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Friday, June 30, 2017

SHOW 26 - Post-Conviction in New Orleans w/Attorney Adrienne Wheeler

June 30, 2017
CITY-WIDE Milwaukee | Today's Public Policy w/MARY GLASS & Company on WXRW Riverwest Talk Radio 104.1 FM will talk with Attorney Adrienne Wheeler, Justice & Accountability Center of Louisiana.

Attorney Wheeler is the spokesperson for the Re-Entry and Expungement Teams of New Orleans, Louisiana.

Items of discussion for Post-Conviction at JAC includes:

  • History of JAC
  • Composition of Teams 
  • Mission
  • Successes and challenges
  • Incarceration Population
  • Updates and surprises

Riverwest Talk Radio
WXRW LP 104.1 FM
3:30pm - 4:30pm

Re-Entry & Expungement in New Orleans


Thursday, June 29, 2017

THE VI AMENDMENT - Derwyn Bunton, Defenseless

Derwyn Bunton - Chief Public Defender - New Orleans
A lawyer poorly resourced can cause irreparable harm to a client,” says Chief NOLA Public Defender Derwyn Bunton.

“You do your best, but a lot of times you can’t provide the kind of representation that the Constitution, our code of ethics and professional standards would have you provide.” Derwyn Bunton

Derwyn Bunton has been head of the New Orleans Public Defenders’ office for the last eight years. The 52 lawyers on his staff are responsible for representing more than 20,000 people a year who are unable to afford a private attorney.

You know feeling like you’re always coming up short. Um, you know, the first 1,000 clients, you feel terrible. The second 1,000 clients, you feel awful. The third 1,000, 3,000 in, it doesn’t feel so bad anymore. One morning I woke up and I just felt like, “I’m not even angry about this anymore.” It’s just everyday to me. Everyday my clients are going away for a decade. And I just move along to the next client.
Nine current and former New Orleans public defenders admit they do not have the time or the budget to adequately represent every client.

Lindsay Samuel was an ex-Public Defender attorney in the office of Public Defender Chief Bunton. 

She said 3000 cases in.  These are 3000 human beings with civil and legal rights on paper.  In law.  In Amendment VI of the Constitution. 

Amendment VI
In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial, by an impartial jury of the State and district wherein the crime shall have been committed, which district shall have been previously ascertained by law, and to be informed of the nature and cause of the accusation; to be confronted with the witnesses against him; to have compulsory process for obtaining witnesses in his favor, and to have the Assistance of Counsel for his defence.

In order for there to be DEMOCRACY (a government in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised by them directly or indirectly through a system of representation usually involving periodically held free elections) and SANCTUARY (safety,  a place of refuge and protection) each one of the OWNERS of America must subscribe to the laws that protect its people in America.

Monday, June 26, 2017

RON JOHNSON - Senator from Wisconsin is a FRAUD, A CHARLATAN

Ron Johnson - WI Republican Senator 
Saying one thing, doing another to get moral points.  We see thru the con.
Ron Johnson, Republican Senator of Wisconsin, LESS THAN integrity, false rhetoric and disingenuous narrative to give unwise Wisconsinites, the public at-large, and Chuck Todd on Meet the Press he is in favor of discussions of the Affordable Healthcare to solve the issues with the backroom plan by Mitch McConnell and the 13 misfit group.  

That’s not what he has been saying.  
It is not what he said while running for office.  
His lines have been drawn on, REPEAL, REPEAL Obamacare.  Period.  

He has put himself on the "NOT YET LIST” to pass the Senate bill.  
It is a ploy.  

If Johnson was legitimate, his comments would say he’s not voting "yes" until there are full discussions and necessary changes on behalf of Wisconsinites and the people of America.  Not the bull that the Affordable Healthcare is falling under its weight.  It is weight with the heavy foot of the Republicans on the scale.

If he and his Republican cronies had joined the other U.S. Congress persons to correct the “risk corridor” in the insurance care and provided the Insurance companies with a path forward rather than no response, the Insurance companies, and premiums would have a path forward for serious agreements.  They are using the 2-year wait after the REPEAL to give the impression that things will not change.  

