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Monday, March 31, 2014

Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC ask, Will St. Ann Intergenerational Center be liken to the 30 pieces of silver? PART II

March 31, 2014
City Center Milwaukee | Part II - Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC asks, Will St. Ann Intergenerational Center be liken to the 30 pieces of silver?

Read this blog and listen to the VIDEO at the end of the ZONING, NEIGHBORHOOD & DEVELOPMENT Committee.

Sisters of Assisi
Sisters of Assisi lack of Due Diligence in oversight of Sister Edna Lonergan, board of St. Ann Center, St. Francis, Wisconsin, staff and partners (i.e., Tim Sullivan, Bucyrus-CG Schmidt-Zimmerman-Bow Partners) of the proposed "St. Ann Center for the Amani Neighborhood pilot" is now oozing out in:
  • Failed "vetting" of St. Ann Center project - by Amanians in the Amani neighborhood.
  • Failed African American "fingerprint".
  • Failed from-the-jump "packaging" partnerships after vetting by Amanian.
  • Pre-mature and flawed negotiation with DCD Commissioner Rocky Marcoux and staff.
  • Pre-mature and flawed negotiation with ex-Alderman Willie Hines, 15th District.
  • Pre-mature and flawed "whole-hearted support" by Supervisor David Bowen 10th district.
  • Pre-mature and flawed "confirmation" of the Zoning, Neighborhood & Development Committee.
  • Pre-mature and flawed "OK" of 15 member (13 ayes - 1 against, 1 absent).
  • Pre-mature and flawed "OK" by mayor Tom Barrett.
  • Failed to remember the Golden Rule.
  • Creating "racial" tension.
  • Creating "religion" tension.
March 6, 2013 - Zoning, Neighborhoods & Development
Enlarge - CLICK photo
Part II examines the Zoning, Neighborhood & Development hearing on March 6, 2013 and the common council committee lack of fudiciary responsibility to Amanians, contiguous neighborhoods, jobs earmark, business development, past mistakes (Boldt & Irgens), urban design, land, space allocation 3x the need, and city of Milwaukee returns in its coffers.  

NO documentation of claimed "support by Amanians and contiguous neighbors who will ante up the 100% public payment St. Ann Center plans to receive through Medicare and Medicaid.

  • Vanessa Koster, Department of City Development 
  • Janet Grau, Department of City Development
  • Matt Haessly, Department of City Development
  • ex-Ald. Willie Hines, Jr., Common Council President and 15th Aldermanic District
  • Mary Schanning, Assistant City Attorney
  • Andy Wiegman, Bow Street Partners Doug Barnes, Zimmerman Architectural Studios, Inc. Sister Edna Lonergan, St. Ann Center President Individuals appearing in support: Nancy De La Torre, St. Ann Center Joyce Davis, St. Ann Center Sally Paltz, Neighborhood Improvement Development Corp
Board of Zoning Confirmation
Listen closely to the first item on the Agenda, especially regarding criteria and admin consideration for decision making for due diligence.  Alderman Bohl spoke of compliance with law - U.S.-state and local.  

"Since Alderman Bohl asked the question and it has some relationship to their job - I question the timing and set-up of Bohls."  

"I find Henry Szymanski to be telling of his commitment (His statement about the importance to honor the people.  The body of work in-front of them)  and not necessary the same for those of the Zoning, Neighborhoods and Development," said Mary Glass, Chair/CEO, Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC.  His statement about the importance to honor the people.  The body of work in-front of them. 

Henry Szymanski was confirmed for Zoning and Appeal.

L- R:  ex-Alderman Willie Hines, Alderman Michael Murphy
 Top Down:  Alderman Jim Bohls, Chair, Alderman Willie Wade, V. Chair, Alderman Bob Bauman, Alderman Terry Witkowski
The meeting commenced with 3 of the 5 members present - Alderman Bohls - Chair, Alderman Witkowski and Alderman Bauman - Alderman Wade - Vice Chair and Alderman Murphy to come).

This decision is on the heels of the electe-appointed-hired fiasco of 19 years of over-the-top failure of Boldt & Irgens Development with annual rent payments by the city of over $200,000 with mega bucks and taxes (TID 21) thrown to the wind; while Amanians and contiguous neighbors were fleeced of jobs and business opportunities.

Testifying first - DCD Staff, Matthew Haessly, Vanessa Koster and Janet Grau.
Grant Langley - Milwaukee City Attorney
By City Charter, the Office of the City Attorney handles City litigation, provides legal advice and opinions, prepares and reviews City resolutions and ordinances, drafts contracts and other legal documents, and prosecutes violations of City ordinances in Municipal Court.
Mary Schanning, Assistant City Attorney office prepared the Fair Share Payment Agreement - $1,929.75 ($1,629.75 for city services and $300 to BID 32).

L-R:  Damon Dorsey & Jacqueline Ward
BID #32
BID #32 was formed illegally by Damon Dorsey.  Rhonda Manuel and Rocky Marcoux were apprised more than once - correspondence and face-to-face meeting.

Mayor Barrett signed off and failed to respond to Mary Glass inquiries, documentation and notices regarding state statute violation.

