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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Indymac Boys Get Sweetheart Deal
Sent in by: Pam - phfmke1

February 8, 2010

This is a timely video even though it is over a year old.

Take a look at how the money is disguised.
Then share this video for more informed learning about how our money is spent.

Thanks Pam.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Muhammad Yunus and 8 Million Women of India

8 Million Women and Mohammed Yunus, 2006 Noble Peace Prize Winner

Sent in by: phfmke1

Via Mathew Gersonon Feb 10, 2011
One man. 8 million women.

So my friend has been doing this really important project for the past four years on the inspiring work of Muhammad Yunus. Most people may know him from his Nobel Peace Prize in 2006 or for his best selling book “Banker To the Poor”.

I’ve watched as she toiled away on this complex topic trying to do justice to showing the details of this one man’s amazing body of work. She went there knowing only about his microcredit program, but was shocked when she’d get off the elevator on different floors in his building and see that he was up to SO MUCH MORE than just microcredit. As if helping 8 million women directly, was not a tall enough order…

For More, go to:

There is a film, Bonsai, to market the wonderful work of Muhammad Yunus dealing with overcoming poverty through microcredit - an opportunity for growth.

Thanks(PAM) phfmke1

Wednesday, February 23, 2011



Tell the DOJ: Stop Houston's brutal police culture

Newly released video footage reveals that four Houston police officers brutally beat a 15-year old burglary suspect, without cause, while at least eight other officers looked on and did nothing. And the officers are facing only misdemeanors.

Unfortunately, this is nothing new for Houston, which has a history of police misconduct and a lack of accountability. Please join us in demanding real accountability by calling on Attorney General Eric Holder to investigate Chad Holley’s brutal beating, and the culture that led to it.
For More

Join in the fight for justice
Color of Change.org

Chad Holley, a Houston teenager was brutally beaten by police in that city on March 3, 2010.

Recently more than 35,000 ColorOfChange.org members have spoken out, demanding real justice for the officers involved and a federal investigation of Houston Police Department. Can you help us get to 50,000 signatures?

You can add your voice by going to the link below. After you do, please pass this information along to your friends and family so that they can join our campaign as well.


Thanks and Peace,

-- James, Gabriel, William, Dani, Matt, Natasha, and the rest of the ColorOfChange.org team

Below is the brutal beating after running down the young 15 year old African American boy. This could be your child, brother, nephew, neighbor, significant other child, and on and on.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Pot & Kettle - Walker and Medical Staff

Pot and Kettle speaks out about blatant acts that “compromise” the clarity, acceptable right and wrong of an issue and sends the wrong message.

Scott Walker and Doctors for Revolt
Madison, WI - Scott Walker, Governor of Wisconsin, sets the stage with “divisiveness” by excluding the police and fire fighters union from his recent controversial "budget strategy". It is an age-old approach of divide-and-conquer. However, it is not the move of someone that expect to be seen as a "straight-shooter".

Medical physicians/staff faulted badly by “coming to the rally” in Madison and handing out "sick slips” for educators and/or public workers walking with picket signs, saying they were "stressful". This was not a smart move – It put those they were intending to assist and themselves at-odds with the Code of Ethics. Teachers teach our children values, critical thinking, reasonableness; and, what is right-and-wrong. – What message was sent in this instance?

Monday, February 21, 2011

Walker Stance and Revolt Show true UNEMPLOYMENT of People of Color in Wisconsin

Madison, WI - African Americans are glaringly missing in the protests in Madison at the State Capitol. Why?

It is part and parcel of why we continue to draw a straight line to the need for "inclusion" in the workforce hiring of under- and un-employed African American, other People of Color and the Work-Challenged - A need for Affirmative Rights - need for Accountability.

We have talent who should be hired as well as talent poised for upgrade; however, access is often denied. To be clear, "discrimination" is as widespread as it was in the '60's. It is seen in the "crony networks", "pool of like-us referrals" and let's categorize and stereotype that "we can not find any African Americans qualified" - yet we ask African Americans often to "train" Caucasians upon their hire and/or advancement (degreed or not) - but African Americans take less pay, less benefits, less departmental training, no benefits and first let-go/fired.

This pattern carries over into the economy - carry over to situation poverty-enduring poverty-perpetuating poverty to generational poverty. The growing deficit of the U.S. Treasury. The need for MORE Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare - Guaranteed Health Insurance - especially since our Constitution, Deleclaration of Independence says so.

