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Thursday, April 28, 2016


April 28, 2016
MILWAUKEE |  Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC continues FOLLOW the MONEY engagement in the public square to help replace APATHY and disappointment in the Infrastructure of the city of Milwaukee for quality of life, economic development, and sustainability.

It is the framework for Re-defining, Re-branding and Un-trapping African American, other People of Color and Work Challenged Milwaukeeans - the over 60 per cent of the population in the city of Milwaukee.


The Core Values around FOLLOW the MONEY are:
  • affordable housing
  • gainful employment
  • information technology
  • education attainment
  • healthy food tied to healthy food sites
  • urban health care with access to practitioners
  • sites of creative arts
  • neighborhood and census tract leadership of strategic planning
  • wealth-building for family security
  • safety matters with law enforcement
  • connected to homeland security
  • ongoing access to entrepreneurial resources
  • capacity-building of People of Color entrepreneurs
  • AND
  • Transparency and Accountability at City Hall

A key connector to all of the above is a wholesome access to state-of-the-art public transportation by Milwaukeeans with to/from employment sites that are in and out-of-town employment hot spots geared to bolster ALL SHIFTS employment of Milwaukeeans, the CORE CONSTITUENTS. 

CNBC Squawk Box - April 28, 2016


Senior Producer
Senior Producer
Web and TV producer

CNBC | Morning Squawk


U.S. stock futures were sharply lower this morning, caught up in a global selloff that started in Japan. The central bank there stunned investors by keeping monetary policy steady, disappointing those betting on further stimulus. The Nikkie fell 3.6 percent and the yen soared about 3 percent. (CNBC)

The decline in U.S. futures this morning follows post-Fed meeting gains on Wednesday that brought the S&P 500 less than 2 percent away from last May's all-time high. The Fed held interest rates steady, warning of a slowing U.S. economy and sticking to its gradual rate hike message. (CNBC)

The government releases its first assessment of first-quarter gross domestic product at 8:30 a.m. ET. GDP is seen advancing at a 0.7 percent annual rate, half the rate during last year's fourth quarter. (CNBC)

European stocks were lower this morning. Meanwhile, ECB President Mario Draghi is hitting back at his German critics, saying that the bank's policies are working, remains independent, and criticism could ultimately damage the euro zone's economy. (CNBC)

U.S. oil was pretty flat this morning, after hitting highs back to November Wednesday on gains of nearly 3 percent. Crude is up about 18 percent for the month, and up 65 percent from the 2016 lows on Feb. 11. But prices are still off about 55 percent since the June 2014 lows. (CNBC)
Abbott Laboratories (ABT) has agreed to buy medical device maker St. Jude Medical (STJ) for $25 billion. The offer represents a 37 percent premium to St. Jude's closing stock price Wednesday. (Reuters)

French pharma giant Sanofi (SNY) is making an all-cash offer to buy U.S. biotech firm Medivation in a deal worth about $9.3 billion, representing a 50 percent premium over the San Francisco-based firm's recent volume weighted average share price prior to takeover rumors. (Reuters) 

Valeant (VRX) plans sweeping board changes , with five directors stepping down, replaced by four new members and incoming CEO Joseph Papa. Separately activist investor Bill Ackman, a big Valeant shareholder, promised lawmakers he would urge the drugmaker to reduce prices. (WSJ) 

Ford (F) earnings beat Wall Street estimates, but revenue missed. CEO Mark Fields told CNBC the automaker would continue to deliver great results. 

Facebook (FB) shares were soaring in premarket trading, after widely exceeding earnings estimates and also beating on revenue. The social network said monthly active users, a key metric, were 1.65 billion at the end of the first quarter, higher than forecasts. (CNBC) 

Facebook also proposed a new share structure to allow CEO Mark Zuckerberg to "keep founder control," while making good on a promise to put 99 percent of his shares into philanthropy. He said one of his charitable goals is to cure all diseases by the end of the century. (CNBC) 

Charles Schwab (SCHW) will stop selling mutual funds that carry a load as of May 2. Figures from the Investment Company Institute show that investors pulled more than $500 billion from such funds with a commission between 2010 and 2014. (WSJ) 

