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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Belvedere and Schacknow - CNBC SQUAWK BOX, July 7, 2015

Compiled by
Matthew J. Belvedere and Peter Schacknow

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U.S. stock futures were higher this morning, with new reforms-for-bailout aidproposals expected from Greece today. The euro dropped to a five-week lowagainst the dollar this morning. Wall Street declined Monday, but finished well off the early-session lows. (CNBC)
Euro zone leaders were meeting in Brussels today to discuss next steps in the Greek saga. Meanwhile, the ECB maintained liquidity for Greek banks, but raised collateral. And Greece picked a new finance minister. | Live blog(CNBC)

Billionaire distressed asset investor Wilbur Ross-who's heavily invested in Greece's third largest bank-said he believed Greece would make a new debt deal with euro zone leaders. (CNBC)

Sooner or later, debt-stricken Greece will have to "confront an exit from the euro," said an outspoken leader of anti-austerity in Italy. Beppe Grillo alsourged the Italians to follow suit. (CNBC)

U.S. oil prices today were stabilizing after Monday's 7.7 percent decline, which pushed crude into correction territory on concerns about global growth, record production, and potentially more Iran supply. (CNBC)

Iran nuclear talks were in danger of busting through their second deadline in a week today, as a senior Iranian official demanded an end to the U.N. arms embargo as part of any deal. (AP)

The White House is crafting a Mideast strategy for the remaining 18 months of President Barack Obama's term that would more forcefully address conflicts in Iraq, Yemen, and Syria. (WSJ-subscription)

Saudi Arabia's sovereign wealth fund is to invest up to $10 billion in Russiaover the next five years, in a move signalling a thawing in relations between the two countries. (CNBC)

Chinese stocks were volatile again today, but closed well off session lows, as investors remained doubtful of the efficacy of Beijing's recent market rescue measures. (CNBC)

HSBC (HSBC) has fired six employees in the U.K., after they posted a video featuring an Islamic State-style mock execution, reportedly taped while on a company team-building trip. (CNBC)

State senators in South Carolina are expected to cast their final votes on removing the Confederate battle flag from the Statehouse grounds, but the measure would also need two-thirds approval in the state House. (USA Today)

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