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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

MPA LLC call for Due Process using Core Constituents, TRIAL ATTORNEYS, Courts and Legislators

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March 31, 2015
City Center Milwaukee | DAY 211 | Today, Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC announced that it will seek the third branch of government, judicial, for pronouncement, review, definition, understanding/ clarity, enforcement and "due process" in a culture bedeviled of by-design and business-as-usual disenfranchisement of CORE CONSTITUENTS in Milwaukee, the only Class A city in Wisconsin.  

The population consists of over a half-million people with 3/4 of the population People of Color.  

The Core Constituents being African American, other People of Color and Work Challenged (represents UN
-, under-skilled; UN-, under-employed; UN-, under-financed neighborhood-level businesses; disabled; and re-entry.

Re-entry represents those returning from WAR, INCARCERATION, boomerang employment, boomerang retirement and college-certificated graduates unemployed.).

The city of Milwaukee like Fergerson, Missouri, has some egregious acts that are seen as a Pattern-and-Practices that has impacted the safety, quality of life and economic development of African American, other People of Color and Work Challenged Millwaukeeans.  

Milwaukee is in desperate need of a DOJ Civil Rights audit investigation to see and document first-hand the outrageous behavior of elected-appointed-hired-volunteer representatives of city government now and over the years as a pattern.  The lock-step  behavior is perpetuated in the day-to-day acts of the elected charter officers and those they have direct role and responsibility. Wrongful behavior whether individual, in concert, in committees, boards, and authorities is wrong but is dismissed as business as usual.

See DOJ Report.


ELECTORATE City of Milwaukee
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Civics 101
The Electorates/CORE CONSTITUENTS of the city of Milwaukee are at the top of the Organization chart but bottom of quality of life and economic development.  WHY?

Core Constituents have for decades and centuries been discriminated against.  Therefore, there are layers of laws rooted in exploitation, bias, and privileged decison making by elected-appointed-hired government representatives that have disenfranchised African American and other People of Color.

Milwaukee Electorates must insist and persist in NEW laws and repealing laws that do not protect human-civil-legal rights of People of Color.  This starts with quality of life and economic development disparities. We must look at the FAMILY safety and destruction due to Enduring Concentrated Poverty, misplaced and ineffective drug laws, Truth and Sentencing and other bias laws.

3 Branches
According to our structure of local government, we have 3 branches of government - city manager, common council and municipal.  For this review, we will look at the state and federal level for massive relief of financial and business injuries to a protective class.  This includes individual and Class-Action suits.
Additionally, MPA LLC campaign will seek leadership from state representatives (senators and representatives) from the Milwaukee area to examine laws that are directly contributing to use of taxpayers funds without due process and riddled with discrimination and the appearance of ethics violations.

Since African Americans and Latinos are disproportionately incarcerated than Caucasians, close scrutiny reveals "double standards" and "privilege" behavior.  The end-result is massive incarceration of African Americans and Latinos in Wisconsin.  

We seek common ground repeal of Truth & Sentencing that has been excessively punitive, destroyed People of Color families with profiling, bias, discrimination, stigmatizing and disenfranchised mothers, fathers, children and extended families.  

The incarceration complex idea continues to use the People, especially African American and Latinos as ATM machines for corporate owners greed through lobbyists, primarily of the Caucasian race.  City of Milwaukee is NOT blameless in the high profiling, drug trend and misuse of power that tends to frame African American in a victimizing spin perpetuated in a climate of risky behavior (risky climate/Enduring Concentrated Poverty, created by design of "misuse of $$billions in resources sent through federal funds and given to elected charter officers").  The solutions of change and reform is more and more demonizing, more and more fraud with federal funds, disrespect of Core Constituents and privileges to Caucasians.  This method of operation is capitalized by "pitting the haves against the have nots", pitting member of a race against another member of the race; and, lack of solidarity of the CORE CONSTITUENTS.  Enough is Enough.