Volkswagen, accused of manipulating emissions test data on its diesel vehicles in the U.S. and Europe, faces a $9 billion buyback of its diesel vehicles. VW chief Matthias Mueller said, "Rules were broken and boundaries overstepped." (CNBC) 

At least 14 doctors and patients were killed after a direct airstrike destroyed a hospital in the Syrian city of Aleppo, said medical charity Doctors Without Borders, which supports the facility. (NBC News) 

Fresh off his first traditional policy speech, GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump was back in classic form on the stump in Indiana, making fun of rival Ted Cruz for tapping Carly Fiorina as his vice presidential running-mate. (NBC News)

Reeling from Tuesday's losses, Bernie Sanders said he's scaling back his upstart Democratic bid for the White House and laying off hundreds of campaign workers. (NY Times)

Eight years after the financial crisis, unemployment is at 5 percent, deficits are down and GDP is growing. Why do so many voters feel left behind? President Barack Obama told the New York Times he has a theory

The busiest week of earnings season continues, with UPS (UPS), Viacom (VIAB), and MasterCard (MA) leading the way this morning. Amazon (AMZN) reports quarterly results after the bell this afternoon, along with Amgen (AMGN) and Expedia (EXPE).

In addition to those GDP figures, the government also releases initial jobless claims data at 8:30 a.m. ET. Forecasts call for claims of 257,000 last week, up from the prior week's 42 and a half year low of 247,000. 


Marriott (MAR), which is buying Starwood (HOT), reported adjusted quarterly profit of 87 cents per share, 3 cents above estimates, while revenue also beat forecasts. However, Marriott's current quarter forecast was short of forecasts.

PayPal (PYPL) earned an adjusted 37 cents per share for its latest quarter, 2 cents above estimates, with revenue slightly ahead of expectations. The payment service saw per-user transactions climb. It's also continuing its rollout of its Venmo peer-to-peer payment service.

Texas Instruments (TXN) beat estimates by 3 cents with earnings of 65 cents per share, with revenue also above estimates. While weathering weakness in the mobile phone and wearables market, the chipmaker is predicting solid earnings and revenue guidance.

Japanese electronics giant Sony posted a 666.5 percent rise in pretax profit for its full fiscal year, helped by cost cutting in its smartphone business and the continued popularity of the PlayStation 4.

Deutsche Bank (DB) posted a 58 percent drop in net profit in the first quarter, to $267 million, compared to the same period last year. The group posted a revenue decline of 22 percent year-on-year.

Cheesecake Factory (CAKE) came in 7 cents ahead of estimates with quarterly profit of 68 cents per share, with revenue just slightly below. The restaurant chain's bottom line benefitted from more cost controls, and same-restaurant sales were up 1.7 percent from a year earlier. 


The 2016 NFL draft is already off to an exciting start after the Los Angeles Rams and the Philadelphia Eagles made deals to move up the board. Thirty-one NFL prospects will be taken in the first round tonight in Chicago. (USA today)

SpaceX, the commercial space firm run by billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk, plans to send a Dragon spacecraft to Mars as soon as 2018. And it appears NASA will assist. SpaceX recently completed its first successful ocean platform landing of a Falcon rocket. (CNBC)
Part I - 

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Milwaukee Charter Legislators - STANDING COMMITTEES - Standard-Bearers Need to Adopt Decorum that Enhance TRUST, RESPECT and FAIR PLAY

April 26, 2016
MILWAUKEE |  Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC supports the ideology of direct civility to cradle the rooted thoughts for collaboration.

“We are now faced with the fact that tomorrow is today. We are confronted with the fierce urgency of now. In this unfolding conundrum of life and history, there "is" such a thing as being too late. This is no time for apathy or complacency. This is a time for vigorous and positive action.”

― Martin Luther King Jr.

Due Diligence
The Community and Economic Development Committee hears matters relating to community development, block grants, job development, business improvement districts, city public relations, industrial land banks and revenue bonds, emerging business enterprises, recreation, cultural arts and the library system.  Linda Elmer is the Staff Assistant for this committee.

The Finance and Personnel Committee considers appropriations, finances, taxation, revenues, labor relations, personnel, pensions and other benefits, insurance, audits and city budget.  Chris Lee is the Staff Assistant for this committee.