Jacqueline Ward, Executive Director of BID #32 has been "in-hiding" and failing to respond to invitation, engagement of businesses and returning calls.

Common Council Zoning, Neighborhood & Development Committee 
The Zoning, Neighborhoods and Development Committee reviews issues relating to city development, zoning, historic preservation, incremental tax financing, building codes and housing projects.
Listen to the Zoning, Neighborhood & Development committee (Alderman Jim Bohls - Chair, ex-Alderman Willie Hines 15th District, Alderman Terry Witkowski, Alderman Willie Wade and Alderman Bob Bauman) comments, personal biases and laughter.

Notice the bias, far-reaching spin and unrelated personal references given by Alderman Bohls,  Alderman Wade and ex-Alderman Hines to sway the other members and audience. 

With these aldermen tunnel-thinking, no wonder the Amani and other city center lack economic development and quality of life opportunities for the census tract stakeholders/taxpayers.

Notice repeated to-the-point fiduciary comments and inquires were given by Alderman Bauman - with lack of convincing response from the speakers - DCD, St. Ann partners, Sister Edna and ex-Alderman Hines.

Notice ex-Alderman Willie Hines academy award performance of his family being the first African American family in the Park West D/Fond du Lac Avenue freeway fiasco and his representation of the area south that Alderman Bauman mentioned.  

His 40 years in the wilderness of the Park West D/Fond du Lac Urban Renewal Project area when NO ONE CAME (he was part of the problem for almost 20 years of the 40 - Yes. We came.  You blocked.  You would not return calls.  Hines's lemon to lemonade and WinWin for ALL scenarios were an insult to Amanians and the 15 district.

ex-alderman Willie Hines & Common Council President
Listen to ex-Alderman Hines tell-all statements of:  
"What we wanted to do - We wanted it to fit.  That was the essence of the design."

Who wanted?  Who are the "WE" - not Amanians, his constituents.  He was shooting from the hip as usual and exercising un-authorized proxy for Amanians - No can do.  That's disenfranchisement.  That's exploitation.  That's grounds for removal - Oh yeah.  He is gone from office isn't he?

Ex-Alderman Hines responded with rhetoric and hyperbole.  At NO TIME did he mention the townhall meetings, specific individuals, specific businesses and signed petitions of Amanians and contiguous stakeholders giving support.  Or, his office guidance for partnerships to support INFRASTRUCTURE growth.

Amanians were the folk who agreed in the first place to support the ASK by the city and ex-Alderman Fred Gordan; and was promised jobs and business development (neighborhood businesses and light industrial).  To the people's CHAGRIN, their elected-appointed-hired representatives RENEGED and SOLD-THEM-OUT.

Rocky Marcous - Commissioner, Department of City Development
Listen closely to Koster and Haessley of DCD defend St. Ann's project.

Janet Grau - DCD
Listen to Janet Grau giving testimony for changing the previous USE amendment for the land use.  She identified the development as the St. Ann's campus - Not Bucyrus Campus.  BAIT-N-SWITCH.

Grau referenced the Fond du Lac Comprehensive Plan that was commandeered by her, fellow DCD colleagues, hired consultants and city-state neighborhood gatekeepers with self-only interest in the Amani Neighborhood.

"I know because Mary Glass, Chair/CEO, was there calling for the Amanians interest, just as now.  CNI/Fondy North Business Association (ran by Glass) was there, though left out of the names of engagers and as the consultant for the Amani Neighborhood Strategic plan, lead Amani representative for the Fond du Lac Restoration Corridor Plan, hired consultant of WI Transportation (145) for Fond du Lac Restoration Plan and co-producer of Jazz & Blues @ Johnson Park for 4 years (partner was Bobbie's Auto Service &Towing)."

Listen to outsiders, speakers - Andy Wiegman, Bow Street Partners, Doug Zimmerman, St. Ann's board member and architect of project, Nancy De La Torre and Joyce Davis of St. Ann with promised positions (African American women), Sally Peltz, Legacy Development Corporation (survivor of Legacy Bank, its financial structure, connections and African American validation).    Newcomer Sally Peltz, with connections with Irgens bought Phase II (Family Dollar, Talgris and Lutheran school).

Funding of St. Ann's Center
In addition to the $1.00 for 7.5 acres, $1, 600 pilot city services and $300 for BID #32, less than $2,000 annually.

There is the boast that St. Ann did not ask for a dime from the city is insulting to the thinking person.  The mega gift and framework afforded by the citizenry government structure certifies additional grant funding.

The deep-pocket funding is based on the backs of Amanians and contiguous neighborhoods. According to Wiegman - Bow Partners (consultant of St. Ann), answer to Alderman Murphy, subsidized funding is 100% public funding.

For the five targeted groups - children, education, aging, disabled and alzheimers; 100% public funding, St. Ann plans to clean up billing Medicare and Medicaid.  It includes:
  • senior center
  • maybe band shell
  • recreation
  • education
    • after-school 
  • health care
    • day care
    • respite
    • senior day care
    • alzheimer
Sister Edna Lonergan sweeping statements of $52.72 analogy - "how African Americans do not have this and that".  Her push is to seize the wealth of land, children and aging using loopholes for Affordable Health Care funding  for St. Ann's Center. 