ECP - Enduring Concentrated Poverty
This creates a stage in Enduring Concentrated Poverty/ECP thas is "Poverty Default": high risk decisions, crime, high cost of prison, broken families, younger school-to-prison pipeline, younger pregnancies, more stereotyping, hopelessness, dropouts, "missed training", gang-banging, more crime, use of drugs, selling of drugs, more incarceration, higher cost of prison/correction, and on and on.

Some would have you believe that the sea of Caucasians seen on CNN and other outlets are due to the smaller population of African American to Caucasian in Wisconsin. However, the labor pool that is represented in the Revolt are public and school employees - where you would find a higher or highest percentage of African American. When you talk to African Americans, they tell you they do not have ACCESS - last to know or they are never informed. When dealing with entrepreneurship for goods and services, they are repeatedly denied access even when there are "quote setasides - as in Milwaukee Emerging Business.

Therefore, MPA is calling for the City of Milwaukee not the southeastern region to be the epicenter for a Bottom-up Recovery for a NEW middle class through the ALL Hands on Deck, WE, Not Me Initiative-Plan-Program.

We have selected the three (3) public school venues as the target government and philanthrophic funded institutions for capacity-building of Milwaukeeans, especially, African American, other People of Color and the Work-Challenged - un-, under-employed, un-, under-skilled, disabled, retirees and re-entry - especially those stakeholders returning from incarceration, war and retirement. The groups traditionally, by design, are left-/shut-out.

UW-Milwaukee, The Urban University
To launch the three-tier link for empowerment, we have placed the leadership on UW-Milwaukee. Our highest public education institution. We have also focused on the credentials of the next UW-M Chancellor to include a proven level of interaction with African American, other People of Color and the Work-Challenged.

That he/she is a 21st Century innovator with Smart Growth values that will help grow the "hidden" talent and "hidden emerging markets" at the neighborhood level for the growth and sustainability of the 190 neighborhoods - 18 Neighborhood Strategic Planning areas, 44 business improvement districts in 15 aldermanic districts of the City of Milwaukee.

This is the trifecta and megabucks model for local, national and global competitiveness. Access is often the #1 barrier.

As for Governor Scott Walker, it is one thing to be elected, it is another to be a governor for ALL the people. It is also another thing to stay elected.

We are calling upon NEWLY APPOINTED Secretary of Commerce - WI Economic Development Corp Paul Jadin to lead the charge of 250,000 jobs in the largest city of the state, Milwaukee - the largest city with Enduring Concentrated Poverty but is a "hidden talent" palace.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

African American Warrior for Justice - Farmer John Boyd

John W. Boyd Jr., the steadfast leader of the National Black Farmers Association, was in high spirits last December. President Barack Obama had just signed a bill authorizing $1.25 billion to settle a long-standing discrimination case filed by thousands of black farmers against the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The feat was hailed as a landmark civil rights victory, and Boyd was relieved to finally see justice for his constituents. The Root, February 17, 2011

John Wesley Boyd, Jr. (born September 4, 1965) is a Virginia farmer, civil rights activist and the founder of the National Black Farmers Association (NBFA). He owns and operates a 300-acre (1.2 km2) farm where he grows soybean, corn and wheat and currently raises a hundred head of beef cattle. For 14 years Boyd was a chicken farmer in a Perdue Farms breeder program. He was also a tobacco farmer for many years.

Boyd is a fourth-generation farmer. He formed the National Black Farmers Association, a Virginia-based non-profit organization, in 1995. In 2000, Boyd was the Democratic nominee for election to Virginia's 5th congressional district running against independent incumbent Virgil Goode. Goode later became a Republican. Two months later, he now says that their last hope is in danger.

In his role with the National Black Farmers Association, Boyd has worked closely with national leaders in government, agriculture organizations and rural groups nationwide. Boyd was appointed by then-Virginia Governor-elect Tim Kaine to serve as co-chair of his Policy Committee on Agriculture and Forestry during the transition period.

In 2000, Boyd was appointed by President Bill Clinton to serve on his administration's tobacco commission. Prior to that, he was appointed by then-Virginia Governor Jim Gilmore to serve on the Virginia Tobacco Indemnification and Community Revitalization Commission. His term lasted from July 1, 1999 until June 30, 2001. Wikipedia

We at MPA salute Mr. Boyd and the thousands of African American Farmers he represents.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Milwaukeean Contacts U. S. Congressman Ryan

U.S. House of Representative Paul Ryan
1st Congressional District - Janesville, Wisconsin
U.S. House of Representative Budget Committee Chairman

HEALTH CARE Input for Consideration and State of the Union Response Critique

Our Country is in need of sound judgment based on facts, critical thinking, bi-partisanship, civility, TRUTH-TELLING, an appreciation of ALL citizens and their disparities - especially since African American, other People of Color and the Work-Challenged (un-, under-employed; un-, under-skilled; disabled, retiree and re-entry - those returning from incarceration, war and retirement) have been disenfranchised.
A very direct 11-pager to U.S. Congress Ryan from a 65-year old African American female neighborhood-level strategic planner and Channel Developer in Milwaukee, Wisconsin - Mary Glass.