The Judiciary and Legislation Committee acts on legal claims against the city and on matters involving other governmental units at the local, state or federal level. It also handles elections and referenda, lobbying, annexation, detachments and boundaries, deferred assessments and refunds or cancellation of taxes or billings.  Joanna Polanco is the Staff Assistant for this committee.

The Licenses Committee reviews various license and permit applications, including those for alcohol beverage-related businesses, home improvement businesses, rooming houses, loading zones and domestic partners.  Molly Kuether is the Staff Assistant for this committee.

The Public Safety Committee is concerned with issues brought forth from the fire, police, health and neighborhood services departments as well as traffic control, emergency medical services and parking. It also licenses alarm businesses and public passenger vehicles and drivers.  Joanna Polanco is the Staff Assistant for this committee.

The Steering and Rules committee, which consists of the Council President and the chairs of the other standing committees, formulate policies and rules for the Common Council, oversees charter schools, and considers extraordinary matters affecting multiple committees.  Linda Elmer is the Staff Assistant for this committee.

The Zoning, Neighborhoods and Development Committee reviews issues relating to city development, zoning, historic preservation, incremental tax financing, building codes and housing projects.  Chris Lee is the Staff Assistant for this committee.

The Standard-Bearers

Who are the seven (7) standard-bearers of the Common Council that will MAKE-UP the CC due diligence team?

Who will Call it like it is?
Who will Keep it real?

Who will create public policy respectful of the folk at the top of the Organization Chart of Milwaukee?

Who will REVIEW and update laws/resolutions that will help foster TRUST and fine-tuning of the Mother board of the city government?

In the past, last four years, we have seen too much in bad practices of cronyism and Conflict of Interest that has the DNA of misdemeanor and felony.  

We have seen arrogance, laziness, passing the buck, failure to be informed, and shooting from the hip representation of the elected-appointed-hired.  This was/is not the case of obtaining positions on various boards, committees, authorities, awards, trips, etc.

And, total disregard for the INFRASTRUCTURE of the Electorate - their families quality of life and economic development which feeds risky behavior of Milwaukeeans.

Lack of oversight and transparency that allow Rocky Marcoux and Martha Brown to forge a tag-team of ruthlessness in the "rigged" administration of the Department of City Development.

The same type of arrogance is seen by DCD staff - in the hired-appointed staff - communication director, secretary of commissioner, real estate group, MEDC tax credits, RACM decision-making with discretionary procedures and funds, those handling outreach to UW-M, community gardening-Strong Neighborhood, TIN programs, and the business improvement district

Kenneth Little
Commercial Corridor Manager
(414) 286-5617
Natanael Martinez
Economic Development Specialist
(414) 286-5813
The Ethics Committee was found to "defame" the name of the committee through a lack of process and procedures in conducting "fair play" of the Mission and their reason for being in the MC COLE Complaint. 


MC COLE, Hazem Farrah & Midhat Farrah
MC COLE, Hazem Farrah & Midhat Farrah are the poster-Entrepreneurs that have been shafted in 2014, 2015 and 2016.

Lack of correct behavior of members of the Common Council - singularly and in-a-group - Common Council monthly meeting have left a "stench" of rigged government.

MC COLE was shafted by the License Committee - Chair, Tony Zielinski - District 14, Vice Chair, Milele Coggs - District 6, James Dudzik - District 11, Robert Puenta - District 9, Nik Kovac, District 3  - and most of all, the OUTRAGEOUS and Conflict of Interest decorum of Russell Stamper - District 15.

Alderman Stamper chose to misrepresent the truth, disrespect his charter office, the electorate, his position on the License Committee; and, he engaged in giggle with colleague Alderwoman Milele Coggs during License Committee.

Further, Alderwoman Coggs can be seen in the visual nodding, and Alderman Stamper's pursuit of punitive actions toward the struggling taxpayers, business owners was misplaced and not in line with the protocol of fair play, CAPACITY BUILDING and building TRUST. 

Chair, Tony Zielinski, rips through the applications and is often seen condescending and showing favor to some districts.

During MC COLE application, he chose to have Mary Glass, Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC, consultant to Mr. Cole walked out of the hearing by the City Police at the table because she ask clarity of what to do next.  