Not true.
They are lying about the pre-existing risk.  
They are lying about NOT increasing insurance cost.
The seniors in nursing homes will NOT have funding.  
Women will not have reliable prevention care. 
Over 23 million folks will fall through the cracks for needed healthcare.
The McConnel and gang of 13 plan have a cap on payments (the present Affordable Healthcare does not).  Each person will be given a certain amount, if you exceed the amount, too bad.  You are on your own.

He’s full of it.  Watch how fast he votes this week with all the others.
He’s a charlatan (a person or thing intended to deceive others, typically by unjustifiably claiming or being credited with accomplishments or qualities.).
If you believe the charlatan, go jump off the nearest bridge to never return.  Take Paul Ryan with you.

The “double talking” of Ron Johnson, represents the clueless senior senator that is a Republican from Wisconsin with the high-risk talking points. 

He likes to call on the fact he’s from Oshkosh, WI from the manufacturing industry as an accountant of compassion - with great concern of leaving something for our children’s future.  

Earth to clueless Ron Johnson, the children will most likely be healthcare dependent seeking high-cost emergency hospital care, drug-dependent without serious preventive healthcare AND dead, dead.

Stop the violence, Johnson!

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Enslavement through Social Controls and Oppression in the City of Milwaukee - Part I

June 22, 2017
CITY OF MILWAUKEE | Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC continues in its public policy leadership quest to provide state of the art information for Informed Decision-Making by Milwaukeeans, the Core Constituents.

CORE CONSTITUENTS are the people who live, work, invest in real estate, grow families, grow businesses, worship and create the population of authority within the 96.8 square miles of the city of Milwaukee.

Social Controls and oppression by elected-appointed-hired and donor for hire has gone viral and African American, other People of Color and the Work Challenged residential and commercial stakeholders are the target. 


For the last 12 years, the economic face of Milwaukee has ruthlessly been changed without the inclusion and permission of the population of authority in Milwaukee.  It is clear that the have-nots were more and more marginalized.
Some notables are:
  • The mayor of Milwaukee has engaged in wrongful "outsourcing" of the city coffers without authorization from the citizenry of Milwaukee.
  • The mayor, Tom Barrett, has helped form and reinforce the Milwaukee 7 and the board of MEDC/Milwaukee Economic Development Corporation and gave the GO LIGHT to disenfranchisement of the majority population of Milwaukee.
  • Laws and authorities have been formed by/for Caucasian groups.
  • The use of funding aimed for African American, other People of Color and the Work Challenged seized:
    • tax credits.
    • a 30-year Involuntary Servitude of MEGA commitment to the Milwaukee Bucks.
    • MEGA developments by neophte developer Rick Barrett tied to transportation.
    • MEGA discriminatory Bublr Bike deal.
    • Unnecessary East/West BRT and streetcar.
    • MCTS Removal of Route 279 and failure to connect employment of Milwaukeeans by public transportation.
    • MCTS Reneged and HALT to Go Pass - 2019 BROKEN promise for seniors, disabled and low/no income.
    • Earmarks meant to "empower" low-income citizenry and census tracts of poverty.   
In 2005, Tom Barrett - mayor of Milwaukee and Milwaukee 7, co-led by Gale Klappa - We Energies, created a monopoly-oligopoly enterprise made up of Caucasians only that is a platform for mega dollar economic development using the largest urban city, its land mass, federal resources and its population. 

The city of Milwaukee comes with the largest population, huge "land-riched real estate", tax credits, development packaging, housing funding, tax increment financing, special EB-5 and foreign investments, Department of Labor support, HUD support, Department of Transortation, WHEDA and other financing on the backs of and federal empowerment resources earmarked for African American, other People of Color and the Work Challenged of the city of Milwaukee.  

African American, other People of Color and Work Challenged citizenry make up over 3/4 of the population of Milwaukee.

