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Monday, July 27, 2015

SATURDAY TALK - Follow the Money is On-the-Road - Reason for Investment must match RETURN on INVESTMENT

City Center Milwaukee | DAY 260 SATURDAY TALK, Follow the Money monthly meeting was ON-THE-ROAD at East Library, 2340 N. Cramer.  

SATURDAY TALK was followed by Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC On-the-Road 3rd Press Conference.  It was held at 1:00pm, on the sidewalk of North Avenue and Cramer Street, outside of the East Library, 2340 N. Cramer.

Cheaper to Keep Them
The press conference addressed the June 4, 2015 "runaway train" powered by Scott Walker - Governor, GOP State representatives, Chris Abele - County Executive, Tom Barrett - Mayor, Wes Edens, Marc Larsy (NBA Bucks owners), Herb Kohl (NBA Bucks limo owner), Adam Silver (NBA Commissioner), developers, investors and NBA Bucks staff.

Citizen Oversight
Citizen Oversight and Wake-Up Call for NBA Milwaukee Bucks Projects is another All Hands on Deck, We Can Action Item.  

The volunteer group consists of interested and action-oriented individuals "who get it". 

The deal on the table is a 30-year incarceration of Milwaukeeans and their city coffers.  It is a fleecing of the assets.  It is "Involuntary Servitude" - a  violation of 14th Amendment.

If the deal proposed does not provide Reasons for Investment that match Return on Investment authorized by the People with MOU/Memorandum of Understanding specificity in quality  of life (gainful employment, affordable housing, safety matters, information technology attainment, education attainment, health care and wellness, business/ entrepreneurial partnerships) and majority economic development with the fingerprint of the Milwaukee population, NO DEAL.

A campaign on the lop-sided deal that has been pushed and are being forced down the throats of Milwaukeeans.  

Our elected officials are "SPEEDING" much too fast. 

COWU-NBA Milwaukee Bucks Projects
The  group is at the forefront of information shared for decision-making.  It will seek the third branch of government (judicial), federal oversight departments and the U.S. Department of Justice to ensure that this public policy NOT WANTED by the taxpayers of majority - African American, other People of Color and the Work Challenged.

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