Her plans if allowed to go forward by the People, will cause GENTRIFICATION.
It will open the door to widespread and seized monopoly-oligopoly resolutions and laws.  No can do.

She will put present and long-term Bethesda Senior Center, the day cares in the area, other health care and viable businesses that address before and after-school at risk.  

Sisters of Assisi has failed community relations 101 and Pre-primer RESPECT.

St. Ann's dream is not, the people of Amani dream.

It is seen as another Caucasian entity coming in to raid funds brought on the backs of African Americans and People of Color.  It is getting prime property-land and other amenties that are seen as greed and exploitation.  Land that has been denied them, the taxpayers and stakeholders.

Since DCD, RACM, ex-Alderman Hines and others failed to follow the rules, the People, have a problem that must be REVISTED before St. Ann and friends dig one hole.  

Sister Lonergan speaks of, "warmly welcoming of the African Americans the last 2 years". Who were they?  Who are they?  Who has she spoken to in Amani and gotten support?  Who has ex-alderman Hines spoken to in Amani and gotten documented support?

"I was very pleased that Alderman Bauman provided sanity, transparency, best practices and realism after Sister Lonergan's statements.  He stopped short of remembering and mentioning the investments of the stakeholders/taxpayers/ Amanians as the original conveyors who were left-out and about to be again,"said, Mary Glass, Chair/CEO, Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC.

Bauman encapulated the following points:
  •  he was not in favor of and did not feel so pessimistic about the area
  •  things are so bad and hopeless, we will accept anything
  • sell-give away 7.5 acres for $1.00
  • 1/3 of space needed 
  • lack urban style (normal deal breaker)
  • $1,600 pilot city service and $300 BID #32 payment
Alderman Terry Witkowski said little to nothing - automatic approval of Board Zoning candidate at the beginning.

Alderman Michael Murphy's head is down most of the time and ask one or two (same) question - subsidy of child care and adult care; and, pilot assessment.

Did you hear anything about Bucyrus in the Zoning, Redevelopment meeting?
Bait-n-Switch.  Did you hear Pastor Harvey of Parklawn bought the rights to a proposed band shell?  Bait-n-Switch.  Did you hear or see Next Door Foundation running the child care?  Bait-n-Switch.   Did you hear repeatedly Alderman Bauman asked about space needed and space asked - need approximately 2 acres ask and got 7.5 acres.  Bait-n-Switch.


Department of City Development
No Records
Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC requested the Minutes of the February 18, 2013  City Planning Committe in DCD - request through public information request (shared with Janet Grau - shared deadline timeframe).

Janet Grau forwarded to Lynn Schiller; Schiller back to Grau and noting Jeannie Laskowski (Grau's DCD colleagues), on March 27, 2014 - forwarded back and forth as of Monday, March 31, 2014 - Laskowski was out Friday (no Minutes)  out Monday, March 31, 2014, and email from Grau said maybe by this weekend (a week later), I might get the Minutes.   

You go figure.

Pay close attention to the generous city amenities allowed through members of DCD, RACM, City Attorney's office; and, of course the committee representing the people.

Pay close attention to see if either one of the three (3) DCD speakers speak of the body of their work coming from surveys of the constituents - if they took the time to document and/or interview individuals in the tax structure and long-waiting list for inclusion and change in Amani.  Or, would you say the staging was in place?  DCD and company had decided by "proxy" to PUSH THIS THROUGH - everyone in "lock-step".

Pay close attention to the amendment by Janet Grau - DCD - approval of use.

Pay close attention to Vanessa Koster's comments of "dismissing the IRGENS & BOLDT industrial use - "no longer needed", therefore, recommend it is rescinded.  Koster speaks of "several people testified support on February 18, 2013" and "City Planning Commission enthusiastically recommended passage"  - What several people?  Were they Amanians?  Were they African Americans not on the take?  Where they original conveyors? 

Listen to Hines and Wade who were/are part of the problem.



2014 - Zoning, Neighborhood & Development Committee

Comments should be sent to:
Updated April 1, 2014

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Happy Birthday Clayborn Benson!

Clayborn Benson - Happy Birthday
MILWAUKEE |  This is the week of Clayborn Benson's Birthday.  

Clayborn Benson is the Founder/Executive Director of Wisconsin Black Historical Society and Museum, a jewel in City Center Milwaukee.  Celebrating 25 years.  It is located at 2620 W. Center Street, Milwaukee, WI  53206.

MUSEUM HOURS:                                               Email:  www.wbhsm.org
11:00 a.m.  to 4:00 p.m.
10:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.                                         For Tour appointments:  414-372-7677

Closed on Sundays

Happy Birthday Clayborn!  

Friday, March 28, 2014

Joan Rivers Returns to Tonight - March 27, 2014

Jimmy Fallon and Joan Rivers
HOLLYWOOD | Tonight Show, Joan Rivers was a guest on Tonight's Show w/Jim Fallon after a 28 year time-out started by Johnnie Carson, the man who was her mentor.  Jay Leno continued her ban on the show.  

