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Sunday, June 11, 2017

MARY GLASS respond to Urban Milwaukee Press Release by DEM Chair Martha Laning and Mayor Tom Barrett

Affordable Health Care Signing by President Barack Obama
L-R:  Tom Barrett, Mayor of Milwaukee and Martha Laning, WI DEM Chair


  1. MARY GLASS says:
  2. June 11, 2017 at 11:32 pm
  3. June 11, 2017
    Mayor Tom Barrett and Chair Martha Laning Slam Disastrous Trumpcare Bill, Call For Strengthening ACA
    “I’m surprised that the Vice President wants to come to Wisconsin to tout legislation that is designed to deny health care for 23 million Americans and give tax breaks to the wealthiest people in this nation,” said Mayor Tom Barrett. “It’s notable that he’s not appearing at a place where you’re going to find people between 50-60 who are going to be affected by this adverse – because those are the people that are really going to suffer from this action that is moving through Washington right now.” Tom Barrett, Mayor of Milwaukee
    “Kicking vulnerable people off of their health care insurance isn’t the Wisconsin way. These aren’t just numbers, these are real people and we need to prioritize taking care of our most vulnerable Wisconsinites.” Martha Laning, Chair, WI Democratic Party
    Chairwoman Martha Laning:

    As you move into your 2nd two-year tenure as the Chair of WI Democratic Party, it is important that the voters – potential voters, registered voters, active voters, those about to be purged due to non-voting since 2012 – voters of various parties, Democratic, Independent, Republican, Green, Federalists and other persuasions deserve leadership from you and all under the umbrella of the Democratic Party that makes them THINK.
    The People must see What’s in it for them – individually and as a whole.
    You and the DEM Team need a NEW game of engagement that arouses Solidarity and INCLUSION of the People of Wisconsin. Therefore, when you call out the outlandish behavior of Michael Richard Pence, Vice President of the USA, and any other Tumptarian, they are at least willing to listen and/or read what you say.
    We need to know and/or be reminded on a regular basis of the risk items of SABOTAGE by Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, Kevin McCarty, Orrin Hatch, Charles Ernest Grassley, Richard Burr, John McCain, Lindsey Graham and the gang of slicksters in Congress determined to destroy the benefits of healthcare just to Appeal President Obama’s Affordable Health Care plan. Orrin Hatch was very busy this past week trying to slip through the Finance Committee the wrong of the Republicans regarding the Affordable Health Care.

    He was busy this past week trying to make BOGUS changes to the Affordable Health Care plan while the camera was on the anticipation of the hearing of James Brien Comey, ex-FBI Director, and the shenanigans of Donald John Trump, President USA.
    Hatch was outed by Senator Claire Conner McCaskill (D) of Missouri.
    This is what the People need to be calling their due diligence advocacy and ATTACK.
    Ryan is at the top. What is your call to the People to ATTACK Ryan?
    Yes. ATTACK with communications of all kinds – calls, texts, emails, letters, postcards, more calls and more calls, group due diligence, followed by a visit to offices and town hall meetings. Where possible, visit those that impact Ryan in Janesville, Racine and the people who can vote his replacement.

    Reince Priebus is from Wisconsin. He is in the White House. What is your call to the People with specific ATTACK to save their health care?
    Priebus worked with Michael Best & Friedrich LLP. What are they doing to promote quality of life healthcare for Milwaukeeans? This is a law firm that has made its “bread and butter” with local government Milwaukee for decades. The connection, Milwaukeeans/taxpayers paid the tab. Again, call for ATTACK.
    Scott Walker, Governor of Wisconsin, is at the top of Wisconsin in a destructive posture. What is your call to the People to ATTACK Walker for NOW results with the laws of interference in Wisconsin, Wisconsin Insurance Commission and WI Aging Department?
    What announcements of TRUSTWORTHY persons with INNOVATIVE IDEAS are you following and grooming for all down-ballot positions – Governor down?

    Your first debuts should have solutions wrapped in solidarity – URBAN and RURAL.
    You and Tom Barrett missed the mark here.
    Barrett needs to FIRST get his house in order to foster TRUST.

    Back to the drawing board.

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