Glass shared with Congressman Ryan her take on some of his sound bytes and his State of the Union Response.

To view, go to: http://mpapublicpolicyreview.ning.com/profiles/blogs/health-care-input-for-u-s

Monday, February 14, 2011

Don’t Let Congress Silence NPR and PBS


Can we count on you to help?

Join our Friends at Free Press and help us beat back these attacks by urging your representative to stand with the American people and protect public media. Sign the letter below to put Congress on notice: It can't play politics with one of the last, best sources of news and programming we have in America.

To see more and support, Go to:


Sunday, February 13, 2011

Langston - Negro Poet Laureate

Hold fast to dreams
For if dreams die
Life is a broken-winged bird
That cannot fly.
Hold fast to dreams
For when dreams go
Life is a barren field
Frozen with snow.

February 1, 1902 – May 22, 1967
- "Poet Laureate of the Negro Race"
If he was with us, he would be celebrating this month 99 years.

Read the BIO

Read more poems

Request "CODE OF CONDUCT" Enforcement - Elected/Appointed/Hired

A right delayed is a right denied.
Martin Luther King, Jr.

Milwaukee, WI – February 13, 2011, Milwaukee Professionals Association [MPA] is reporting more of the findings of a 5-year (2005-2010)investigation of organizations/agencies requesting-receiving and spending federal funding and other funds on behalf of Milwaukee, especially People of Color and the Work-Challenged.

They are first focusing on those with a legal connection at the state level for their awareness of the widespread de facto discrimination, segregation and refusals/delays/block to public information.

There are three (3) examples given on how the constituent, the taxpayer is disregarded.

No. 1 - Over the last five years, 2005-2010, the office of Mary Glass, Chair/CEO, conducted a Smart Growth 2010 investigation of public and private organization that requested, received and spent funds on behalf of Milwaukeeans, especially People of Color and the Work-Challenged.
The over-and-over behavior was:

• We do it this way.
• We do not care what you think.

• If we need your response, we will ask for it.
• We will ignore your request, even delay-stall-block public information.

• We will misrepresent the truth.
• We will even provide “No response – No timely response” even though you are seeking input on behalf of those this office serve.

No. 2 During the recent Milwaukee Mayoral Takeover attempt, Mary Glass engaged many attempts of contact for information sharing and non-support of the takeover.

This meant contacting both chambers at the State Capitol, elected officials of the Milwaukee area, elected officials of other areas and the State Education Committee.
The reaction was lackadaisical and selective behavior in the "Code of Conduct”.

Etiquette is not at the level it should be - lack of quick courtesy response, follow-up and/or professionalism of their office.

Lack of response is seen in the daily course of events in society and it follows, it is also seen in our justice system - including our courts.

The familar refrain was mainly “no” initial response. If so, it appears to be perfunctory or computer generated. When verification for specifics from our elected-appointed-hired government representatives - Too often the office did not know the answer, wanted to know why you wanted to know and a promise of getting back to you. Depending on the clarity requested, the range of response is: No Response – delayed unclear response. UNACCEPTABELE. It perpetuates waste, fraud, deficits, concentrated poverty and loss of human capital.

No. 3An example, was when two elected officials in the Shorewood area, State Senator and State Assemblywoman, to join us in a Saturday Talk Civil Discourse on Health Care and they did not think it worthy of their office to respond yea-nay - To provide a referral - To offer a “courtesy response”.

Not to mention, MPA Saturday Talk was being held at a site, in their district, where a NEW merchant, 6-months old, was contemplating closure due to the economy.
Here we had two (2) core issues, health care and a new business, that these two elected officials could have supported, extended a hand and their office did not embrace “best practices” that includes their Oath of Office. They both come from a health care background and their rhetoric say they promote local businesses.

This is not a case of them not knowing, I followed the email with calls for transmission and response.

There are no enforced policies. Therefore, a lack of disregard for the process of being “ethical” is much too remote.

The above mentioned behaviors were seen in our public schools (elementary-secondary-technical/ vocation and college/university), local-state-federal government (many-many-many departments), law enforcement, news outlets, lobbying bodies (commercial and unions) and many public/non-profit organizations.