Milwaukee 7

Milwaukee 7 is made up of Caucasian leaders of 7 counties (Kenosha, Milwaukee, OzaukeeRacineWalworth, Washington, and Waukesha) in southeastern Wisconsin.

Milwaukee 7 was/is operated through Caucasian corporations led by Tim Sheehy, Executive Director, Milwaukee Metropolitan Association of Commerce and its staff.

Milwaukee 7 is made up of Caucasian leaders of the Greater Milwaukee Committee.

The GMC/Greater Milwaukee Committee made up of primarily Caucasians that were/are selected members of community organizations, philanthropic organizations, law firms, real estate barons, colleges, and universities, i.e., UW-M, Marquette, MSOE, Alverno and Cardinal Stritch. 

Milwaukee 7 formed an alliance that barred African-American, other People of Color and the Work Challenged from its decision-making, planning, and governance.  

Willie Hines, ex-Common Council President at Milwaukee 7 gathering 
Figurehead, Willie Hines (ex-Common Council President) became the poster card for African American involvement - ZERO, a sellout.

Social Controls and Enslavement
Part II - Enslavement through Social Controls and Oppression will address four documented processes called GIMS.   They are:
  • Gentrification 
  • Involuntary Servitude
  • Monopoly-Oligopoly
  • Subjugation
The above four enslavement tactics are Caucasian-based governed by Lutheran-Catholic-Jewish and James Company non-profits.

The take-over and control started downtown and it has creeped to Amani, WAICO/Y, Midtown, Sherman Park, Williamsburg Heights/United Community, and Harambee.  The census tracts neighborhoods  are in Districts 6 -- Milele Coggs - Alderwoman, District 7 - Khalif Rainey - Alderman, District 10 - Michael Murphy - Alderman, and District 15 - Russell Stamper - Alderman for starters. 
Click link below.

You can see the original Caucasian contributors, donations as high as $1 million by We Energies.

The legal formation of Monopoly-Oligopoly.

We the People must NEVER give up our legal-human-civil rights by failing to STAND UP with a STRAIGHT BACK and speak to power of all kind.   We must remember from WHENCE we come and the millions who have died, have suffered and died, for our marriage with FREEDOM.                    Mary Glass 6-22-17

Monday, June 19, 2017

NEW on-line Magazine ANNOUNCEMENT - JUNETEENTH MKE - The Emancipation Magazine


JUNE 19, 2017
JUNETEENTH MKE – The Emancipation Magazine
Historic timeline and a close look at ongoing methods of Enslavement in the Public Square in Milwaukee

City Hall Milwaukee | Neighborhood Town Hall Meetings | Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC is announcing a NEW, in-color, on-line and in-print JUNETEENTH MKE – The Emancipation Magazine.  A bi-monthly Introductory on-line version is released June 19, 2017.  On June 30, 2017, a SPECIAL EDITION will be released on-line and in print with advertisers and writers.

This innovative magazine design brings to Core Constituents of the city of Milwaukee timely state of the art information for guided leadership, stewardship, entrepreneurship, mentorship, partnership, citizenship and fellowship while identifying practices of involuntary servitude identified in routine ROBBING of the city coffers through practices of arbitrary and capricious executive and legislative charter officers tied to monopoly-oligopoly, subrogation, gentrification, conflict of interest and relentless discrimination.  CORRUPTION.  Yes.  Corruption

JUNETEENTH MKE – The Emancipation Magazine will highlight land-rich areas, neighborhood leadership, historic engagements of African American, other People of Color and the Work Challenged in the arts, quality of life and economic growth. 

