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Monday, March 9, 2015

MPA LLC Endorses Justice Ann Walsh Bradley

Re-Elect Justice Ann Walsh Bradley
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March 9, 2015
City Center Milwaukee | DAY 189 |  Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC endorses Justice Ann Walsh Bradley for re-election on April 7, 2015.
Had the opportunity of meeting Justice Bradley last Sunday evening, March 1, 2015 during her campaign stop in Shorewood.
The event was hosted by Northshore Grassroots.
What captured my attention was Judge Bradley's up-close greeting with me and candid statements during her talk about why she is running for another 10-year term. While she had several reasons why, the comments that resonated with me as a voter looking through a prism of a justice system that is need of drastic and vast changes, her interest in updating the quality assurance of the courts spoke to my vote for her.
Her background from small town teacher, wife, mother of 4 to lawyer and gender competition as a young attorney in small town Wisconsin spoke to the tenacity she has had to exhibit to get where she is today - and she has not forgotten from which she had come and who she is representing as one of the 7 Wisconsin Supreme Court.
Her repeated statements of everybody getting a "chance" - a fair chance when going to court. She also spoke of the politics of the race and expected vast amounts of funding from outside pacts during the latter part of the campaign for her opponent.
L-R:  Challenger, Rock County Circuit Court Judge James Daley and  Incumbent Justice Ann Walsh Bradley
We ask that you look her over and JOIN US in re-electing Justice Bradley.
Take a look at Justice Bradley's website and view for yourself her comments.

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