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Sunday, November 19, 2017

The name Greater Milwaukee is MISLEADING and contribute to ROT


NOVEMBER 19, 2017
CITY-WIDE MILWAUKEE || Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC continues to expose the reasons why CORE CONSTITUENTS (pop. 595,047) - residential and commercial stakeholders - that live, work, grow their families, pay taxes, attend school and invest in entrepreneurship but remain in Enduring Concentrated Poverty.

Core Constituents are citizens of the City of Milwaukee.
City of Milwaukee is not to be confused with the term "Greater Milwaukee".

Greater Milwaukee is a term created by Caucasians - primarily members of:
  • Milwaukee 7
  • Milwaukee Metropolitan Association of Commerce
  • Greater Milwaukee Committee.
Cronies of the above three organizations are:

  • Northwestern Mutual Foundation
  • Milwaukee Bucks Foundation
  • Greater Milwaukee Foundation
  • Zilber Foundation
  • Bader Foundation 
These are members of Caucasian corporations and organizations who live primarily outside of Milwaukee but have a monopoly-oligopoly stronghold over decision making and revenue spending.

Malware is hostile and intrusive software that slows down, creates malfunction and can/will damage the item possessed.  Likewise, Malware in government is a misuse of power.  Its composite damage is the disenfranchisement - lack of economic development and quality of life issues for Milwaukeeans, the CORE CONSTITUENTS.  

For our purpose in this article, "MALWARE" refers to hostile and discriminatory efforts that are inserted in strategic planning, resolutions of public policies, acquisition, and long-term distribution of government resources.


Come Back, Barack - SNL

SHOW 46 - Reid Magney, WI Elections Commission & Open MIKE/Thanksgiving

November 19, 2017
CITY-WIDE MILWAUKEE || SHOW 46 - Reid Magney, WI Elections Commission & Open MIKE/Thanksgiving
                          REID MAGNEYCitizen Update
Reid Magney is the Public Information Officer – Wisconsin Elections Commission.

He is back again to keep us INFORMED and UPDATED of our rules and regulations that govern our "election processes". 
Today our discussion will share information about:
  •     Running for a State Office
  •     Voter Guide
o   Ex-Felon and Incarceration
o   Certificate of Naturalization
o   Elderly & Disabilities
o   Acceptable Photo IDs

                             Resident Team in Studio B
L-R:  RICKEY POTTS - Chair, BID 39, DR. RICHARD KAUPER - Amazing Architecture & ZUSIA ROSENTHAL - Intern Sound Engineer


Monday, November 13, 2017

TINN - TEAM Internet-Net Neutrality & SMART CONVERSATION

November 13, 2017


 newest method of Engagement for 
         Milwaukeeans at the CENSUS TRACT 
                 that lives within the 98.63 square miles of Milwaukee. 

Working, concerned and taxpaying Milwaukeeans from neighborhoods are asked to come together in Solidarity to set priorities that will “shift gears” for their well-being.

SMART Conversations hosted by Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC are being held at city libraries – government digital anchors in the neighborhood of Milwaukee.

It is an opportunity for your fingerprint/say-so and BUY-IN on enhancements for your standard of living in Milwaukee and to remove Enduring Concentrated Poverty rot.

I am honored to lead the charge for TINN – Team Internet-Net Neutrality Initiative.  I am proud to offer TINN to Milwaukeeans as an urban model for access to Broadband Internet.

Dates to Remember
August 24, 2017      - TINN was launched in Milwaukee.
October 14, 2017    - Martin Luther King Library, 310 W. Locust, selected as 1st SMART Building in TINN.
October 17, 2017    - SMART Conversation/Buildings/City was
November 1, 2017  - Merger of SOLIDARITY-SANCTUARY-
                                    INTERSECTIONALITY & TINN 
November 3, 2017  - Apple launched SMART iPhone 10.

November 3, 2017  - JAMES CARLINI Cybersecurity Discussion - Public Policy w/Mary Glass & Company, Riverwest Radio 104.1.
November 10, 2017 - Scott Walker, WI Governor and Terry Gou,
                                    Foxconn Technology Group signed a $3
                                    Billion high tech factory deal in Mount
                                    Pleasant/Racine, Wisconsin.