MPA is requesting the Milwaukee Branch of the NAACP, President James Hall, his cabinet, executive board and all branch members to rise up with leadership that calls for due process - equality in our government and social services - the head representatives of WI Board of Accountability (appointed), WI Supreme Court - Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson (elected/Appointed) and Attorney General JB Van Hollen (elected) to join us in making our state No. 1 in how ELECTED-APPOINTED-HIRED representatives of the state government respect the wishes of its constituency. This is being mentioned at the state level but is a federal-state-local call.

MPA ask that these offices support the following:

That, Elected-Appointed-Hired government representatives take their job of privilege seriously.

That, Elected-Appointed-Hired government representatives that take an Oath remember that it means, "TRUST ME".

That, Elected-Appointed-Hired government representatives realize as a "public servant" they are holding up the Constitution and all the laws brought forth through time.

That, Elected-Appointed-Hired government representatives are only as good as the last moment of "BEST PRACTICE" service.

That, Elected-Appointed-Hired government representatives realize that they should be monitored-applauded-paid for appropriate services.

That, Elected-Appointed-Hired government representatives realize that they should be quickly disciplined for inappropriate behavior.

Accountability means, NO ONE is exempt.
“Accountability must be part of the spirit and letter of the law. Just as there is a disregard for the citizenry and their quality of life concerns, it carries over to other things such as: lobbying, discrimination, cronyism, campaign finances, greed, arrogance and willingly disregarding due process” said Mary Glass, Chair/CEO, MPA.

First posting: July 21, 2010

"Re-defining" and "Re-Branding" the City of Milwaukee to be the Economic "Service" ENGINE of Wisconsin for the 21st Century

Click photo for enlargement.

ALL HANDS on DECK, WE, Not Me Initiative-plan-project - 190 Neighborhoods; and, over a half-million Milwaukeeans, 605,000, "Re-defining" and "Re-branding" the City of Milwaukee for true ECONOMIC ENGINE definition.

Milwaukee, WI - On July 12, 2010, Milwaukee Professionals Association (MPA) released the “Re-defining” and “Re-Branding”, ALL HANDS on DECK, WE, Not Me Initiative-plan-project. On February 10, 2011, a third component was added in the theme: "Un-trapping".

"Un-trapping" also refers to the NEW way of conducting business - creating an infrastructural change in the City of Milwaukee at the neighborhood level.

The Initiative-Plan-Program seek to untrap emerging businesses and hidden talent at the neighborhood-level of Milwaukee, especially for African American, other People of Color and the Work-Challenged (un-, under-employed; un-, under-skilled; and, re-entry - those returning from incarceration, war and deposed retirement. This includes those individuals that are disabled).

It is the people “Patchwork” that will guide the re-defining, re-branding and un-trapping that will create the BOTTOM-UP Recovery Plan of a NEW Middle Class.

It introduces to-date parts of the 10-year plan (2010-2020) scope in a PATCHWORK.

Today’s blog spotlight is on its people – Its prize.

The patchwork labeling starts off with but not limited to:

CHAUTAUQUAS - American Indian culture
DRAGON ROARS - Asian culture
FIESTAS - Latino culture
HAY FESTIVALS - European culture
MELA FAIRS - India and Muslim cultures
PAN-AFRICAN FESTIVALS - African American-Caribbean-South America-Africa cultures.

It represents ALL HANDS on DECK, WE, Not Me 190 Neighborhoods in COLLAGE.
It is these Milwaukeeans that will put on the map what the "service industry" has to offer from BOTTOM-UP.

More to come . . .

Saturday, February 12, 2011

MPA Calls for Philantrophic Stewardship

Milwaukee, WI - February 12, 2011, Mary Glass, Chair/CEO, Milwaukee Professionals Associations takes ALL HANDS on DECK, WE, Not Me Initiative-Plan-Program to another level of engagement.

"We seek partners, collaborators, innovators - young and older that see the need for EVERYONE doing his/her part to see that our city, Milwaukee, is a leader in a BOTTOM-UP Recovery program that promotes a NEW Middle Class through neighborhood-level emerging markets and "hidden talent". "We have rolled up our sleeves and inviting all to come." "Our next outreach is to the Philanthrophic citizenry," said Mary Glass.

Providing information to those who assist with resources is a MUST in the enforcement of "best practices". It first of all, sets the stage with what is expected and provide roles and responsibilities in the giving and receiving of funds, fellowships, products and services.

It is important to note that just as "giving" is a positive, it can also be a negative. especialy if the end-user do not receive resources intended, if it become a racket; and, if the end-users know but feel powerless to do anything about it.