New host of the Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon, had her on on this past Thursday, March 27, 2014.  She looked great and was "super" funny as always ....... and of course always blunt. 

Great to have you back Joan Alexandra Molinsky, American television personality and comedian. Ms. Rivers is 80 years young.

You go Joan!

President Obama visits Pope Francis - It was another 21st Century plus with so much more to come

Pope Francis and President Obama
ROME, Italy | Yesterday, March 27, 2014, history was made when President Barack Hussein Obama visited Pope Jorge Mario Bergoglio - Pope Francis in Rome.   Two men born elsewhere, Pope Francis, in Argentina; and, President Obama in Hawaii; and, both leading a world leadership.

The photo gallery shows two (2) men with an awesome role and responsibility exuding grace, diplomacy, fellowship and stewardship for the world to see.

The meeting was SPECIAL in so many ways.  
It was pleasant to see Mr. President in an environment that recognizes and appreciate his role as a man, father, husband, brother and "the leader" of America.

It was equally important to see the Pope in the host position and able to share face-to-face the concerns of the catholic church regarding his catholic constituency.

Most of all, they talked about the least of these.


Walker's Last Stand for Spinning w/Kudlow - Seen as shallow and spinning the truth

L-R:  Larry Kudlow and WI Governor Scott Walker
CNBC | Kudlow Report ends this week, today, March 28, 2014.  The show was cancelled. Perhaps in part due to the many times WI Governor Scott Walker has made an appearance to spin his failing governorship in Wisconsin.   

Walker looks straight in the camera and misrepresents the truth about his failing administration, his woes in the John Doe case, promise of 250,000 new jobs, his administration throwing the seniors, disabled and children under the health care bus, unemployment, business development and on and on.  His 'We in Wisconsin" statements are not the people WE, it is his administration and his Republicans at the capitol in Madison.  That means, he fills the air with carbon monoxide rhetoric, half-truths and whole untrue.  His comments are often at the level of "pants on fire and burned to a crisp".

"I am glad Kudlow had a couple of people on who felt it was necessary to call a spade a spade.  Two guests on March 26, 2014, viewed Walker though the lens of reality and spoke of his possibility of moving from 99 Cambridge Road, Madison, WI 53704 to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC," said Mary Glass,  Chair/CEO, Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC.

Tough for Governor Walker to win over GOP -  Keith Boykin, CNBC Contributor, Mark Simone, WOR Talk Radio and  James Pethokoukis, American Interprise Institute. 

Take a listen.

Walker's Pro-Growth Solution - Walker on Kudlow, March 26, 2014
Listen to Walker's cut taxes scam

Gov. Walker:  Employers worried about Obama uncertainty - Walker on Kudlow, March 26, 201

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Diana Ross Turns 70 And She’s Still A Total Diva, Sparkly Gowns And All

March 26, 2014
Huffington Post | Diana Ross has reached 3 scores and ten, 70 years.  She looks great.
There are several dazzling divas celebrating birthdays this week--Chaka KhanAretha FranklinDiana Ross and Mariah Carey. And while we don't want to play favorites, let's be honest, Miss Ross is the diva of all divas.
From her meteoric rise to superstar with The Supremes to her legendary solo career, Diana has continued to mesmerize us with her out-of-this-world talent. And the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer's iconic status was further heightened by her stunning style. We can't get enough of her sparkly gowns, big hair and limitless swagger.

MPA LLC 2013 SLIDE SHOW - 5 MORE DAYS to sign Affordable Health Care

click - Slideshow
Deadline for sign, MARCH 31, 2014

Have you signed for Affordable Health Care?

If not, Go to:

Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC - 13 ways of Mind Game

March 27, 2014
City Center Milwaukee |  Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC continues to reach out to empower African American, other People of Color, Work Challenged; and, to hold those elected-appointed-hired government representatives to expectations according to Oath of office and their role and responsibility to ensure the rights and privileges guaranteed by America's Constitution.

Work Challenged represents un-, under-skilled; un-, under-employed; un-, under-financed neighborhood-level businesses; disabled; and re-entry. 

Re-entry represents those returning from WAR, INCARCERATION, HOMELESSNESS, boomerang employment, boomerang retirement and college-certificated graduates unemployed. 

MPA LLC Consumer Protection Group monitors with Storytelling and a Call for Petition for Change.  Our methods of messenging is truth-telling, storytelling and following the money documentation for Reporting.  

It is no wonder that Milwaukeeans of Color are too often compromised by their own constituency.  Here are 13 Mind Game issues.  They are:
  1. threatened of job loss.
  2. colleague influence - naysayers and gatekeepers.
  3. neighborhood organizations funding survival tied to government funding and federated giving (i.e., CDBG, CDFI, LISC, United Way, etc.).
  4. elected-appointed-hired government representatives influence (rules and regulations).
  5. by-design discrimination and exploitation for control by power brokers.
  6. clergy organization leaders conflicted by powerplayer messengers and project funding.
  7. sell-out and self-serving perks (appointments, token funding streams, false status).
  8. pitted against each other - Willie Lynch playbook.
  9. failure to "solidify" strength.
  10. the 501 c (3) plague.
  11. lack of awareness, enlightenment and decision making.
  12. century-fight against poverty by African American.
  13. century-privileges and dictatorship by Caucasians. 
What's your challenge (s)?

