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Friday, July 24, 2015

SATURDAY TALK On-the-Road with a BLAST @ East Library - July 25, 2015

R-Down:  Steve Adams - SEWRPC, Sherri Bond - Jabez Transportation & Residential, James Macon - Transit Local 998, Jackie Ivy - 2016 Candidate District 2
L-R Bottom:  Mary Glass - MPA LLC, James Methu - 2016 Candidate for Mayor, Andrew Shaw - 2016 Candidate District 4

Dr. Martin L. King said:
  • Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.
  • Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.
We will engage in a discussion that is specific to the taxpayers, 30-year commitment, leveraging benefits that are going untouched, opportunities going untouched, specific jewels of the city and county coffers that should be bargaining chips and the “INVOLUNTARY SERVITUDE” that is on the table.

Hear our panelists.  Steve Adams will give an update on SEWRPC's recent report on "A comparison of the Milwaukee Metropolitan Area to its Peers", Sherri Bond is the Business Highlight for the Month, James Mason, President Local 998 to give highlights of Strike and NBA Bucks Deal.

We have three (3) 2016 Candidates present to weigh in on the NBA Bucks Deal.

Mary Glass will give an overview of the position of the taxpayers and information about the Press Conference that follows this month's SATURDAY TALK.

Information from the audience is vital to what should be done the upcoming week or so with our elected officials – local, county, state and federal - to ensure that they are lobbying on behalf of the taxpayers of the city of Milwaukee and Milwaukee County.  That they are vetted with the sound bites of economic development that will empower the LEAST OF US – Those trapped in Enduring Concentrated Poverty.

  • SHERRI BOND - Executive Director, Jabez Transportation & Residential Living
  • JACKIE IVY - 2016 Candidate, District 2
  • JAMES MASON - Local Transit 998
  • JAMES METHU   – 2016 Candidate – Mayor
  • ANDREW SHAW – 2016 Candidate – District 4
  • Moderator – MARY GLASS, Chair, MPA LLC
A Press Conference is scheduled after SATURDAY TALK.

TIME:  10:30AM - 12:30PM
DO NOT MISS THIS thought-provoking forum of SATURDAY TALK.
Lite Refreshments.

TIME:  1:00PM
JOIN US in solidarity at the Press Conference

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