How so? It is a positive for obvious reasons but, if there are little to NO guidelines, too often we see the net value is very little and the return is constant from the organization with boilerplate proposals, once the first investment is given. Too often, sophisticated operations are put in place - seasoned grant writer (s), well-connected board with one or two people running it - excluding end-user representation and participation from the creation, monitoring and evaluation process (before, during and after funding).

We must maximize the dollars, volunteerism and the other valuable resources. We must also demand the best from all that say they want to be part of the solution, no exception.

Lastly, we see that so much is lost through lack of accountability, quality control, higher standards that are enforced and assuming that because it goes to an institution, a well-known social organization, a national/international well-known organization and there are well-connected names on the board. We find much too often the board members are not orientated on the goals and objectives of the group, OR some are and most are not. The board members are assigned to committees but the same applies, one or two run the committee, and on and on.

We ask that the foundations and donors do the following:

1. Direct funding evaluation at the target level - neighborhood stakeholders, i.e., block clubs, neighborhood association and/or strategic planning groups that are made-up of residential stakeholders.

2. Require an outside monitoring body of neighborhood stakeholders to help ensure that the funds are delivered and members of the neighborhood are at the table - this will require training and commitment of time by stakeholders. The outside monitoring body should be no less than 10 people without a connection to the organization. They should include high school juniors and seniors, young adults, parents, college students, re-entry citizens - those from incarceration, war and retirement. They should receive travel expense a meeting stiphen and be required to provide a group report to the philanthrophic foundation.

3. The recipients of the funds should provide forums to discuss progress, changes and recruit members from the neighborhood for information sharing. It is part of the neighborhood organizing that is needed for overall self-sustainability.

4. Hirees of the grants should come from the talent pool of the neighborhood.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

ALL HANDS ON DECK - Private and Government Funding Sources

Milwaukee, WI - The office of Mary Glass, Chair/CEO, Milwaukee Professionals Association has launched the 2011 Stewardship Outreach to federal government and private foundations to join in the ALL HANDS on DECK, WE, Not Me Initiative-Plan-Program. The ten-year initiative is designed to support the Call to Service by President Obama for a Bottom-up Recovery program. It is to ensure that the neighborhood-level stakeholders become the leaders in "EMERGING MARKETS". They include:

- talent pool for diplomas, degrees (2-, 4-year and beyond) and certification (education and technology attainment - access and literacy).

- hidden talent, African Amerian, other People of Color and Work-Challenged population (un-, under-employed, un-, under-skilled and reentry - those returning from incarceration, the wars and deposed retirement)

- DIAMONDS in the Rough hidden talent, neighborhood-level businessess in Milwaukee, especially African American, other People of Color and the Work-Challenged entrepreneurs.

Philantrophy News Digest
Beside blogs on MPA websites, Glass post as often as possible on:
Philanthropy News Digest.

To see four of the recent postings, go to:
February 11, 2011 (update)
Urban Institute Launches $6 Million Project to Assist Low-Income Communities

February 11, 2011 (update)

Kaiser Permanente Awards $54 Million in Fourth-Quarter Grants

January 28, 2011 (update)
Nellie Mae Education Foundation Report
Community Organizing Essential to Long-Term Education Reform, Report Finds

January 21, 2011
GE Foundation
Milwaukee Public Schools Receives $20 Million From GE Foundation

"It is imperative that funding sources - federal government and foundations, maximize the dollars their dollars being sent to address disparities, education, merging markets, research, health care, business development and the like." "we feel that these donors must help ensure best practices through transparency, customer care, TRUTH-TELLING, open and informed communication, accountability and outcomes with neighborhood participation before, during and after the funds are spent - community organizing", said Mary Glass.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Africa - King Mubarak and Son

Egypt is the the second most populous contry in Africa.

Gamal Mubarak (L), son of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak (R), posing at the AFP photo studio on Jan. 26, 2008 during the World Economic Forum in Davos.

Egyptian Vice President Omar Suleiman said on Feb. 3, 2011 that neither President Hosni Mubarak nor his son Gamal, who was widely seen as a possible successor, will run in September presidential elections, state media reported. (Cris Bouroncle/Getty Images)

Last week the uprising of the people called for King Hosni Mubarak to step down and leave office. There were clashes, people were hurt and some were killed.

The Egyptians became fedup with his dictatorial leadership. Likewise, they do not want his son, Gamal Mubarak.

Visit link below for Map of Africa.

