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Monday, October 7, 2013

ELECTION 2014 - A New Day for Milwaukeeans

MILWAUKEE |  The season of Autumn is here and so is it time for potential candidates to stick their toe in the water of surprise for whatever office they are running for.

Election 2014
Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC will be an active participant in getting the message out to Milwaukeeans that have a voice in voting.

We NEED new faces and new blood with a commitment to leadership.   We welcome candidates with a well-thought and begin-to-end inclusion of Milwaukeeans campaign - a campaign that embraces seriously needed changes at the census tract level - neighborhoods.

We NEED new and old faces that are willing to speak on issues of "right" and "RIGHTS" for Milwaukeeans and the state of Wisconsin.

We NEED legislators willing to stand up for the AFFORDABLE HEALTH CARE LAW.

We NEED legislators that are INFORMED about the Affordable Health Care Law and those statutes that prevent quality of life, economic development and engagement of residential and commercial stakeholders at the neighborhood and census tract level.

We NEED to know that you not only know your district but know others for increase benefits since you sit on various committees and VOTE for all.

We NEED candidates to know that your "race/color" and/or "money" is ONLY a benefit if you have served your office in "good stead".   Or, you have a track record of empowering those of different races and income groups.

We must see where you-the-incumbent have honored your Oath, responded to and been inclusive to a broad section of your constituents and ALL of Milwaukee (not just well-connected citizenry or you authoring a bill for funds - most of the time, Milwaukeeans, especially the middle class and low income stakeholders of need, do not get the funds for needed change).

We NEED to SELECT the candidates we choose for an office in an innovative way - by talking up points of experience, vetting, through advocacy and specific fundraising.

We NEED to begin our coalesing NOW/TODAY/TOMORROW but for sure this month. 

We, MPA LLC, will host Saturday and Sunday Talks to raise awareness and preparedness of the Affordable Health Care law and to support those who support us in Milwaukee.

Our support is not limited to district borders.
Our support is definitely not limited to a "party" stance.
It is only limited to those who SUPPORT 100% the eradication of ECP/Enduring Concentrated Poverty and come to the table with a strategic plan, experiences that is inclusive of African American other People of Color and the Work Challenged.

Candidates with a cry of "create JOBS" must be scrutinized for specifics that "make sense" and have a real value-added and durable connection to:
  • un-, under-skilled;
  • un-, under-employed; 
  • un-, under-financed neighborhood-level businesses; 
  • disabled; and re-entry. 
Re-entry represents those returning from WAR, INCARCERATION, boomerang employment, boomerang retirement and college-certificated graduates unemployed. 

Enduring Concentrated Poverty/ECP is where we expect dialog from serious candidates - representation and empowering of low income - 133% - 400% poverty.

Candidates without the face-to-face endorsement from the Milwaukee neighborhood and census tract level are not considered credible.  In other words, incumbents MUST SHOW growth since the last election - deeds, empowerment of constituents, communication links, laws or law collaborations that impact reason for our vote.

We "praise" endorsements of members of the neighborhood block clubs, churches, parents of schools, parent leaders of schools, BUSINESSES of the neighborhood, adult students, ex-incarcerated good neighbors that work, retirees, teachers, college students, seniors, temporary employed, permanent employed, disabled and veterans.

Milwaukeeans have a "block" of votes.  We will canvass and navigate for real connectivity this time.

We say, "Vote - its your duty and ONE of your solutions to end ECP." 

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