                                    Foxconn Technology Group makes iPhone

L-R:  Terry Gou & Scott Walker
I WELCOME you to the table of Stewardship, Leadership, Information sharing, and decision making.  Did you know that your tax dollars will go towards the $3 Billion deal for the next 15 years?   Are you prepared as an entrepreneur and/or employee?  Do you have 365/24/7 access to Broadband Internet?  Do you have any idea of what you are missing out on?

Broadband Internet – Net Neutrality are the catalysts for our outreach to you and YOUR success in navigating opportunities.

For the next 10 months, Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC will guide process and procedure for training, marketing, research, collection of data, coordinating task forces, creating budgets, timelines, and solidify neighborhood input to put in place for the target audience of Milwaukee, a network for TINN Broadband Connectivity.

Our next SMART Conversation is Tuesday, November 14, 2017, Mitchell Street Library, 906 W. Mitchell, 1:30 – 3:00pm.  JOIN US!

Speaker: Sam McGovern-Rowen
Milwaukee Public Library Project Manager

  • MPL Library Development
  • MPL Digital Access

Mary Glass - Chief Visionary Officer

Sunday, November 12, 2017


Sunday, November 12, 2017

CITY-WIDE MILWAUKEE | Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC TINN Initiative for Broadband for the UNDERSERVED is a "pivot" into the 21st Century.

TINN - Team Internet-Net Neutrality Initiative is a Call to Action Urban Broadband pilot for Milwaukeeans that live within the 98.63 square miles of Milwaukee.  The pilot Broadband connectivity Infrastructure takes advantage of the Federal Communication Commission Lifeline Broadband benefits and Wisconsin Public Service Commission Universal benefits for connectivity to fast internet services that are dependable and affordable.  It is the brainchild of Mary Glass, Chief Visionary Officer, Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC.

The Milwaukee pilot MODEL consists of the involvement of the 15 districts of the city of Milwaukee; therefore, most of the 1-year study led by MPA LLC is in SMART Conversation Clinics for citizen participation and Informed Decision-Making.  

Below is the SMART Conversation calendar for November.
The NEXT meeting is TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 14, 2017.

                             WALKER'S POINT
                           MITCHELL LIBRARY
                                  906 W. Mitchell

            Speaker:  Sam McGovern-Rowen, Project Director
                              Milwaukee Public Library

This is your opportuity to weigh in on BROADBAND access in Milwaukee.


Below is the SMART Conversation calendar for November.
The NEXT meeting is TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 14, 2017.

                             WALKER'S POINT
                           MITCHELL LIBRARY
                                  906 W. Mitchell

            Speaker:  Sam McGovern-Rowen, Project Director
                              Milwaukee Public Library

Net Neutrality - Broadband for All

 Top/Down:  Commissioner Ajit Pai - President, Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel,
Left/Right:  Commissioner Mignon Clyburn, Commissioner Michael O'Reilly, Commissioner Brendan Carr
November 12, 2017
MILWAUKEE || Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC support for Net Neutrality goes back to early 2000.  Mary Glass, Chair/CEO/CVO, an IT activist for urban Milwaukee, followed closely the works of the FCC/Federal Communication Commission through the works of Free Press - specifically the leadership of Milwaukeean Michael Copps.  Copps was with the FCC for 10 years (2001-2011).  He is now working with Common Cause in Washington, DC.

The FCC Commission is back to full-body now that nominees Jessica Rosenworcel (Democrat) and Brenden Carr (Republican) were confirmed by a voice vote of the Senate Commerce, Science, and Transportation Committee a voice vote of confirmation.  Ajit Pai, Chairman (Republican) was appointed in January 2017, by Donald Trump was reconfirmed on October 2, 2017, by the Senate.

SMART Conversations Infrastructure centers around the engagement of the FCC/Federal Communication Commission and the Lifeline support for Broadband services to the UNDERSERVED.  Given the stark comments by Ajit Pai, Chairman of the FCC, we must make sure that our policy arm is firmer and in focused as a laser to the office of the FULL Commission for REJECTION of changes to NET NEUTRALITY. 

Below are reasons for great concern and "action-oriented" response by Milwaukeeans.

 "I am deeply grateful to the US Senate for confirming my nomination to serve a second term at the FCC and to President Trump for submitting that nomination to the Senate," Pai said after today's vote. "Since January, the commission has focused on bridging the digital divide, promoting innovation, protecting consumers and public safety, and making the FCC more open and transparent. With today's vote, I look forward to continuing to work with my colleagues to advance these critical priorities in the time to come.

