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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

MEET N GREET SLIDESHOW - Thursday, January 21, 2016

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Meet n GREET Fellowship
Central Library - Milwaukee
814 W. Wisconsin
On Thursday, January 21, 2016, Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC and members of MPA Candidates Caucus Network were the host for over 30 individuals of Milwaukee.

The event offered:
  • Networking
  • Feeding
  • a Program

Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC hosted the "Fellowship" event to provide an "Introduction" of the PEOPLES' Tribunal of Milwaukee/PTOM.  The parallel track produced by MPA LLC and CORE CONSTITUENTS in Milwaukee during the probe by the Department of Justice COPS Team and their consultants, Hillard Heinz Risk Management, Chicago. 

PTOM is MPA LLC 20-month probe (December, 2015 - September, 2017) of engagement (interview, storytelling, case study, focus groups, SATURDAY TALK) for Patterns, Practices, and Recommendations by the PEOPLE that is running parallel to the US DOJ COPS Collaborative Probe of Milwaukee.

It is part of MPA LLC action-oriented initiative of:  
All Hands on Deck, WE CAN. 

Program Speakers
  • Entrepreneur, Teacher & ex-Milwaukee Police
  • Candidate for Milwaukee County District Attorney
  • Write-In Candidate Alderwoman District 2
  • Candidate Alderwoman District 6
  • Candidate Alderman District 7
  • Candidate Alderman District 4
Pardeep Kaleka provided the first engagement - his experience with violence as a member of a family that lost the head of the household and religious Sikh Temple leader (his father) as well as his role and responsibility as a police officer at the 7th District in Milwaukee.  He shared the loss of his father and his near experience of shooting a man that had a toy gun and was mentally ill.  The incident as a police officer led to his resigning from Milwaukee Police Department.

Candidate Verona Swanigan spoke of her candidacy and programs of change she brings to the table for to address crime and training.

Write-in Candidate Jackie Clark Ivy spoke of her ideology of Moral Decay and Cop Watch program that she has for her campaign in District 2 and  bringing the narrative to the table for implementation during the PTOM.

Candidate Majungaray Watts, District 6  and Candidate Randy Jones, District 7 narratives are about the business of Law & Order engagement in the districts they are running in. 

Candidate Andrew Shaw, District 4 narrative spoke the importance of "economic development", his $Billion Campaign and the importance of "increasing voter turnout". 

Law & Order
Law & Order is the end-result of the PEOPLES' Tribunal.
Safety Matters (multi-faceted) is the crux of settling a city besieged by Enduring Concentrated Poverty.  The Infrastructure of the city of Milwaukee has reached a level of disparity that calls for BOLD leadership backed by TRUST and HOPE.  The electorate is at a point of change and reform and INCLUSIVENESS of the CORE CONSTITUENTS in self-sustaining ideas, plans and actions of commitment will be seen by the People.

Top-down enforcement of the present mayor - Tom Barrett and present police chief - Ed Flynn, do not match the Will of the People.

Law and Order for too long have been a "bully-enforcement" by those elected-appointed-hired and donor for hire backed by police, media and branding profiling, over-the-top brutality, murder, and impunity of Police officers.  This is not Law & Order.

The systemic and institutional concerns have been "by design" exploitation, discrimination, redlining, terrorism, disenfranchising for gains.

Milwaukee 7 and Others
Large corporations under the identity of corporate citizen, have said one thing and done another.  They have turned a blind-eye and become complicit on widespread wrongdoing and disenfranchisement.  They have shown how they repeatedly have used segregation, misuse of power, cronyism, and lobbying elected-appointed-hired government representatives for favors of large-scale.

Gale Klappa
WEC Energy Group
Ted KellnerExecutive Chairman
Fiduciary Management
Mayor Tom Barrett
City of Milwaukee
Those during the Barrett Administration have used Milwaukee 7, MMAC and Greater Milwaukee Committee to seize large swaths of real estate, resources, decision-making groups and legislation. They have received multi-year mega benefits from the city of Milwaukee coffers.  Yet, the DWilson report shared the disparity of African-American and other People of Color in business development.  No change.

The Milwaukee 7 and cronies include:  Tom Barrett - Mayor, Chris Abele - County Exectutive, MEDC Council, BMO Bank, The Private Bank, Tri-City National, Zilber Foundation, Milwaukee Foundation, Bader Foundation, Bradley Foundation, Sandy Boucher - Northwestern Mutual, Alex Molinaroli - Johnson Control, Roundy, Lake Express, Harley Davidson, Manpower, Greg Marcus - Marcus, We Energies, Milwaukee 7 (whole counties), MMAC -MEDC, MMAC - Milwaukee 7, Greater Milwaukee Committee, Wisconsin Center District, John Daniels - Quarles & Brady, Michael Fascitelli and Peter Fegin Bucks - NBA Bucks Mega Greed Deal, Streetcar project, Mark Irgens - Irgens Development, Joe Urich - US Bank & BID 21, Rick Barrett - Couture and Moderne, Bob Monnati - Mandel, Gorman, The Fix, Wendy Baumann - WWBIC,  BUBLR Bike, Boys and Girls Club and many others at the coffers annually to draw-down funding, tax credits, federal funding endorsements, appointments to boards, committees and authorities; as well as, receive other resources earmarked for the population of Milwaukee - 3/4 African American, other People of Color and Work Challenged.  

Renaissance Gala - September 15, 2015
These are the folks above [right/down: 
John Daniels-Quarles & Brady, 
Sandy Baumann-Northwestern Mutual,
Tom Barrett-Mayor; 
Greg Marcus-Marcus, 
Alex Molinaroli-Johnson Control, 
Michael Fascitelli-NBA Bucks Mega Greed Deal, 
Bob Monnat-Mandel,
Chris Abele-Milwaukee County Executive],  who met downtown for the September 15, 2015, braggadocious Downtown Renaissance Luncheon where Tom Barrett, mayor and Chris Abele, County Executive joined the cast of braggers of the "We Got this Money and control of economic development - NEVERMIND the true owners of the resources and their quality of life and economic development needs".  

It was a classic example of how the CORE CONSTITUENTS of the PEOPLES' Tribunal must speak to all issues related to SAFETY MATTERS and create an unbalance in Law and Order.

Therefore, behavior of the executive branch - Tom Barrett, Mayor and Chris Abele, Milwaukee County Executive, set the stage for "disrespect, discrimination, lack of due diligence and disenfranchisement of African-American, other People of Color and Work Challenged Milwaukeeans.  

Perhaps Barrett and Abele can find an EMPLOYMENT position with one of these folk/organizations that have been brought to the kitchen table of the People without authorization.  That's a Firing Offense and /Replacement Election 2016.

The population of the city of Milwaukee is mired in Enduring Concentrated Poverty.  Yet, we have such arrogance and The same ones that have been put-out, excluded, and disrespected of human-civil-legal rights.  Election 2016 opens the door for BOLD changes and exposure of the "misfits" in our elected-appointed-hired and donor for hire government representatives.

Here is where the PEOPLES' Tribunal of Milwaukee will argue and make its case in the "Court of Public Opinion" - followed by the Constitution courts.

The event was a welcomed SUCCESS on Thursday.  It was followed by the 2 1/2 hour Listening Meeting held in Centennial Hall.  At this meeting, over 700 folk regurgitated and recapitulated the facts.  It was where no stone was unturn to seen the message of DISTRUST, DISRESPECT, and DISPLEASURE with Tom Barrett and Chief Ed Flynn.  The citizenry also made it known that the US DOJ COPS project has not been given a passing grade for change.

Stay tuned.
Updated:  January 27, 2016

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