It will highlight elected-appointed-hired-donor for hire government representatives at the head of injustices.  They include:

  • Tax credits
  • Tax Increment Districts
  • Community Development Block Grant
  • Money centers 
    • Redevelopment Authority
    • Milwaukee Economic Development Center
    • Wisconsin Center District
    • WHEDA
    • Small Business Administration
    • Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation
    • Legacy Redevelopment Corporation
    • IFF
    • Commercial Team and BID Districts (i.e., Districts 8, 10, 21, 32)
    • Northwest Side Development Corporation
    • LISC
    • Zilber Family Foundation
    • Milwaukee Foundation
    • Bader Philanthropies
    • Bradley Foundation
    • Pettit Foundation   
  • Monopoly-Oligopoly
    • Milwaukee 7
    • Greater Milwaukee Committee
    • Milwaukee Metropolitan Association of Commerce
    • St. Ann’s, Johnson Park
    • Bublr Bike
    • Water Council
    • UW-Milwaukee
    • Marquette University 
    • City f Milwaukee Department of Administration ECO and its Conflict of Interest with the Milwaukee Food Council for starters.
                                                     # # #

Sunday, June 18, 2017

FATHER DAY REMEMBRANCE - Father Philando Castile

Philando Castile - 32 years, died July 6, 2016
The officer that killed/murdered him was acquitted of Manslaughter - ALL counts.
Below, his mother, Valarie Castile speaks to the INJUSTICE.


This is why YOU must be REGISTERED correctly and READY to vote for a candidate you choose to examine profile, call for transparency and accountability of those in office (federal to local government representative).

To beam in on legislation that "disallow" the present murder format by officers - rogue or otherwise.  The prima facie point is Black Lives like all of the privilege matters.  

We, the People, must lawyer-up, tactical plan, write, encourage, persuade, become an elected officer - look at the 2018 positions on the down ballots and roll up your sleeve for putting the right laws on the books with enforcement.  

This includes contacting Tom Barrett, the mayor and Ashanti Hamilton, Common Council President for review/updated committees, bureaus, boards and authorities that are stagnant and clogged with career appointees that have not a clue and VOTING against you.

To just get angry and do not FRAME the results for better outcomes, we will continue to see the Ms. Valeries' grieve and most of all bury their/your sons - children.

To just get angry and FAIL to know who the members of your executive, legislative and judicial representatives are for starters is asking for even more insensitivity and instances that say "African American lives do not count".

To just get angry or NOT get angered due to NUMBNESS, you must come out of the stupor and chart your course for RUNNING FOR OFFICE and WINNING with outreach, organizing and clear due diligence.

SILENCE is Not an option because NO Black is Exempt.
Also, as Ms. Valerie said, it is her son today, but they are coming for you, especially the children of mixed races.

We have been warned.
What say you?

Tomorrow is JUNETEENTH.  We will announce our next ACTION STEP.  We hope you join us.



Happy Father's Day to Dads incarcerated

Happy Father's Day to Gay Dads


Remember Our Pot Lifers This Fathers Day!!!

This Father’s Day, please pause to reflect upon the fathers in prison or those who might be a father, if they were not in prison.  It’s time to bring our POWs home.  Life for pot is a disgrace upon the principles in which this country was founded.  We are supposed to be intelligent humanitarians. Let's encourage our leaders to act like it.                                   Can-Do Foundation

Thursday, June 15, 2017

SHOW 24 - Bria Smith, Ms. Juneteenth and Dr. William Rogers, Scholar

June 16, 2017

Show 24 Focus on the Historic Day of Juneteenth, Monday, June 19, 2017.  The most celebratory day for African American history.  It speaks to the freedom of African Americans - that were slaves.

This was the byproduct of the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation by Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the United States of America.

This was the byproduct of the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation by Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the United States of America.

BRIA SMITH - Ms. Juneteenth
Sixteen years old, a sophomore who attends Franklin High School. Bria's aspiration includes majoring in journalism, mass communication, and broadcast.  The daughter of Bennie Smith and Angela Smith, the owners of Daddy Soul Food Grille, a soul food restaurant in Milwaukee.

Juneteenth sponsor:  Northcott Neighborhood

Dr. William Rogers is an educator, historian and community servant.  He holds advanced degrees in theology and history.  He is a retired professor from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in the Dept. of Africology and Milwaukee Theological Institute.  He is also a frequent community lecturer and writer on the African American experience.  His research focus is on the black church and its role in family and community empowerment.  His approach is designed to explore ideas from the past which can be used as contemporary tools for rebuilding families and communities.  