Pai “chooses corporate interests over consumers”

Nelson blasted Pai for making it harder for low-income Americans to buy subsidized broadband with changes to the Lifeline program; for limiting the amount of information broadband subscribers receive about fees and data caps; for supporting the rollback of consumer broadband privacy protections, and for several other policies.
Pai has "acted as if the way to improve broadband in rural America is to lower standards and saddle our most remote communities with slower speed and worse service," Nelson said. With his proposal to eliminate net neutrality rules, Pai wants to revoke "essential consumer protections on the Internet," he said.
"At every turn, Chairman Pai chooses corporate interests over consumers," Sen. Ed Markey (D-Mass.) said, according to Broadcasting & Cable. Under Pai, the FCC stands for "Forgetting Consumers and Competition," Markey said.
Pai "has demonstrated a disdain to these important public interest principles that he's supposed to be upholding," Sen. Maria Cantwell (D-Wash.) said.
Cantwell and others made Pai's stance against net neutrality rules a key part of their arguments. The rules prevent ISPs from blocking or throttling lawful Internet content and prohibit providers from charging websites or other online services for "prioritization."
Pai is "planning to blow up the level playing field that is so crucial to innovation and free speech online and that allows the startup trying to get out of the garage to become the next YouTube, Google, or eBay," Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) said.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Remembering Mikel Holt, Mark Flower, Charles Carmickle and ALL of our VETERANS

November 11, 2017
Remembering OUR Veterans on Veterans Day!

CITY-WIDE MILWAUKEE |  NOVEMBER 11th is the official day every year that the USA remember its VETERANS.

Our hats are off to ALL who have joined the US Armed Services for to protect America.  

We REMEMBER our fallen soldiers and their family today.

We continue to work to help make human-legal-civil rights for our VETS are the NORM.  No excuses

Show 45
Public Policy w/Mary Glass & Company was honored to have 3 of our Milwaukee Veterans on its Friday, November 10, 2017, Veterans Show 45.

L-R:  Charles Carmickle - Navy, Mark Flower - US Army and Mikel Holt - Navy
Each of the guests went into the US Armed Services at a very early age, 16-18.  They live in Milwaukee.  On this Veterans Day, We THANK,
  • MIKEL HOLT - Navy Veteran
  • MARK FLOWER - Army Veteran
  • CHARLES CARMICKLE - Navy Veteran 
and ALL of our Veterans around the world.


Take a Listen

Airdate: 11/10/2017

Exposing Rot in Public Policy by Mary Glass

ROY MOORE - Typical Ole Lying White Boy 
November 11, 2017
CITY-WIDE MILWAUKEE |  Disgraceful and unlawful Behavior by Alabama Candidate for Senator - Roy Moore,  once an elected representative to enforce judicial American law, a judge and a self-prescribed evangelist (a person who seeks to convert others to the Christian faith, especially by public preaching.) ACCUSED of being a SEXUAL CHILD PREDATOR with hypocritic supporters denying his racist, bigotry, xenophobic, white supremacy ideology - women and men - are aiding and enabling his bad behavior.  

It is the time we all stood UP and firmly addressed this CRIMINAL and ALL others like him.

What say you?

Sunday, November 5, 2017

November 7 - Common Council is expected to OVERRIDE Veto of Mayor

November 5, 2017

November 5, 2017

Hello Fellow Milwaukeeans!

Do Not Forget to call your ALDERPERSON (414.286-221) and remind him or her to VOTE on November 7, 2017, to OVERRIDE the mayor's VETO.  To remind them that they need to be in a SOLIDARITY MODE.

It is time for the Common Council to weigh in on the aloofness and disregard that is present when the mayor and chief are "pals".  

We must also LOOK AT how dysfunctional and arrogant the Police and Fire Commission has been over the past 3 years - not to mention the climate seen when Norquist was mayor,  Yes. I am aware that the NEW group was not present with Norquist, however, my point is, this is what happens when the mayor is the 100% decision-maker - and is palsy-walsy with the Chief of Police. Barrett and Norquist are two examples.