AHOD/All Hands on Deck, WE CAN Initiative, the Signature initiative of MPA LLC calls for the equalizer to re-define, re-brand and UN-trap hidden talent and vetted businesses at the census tract and neighborhood level.

"We subscribe to due diligence, perseverance, respect, focus, patience, dogma, calling a spade a spade, UPscalability and the will of success," said Mary Glass, Chair/CEO Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC .

Keep coming back.
Join us.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC ask, Will St. Ann Intergenerational Center be liken to the 30 pieces of silver? PART I

March 25, 2014
City Center Milwaukee Amani Neighborhood  |  City of Milwaukee cut a deal with Sisters of Assisi, St. Ann Intergenerational Center and friends (Bucyrus), that was not theirs to cut without coming to the people who gave permission 19 years ago for development of 15.5 acres of land on the northside of North Avenue from 24th-27th Street, Census tract 99.  Amanians and neighbors came together and authorized the development to create JOBS and access to business development to empower their families, neighborhood businesses and neighborhood.

Bait-n-Switch jobs con game
What have the Amani People gotten for agreeing to the promises of ex-Alderman Fred Gordon;
 and, appointed and hired city representatives who put the development together?  The ones who by Oath are suppose to protect the citizenry's rights and privileges.  They are not there for "Conflict of Interest".
elected-appointed-hired and Donor-for-Hire
What did the Amani neighborhood stakeholders and property owners receive in representation
(since 1993) from ex-mayor John Norquist, ex-mayor Marvin Pratt, mayor Tom Barrett, ex-Alderman Gordon, ex-Alderman and Common Council President Willie Hines that honors the original consent by the People for their fingerprint in the 15.5 acres of land blueprint?  

AFTER 19 years, can we find TID/Tax Increment District 21?  If not, WHY?

AFTER 19 years, can we find TID/Tax Increment District 21 and promised benefits?  If not, WHY?

AFTER 19 years, can we see the strength of TID/Tax Increment District 15 and District 21?  It is known that Steeltech and Capitol Stamping experienced bankruptcy - Steelcraft  took over Capitol Stamping from another city and continued to import employees to 27th & North while Amanians and contiguous neighborhoods remain with high  employment un-employment.

After 19 years, did RACM/Redevelopment Authority City of Milwaukee and DCD/Department of City Development, using the People's financial wherewithal complete all 4-Phases, bring business opportunities for the neighborhood investors that were PROMISED entrepreneurial opportunities?

After 19 years, can we put a NUMBER to the promised jobs to those "who live-in" the Amani and contiguous neighborhoods?

After 19 years, did RACM, DCD, Boldt Development and Irgens Development Partners, satisfy DBE/Disadvantage Business Enterprise promises and an incubator Commerce Center component?

After 19 years, can we find accountability to depict ongoing presentations to Amanians and neighbors by Boldt, Irgens, DCD and RACM?

After 19 years, can we point to the 15.5 acre development to contrast the Federal Reserve and Brookings Institution study of 2008, The Challenge of Enduring Concentrated Poverty in America, Case Studies from across the U.S., pp: 159-168?  Milwaukee was one of the 16 cities in America cited.

After 19 years, can we point to the approved plan by the members of the City Planning Commission, DCD, RACM board, city attorney Grant Langley, mayor John Norquist and the Common Council members (i.e., Alderman Michael Murphy) is an investment of Milwaukeeans funds and entitled resources that was an overwhelming success and one of the steps in the right direction to contrast theJob loss worse than the Great Depression's in Milwaukee's urban center, 2004, John Schmid, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

After 19 years, can we find the growth of this 15.5 acre development listed in, The State of Black-Owned Businesses in Milwaukee:  Uneven Progress, Fragile Gain, September 2013, Levine, Williams and Madison, Center of Economic Development, UW-Milwaukee?  

After 19 years, can we say that the hostile environment mentiond by Dester Martin no longer exist with the development and  investment of the North Avenue Commerce Center?
"Dester Martin, president of the African-American Chamber of Commerce in Milwaukee, said Hopkins & Hopkins is no longer operating. He said that its demise is an indication of the hostile environment that black-owned businesses face in the city."    "We're up against the wall," Martin said. "The businesses are getting killed one at a time."
The Hopkinses believed they would be selected to work on such large-scale projects as the Midwest Express Center and Miller Park, but were overlooked too many times to remain financially viable, Martin added.  Click 

After 19 years, can we say that Professor Gregory Squires Editorial has been listen to and positive change has come about due to the development of the 4-Phase North Avenue Commerce Center?
"North Avenue and 27th Street, where Steeltech Manufacturing Inc. and the North Avenue Commerce Center stand, has been one area where the private sector has joined to bring jobs to the central city, Gregory Squires.  CLICK

After 19 years, can we find the stimulus of this 15.5 acre development listed in the DWilson Disparity Report, 2010. - conducted for the city of Milwaukee?