This was after Zielinski arbitrary and capricious dismissal of Mr. Cole's application. 

MC COLE invested over $100,000 and got denied a Class B license.  You can hear Alderman Stamper disparaging comments to Mr. Cole in the January 6, 2015 Channel 25 License hearing - after he misrepresented the truth, became disrespectful to the process - would NOT meet with Mr. Cole - but said he did.

After he had invested several months waiting to be heard by the License Committee - in compliance for several months, $1,100 investment for a license (six months later, January 6, 2015), Mr. Cole was denied 3 years from a Class B license - even though he was "in compliance" with the rules and regulations.  At that point, he asked for his investment of a license fee of $1,100, the city clerk's office sent him less than $100.00 of the $1,100 for their services.  

Just disgraceful.  It will stop this season.

Ideology that lacks REASONABLENESS - Alderman Russell Stamper and Neighborhood Posse

MORE to come. . .

That is inexcusable.
27th Street Tobacco & Wireless

The 27th Street Tobacco & Wireless Shutdown of  Hazem Farrah & Midhat Farrah business - 27th Street Tobacco & Wireless, was a clear example of again, Misuse of Power by our city government and including behavior that is Misdemeanor and Felony flavor.  We have our government levels involved - city Alderman Robert Bauman, Keith Stanley - Avenues West BID, Penfield, Marquette, city attorney, county court and State Representatives - both houses.  

It was led by Rep. Evan Goyke who failed the "due process" test by NOT at least speaking with the business owners to see if due diligence had been conducted prior to vilifying the business, creating a state statute (for Milwaukee Common Council) and forcing the abrupt sale of the business - citing undocumented legitimacy of said high volume calls, sale of drugs, prostitution in and around the block - a social condition scenario found throughout Milwaukee.  

SAFETY MATTERS Campaign with 27th Street Tobacco owners and Candidate Andrew Shaw

MORE to come . . .

City of Milwaukee Inauguration (4-19-16) AND 3 Alderpersons Leaving the Common Council (4-15-16)

Tuesday, April 19, 2016
CITY OF MILWAUKEE - Executive and Legislative bodies weigh in. 


READ and be Exposed for Enforcement of Members of Wisconsin Court

April 26, 2016
What say YOU?


          SCR 62.01  Scope. 
          The uniform standards of courtroom courtesy and decorum in SCR 62.02, adopted to enhance the administration of justice by promoting good manners and civility among all who participate in the administration of justice in Wisconsin, are applicable to judges, court commissioners, lawyers, court personnel and the public in all Wisconsin courts. Notwithstanding SCR 20:8.4 (f), the standards under SCR 62.02 are not enforceable by the office of lawyer regulation.  Conduct by a lawyer that violates SCR ch. 20 or SCR 40.15 is subject to the authority of the office of lawyer regulation. 
          SCR 62.02  Standards. 
          (1)  Judges, court commissioners, lawyers, clerks and court personnel shall at all times do all of the following:
          (a)  Maintain a cordial and respectful demeanor and be guided by a fundamental sense of integrity and fair play in all their professional activities. 
          (b)  Be civil in their dealings with one another and with the public and conduct all court and court-related proceedings, whether written or oral, including discovery proceedings, with civility and respect for each of the participants. 
          (c)  Abstain from making disparaging, demeaning or sarcastic remarks or comments about one another. 
          (d)  Abstain from any conduct that may be characterized as uncivil, abrasive, abusive, hostile or obstructive. 
          (e)  While in court or while participating in legal proceedings, dress in a manner showing proper respect for the court, the proceedings and the law.  Judges shall wear black robes while presiding on the bench except when exceptional circumstances exist. 
          (f)  Advise clients, witnesses, jurors and others appearing in court that proper conduct and attire is expected within the courthouse and, where possible, prevent clients, witnesses or others from creating disorder or disruption. 
          (g)  In scheduling all hearings, meetings and conferences, be considerate of the time schedules of the participants and grant reasonable extensions of time when they will not adversely affect the court calendar or clients' interests. 
          (h)  Conduct themselves in a manner which demonstrates sensitivity to the necessity of preserving decorum and the integrity of the judicial process.
          (2)  Judges, court commissioners and lawyers shall be punctual in convening and appearing for all hearings, meetings and conferences and, if delayed, shall notify other participants, if possible. 
          (3)  Lawyers shall do all of the following: 
          (a)  Make all reasonable efforts to reach informal agreement on preliminary and procedural matters.
          (b)  Attempt expeditiously to reconcile differences through negotiation, without needless expense and waste of time. 
          (c)  Abstain from pursuing or opposing discovery arbitrarily or for the purpose of harassment or undue delay. 
          (d)  If an adversary is entitled to assistance, information or documents, provide them to the adversary without unnecessary formalities. 
          (e)  Abstain from knowingly deceiving or misleading another lawyer or the court. 
          (f)  Clearly identify for the court and other counsel changes that he or she has made in documents submitted to him or her by counsel or by the court. 
          (g)  Act in good faith and honor promises and commitments to other lawyers and to the court.
          (4)  Adherence to standards of professionalism and courtesy, good manners and dignity is the responsibility of each judge, court commissioner, lawyer, clerk, and other personnel of the court who assist the public. 
                Adopted June 4, 1996.  Amended November 14, 2001; January 23, 2002.

