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MILWAUKEE | MPA LLC Consumer Protection Group is a service of Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC.

MPA LLC Consumer Protection Group was created during National Consumer Protection Week, March 3-March 9, 2013, to create the Voice-of-the-People and the Voice-for-the-People in urban City Center Milwaukee.  

About Us

Our Mission is to empower residential and commercial citizenry/consumers with preparedness-information regarding public, private and government services - specifics to human-civil-legal rights; and impediments to quality of life and economic development.

Core competencies include protections by rules, regulations and statutes of federal-state-local laws.  They include:
  • discrimination, profiling, bias and unfair treatment.
  • restrictions due to abusive acts or practices. 
  • non-enforcement of government agencies.
  • restrictions due to race, finances, age, gender and other protected classes.
We promote consumer education, personal and commerical rights, research and data collection through "personal stories".

We support complaints that reflect violations by public servants as well as merchants in the marketplace.
We support enforcement of rules, draw attention to violations and promote reform of rules through protest, legal arguments and court address.
We provide Reporting to federal congressional committees, agencies, commissions, boards or designated monitoring sites.
We are monitoring the implementation of the Affordable Health Care law with special interest in government and private insurance payers, health care providers, practitioners, pharmaceuticals, suppliers, academic sites and partners, i.e., insurance commissions, health services, workforce development, and department of aging.



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                  December 23, 2013

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