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Sunday, June 4, 2017

3 Wisconsin Democratic Winners at the Democratic Convention Saturday, June 3, 2017

Today, June 4, 2017
MADISON, WI | June 3, 2017
It is late.

Congratulations to MARTHA LANING for her win today as Chair, WI Democratic Party.
Her WIN comes with many expectations based on a backdrop of divisiveness between urban and rural WI, "Lack of Inclusion" of African American and other People of Color and candidates winning up/down the state.

Kudos to ERIC FINCH for his hands-on campaign for the Chair position for WI Democratic Chair. I am sure if he was piling travel miles between Milwaukee and Madison, he would have enough for a short vacation back home to Washington for a few days.
We look forward to working with both Martha and Eric in the months to come to help ensure that Wisconsin has Inclusive leadership, increased technology attainment, and increased solidarity for the Ballot Box.
Mary Glass, Independent
June 4, 2017

Congratulations to Khary Penebaker for WI DNC Officer.
There are many coming forward to salute your success.  Be sure to call upon each of them to support your role and responsibilities.  To help with the "outreach and solidarity" job you have.

The real deal has begun.
You have said YES to a position that is begging overhaul and huge strategic engagement for SOLIDARITY of ALL - Wisconsinites and the national office of a Democratic persuasion.  To help both the state and national offices to BUILD TRUST, he has to hit the floor running to build his own TRUST.

Good Luck to all three.

Martha and Khary would be wise to weigh in on needed policies, Eric would be an excellent start.

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