Sunday, April 24, 2016


February 13, 2016

Sponsored by:  Dawn to Dusk Forever Garden Group LLC
Dawn Powell - President

Havenwoods State Park
4700 W. Douglas
Milwaukee, WI

Judy Klippel - Director
Havenwood State Forest Park
A Thoughtful Message from Owner & Director Dawn Powell

When I was a young 11-year-old girl, I had a newspaper route and as I delivered my papers I always noticed how pretty people's gardens looked.  At home, I tried to put what I saw into my parent's small garden.  As I got older, I had a strong desire to make this my life's work in the various communities that I lived.  Part of what I learned was in books and working closely with neighborhood groups to better myself.

In the late 1990's, I purchased my 1st vacant property so that I could incorporate many of the things I learned into my own garden. In the mid-2000's, I helped organize early kinds of sustainable community gardens that would help families grow their own fruits and vegetables in a "Food Dessert" that we made beautiful to thrive again.

Now in this decade, I have my own "Forever Garden", Tree Orchard and an Heirloom Organic Garden.  This year, I will complete a Healing Garden for those individuals who are suffering from painful illnesses.  This garden will be a peaceful setting where people can come to plant their favorite, fruits, herbs and vegetables in raised handicapped garden beds.  I have also participated in helping may neighborhoods build new community gardens.

My future endeavors will include:  An Ecology & Educational Center, with a Master Plan of what can be done to preserve our Planet Earth.  A Memorial Baseball Park, housing the man who brought Baseball to Milwaukee in the early 1920's Otto Borchert which is located in the "Borchert Field" community.  Where there are 168 neighborhood Communities within the Milwaukee County area.

Friday, April 22, 2016

MPA LLC Announces NATURE Engagement on EARTH DAY - April 22, 2016

April 22, 2016
MILWAUKEE |  Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC CELEBRATES with "due diligence" in engagement in NATURE and embracing Introduction of the Family (ies) of Milwaukee to:

  • SUMMER & AUTUMN activities at Havenwood State Park.
  • District Strategists Nature Club.
  • Explorer Programs - Youth, Parents and Volunteers.
  • Family Farmers in Milwaukee/FFIM
  • Gardening, FOOD & Agricultural Public Policies.
  • Gardening for Wellness.
  • Gardening with Dawn 2 Dusk Forever Garden LLC.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

NOT just Business-as-Usual - Oath of Office Substance IN Milwaukee Common Council Leadership & Stewardship

April 21, 2016
MILWAUKEE |  Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC recognizes, celebrates, and Call for "due diligence" of the 2016-2020 City of Milwaukee Common Council.  

The 2016-2020 City of Milwaukee Common Council  is a 15-member body that represents the charter officers of the legislative branch of city government.

