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Sunday, January 24, 2016

MEET DAWN POWELL & RICHARD KAUPER - MPA CC Network District Strategists

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Meet District Strategists Dawn Powell and Richard Kauper - District 6 - Borchert Fields Area

January 24, 2016
MILWAUKEE | District Strategists, Dawn Powell and Richard Kauper are self-made Horticulturalists in the city of Milwaukee in their day-to-day outreach to plants for eating and beauty - landscaping, and gardening opportunities in the city of Milwaukee. 

District Strategist

They are members of MPA Candidates Caucus Network.
MPA CC Network is made up of members of the electorate that are paid members running for office; and, self-appointed, recommended and certified members from the commercial and residential citizenry  of Milwaukee city and Milwaukee County.

DS/District Strategists are asked to represent their districts in Infrastructural strategic planning - quality of life, economic development and safety matters.  They provide outreach of training for the Voters Rights Act, Voting 2016, and Citizenship - in Milwaukee Public Schools and with the population of re-entry from incarceration and war to help ensure that the citizenry is aware and engaged. 

They are sought for advocacy leadership in the PEOPLES' Tribunal of Milwaukee/PTOM.  The Peoples' documentation to the US DOJ COPS probe.

PTOM is a 20-month project lead/initiated by Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC and MPA CC Network to ensure that Milwaukee's CORE CONSTITUENTS provide a "pattern and practice" probe with the assistance of the taxpayers-individuals-families-victims and End-users.

Their practicum and academic work are driven by their love of working with nature and its beauty.

Their born and developed skills are shared in action-oriented volunteerism.  They are seen daily in the public square - gardens (theirs-others-public), supporting gardening in urban Milwaukee neighborhoods, strategic planning at the table of neighborhoods, city-oriented and national formats for today's Master Gardening process. 

Dawn is the owner of Dawn to Dusk Forever Garden Group LLC -Theme:  All of our neighborhoods are connected by one garden at a time (Building Community Fardens, Container Garden Creations, Ecology Development, Educational Courses and Youth Sustainable Gardens).

Richard is an Architect and Landscraper, a national and international traveler, and bearer of 2 doctoral degrees.  His focus has always been on preserving the Natural Landscape of the environment; and, he is widely known for his special work.

Ms. Dawn & Mr. Richard are leaders and stewards of the development of land - abandoned, owned and public-owned.


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