After 19 years, can we point to the 4-Phase development by Boldt, Irgens, RACM, DCD, and elected-appointed-hired government representatives impacting positively the 2012 Center for Economic Development Working Paper, Black Male Employment Rates in Milwaukee Race and Male Employment in the Wake of the Great Recession by Marc Levine, UW-Milwaukee?

After 19 years, can we find the 4-Phase development on Irgens Timeline of valued team leader developments in Milwaukee?

The answer is overwhelmingly "NO" to ALL above.
The People have continually received Bait-n-Switch and proxy representation from elected-appointed-hired representation of government that allowed "outsourcing" of resources to every Tom, Dick, Harry, Sue Sally and Jane while denying neighborhood stakeholders access in planning and development of their resources.  That's not due process.

That is disenfranchisement and "by-design" perpetuated Enduring Concentrated Poverty.

Amanians and contiguous neighborhoods are predominately African American.  They have repeatedly:
  • been lied to.
  • been disrespected.
  • had increased tax payments.
  • forbidden use of Phase I, II, III and IIII.
  • seen misrepresentation with cover-ups.
  • seen vindictiveness (blacklisted and no response).
  • seen African Americans pitted against each other.
  • seen exploitation and demonizing.
  • seen discrimination, cronyism and conflict of interest.
  • seen stakeholders ignored when they sought blueprinting of ideas.
  • seen stakeholders  denied rights and privileges afforded through city-state-federal law; i.e. 14th Amendment, Eminent Domain, Tax Increment District No. 32, Wisconsin 66.46, etc.  
L-R:  ex-Alderman Fred Gordon & ex-Alderman & Common Council President Willie Hines
Fred Gordon (12 years) and Willie Hines (17 years), two African American aldermen, had an opportunity to lead the Amani district in gallantry infrastructure sustainability.  

Fred Gordon 2110 W. Keefe Ave attygg@aol.com www.fredgordon08.com I am a candidate for the Sixth Aldermanic District because the district is in dire need of experienced and dynamic leadership. I previously served as the alderman of the Seventh District for 12 years and I am well versed in the politics of City Hall. If elected, I can hit the ground running and I can get things done for the district immediately. The district has no presence in the 2008 city budget, which is tantamount to taxation without representation. I have a long history of advocacy and a complete understanding of how to deliver services to constituents.  Riverwest currents, February 2008.

They both created a "zero-sum gain" for their constituents.  They would like to talk about bringing JOBS and how the developments they supported would bring JOBS; but, the reports above speak for themselves.  Then, there is the whole question of gainful employment - wages, career paths, health benefits, education attainment support, etc.

It is easy to wave $$$ signs in the millions and quote fictitious number of jobs in the hundreds to sway with no "in-the-neighborhood plan", no "enforced monitoring, no oversight and accountability of:
  • the appointed by the mayor city planning committee
  • appointed by the mayor board of RACM
  • appointed by the mayor department heads (DCD-DPW-NEIGHBORHOOD SERV)
  • lock-step city attorney, and fraternity of old boys networks (even if there are female alderwomen).  
Gordon and Hines vision did not include innovation and leadership with their constituents in mind - unless they were considered part of their staged network.  Frankly, it was about them.
So it was self-serving.  Is that why they are not in office now?

Enlarge - click photo
city of Milwaukee - elected-appointed-hired and donor-for-hire

They forgot their Oath and joined the fraternity of "un-authorized proxy leadership", "monopoly-oligopoly", "staging", and "conflict-of-interest" with arrogance that allowed Enduring Concentrated Poverty to explode through constituents being uninformed, barriers of entry through lack of engagement, strategic plans commandeered by DCD/Department of City Development, DPW/Department of Public Works, Building Inspection-Neighborhood Services, Department of Administration, Department of Health and the Police Department. 

Therefore, the People have been disenfranchised. The people have desired respect and due process.  They support work ethics and business development; but they have not been given access as seen by the Caucasian led projects mentioned in this article.

Enlarge - Click photo
Un-Inclusive - Monopoly-Oligopoly
Let's take a look
Once again RACM/Redevelopment Authority of the City of Milwaukee have failed in innovation and stewardship of the people's resources, transparency, and best practices. 
  • RACM Board Members - appointed by mayor
    • Commissioner Lois A. Smith, Chair, Commissioner Bill Schwartz, Vice Chair, Commissioner Kathryn M. West, Commissioner Alderman Willie C. Wade, Commissioner Robert B. Rondini, Assistant Executive Director-Secretary; 
  • Jim Sherer, Department of City Development - hired by the city
  • City Planning Commission - appointed by the mayor
    • J. Allen Stokes, Larri Sue Jacquart, Patricia Najera, Stephanie Bloomingdale, Whitney Gould;
  • Commissioner Rocky Marcoux - appointed by mayor;
  • mayor Tom Barrett - elected by the people
  • ex-alderman Willie Hines and the Common Council - Alderman Michael Murphy, Alderwoman Milele Coggs, Alderman Nik Kovac, Alderman Bob Donovan, Alderman Jose Perez, Alderman Joe Dudiz, Alderman Tim Witkowski, Alderman Willie Wade, Alderman Joe Davis, Alderman Ashanti Hamilton, Alderman Tony Zielinski, Alderman Robert Puenta, Alderman James Bohls (minus vote of Alderman Bob Bauman, 4th Districtsold out African Americans and taxpayers and property owners in the Amani and contiguous neighborhoods.
  • They failed to conduct the proposed project of the Sisters of Assisi with correct and accurate information.
  • They fail  due process and due diligence and invited disapproval by the PEOPLE.
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City Planning Commission, City of Milwaukee, approved Tax Incremental District No. 21 - Central City Industrial Jobs Bank:  November 15, 1993.    The development completion was scheduled for 9 years, NOT 19 years.  