It has 3 NEW members and a NEW 48th Common Council President.
Bublr Bike - REDLINING
NBA MEGA Bucks Deal - 30 years of Involuntary Servitude


In 2015, Milwaukeeans were downloaded defeat after defeat of misuse of power - Streetcar vote, NBA MEGA Bucks Deal (30 years of Involuntary Servitude), The Couture, Bublr Bikes (not in the People of Color areas but jumpstarted and supported by the city budgets) Renaissance Luncheon (September 15, 2015) and mega housing for the PRIVILEGED and HAVES.

Those Voting in favor of the measures were:   Aldermen Ashanti Hamilton, Nik Kovac, Bob Bauman, Milele Coggs, Willie Wade, Jose Perez, Terry Witkowski, Russell Stamper and Common Council President Michael Murphy.

"We believe the streetcar not only complements a larger transit network," Murphy said, "but also serves as a city-building tool within a broader development plan — a plan that improves mass transit while attracting commercial and residential development in the heart of the city's tax base."

Voting against were Aldermen Joe Dudzik, Joe Davis, Jim Bohl, Bob Donovan, Robert Puente and Tony Zielinski.         Journal Sentinel
The city of Milwaukee is in crisis due to capricious leadership that has created DISTRUST, federal probes, and a label of "rigged" decision-making.
A streetcar connecting the Milwaukee Intermodal Station with the city's lower east side was approved by the Common Council on Tuesday, bringing if not to a halt then at least to a pause, decades of sometimes acrimonious debate.
"It has taken us 24 years to decide," said Mayor Tom Barrett, who during an afternoon signing ceremony at the Pabst Theater called the streetcar legislation "historic."
"Thadebate is over."
Ald. Bob Bauman shared the mayor's relief.
"We've at last broken a 25-yearlong logjam of contention and argument and inaction," he said.
"Now the wind is at our backs." Journal Sentinel
The true owners of the coffers are "omitted" year in and year out in the Infrastructure of best practices of outreach and engagement of city rules, regulations and dispensing of resources.

The City of Milwaukee Common Council legislators - individual and joint - have allowed the following to Go Wild in arbitrary and capricious behavior in the city of Milwaukee government practices that has "excluded" and is injurious of the CORE CONSTITUENTS.   The violations are seen to perpetuate risky behavior that we see disproportionately in high pockets of Enduring Concentrated Poverty.  They are:
  • Department of Administration - DOA
    • i.e., CDBG and Budget
  • Department of City Development - DCD
    • i.e., BID Districts
    • RACM & RACM Board
    • MEDC
    • 30th Street Corridor
    • Century City
    • Kein Burton
      Development Manager
      (414) 286-5845
      Benji Timm
      Project Manager
      (414) 286-5756
  • Department of City of Police
    • Budget
    • Distrust
    • US DOJ COPS probe
  • Department of Library
    • Use of Computers and needed hours.
    • Revitalization 
    • Slow - Second-Class - No development of Center Street and MLKing
  • Department of Neighborhood Services - DNS
  • Department of Public Works - DPW
  • EB-5 Developments
    • Blue Ribbon Management
    • Gorman
    • MMAC
    • First Pathway Partners
  • MEDC Board
    • Oversight and review of statute of appointments and length of serve (cronies - elite - privileged to revenue pathways)
  • Milwaukee Economic Development Corporation - MEDC
  • Redevelopment Authority of the City of Milwaukee - RACM
  • Wisconsin Center District Directors
PUBLIC POLICIES needed to "remove" DWilson Disparity Report findings and others that create unsafe conditions that are injurious to Milwaukeeans.

