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Monday, June 26, 2017

RON JOHNSON - Senator from Wisconsin is a FRAUD, A CHARLATAN

Ron Johnson - WI Republican Senator 
Saying one thing, doing another to get moral points.  We see thru the con.
Ron Johnson, Republican Senator of Wisconsin, LESS THAN integrity, false rhetoric and disingenuous narrative to give unwise Wisconsinites, the public at-large, and Chuck Todd on Meet the Press he is in favor of discussions of the Affordable Healthcare to solve the issues with the backroom plan by Mitch McConnell and the 13 misfit group.  

That’s not what he has been saying.  
It is not what he said while running for office.  
His lines have been drawn on, REPEAL, REPEAL Obamacare.  Period.  

He has put himself on the "NOT YET LIST” to pass the Senate bill.  
It is a ploy.  

If Johnson was legitimate, his comments would say he’s not voting "yes" until there are full discussions and necessary changes on behalf of Wisconsinites and the people of America.  Not the bull that the Affordable Healthcare is falling under its weight.  It is weight with the heavy foot of the Republicans on the scale.

If he and his Republican cronies had joined the other U.S. Congress persons to correct the “risk corridor” in the insurance care and provided the Insurance companies with a path forward rather than no response, the Insurance companies, and premiums would have a path forward for serious agreements.  They are using the 2-year wait after the REPEAL to give the impression that things will not change.  

Not true.
They are lying about the pre-existing risk.  
They are lying about NOT increasing insurance cost.
The seniors in nursing homes will NOT have funding.  
Women will not have reliable prevention care. 
Over 23 million folks will fall through the cracks for needed healthcare.
The McConnel and gang of 13 plan have a cap on payments (the present Affordable Healthcare does not).  Each person will be given a certain amount, if you exceed the amount, too bad.  You are on your own.

He’s full of it.  Watch how fast he votes this week with all the others.
He’s a charlatan (a person or thing intended to deceive others, typically by unjustifiably claiming or being credited with accomplishments or qualities.).
If you believe the charlatan, go jump off the nearest bridge to never return.  Take Paul Ryan with you.

The “double talking” of Ron Johnson, represents the clueless senior senator that is a Republican from Wisconsin with the high-risk talking points. 

He likes to call on the fact he’s from Oshkosh, WI from the manufacturing industry as an accountant of compassion - with great concern of leaving something for our children’s future.  

Earth to clueless Ron Johnson, the children will most likely be healthcare dependent seeking high-cost emergency hospital care, drug-dependent without serious preventive healthcare AND dead, dead.

Stop the violence, Johnson!

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