Mary Glass - Milwaukeean

SHOW 44 - JAMES CARLINI talks about Cybersecurity, Internet of Things(IoT) and YOU

JAMES CARLINI - Carlini & Associates
SUNDAY, November 5, 2017
CITY-WIDE MILWAUKEE (15 Districts) | Show 44, Friday, November 3, 2017, was a SPECIAL Cybersecurity edition on Public Policy w/Mary Glass & Company.  

Cybersecurity refers to the preventative techniques used to protect the integrity of networks, programs, and data from attack, The state of being protected against the criminal or unauthorized use of electronic data, or the measures taken to achieve this.

James Carlini, Carlini & Associates, well-known author, award-winning professor, keynote speaker and Infrastructure Guru is on Public Policy w/Mary Glass & Company the first Friday of each month to share with the listening audience of Riverwest Radio WXRW 104.1 FM, riverwestradio.com, state-of-the-art and cutting-edge information about the Internet of Things (IoT) and SMART environments.

The 10th edition of Apple's iPhone was released on Friday, November 3, 2017.

The SPECIAL Cybersecurity show started with talking about the $1000 iPhone, what capabilities are available, its scalability capacities, and the importance of security for protection of the data - software.

Carlini was thorough in bringing tangible linkage to the audience regarding how important Cybersecurity is in the marketplace and to their day-to-day activities - whether cell phone, SMART iPhones, tablets, computers, Infrastructure of companies as well as government grids.

Take a listen.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

SHOW 44 - Cybersecurity for companies and Data Centers - Iron-clad Cloud Networks

James Carlini, President &
Certified Infrastructure Consultant
CARLINI & ASSOCIATES  (since 1986)
Strategic Infrastructure Consultants
November 2, 2017
Today, most enterprises have some type of cloud-based solutions or are looking at cloud-based infrastructure for some of their enterprise applications. What is lacking in many organizations is the strategic design focus and sophisticated implementation for very secure infrastructure which not susceptible to cyber attacks.
Cybersecurity refers to the preventative techniques used to protect the integrity of networks, programs, and data from attack, The state of being protected against the criminal or unauthorized use of electronic data, or the measures taken to achieve this.
Carlini will talk about his work in cybersecurity protection which include US Homeland Security and he will share thoughts about the NEW arena in Racine.
Do not miss his input for Friday's show, November 2,  2017

Public Policy w/Mary Glass & Company
Riverwest Radio WXRW 104.1 FM
3:30 pm - 4:30 pm

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Veto Override expected of Common Council - Wishing Does Not Make it So - VOTE OVERRIDE

Click photo to Enlarge

November 1, 2017
CITY-WIDE MILWAUKEE | Hear YeHear Ye! to the 15 members presently holding the seats named City of Milwaukee Common Council.  We, the Public, want to always have TRANSPARENCY and ACCOUNTABILITY from those who take an Oath of Office to provide fiduciary leadership.  

                                NOW IS THE TIME.


Members of the Common Council took a vote recently, 8-6, for to weigh in on the hiring and firing of the "chief" for the Fire and Police Department.

Alderman Nic Kovac, Alderman Bob Bauman, Alderman Khalif Rainey, Alderwoman Chantia Lewis, Alderman Mark Borkowski, Alderman Jose Perez and Alderman Russell Stamper voted yes.
Alderman Ashanti Hamilton, Alderman Cavalier Johnson, Alderman Jim Bohl, Alderwoman Milele Coggs, Alderman Mark Murphy and Alderman Terry Witkowski voted no.
Alderman Bob Donovan was excused.
What happened Alderman Ashanti Hamilton, Alderman Jim Bohl, Alderman Robert Donovan, Alderman Cavalier Johnson, Alderman Michael Murphy , Alderman Terry Witkowski and Alderwoman Milele Coggs?  

It would appear that you would have been for this change in legislation, given recent hubbubs with the police chief, lack of reports, high costs, questionable enforcement, and an obvious disregard for your charter position for city government.  Also, given the closeness of the VOTE, 8-6, may have given Tom Barrett, mayor, the "go ahead".  

Barrett immediately vetoed the Resolution claiming "politicizing" the reason?  Is that your CON too?  Politicizing?  If so, that is not a credible argument.

Law Enforcement of Milwaukee is well-known and the largest population, African American and other People of Color do not like the way they are treated and the manner in which safety prevention and safety intervention are pursued in their neighborhoods.

