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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

BRT East-West proposal NOT INCLUSIVE of CORE CONSTITUENTS in Milwaukee

April 19, 2016
MILWAUKEE | Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC has a BRT/Bus Rapid Transit Position Statement |  It speaks to why at this time this rubber tire plan is NOT in the BEST INTEREST of Milwaukeeans and/or  another attempt by city and county officials are selling  "bait-n-switch".

The two public meetings ( April 12, 2016 - O'Donnel Park and April 14, 2016 - Zoofari) were places where the PEOPLE resoundingly rejected the BRT plan on the basis of relevance, efficiency, not inclusive of corridors in dire need of public transportation and too costly.

The East-West BRT/Bus Rapid Transit hype has been placed on a FAST-TRACK schedule to "grab federal funds" (FTA/Federal Transit Administration) and at the state level.  It is a continuous disregard for Enduring Concentrated Poverty and an example of misuse of power showing FRAUDULENT patterns and PRACTICES by our leaders that begs for a federal probe.

MPA LLC is against this project at this time because it does not address the PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION NEEDS of the CORE CONSTITUENTS of Milwaukee.

The planners once again have failed to be INCLUSIVE of People of Color and the Work Challenged.

The planners have failed to connect the dearth - key populations/HUBS "in need" of Employment and public transportation to hot spots of Employment.

The planners have failed to look beyond the optics of the bus service and connecting the real time and express time to help bring forward those who most need public transportation.

The planners have failed the Milwaukee population that is systemically trapped in Enduring Concentrated Poverty and are focusing on the HAVES.   We must provide for those workers living in the north, far north and immediate south area that do not have driver’s licenses, do not have dependable automobiles, need cost-appropriate public transportation.

BRT/Bus Rapid Transit is a renewed interest of Peter Beitzel, MMAC, the haves coupled with privilege and convenience without the stakeholders that will fund the lion's share of the funding for the project.

We cannot continue to have "rigged" systems of government and government failing to create scenarios for strategic planning and development that connect hot spots of employment with today's employment paths for the majority of the people of Milwaukee mired in Enduring Concentrated Poverty.

The Employment points need to be Fond du Lac/145 enhanced and bound out North and/or where the positions are that would fuel the economy of the families in Milwaukee trapped in Enduring Concentrated Poverty.

The present plan addresses the haves - those with cars - those with disposable funds - those seeking privileges of convenience while the Milwaukee population is having difficulty purchasing transit passes and navigating quality of life travels.

Again, the funds would be on the backs of those that do have security in knowing that they have access to public transit.  This will need massive INCLUSION, the fingerprints of residential and commercial stakeholders at the table to represent the ridership and neighborhoods in the city of Milwaukee and Milwaukee County.

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