MPA LLC call for "cleaning house" of DISTRUST of City Hall - all three (3) branches - Executive, Legislative and Judicial.  It includes:
  • Public Policies that revitalize and offset of REMOVAL of employment and quality of life Hot Spots - i.e.,Walmart, Office Depot, IHOP, Builders at Midtown.
    • AND, the massive "On-Hold" development of the Northridge area.
  • Public policies that bring into fruition BRONZEVILLE the next two years.
  • Public policies needed to REJECT Fast track BRT/Bus Rapid Transit that fails to ensure "whole" and "wholesome" public transit that ENHANCE conditions to employment Hot Spots for Milwaukeeans - those WITHOUT employment due to transportation, those without cars, dependable cars, driver license and lack of funds.  BRT that fails Highway145/Fond du Lac Corridor and southside of Milwaukee FIRST is bogus.
  • Public policies needed to help unify the stakeholders on the south-north-east-westside.
    • Annual city-wide conference of the Common Council to promote civility, education of districts and TRUST.
    • Engagement for respect, understanding, and comfort levels that promotes visits to other districts other than one's own and downtown - Alderperson partnering.
    • Inter-neighborhood activities for better understanding of cultures.
    • Enhance present and expand CDBG Neighborhood Strategic Planning areas - with individual leaders - NOT one organization with multiple sites.
  • Public policies needed to immediately incorporate a city-wide "broadband - wireless" hook-up in the daily lives and activities of residential and commercial stakeholders at the home and neighborhood level.  
  • Public policies needed to REVISIT the NBA MEGA Bucks Deal for "wraparound services" within the neighborhoods over the 30-year Involuntary Servitude support of the City of Milwaukee taxpayers. 
  • Public policies to embrace the $15.00 employment rate per hour for installment over the next four years.
  • Removal of Public policies that promote fleecing the citizenry as in parking tickets, profiling tickets, and stacking-the-deck of code violations.
  • Removal of Public policies that drain leadership, stewardship, and entrepreneurship at the neighborhood and census tract level, i.e., RETURN to HUD Community Development Block Grant funding with neighborhood leadership NSPs.
  • Public policies that start with removing the "disrespectful dialog", cronyism, rude and unethical behavior in conducting the People's business in standing committees and elsewhere.
    • Review Channel 25 for examples of unbecoming behavior of Chairs, other alderpeople, and staff from city departments - City Attorney, Neighborhood Services, City Clerk, etc.
    • Absenteeism and excessive walking, fumbling with gadgets during hearings of Standing Committees and NOT present for voting.
    • Lack of participation of total membership in the "approval or disapproval" of licenses - not just the authorization of the alderperson of the district and/or bias residents - on the merits.
    • Review length of time of "wait" for licenses - time is money.
    • Provide Checklist to customers and an accessible and knowledgeable person for input.
    • Provide ongoing training for each council person.
    • Review district-to-district fines and revocations due to comments of alderpeople of the districts.
    • Overview patterns and practices to dispel "misconduct" of alderperson with a license, i.e., pay-offs of any kind.
We have to get rid of the ENDURING CONCENTRATED POVERTY.  

We MUST get rid of the RIGGED system in city hall.

Since you have fiduciary responsibilities as Charter officers and you vote on policies for ALL districts, you arm yourself with "ongoing updates from the city clerk's office and rules for your being as well as get out into the neighborhoods - where you can provide a NEIGHBORHOOD OFFICE - do so.

May I suggest that your office staff receive ONGOING training about your district through the City Clerk's Office, visits to community meetings; AND, is accessible, courteous, knowledgeable and a POSITIVE extension of you the elected Charter Officer.  

Population: Over half-million people -  594,833 (2010 census).  Sixty percent (60%) of Milwaukee population - People of Color; 40% African American, 0.8 - American Indian, 3.5 - Asian, Caucasian - 37.0, and 17.3 - Hispanic/Latin American. Census 2010.

Due to arbitrary and capricious behaviors of unethical magnitude the last four years and before, we are in the process of addressing Misconduct we find injuries to an individual and group of individuals within a district (s) - failure to discharge duties, intentional tampering and altering the process, failure to provide information, misconduct by authorizing and operating while knowing wrong, manipulating the process, willful neglect of duties, and altering results.

Failure to RETURN calls and Failure to RETURN calls timely are high on the list of wrongdoing of members of the  Common Council.

We also remind all - especially the NEWCOMERS, that we have had individuals - both gender - to resign, be indicted and serve time for wrongful behavior while ALDERPERSON.

Great innovative leadership, stewardship, fellowship and growth the next four years, starting now and your first full meeting on:  Tuesday, May 24, 2016.

Milwaukee Common Council
    • Alderman Cavalier Johnson - District 2
    • Alderwoman Chantia Lewis - District 9
    • Alderman Khalif Rainey - District 7
    • Alderwoman Chantia Lewis
    • Alderman Ashanti Hamilton - District 1

A Call for Oath, Commitment and Neighborhood Reform

to be Continued . . .

Updated:  April 22, 2016