Historic Background
The land development, 24th-27th Street on W. North Avenue in Milwaukee's Amani Neighborhood goes back to the early 1990's and four parcels of land along west North Avenue. The four parcels, 15.5 acres were:
  • Phase I    - Building A. 
  • Phase II   - Building B.
  • Phase III  - Building C.
  • Phase IIII - Building D. 
The 4-Phase development was to create the North Avenue Commerce Center.  
The first development team was:
  • Boldt Development Corporation - Developer
    • Waukesha, WI.
  • Oscar J. Boldt Construction Company - Contractor
    • Appleton, WI.
  • Eppstein Uhen Keller, Inc. - Architect
    • Milwaukee, WI.
  • The Lozoff Company, Inc. - Leasing Agent
    • Milwaukee, WI.  
  • H. Carl Mueller, Zeppos-Remsik-Mueller, Inc. - Marketing Consultant
    • Bay View, WI
  • Bruce T. Block, shareholder, Reinhart, Boener, VanDeuren, Norris & Rieselbach, SC. - Legal Counsel
    • Milwaukee, WI
NOTE:  Subcontractors were not mentioned and stated as delayed.

Highly touted Boldt Development Corporation left the North Avenue Commerce Center project unfinished.

Irgens Development emerged with leadership of Mark Irgens and partners - Mark Irgens was a staff member of Boldt Development.  

The next development team was put together under the leadership/ownership of Mark Irgens, Irgens Development Partners.  A lucrative deal was put in place for Irgens that included TID 21 (land assemblage, relocation and demolition, project improvements and RENT SUPPORT). 

Rent support was provided by the city of Milwaukee to help ensure financing.  The Rent support agreement was for 9 years to cover debt service, operating expenses and a return to the equity investors.  This includes $239,200 for 0% occupancy and a prorated rate of rent support based on occupany, i.e., 50% = $119.415 or 75% occupancy = $59,000 respectively.

Two (2) of four (4) phases were completed.  They are:

North Avenue Commerce Center - Phase I occupants included:
  • Goodwill Industries merchantile company
    • Europe/Africa involvement.
  • Goodwill Industries
    • Computer Center (non-use by resident).
  • H & R Block (seasonal - partnered with Milwaukee Professionals Association).
    • Gerard Randall PIC moved in and forced H & R Block to sever business ties with Milwaukee Professionals Association or otherwise lose their space
  • Milwaukee Public Schools Transition High School.
  • Private Industry Council corporate office
    •  Gerard Randall - county payment ex-county executive Scott Walker and North Milwaukee State Bank
  • Workforce Development (takeover - Barrett and Don Sykes)
    • PIC/Private Industry Council to MAWIB/Milwaukee Area Workforce Investment Board.
Goodwill Industries fold and moved on within two- three years.  
Phase I was purchased with funding from Milwaukee County - ex-county executive Scott Walker and North Milwaukee State Bank.

The tenants:
  • H & R Block and Transition High School.
Gerard Randall was replaced in a takeover by Tom Barrett, mayor with a name change and Don Sykes, President/CEO.

North Avenue Commerce Center - Phase II included:
  • Talegris Blood Plasma Center
  • Family Dollar 5469
  • Hope Lutheran School No. 1 (Prima)
  • State or county Child protection agency (at one time) 
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Irgens Time line - Click
Irgens has grown from a NEW business to offices in Milwaukee, Chicago and Phoenix.
You do not see the North Avenue Commerce Center on Irgens Timeline.  Why?

North Avenue Commerce Center, Steeltech & Capitol Stamping
Over the years, a parade of business owners, Caucasian-based, have come and gone, gotten corporate welfare, favor, tax credits, unbelievable support by elected-appointed-hired government representatives, massive funding resources and packaged revenue streams.

Start-up, fledgling and pending bankruptcy organizations have been able to amass revenue streams, build personal and business profiles as well as business models through what was to be an anchor for employment and business entrepreneurship for the Amani Neighborhood and contiguous neighborhoods with high census tract unemployment and vetted businesses seeking incubator and economic opportunity.  