His role as a community activist and leader has been extensive and varied.  He has served on governing boards for many educational, religious, and family development programs throughout America.  He is President Emeritus of the Wisconsin Black Historical Society and Museum and is chair emeritus of the Family House, Inc. of Milwaukee.

Ms. Juneteenth 2017 - BRIA SMITH
Scholar                      - Dr. William Rogers 

Public Policy w/Mary Glass & Company
WXRW LP Riverwest Talk Radio 104.1

Monday, June 12, 2017

Citizenship Clinic II - Opens Interest in Young Milwaukeeans - Gabriel DeVougas, Milwaukee County Election Commission

Right: Top-Down 
Mary Glass, Indivisible - Milwaukee (The Hub), Ventae Parrow, EX-PO
Gabriel DeVougas, Milwaukee County Election Commission & Khary Penebaker, WI DNC Officer

Richard Kauper, Lisa Jones, Ventae Parrow, Barbara Rasman, Marty Hagedorn, Christopher Richardson, Nathan Conner ad Elisio Borges
Front Row:  Mary Glass

 Panelist Gabriel DeVougasElection Support Specialist, Milwaukee County
Elisio Borges 

Panelist - May 30, 2017
 Dawn Powell - Dawn to Dusk Forever Community Garden
 Lisa Jones - UBLAC
Marty Hagedorn - North Division & Riverwest Radio
                Barbara Rasman

 In Session
Attorney Lynette McNeely
IN SESSION - Richard Kauper
L-R:  Attorney Lynette McNeely & Dawn Powell 

 L-R:  Marty Hagedron & Christopher Richardson
 Nat Conner
 Richard Kauper
Ventae Parrow, EXPO - Panelist, May 30, 2017 
NOT PICTURED - Kaven Cortez Jones
Citizenship is the focus of the seminars and workshops.

Citizenship is the status of a person recognized under the custom or law as being a legal member of a sovereign state or part of a nation. A person may have multiple citizenships and a person who does not have citizenship of any state is said to be stateless.

The state of being vested with the rights, privileges, and duties of citizen.

The Citizenship Clinics are sponsored by:
Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC
Invisible - Milwaukee (The Hub)

Panelists are asked to provide specific information relative to process and procedures of:
  • the Elections 
  • Running for Office

GABRIEL M DEVOUGAS serves as the Election Support Specialist for the Milwaukee County Election Commission. He is a Milwaukee native who attended both the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee; as well as Marquette University High School. He has worked in the field of government since 2004 with the City of Milwaukee and with Milwaukee County since April 2016. His goal has always been to provide continuity and clarity to the public through government programs. 

Ventae Parrow is the Leadership Recruiter and Trainer of Ex Prisoners Organizing.  He is an Associate student of Milwaukee Area Technical College.  Parrow is an advocate for social justice and the development of those reentering the public square.  His work includes planning seminars and workshops as well as participating as a panelist. 

Penebaker is an American businessman and entrepreneur in the roofing industry.
He is presently a candidate for Wisconsin Democratic National Committee Officer.
As a member of the Democratic Party, Penebaker ran for the United States House of Representatives in Wisconsin's 5th congressional district against incumbent Jim Sensenbrenner.
The district includes the entirety of Washington and Jefferson counties, and portions of WaukeshaDodgeMilwaukee, and Walworth counties.

Penebaker significant showing as a first-timer, lost to Sensenbrenner, but received 29.29% of the vote to Sensenbrenner's 66.7%, with 390,844 votes cast.

EX-PO - Ex-Prisoner Organizing
Milwaukee County Election Commission
Milwaukee Public Schools
The City of Milwaukee Election Commission
WI Democratic National Committee - Khary Penebaker
WI Democratic Party
WI Department of Instruction
WI Joint Finance 
WI Law Library
Wisconsin Election Commission

Clinic II - Gabriel DeVougas, Election Support Specialist
To see Mr. DeVougas Talking Points on Scribd.