More up-to-minute news on Egypt, go to:

Ingrid Srinath of CIVICUS

CIVICUS - World Alliance for Citizen Participation

CIVICUS: World Alliance for Citizen Participation is an international alliance of members and partners which constitute an influential network of organisations at the local, national, regional and international levels, and span the spectrum of civil society including: civil society networks and organisations; trade unions; faith-based networks; professional associations; NGO capacity development organisations; philanthropic foundations and other funding bodies; businesses; and social responsibility programmes. CIVICUS has worked for over a decade to strengthen citizen action and civil society throughout the world, especially in areas where participatory democracy and citizens' freedom of association are threatened. CIVICUS has a vision of a global community of active, engaged citizens committed to the creation of a more just and equitable world.

Take a listen. This is an introduction of what CIVICUS is about in services and networking of Citizen Participation.


Sponsored by the Mott Foundation, Flint, MI.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Harry Belafonte - Sing Your Song

Mr. Harry Belafonte at Sundance - 2011 Sundance Film Festival

Hitfix Interview: Harry Belafonte and his harsh words for Barack ObamaBy Melinda Newman

PARK CITY, Utah- One of the most stirring documentaries making the rounds at the Sundance Film Festival this year is “Sing Your Song,” a film about the life of Harry Belafonte. While the movie traces his musical career, its focus is his life-long role as a civil rights leader and humanitarian and as someone who has never feared speaking truth to power. It shows him walking side-by-side with Martin Luther King Jr., gently chiding the Kennedys for dragging their feet in supporting civil rights, rebuking Bill Clinton for his actions in Haiti, and celebrating Nelson Mandela’s release from prison.

His actions have come at a cost: the FBI spied on him relentlessly and ultimately broke up his first marriage. He’s been chased by the Ku Klux Klan and threatened many times.

We got a chance to talk with Belafonte at Sundance in one of the few interviews he conducted. We also spoke with his daughter, Gina, who co-produced “Sing Your Song,” and the film’s director, Susanne Rostock. They said they are fielding many offers for the picture and they’d like for it to have a theatrical as well as television run, but ultimately, their goal is to have the movie used as a teaching tool in schools about the Civil Rights movement and power of the individual to make a difference. As Gina Belafonte says, “We want it to be everywhere.”

For the Q & A of Melinda's article, go to:

Visit the link below and hear an exert of Belafonte about the why he did the documentary and why he was at the Sundace Event this year.

The Civil Rights Act of 1964

The Civil Rights Act of 1964 (Pub.L. 88-352, 78 Stat. 241, enacted July 2, 1964) was a landmark piece of legislation in the United States that outlawed major forms of discrimination against blacks and women, including racial segregation. It ended unequal application of voter registration requirements and racial segregation in schools, at the workplace and by facilities that served the general public ("public accommodations").

H.R. 7152
July 2, 1064
United States of America

To view the law, go to:

visit "FOR VIEWING" to the left.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

A Re-Evaluation of the Prison System – Bottom Up and Top Down

With a Managed-Care and Maximizing Cost Agenda

As we look at ALL HANDS on DECK, WE, Not Me Initiative-Plan-Project, it is imperative that the prison system, law enforcement and justice system are thoroughly evaluated for managed care that include: cost-savings relative to rehabilitation, crime prevention, crime intervention, family restoration, guidance for human talent, re-entry, best practices, transparency and debt management accountability.

The reasons are:

- The budget of a prison is “the highest” or one of the “highest” line items in a state budget, especially large urban areas – especially large urban areas whose demographics include significant populations of African American, other People of Color and the Work-Poor; i.e., Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
In the state of Wisconsin, the prison population went through the roof and offenders were sent to Tennessee, Texas and Minnesota. Corrections and Crime In Wisconsin, a report, http://www.familyimpactseminars.org/s_wifis19c01.pd.f

- In 1997 and 1999, Truth and Sentencing, a broad sweep of laws came down that did not include ALL in the strategic planning, especially those who are presently in bulk numbers – African American and Latino. Additionally, the high penetration of drugs and no laws of reasonableness further exacerbated the number of those individuals “trapped” with sentencing that by no means fit the crime or was par with “white-color” crime – marijuana vs cocaine. In fact, white collar crime was not given the sentencing as the crimes dealing with possession of marijuana.
The Truth and Sentencing law failed the test of “reasonableness, long-term managed care and re-entry into society”; therefore, our then unkempt prison system was forced further into being a high cost and abusive dysfunctional system with obese budgets for creation and managing.

In some states, 3-strikes you out was the overlay – Wisconsin is one – the law was enacted in 1994. The one-size fit all is arguably a violation of the 8th Amendment – cruel and unusual punishment – i.e., the third offense was stealing a tire or slice of pizza.

