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Sunday, January 10, 2016

DS/DISTRICT STRATEGISTS in Milwaukee and Milwaukee County


We have a new Action group called MPA Candidates Caucus Network for outreach of the 50thAnniversary of the Voting Rights Act and PUMP-Up the Vote 2016.

In November, 2015, Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC commenced outreach in Milwaukee Public Schools and private schools by visiting to raise the awareness of PREPAREDNESS for Voting in 2016.  Our target audience includes:   
  • Students of Voting age
  • Parents and Parent Groups
  • School Staff of all levels
  • Students who will need to take the Civics/Citizenship test starting 2016

Our speakers are District Strategists, 2016 Candidates and special guest clinicians.

We are recruiting District Strategists from the city of Milwaukee and the county of Milwaukee (all 19 municipalities) to join us in the outreach.  We are asking students, parents and staff to join us as DS in their districts to provide need and support of quality of life and economic development in the Infrastructure.

The DS position is through the office of MPA LLC.  It is a volunteer position.  You must be 18 years of age and willing to engage in ongoing and updated training about being prepared for Voting as well as a hands-on update of public policy issues that affect quality of life an economic development.

DS Positions are recommended, volunteered and Invited.

If you are interested:

MPA LLC supports a bipartisan representation of the People.
MPA LLC demands that the Candidates are committed to RESPECTING the Voters/Stakeholders/Taxpayers/Family Members and their assets in joint tenancy for the city of Milwaukee, county of Milwaukee, state of Wisconsin and the U.S. Bicameral.

Mary Glass - Chair/CEO/CVO

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