It is also known that Barrett and Flynn have somewhat commandeered what happens with the operation of the Police Department.  Then there is the unfavorable reputation of the Fire and Police Board.

Time to Correct
You have an opportunity to correct your lack of "decisive" Stewardship, to stand tall on the People's behalf on November 7, 2017.  
You are expected to VOTE to Override the VETO.

The facts have been revealed to you that there is a "cozy relationship" between the mayor and the chief of police.  

It has been reported that the chief of police has established a wall of arrogance.  According to Alderman Tony Zielinski, District 14, the police chief has refused to respond to the Common Council inquiries.  That is out-of-order and goes against our checks-and-balances for local government public trust.

When Milwaukeeans and members of the Common Council call the office of Fire Chief or Police Chief, we expect a professional, respectful, appropriate and timely response - not dismissiveness.  The cozy relationship between the mayor's office and the chief sends the wrong message and have helped removed TRUST.

Judging from what has been the "disconnect" of the Common Council and Chief of Police Fynn, as well as the disconnect of the Fire/Police Commission, it is time for the Common Council to have a say-so of the hiring and firing of the two top Safety Responders.  

Yes.  It is to be "publicized" by the facts.  

Given the focus on police behavior, cost of personnel, cost of legal suits, standards of service, citizen trust and negative image of the police in Milwaukee, the transparency and accountability cannot be left to the final decision of the mayor or those he appoints. 

What say you on November 7, 2017?


Take a listen to Alderman Zelinski on Public Policy w/Mary Glass, October 28, 2017.

Sunday, October 29, 2017


SUNDAY, October 29, 2017
CITY-WIDE MILWAUKEE | This Sunday's information starts with Show #43, Public Policy w/Mary Glass & Company, Riverwest Radio, WXRW 104.1 FM, riverwestradio.com, 3:30 pm - 4:30 pm.

Show 43 - WI Election Commission & Veto Override
Today's public servant guests were from WI ELECTION COMMISSION & City of Milwaukee Common Council.

Recent notoriety from both areas of government has the citizens talking. 


Reid Magney, Public Information Officer - WI Election Commission

At the state level, we know of the news of Russian hacking of America's election process and we hear that personnel at the WI Election Commission was cut by Scott Walker, Governor.


Alderman Tony Zielinski, District 14, City f Milwaukee.

At the city level, a Resolution was passed by the Common Council for the authority of the common council to elect and fire the police and fire chiefs.  

The Resolution was quickly VETOED by Tom Barrett, mayor, claiming it politized the process.

To OVERRIDE the veto by Barrett, a 2/3 vote is needed by the Common Council.


Alderman  Tony Zielinski, District 14 - represents the Bay View and Lake Michigan areas, opened the show with explanations to the audience of what the resolution is designed to achieve and why it was brought forth.

He encouraged the listeners to call 414.286.2221 and tell their alderperson to VOTE TO OVERRIDE the veto.

Take a listen.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

SMART CONVERSATION - WALKER'S POINT @ Mitchell Library, 906 W. Historic Mitchell Street



IT IS A WELCOMED PARADIGM SHIFT IN "CITIZEN PARTICIPATION" - brought to you by Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC based in Milwaukee.

Click PHOTO to Enlarge.
You're going to be a part of something huge and SMART -- a chance to be involved with your 365/52/7/24 DIGITAL fingerprint in what affects you, your family, your block, neighborhood, and your URBAN city Milwaukee (98.63 square miles). Through the power of being Informed timely and an opportunity of RIGHT-NOW Internet of Things, we leverage the odds of Enduring Concentrated Poverty while creating a NEW paradigm for self-sustainability and human-civil-legal rights.
TINN was LAUNCHED on August 24,2017, East Library, in Milwaukee
The TINN/Team Internet-Net Neutrality Initiative is about building the INFRASTRUCTURE with outcomes that allow 21st Century lifestyle growth within the neighborhoods that demands SMART Conversations for SMART Buildings in SMART Neighborhoods.  Where you see African American, Latino, Asian, American Indian, Caucasian, and immigrants working in “harmony”.

Our NEXT MEETING, Tuesday, October 31, 2017
Mitchell Library, 1:30pm – 3:00pm
906 W. Historic Mitchell Street

Let’s get busy!

Fill out the online form.