- Private companies, I.E., WACKENHUT, were allowed to lobby and receive mega dollars for building industrial prison complexes. They took the cash and ran. The citizenry were left with further dysfunctional results – including lack of revenue to pay for the ever-increasing costs. The marriage of drugs , poverty, lack of access to employment and quality of life opportunities; and, unjust laws, guaranteed high and disproportionate numbers of African American, other People of Color and the Working-Poor (un-, under-skilled, temporary and over-handy worked and exploited).

- For managed care -- suitable arrangements that take into account the reason for incarceration, an assessment for release/re-entry to society and cost-savings while incarcerated.

- Contamination and escalation of behavior – cohabitation, AIDS, pre- and post natal care, mental illness, alcohol and drug abuse, gang environment, other chronic illnesses that affect managed care and re-entry to society.

- Laws vs punishment -- given the unfair ways our law enforcement and justice system has/is treating African American, other People of Color and the Poor; 6-month and annual reviews for updates and cost-savings.

- Review of probation and parole for “quality control” and excellence in management; laws should be revisited for "reasonableness", "current value", “updated training of staff” and effectiveness.

- Punishment should be explored that is in connection with employment during the stay for re-imbursement of victim (s) as well as education attainment for re-entry.

- Our higher public education systems (colleges and universities) and private prison owners should work with government and those dedicated to social justice to help evaluate, humanize and streamline the prison system so that it meets today’s mission of "rehabilitation as well as time-served" - this would include an evaluation of the "life" and "death row" offenders and prisons.

- Re-evaluation of laws and processes, especially since more and more individuals, especially African Americans and others are being found INNOCENT due to DNA technology as well as sloppy investigations, untrained law enforcers, trumped-up causes, racism and lack of legal representation after decades in prison – some even believe to have been “executed” for crimes THEY DID NOT commit.

2010 World Mayors - Latin America, North America & Europe

2010 World Mayors are from Latin America, North America and Europe. They are:

- Marcelo Ebrard, Mayor of Mexico City - Winner

- Mick Cornett, Mayor of Oklahoma City, US
1st Runner-up

- Domenico Lucano, Mayor of Riace, Italy - 2nd Runner-up

The organisers of the World Mayor Project selected city leaders who excel in qualities like: leadership and vision, management abilities and integrity, social and economic awareness, ability to provide security and to protect the environment as well as the will and ability to foster good relations between communities from different cultural, racial and social backgrounds. Winners receive the World Mayor Prize, while the first and second runners-up receive the World Mayor Commendation.

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Note: Newark, New Jersey US Mayor Cory Booker was #7.

Giving to Colleges, Universities Regains 2006 Level, Survey Finds

"We're still not out of the woods," said Ann E. Kaplan, director of the VSE survey. "Charitable contributions to education are recovering very slowly. Still, historical patters show that the pace of recovery in charitable giving usually reflects overall economic recovery. As long as the economy continues to improve, we can expect further improvement in giving, even if incremental at first."

As an advocate for the pursuit of Education, especially growing excellence in public education, it is clear to me that a glaring opportunity is out in the domain for those higher learning sites that take an interest in “investing” in the growth of the rural and urban neighborhoods across this land.

The growing separation by greed, wealth, class and race has America over the cliff. The plowing back of knowledge to help make ALL our people, all our families, work together in meeting the challenges that our country is facing is the best way to increase contributions.

Assisting the neighborhood-level businesses and residential base grow in state-of-the-art knowledge should be part of the core values. It allows so many byproducts to escape that pollinate the environments in higher learning training and research – it justifies the “giving”.

The three-yearly OECD Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) report, which compares the knowledge and skills of 15-year-olds in 70 countries around the world, ranked the United States 14th out of 34 OECD countries for reading skills, 17th for science and a below-average 25th for mathematics. The Huffington Post – 12-10.

Since the wellness of a nation is often judged by the barometer of excellence of coming generations along with present accomplishments, our higher education sites in the U.S.A have to re-boot and focus on how they meet the challenges in the plunging economy with access to education and technology attainment of the citizenry – especially African American, other People of Color and the Work-challenged (un-, under-employed and re-entry – especially those going to, in and returning from incarceration). For these are the populations, in critical mass, that have been deliberately left out of the American dream. More importantly, they are a hidden “talent pool” – a missing link.