10 Common Incidious Wrongdoings
  1. Wrongful behavior of elected charter officers called "because I and/or WE said so".
  2. Wrongful behavior that allows seizing the People's funds and/or resources/property.
  3. Wrongful behavior that select committee member with "life-long" tenure, with no review of quality assurance, training, citizen outreach and replacement of other members from the city of Milwaukee.
  4. Wrongful behavior that excludes African American and People of Color by the mayor and others with appointment power to committees, boards, authorities to give lock step support to Department of City Development, Department of Public Works, Community Development Block Grant and RACM - Redevelopment Authority of the city of Milwaukee, all standing committees of the Common Council, and Milwaukee Library Board for starters.
  5. Wrongful behavior that excludes African Americans from the community at-large ranks (everyone) from BEING on powerful departments and committees in decision making and  planning by Milwaukee Economic Development Corporation board, MEDC staff, DPW, DCD and RACM.
  6. Wrongful behavior that support pet projects in a routine manner with the People's fund through automatic assessment of taxes, i.e., BIDs and TIDs.  It is orchestrated through all the elected charter officers and farmed out in budgets and mandates through the cabinet of the mayor as well as the Common Council President and Common Council.
  7. Wrongful behavior that disallow "for profit" companies of African Americans from participating in projects and programs, disallowing participation-experience and using DBE as a cover for mischaracterization and fraud of the People's funds.
  8. Wrongful behavior that pit "non-profit" groups against "for-profit" businesses that is controlled by appropriation of funds from the city of Milwaukee - given by taxpayers and federal funding.  This is seen as a form of "extortion".
  9. Wrongful taxation without representation behavior that is a culture of arrogance and misuse of power.  BIDs failure to honor THEIR Mission and discriminate against a property owner that pays for the BID in assessed taxes; i.e., BID #32, Sharon Adams (also with Walnut Way and the North Avenue Commons) and MC COLE, Hammer's Den. 
  10. Wrongful behavior is a form of "bullying/misuse of power", "disrespect" and disregard of CORE CONSTITUENTS with perfunctory use of Robert Rules of Order as seen with the deployable acts of members of the License Committee when reviewing for the city of Milwaukee liquor licenses, i.e., MC COLE, Hammer's Den.
Fast forward to 2:43 for MC COLE, Hammer's Den hearing
Legislators who use their position to:
  • Call for investigation by the State Attorney General and U.S. Department of Justice.
  • Examine the law that is Misdemeanor and Felony.
  • Reinstatement of "voting rights" of felony offenders/clients.
  • Review those laws on the books that have contributed to massive incarceration.
  • Review procedures from arrest to court decisions - start with public hearings regularly.
  • Provide with constituents city-wide in-the-district Incarceration Conferences at least twice annually.
  • Annually Review connections of recidivism with lack of rehabiliation support, in jails, prisons and community probation intake for monitoring, transparency and corrective action.  DOC Community Probation should have in-the-community review boards by the taxpayers (this includes those who have been incarcerated) for quality assurance and oversight of DOC/Department of Correction community probation. 
  • To seek justification of state budget cost based on Mission of the law enforcement and Department of Correction on the merits of services rendered.
NO ONE is Exempt. 

1-01. Incorporation of City. 1. A MUNICIPAL CORPORATION. All the district of country in the county of Milwaukee contained within the limits and boundaries hereinafter described, shall be a city by the name of Milwaukee; and the people now inhabiting, and those who shall hereinafter inhabit, within the district of country so described, shall be a municipal corporation by the name of the city of Milwaukee, and shall have the general powers possessed by municipal corporations at common law; and, in addition thereto, shall possess the powers hereinafter specifically granted; and the authorities thereof shall have perpetual succession, shall be capable of contracting and being contracted with, of suing and being sued, of pleading and being impleaded, in all courts of law and equity; and shall have a common seal, and may change and alter the same at pleasure. 

Mary Glass, Chair, MPA LLC, says,"It is evident that the practices of wrongdoing are so widespread that individual and class-action suits with deep-pocket financial attachments for injuries are needed to get the attention of those who are in position of oath leadership and representation of local law."  This would include removal of office and charges prosecuted by law.  NO ONE IS EXEMPT.

