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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Owners of the BUCKS - Do you know? Have you met? Do you care to meet CORE CONSTITUENTS? Have they been introduced? Have they WELCOMED the owners?

Saturday Talk - Follow the Money
 City Center Milwaukee | DAY 241 | Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC continues to follow the money that is disbursed from the city coffers. For the Month of May, we will look at the Milwaukee Bucks and the 3 NIDs - Neighborhood Investment Districts.

The Milwaukee Bucks owners, Wesley Edens, and Marc Lasry are seeking a NEW venue for their newly acquired team in the area between N.3rd, Juneau, N. 6th and McKinley.

Marc Lasry and Wesley Edens - Milwaukee Bucks Owners
The development is a tripod of initial government funding - city, county and state.  That means the PEOPLE - even though the people of the city of Milwaukee - CORE CONSTITUENTS the ELECTORATE have not met-talk and/or discussed anything.  

That's disrespectful.  That's not a GOOD NEIGHBOR.  That speaks to the "bad/negative" practices so well-known in this city as racism, discrimination, and disenfranchisement.  It perpetuates Enduring Concentrated Poverty.  It is the genesis of why the CORE CONSTITUENTS do not and have not done better-best with the amount of investment they put at the table - annual taxes; and, the mega funds and resources shared through the federal laws - federal government.


Since we have not gotten a call, we are making calls to Alex Lasry for discussion and the Milwaukee Bucks official support and WELCOME from the Core Constituents.  How can they, the Milwaukee BUCKS represent the city of Milwaukee - all 97 square miles with  social responsibility that incorporates the CORE CONSTITUENTS from the 170 neighborhoods.  The population that make up Milwaukee - African American, other People of Color and Caucasians - over half-million folk living in and welcoming those who live nearby and outside of the city of Milwaukee.

It is important that if the Bucks are to grow, the people must grow.  This starts right now.

It is important that if the Bucks are to set sail in a direction reflective and inclusive of Millennials, young adults, middle agers, seniors and our juniors, they can not be a downtown and Bucks' Arena only neighbor.  We must have dialog and discussions of their plans as well as strategic planning of the people for INCLUSION in a lifestyle that benefits ALL.  The STEWARDSHIP and LEADERSHIP ethos must be shared - in the same direction - respected.

Last year, the owner, Donald Sterling of the Los Angeles Clippers covered the media for weeks due to disgraceful and racial disclosures.  It was an "eye-opener" and testimony to high-stakes racism.  Click

Sterling failed to represent an ETHOS that is desirable for any team owner with African American players (any player).  His disclosures set-back the group of owners of the basketball teams, especially since he made racist comments relative to African Americans - on the floor playing, Magi Johnson, and his female African American escort. How he shared "trinkets" with the NAACP and felt that was true Social Responsibility.

MPA LLC seeks sea-change development that will change the Enduring Concentrated Poverty of the city of Milwaukee and tied to downtown development by the CORE CONSTITUENTS for Vision 2050.

MPA LLC seeks to make the city of Milwaukee an URBAN 1st Class city for all - not just the haves, cronies, monopoly-oligopoly and tourists.

MPA LLC seeks grand opportunities that affect infrastructure quality of life and economic development - from historic planning of design, CONSTRUCTION, thru day-to-day staffing and build-outs.  

Alex Lasry - Vice President of Strategy & Operations for the Milwaukee Bucks
MPA LLC seeks Alex Lasry visionary and innovative thinker of the Milwaukee Bucks that tells the People it is OK to support the NEW owners of the Bucks and the team because their strategic plan/business plan includes their families and families' families - NOT just the mayor, county executive, MMAC and the Governor; but the People.  Those are the short-and long-term investors, potential Buck's players, regular attendees to games - the real partners.  

Those individuals in ELECTED positions are only for a season and can and will be voted out. 

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