA Milwaukee Bucks Arena and Park East real estate
Mary Glass - Chair/CEO/CVO - Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC
Background for the argument of Follow the Money was given by Mary Glass, Moderator, to allow the audience a frame of reference of facts in the public square.  It included articles from Urban Milwaukee and Journal Sentinel:
The two articles spoke of the taxpayers bailing out the Milwaukee Bucks, Bradley Center and Wisconsin Center District (2001).  Monopoly-oligopoly groups like Greater Milwaukee Committee led by Bob Milbourne were active in "corporate welfare" at the cost of the city of Milwaukee during ex-mayor John Norquist administration. 

Additionally, the article on bailout spoke of the "massive tax exemptions" for the billionaire owners and developers in the burdensome Cheaper to Keep Them proposal.  Tax Exemptions that "shifts the majority of the debt to the taxpayers".

Photos by:  Craig Jackson
CLICK photo to Enlarge

The third point-of-information came from the June 15, 2015 meeting with the Milwaukee County Economic and Community Development committee - No. 5 BUCKS PRESENTATION (The Park East:  A Master Development Vision & Plan).  Click.

The five candidates running for charter office positions - Mayor and Alderman (member of the Common Council) were very clear about their positions and waste no time sharing the pitfalls of the plan.

Their consensus points were the lack of social justice in the economics and infrastructure for sustainability as well as where the NEW plan has specific problems related to "benefits" and correctness for the electorates of the city of Milwaukee.  

Joyce Campana - Milwaukeean
Joyce Campana, homeowner District 3, was present to share points she shared with the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors at the War Memorial speak-out. 

She shared the sentiments of taxpayers that see a disconnect in what's being ask of the taxpayers and what the taxpayers of Milwaukee were receiving.  Joyce spoke of her commitment of paying taxes in a payment plan and how she is being asked to underwrite billionaires in the Arena  and Park East plan by Scott Walker - Governor, Chris Abele - County Executive and Tom Barrett - Mayor. 

Randy Jones is 2016 Candidate for District 7
Terri Fleming (campaign), Ciyanna Jones (niece) and JJ Harrison (Mom of Randy Jones) were present to support Randy Jones appearance at SATURDAY TALK.

Andrew Shaw is 2016 Candidate for Alderman, District 4
Andrew Shaw was present at SATURDAY TALK with his Campaign Manager, Ira Robins, and Sebastian (his son and videographer at event).

The Methu Brothers - James Methu
James Methu is a 2016 Candidate for Mayor of the City of Milwaukee.  His brother, Brandon Methu, was present in FULL support.

Joe Davis for Mayor
Joe Davis is City of Milwaukee Alderman, District 2.  He is a 2016 Candidate for Mayor - City of Milwaukee.

Michael Sugden Jr. for Alderman District 11
Michael Sugden Jr., Accountant, is one of the 2015 Candidates running for the August election in the City of Milwaukee to replace the remainder of time of deceased Alderman Jim Dudzik.

SATURDAY TALK regular participates included regular professionals of the city of Milwaukee.

Richard Kauper - Architect & Consultant, DMZ Gardens - Borchert Fields, Eknolege - Amani Neighborhood, Ruth Bond - Soul Delight owner & Hospitality Director, Dr. Linda Mistele - New Concept & MATC, Deon Bond - United We StandCleaning Services owner, and well-known Community Outreach Directors:  (l-r) Auriela Mosley - Westcare Harambee, Jackie Ivy - MilwaukeeTransit Riders Union and Jacob Gatlin - Amani Neighborhood & Dominican Center, Missing from photo - Dawn Powell, Owner of DMZ Gardens - Borchert Fields.

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