"The above-the-law culture with-arrogance is so thick as a contagion that prey on CORE CONSTITUENTS and perpetuates in a contagious manner - taxation without representation, appointments to committees that violate Mission, double standards, intimidation, misuse of power, twisting arms for favors, only cronies apply, committees-boards-authorities that perpetuate business as usual, refusal of appointed committee-boards-authoriites to respond to public inquires, and refusing to honor the rules and guidelines for ethics behavior."

"The appearance of ethics violations is so widespread with heavy appearances of fraud, discrimination, disenfranchisement through arbitrary and capricious decision making and day-to-day culture of conducting business by those elected-appointed-hired-donor for hire representatives.  It is seen as a contagion when connecting to county, school board, state and federal government counterparts - they cover for each other."

"The Oath of office is so often violated that the lack  of it has poison the TRUST and believability of the CORE CONSTITUENTS."

"The robbery of mega funds from the city of Milwaukee taxpayers and federal government for to improve/change deplorable conditions in quality of life and economic development for African American, other People of Color and the Work Challenged is seen as the ATM machine" for charter officers of the city of Milwaukee. 

"The ATM method of 'preying and fleecing' is NOT LIMITED to annual and special federal funds, it is also seen in citations for parking tickets, excessive distribution of parking tickets, towing cost, application for licensing, stopping and profiling by law enforcement, excessive high cost of overtime of law enforcement, laws not updated, laws meant to be punitive and laws to support the ATM fleecing."

"The deception is at all levels of the local government and therefore gives the appearance 'all is well' - all is correct."  Not true.

The People, The Electorates, CORE CONSTITUENTS must provide appropriate and needed STEWARDSHIP.  It is clear it must include the judicial system for corrective actions at this time.  It is followed by the "removal" and "election" of individuals in Election 2016 to remove "power hungry", greedy, monopoly-oligopoly, disrespectful or human-civil-legal rights and fail to honor the Oath of office - mayor, common council, treasurer, comptroller and city attorney.

Close scrutiny is asked from the GAB/Government Accountability Board, Judicial Committee, WI Supreme Court and the U.S. Department of Justice - No one is exempt.

The local city charter officers - mayor Tom Barrett, Alderman and Common Council President Michael Murphy, Common Council - Aldermen Robert  Bauman, James Bohl, Milele Coggs, Joe Davis, Robert Donovan, Joe Dudzik, Ashanti Hamilton, Nik Kovac, Jose Perez, Robert Puente, Russell Stamper, II, Willie Wade, Terry Witkowski, Tony Zielinski, Treasurer Spencer Coggs, City Attorney Grant Langley, and Comptroller Martin Matson have failed the CORE CONSTITUENTS.  This would include charter officers Jim Owczarski, city clerk, each commissioner and cabinet heads of city departments.

Grant Langley - city Attorne
It is clear that the office of Grant Langley, city attorney, provides the charter officers with advice.  We are noting that his recent advice will cost at least a $million to the taxpayers.  In today's courts, financial relief is in the millions before you know it.  

United States Courthouse
517 East Wisconsin Avenue
Milwaukee, WI 53202
Federal Court
11400 W. Silver Spring Road
Milwaukee, WI 53225
(414) 462-7455

According to Dave Begel, Silk filed the lawsuit for $435,000 in lost revenue going back 18 months, and the 12-person jury agreed. The club's owners also filed a lawsuit, on the same grounds, for lost revenue dating back 36 months, which could make the city liable for a judgement against it for more than $1 million.
Ald. Robert Bauman, who represents Downtown Milwaukee, said, "Now we are talking about real money.
"The city attorney had led us to believe that we were looking at zero dollars," he said. "I guess that's not the case."

One scenario has the city offering to grant a license in exchange for Silk agreeing to forfeit the judgment and protect the city against the results of the second lawsuit. Crandall had no comment on any negotiations to settle the case nor did Bauman.

No matter what the "no comment" part says, you can know that money TALKS and SILENCE IS BOUGHT.

For acts like this, the People must remember in 2016 regarding both Langley and Bauman as well as the mayor and the entire Common Council.

In the meantime, we will contact the GAB and the courts for relief and needed changes.

Edit update:  March 31, 2015

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