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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

What is meant by PEOPLES' TRIBUNAL in Milwaukee?

  Re-defining, Re-branding and Un-trapping Milwaukeeans of Concentrated Poverty – replacing it with a BOTTOM-UP Recovery for a NEW Middle Class.
January 5, 2016

The Peoples' Tribunal in Milwaukee of the U.S. Department of Justice Milwaukee Police Probe is brought to the public square for creation by Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC for the purpose of documenting the efforts brought forward by CORE CONSTITUENTS during the 1st U. S. Department of Justice, Community Oriented Policing Services "pattern and practices" probe.  

To ensure and assure the process is INCLUSIVE of African American, other People of Color and Work Challenged 
[Work Challenged represents un-, under-skilled; un-, under-employed; un-, under-financed neighborhood-level businesses; disabled; and re-entry. 

Re-entry represents those returning from WAR, INCARCERATION, boomerang employment, boomerang retirement and college-certificated graduates unemployed. ]

Felony and Misdemeanor
We INVITE especially Milwaukeeans incarcerated, re-entering and have re-entered the public square for specifics that will provide "on-the-merit" verification.

We seek members of zip code 53206 and other zip codes of the city of Milwaukee to participate in the extensive dialog for solutions and resolutions.

The Peoples' Tribunal is the "Court of Public Opinion", facts of storytelling, ancedotal fact-finding and review for judging an outcome.  It is the distilling of information from the perspective of the End-Users - The People, taxpayers and their families.  To speak to the crosshairs of brutality, terrorism, punity of wrongdoing by police officers.  To LOOK AT and put into perspective specifics that include:
  • Sacredness of "Life" Code - When a police LIFE is taken, it is taken seriously and dealt with professional dignity of expediency.  This includes punishability by law without favoritism.  
  • Sacredness of "Life" Code - When a member of the citizenry - African American and other People of Color are killed by a police officer or a fellow citizen. This includes punishability by law with no favoritism.   No one is Exempt.
  •  Accountability (transparency and discipline) of law enforcers - legislators, executive branch, police, DA, Public Defender, attorneys, clerk of courts and judges.
  • No one is Exempt from the law and prosecution.
  • Laws that help "curb crime" by those who break the law.
  • Laws that are outliers of "justice". i.e., Truth and Sentencing.
  • Laws that prey on class of poverty and race - People of Color.
  • Ongoing dialog at the neighborhood level with law enforcers being at the table for strategizing solutions with the neighborhood providing the template in conjunction with law enforcement being one of the key actors.  
  • The Milwaukee Police Department is hired by the taxpayers.
  • The Milwaukee Police Department is part of the "oversight" of the elected mayor of the city of Milwaukee.
  • The Milwaukee Police Department is part of the "oversight" of the Milwaukee Common Council and it charter officers, i.e. city attorney.

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