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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

VETTING Incumbents and NEW candidates for offices represented for VOTE in the City of Milwaukee

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Political Transcript
MPA LLC has added a "Political Transcript" in the vetting process for politicians.
This is a record that is identified and compiled for review by the stakeholders/stockholders when voting and/or vetting appropriateness and credibility.

Election 2014 and 2016
Wisconsinites and specifically Milwaukeeans have an opportunity to rally for "block voting" for the long-haul. For centuries, African Americans have had to forge an agenda of sustainability that runs back to slavery.  

Today's ego system in African American, other People of Color and low-income citizenry, we see a 21st Century form of slavery by those forging a "GREED", privileged and Caucasian agenda.    

For those placing their toe in the various campaign lakes, we will visit and REPORT for your vetting.
MPA LLC will also collaborate with other progressive organization for ensuring a local VOICE for the people; such as the Green Party and Grassroots.

MPA LLC will contact candidates and allow the vetting of their Political Transcript online.
We are interested in their Code of Conduct and Code of Ethics when referencing and empowering Milwaukeeans, especially African American, other People of Color and Work Challenged.  It is seen in their career work and day-to-day Skin-in-the-Game.
Our first two are:
  • Governor Scott Kevin Walker
  • Candidate Mary Burke for Governor

Political Transcript
Elected-Appointed-Hired-Donor for Hire government representative have inflicted damage to the lives of several generations in the Amani and contiguous neighborhoods in the City of Milwaukee.

The cancer of ECP/Enduring Concentrated Poverty has major enablers that are found in our "political" profiles.  They have/are by-design outsourcing, pitting-one-stakeholder against another, engaging in cronyism, engaging in conflict of interest and  engaging in stakeholder exploitation and isolation.  As a matter of fact, they are breaking 'laws' on the books.

Voting Block Preparedness
Organization and reform at the neighborhood level is an ongoing process for "significant changes" in the number of votes made on each upcoming election.  The stewardship of preparedness, collaboration and networking by those who are able to vote is paramount.

Enlarge - CLICK photo
MPA LLC 8-Neighborhood DEMO for Affordable Health Care has included in its preparedness plan, the importance of "voting" at the neighborhood to ensure representation from neighborhood school boards to who will sit in the U.S. Congress level.  The Reform includes the shake-up, Reporting and removal of any and all who fail to RESPECT the rights of their constituents, fail to honor TRUST, fail to honor oath, failure to support quality of life and economic development issues with their finger.  No one is exempt.

For example, in the 6th district, the voting wards and polling places that impact the intersection of MLKing Drive and North Avenue are:  138, 139, 140, 141, 142, 173, 175 and 177.

The voting wards and polling places for the S. Ann Development, is 148, 149 and 173 for starters.

Going forward, INCUMBENTS must be vetted for leadership and best practices.
MPA LLC supports identifyingoutingproviding options for politicians to remove themselves and to remove individuals and/or replace them with individuals who see the benefit in working with those they represent.

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