My congrats to Stanford (1), Harvard (2) and Johns Hopkins(3) for leading the charge in raising capital contributions. They are also in rank order, Stanford (4), Harvard (1) and Johns Hopkins (13) in the 2010 World University Ranking. My question is: Are they on par with refueling our “concentrated poverty” urban and rural areas with early childhood, youth, young adult, working adults and senior life-long learning for long-term sustainability and cost-cutting of our debt. For balance, everyone will not be or should be the scientists, doctors, engineers, economists and mathematicians. However, all of America’s citizens should have access and literacy to broaden the possibility for “global competitiveness”.
In fact, I feel that the “citation impact” for colleges and universities should first and foremost grow the People around them while they seek solutions in other areas. And, their“academic publishing” for notoriety reflects éclat at the neighborhood-level.

Lastly, right now, with the recent Startup America Partnerships, ARRA-American Recovery Reinvestment Act and other connected funding; not to mention that universities should partner to maximize the common pot of funding, the interest at the federal government level is at an all-time high. However, I encourage everyone who steps up to the pot maximize their funds by connecting with neighborhood-organizing and the BOTTOM-UP Recovery. Keep in mind that the charitable gain is based on the “sum gain” (USA) with ALL Hands on Deck, WE, Not Me thinking.

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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

White House Announces Startup America Partnership

Carl Schramm, left, president and CEO of the Kauffman Foundation, is introduced by Steve Case, chairman of the Case Foundation, at the launch of a national campaign called Startup America.

"America's story has been forged in large part by entrepreneurs who have, against great odds, created innovative products and services that have changed the world — and created millions of jobs," said Steve Case. "Our nation once again looks to these creative risk-takers to unleash the next wave of American innovation, and I am pleased that President Obama has made supporting and celebrating entrepreneurs a major priority of his economic strategy. I am honored to chair the Startup America Partnership, and look forward to working with the White House to champion the creation of new start-ups, and help accelerate the growth of speed-ups."

Chairman Steve Case, AOL, and founding member Carl Schramm, CEO, Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation seem to have hit-the-floor running, that’s admirable.

Where I would like to immediately weigh-in is to provide heavy recommendations that start with the entire Alliance being familiarized extensively with the crises at the neighborhood-level of rural and urban areas being stifled and crushed by Concentrated Poverty. More importantly, how they can “welcome” the hidden talent, DIAMONDS in the Rough, at the neighborhood-level that are deprived of start-up and R & D capital scaffolding which allows necessary tooling of resources that promotes capacity-building, re-cycling, environmental changes with self-neighborhood sustainability. This means that the Startup America Partnership must conduct due diligence in understanding these stakeholders and how best to tap into this hidden talent.

Chairman Case and his Alliance members should go in with the mindset that the funding brings a NEW paradigm for changes that are:
• Infrastructural (acquisition of funds directly to entrepreneur, no local government distribution agent – distribution partnership with selected neighborhood agent that is selected by and accountable to the people at the neighborhood level).

• Building TRUST through Respect (neighborhood strategic planning, buy-in, decision making and participation of recipients).

• Open to NEW thresholds that cut through bureaucracy and promote quick access to funds, start-ups and neighborhood-level businesses drown due to slow/no “capital flow”.

• Inclusive of Coaches-Trainers-Mentors-Sponsors, but decision making by the entrepreneurs.

• Linked to government funded schools for 2-, 4-year, graduate and certificated attainment.

• Technology-based for local to global growth.

• Linked to public school highest education for community-assisted projects for interns and graduates development.

• Vetted through best practices, transparency, customer care, and accountability (PRE-, INTERIM and POST-EVALUATIONS by selected neighborhood agent).

This is where the “critical mass” of wealth-building and innovation for this country lies. It is the BOTTOM-UP economy. These different stick-to-it, some family-oriented, cultural-sensitive, citizenship focused, incubator and home-grown entrepreneurs are waiting to partner, waiting to engage in neighborhood organizing for buy-in and massive growth. They are waiting to develop their idea – They may be skeptical but given a chance, they will hit triples and want look back. It is at the neighborhood-level that the most mileage can be made for the $millions being offered.

These are the folk that have been left behind. These are the folk between ground level and 30,000 ft up. These are the next Middle Class if cultivated. They are the glue to President Obama’s Call to Service, Start-up America Partnership and the national challenge for education and technology attainment. Did I say these are African Americans, other People of Color and the Work-Challenged (un-, under-employed and re-entry employees, especially those returning from incarceration)? Did I say they are primarily for-profit businesses. Did I say that laws need to be created, updated, monitored, transparent and accountable?

Allow the learning curve for both the Alliance as well as those they serve.
Good Luck.

These are Mary Glass comments to today's, February 1, 2011, PHILANTHROPY NEWS DIGEST.

To see article and comments, go to: http://foundationcenter.org/pnd/news/story.jhtml?id=324700007