The residential and neighborhood entrepreneurs were denied access to space for rent, financial packaging and training in the computer lab opened in Goodwill Industries.   The computer center set in "non-use" for a time-period and then dismantled.  The computers and furnishings were given to someone outside of the city.
ex-U.S. Representative Mark Neumann 
Hope Lutheran School expanded in space in Phase 2 (at least 2 times).  Failed to have employment from the Amani and contiguous neighborhoods to match 99-100% African American children population,  imported Lutheran employees.   

Ex-U.S. Representative Mark Neuman, District 1, Republican, is reported to be a staunch supporter of the schools with major fund support - directly and otherwise.

First tenant, North Avenue Commerce Center, on 26th Street, Phase II, Hope Lutheran was paying to Irgens Development in excess of $11,000 per month in rent.   It is now at least 10 years later and Hope Lutheran has expanded twice in space.  Would think Hope Lutheran School rent rate has no doubt grown exponentially for Sally Peltz and Legacy Corporation.  

Legacy Corporation came through Legacy Bank (Fond du Lac and North), an African American bank.  Sally Peltz, Founder, Legacy Corporation was added to the staff of Legacy Bank.  She benefited from Legacy Bank financial structure and the demographics of the neighborhood.  Peltz, through connections, partnered with others outside of the neighborhood including Mark Irgens, Irgens Development Partners, worked with real estate, and promised development on North Avenue, parlayed a lucrative designation as a CDFI/Community Development Financial Institution (annual funding through the U.S. Treasury) to economically empower America's under-served and distressed communities.

Peltz and friends have also become realty developers and purchased Phase II of the North Avenue Commerce Center.  Recently, she has added an African American female to her staff. Legacy Corporation lack aggregate results relative to benefits and the vision and mission of CDFI.   Legacy Corporation office is located in the Prince Hall Apartments building at 1200 W. North Avenue.

Other promises of jobs for land acquisition were:  AutoZone, Steeltech and Capitol Stamping. Steeltech went out of business after contention of ownership-management and support contracts.  Capitol Stamping came from the east side and flew high for a while including creating an international office in China.  

"CNI/Fondy North Business Association was the business group in the area.  When we reached out for engagement of Capitol Stamping they behaved as if they were more than the businesses in the area.  When we shared the vision and development mission of the North Avenue Commerce Center and the TID of Steeltech, the owner of Capitol Stamping was very indifferent.  His response was he was a member of MMAC.  My office told him about the concern for his company 'importing' employees and there was such a high unemployment in the area, said Mary Glass, Chair/CEO of CNI/Fondy North Business Association.

L-R:  Rocky Marcoux, Julie Penman & Michael Morgan
Departmen to City Development Commissioners
The office of Commissioner Julie Penman, DCD, was not supportive of the business group or the entrepreneurs of the area. It was no secret her office supported MMAC - Milwaukee Metropolitan Association of Commerce.

Her non-support was conveyed to the owner of Capitol Stamping and he was more resistive to working with those that allowed his company a safe haven.  He actually thought he was better than the people in the area.  

Penman made that clear by her office divisiveness with the disbursement of the $1 million dollars ex-Senator Gary George brought to the Fond du Lac Corridor businesses impacted by Highway 145 Restoration.  Penman pitting of Legacy Bank and Lena's Foods against others without allowing input and recommendations from CNI/Fondy North Business Association and the Amani Commission was ethically telling.  

Penman also blocked CNI/Fondy North leadership in the Main Street project for the Amani and Fond du Lac area.  The Main Street proposal was through Wisconsin Department of Commerce.  CNI/Fondy North Business Association was the first organization who sought the first urban Main Street and Historic Preservation program for the Amani-Fond du Lac area.  It was given to Damon Dorsey who was a crony of DCD.  This privilege of Dorsey also gained his proposal for BID/Business Improvement District #32 and development on North Avenue and acquisition development on Fond du Lac. 

The BID District was improperly formed by Dorsey according to Wisconsin statute of formation. This was brought to the attention of DCD Rocky Marcoux and Rhonda Manual (in writing and face-to-face meeting).  Since a BID is the approval by signature of mayor, Glass more than once shared the failure to obey the state law to mayor Tom Barrett.  Nothing has ever been done.

Commissioner Michael Morgan and hired staff [i.e.,Scherer, Brood (?), Shelko, Brown] were also notorious for blocking information, divisiveness and hostile to African American and census tract businesses engagement. 

It was glaringly clear with CNI/Fondy North Business Association engagement as the representative consultant for the property owners and people of the area in the Super Kmart proposed project for Fond du Lac and North.  DCD staff members were not willing to pay the residential property owners for their Eminent Domain property as well as put-in-place barriers for engagement of the citizenry in the area. 

Goodwill Industries, Capitol Stamping (new owner) and Irgens were able to resurrect their floundering companies - today they are on a "bounce".

The Lutheran School and Legacy Corporation, like Irgens, have been able to create NEW business models and advance exponentially.  Lutheran School has gone on to replicate two more sites in the city central neighborhoods.

Family Dollar, Autozone and Talgris Blood Plasma are national and international models respectively.
================== The People, Amanians and contiguous neighbors were left out.

To be continued - PART II
    updated:  March 29, 2014