Sunday, June 11, 2017

MARY GLASS respond to Urban Milwaukee Press Release by DEM Chair Martha Laning and Mayor Tom Barrett

Affordable Health Care Signing by President Barack Obama
L-R:  Tom Barrett, Mayor of Milwaukee and Martha Laning, WI DEM Chair


  1. MARY GLASS says:
  2. June 11, 2017 at 11:32 pm
  3. June 11, 2017
    Mayor Tom Barrett and Chair Martha Laning Slam Disastrous Trumpcare Bill, Call For Strengthening ACA
    “I’m surprised that the Vice President wants to come to Wisconsin to tout legislation that is designed to deny health care for 23 million Americans and give tax breaks to the wealthiest people in this nation,” said Mayor Tom Barrett. “It’s notable that he’s not appearing at a place where you’re going to find people between 50-60 who are going to be affected by this adverse – because those are the people that are really going to suffer from this action that is moving through Washington right now.” Tom Barrett, Mayor of Milwaukee
    “Kicking vulnerable people off of their health care insurance isn’t the Wisconsin way. These aren’t just numbers, these are real people and we need to prioritize taking care of our most vulnerable Wisconsinites.” Martha Laning, Chair, WI Democratic Party
    Chairwoman Martha Laning:

    As you move into your 2nd two-year tenure as the Chair of WI Democratic Party, it is important that the voters – potential voters, registered voters, active voters, those about to be purged due to non-voting since 2012 – voters of various parties, Democratic, Independent, Republican, Green, Federalists and other persuasions deserve leadership from you and all under the umbrella of the Democratic Party that makes them THINK.
    The People must see What’s in it for them – individually and as a whole.
    You and the DEM Team need a NEW game of engagement that arouses Solidarity and INCLUSION of the People of Wisconsin. Therefore, when you call out the outlandish behavior of Michael Richard Pence, Vice President of the USA, and any other Tumptarian, they are at least willing to listen and/or read what you say.
    We need to know and/or be reminded on a regular basis of the risk items of SABOTAGE by Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, Kevin McCarty, Orrin Hatch, Charles Ernest Grassley, Richard Burr, John McCain, Lindsey Graham and the gang of slicksters in Congress determined to destroy the benefits of healthcare just to Appeal President Obama’s Affordable Health Care plan. Orrin Hatch was very busy this past week trying to slip through the Finance Committee the wrong of the Republicans regarding the Affordable Health Care.

    He was busy this past week trying to make BOGUS changes to the Affordable Health Care plan while the camera was on the anticipation of the hearing of James Brien Comey, ex-FBI Director, and the shenanigans of Donald John Trump, President USA.
    Hatch was outed by Senator Claire Conner McCaskill (D) of Missouri.
    This is what the People need to be calling their due diligence advocacy and ATTACK.
    Ryan is at the top. What is your call to the People to ATTACK Ryan?
    Yes. ATTACK with communications of all kinds – calls, texts, emails, letters, postcards, more calls and more calls, group due diligence, followed by a visit to offices and town hall meetings. Where possible, visit those that impact Ryan in Janesville, Racine and the people who can vote his replacement.

    Reince Priebus is from Wisconsin. He is in the White House. What is your call to the People with specific ATTACK to save their health care?
    Priebus worked with Michael Best & Friedrich LLP. What are they doing to promote quality of life healthcare for Milwaukeeans? This is a law firm that has made its “bread and butter” with local government Milwaukee for decades. The connection, Milwaukeeans/taxpayers paid the tab. Again, call for ATTACK.
    Scott Walker, Governor of Wisconsin, is at the top of Wisconsin in a destructive posture. What is your call to the People to ATTACK Walker for NOW results with the laws of interference in Wisconsin, Wisconsin Insurance Commission and WI Aging Department?
    What announcements of TRUSTWORTHY persons with INNOVATIVE IDEAS are you following and grooming for all down-ballot positions – Governor down?

    Your first debuts should have solutions wrapped in solidarity – URBAN and RURAL.
    You and Tom Barrett missed the mark here.
    Barrett needs to FIRST get his house in order to foster TRUST.

    Back to the drawing board.