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Friday, January 29, 2016

SAFETY MATTERS Campaign with 27th Street Tobacco owners and Candidate Andrew Shaw

PEOPLES' Tribunal of Milwaukee Patterns & Practices
January 29, 2016
MILWAUKEE - Day 38 - Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC takes another step in the PEOPLES' Tribunal of Milwaukee/PTOM documentation for patterns and practices that affect CORE CONSTITUENTS of Milwaukee.  

PTOM is the 20-month (DECEMBER 22, 2015 - SEPTEMBER 22, 2017) Pattern and Practice probe of TRENDS/behaviors related to city-county-state-federal executive, legislative and judicial branches of government that is running parallel to the United States Department of Justice Community Oriented Policing Services (DOJ COPS).

PTOM Safety Matters Campaign
February is African American History Month.  MPA LLC recognizes 2016 as a LEAP year and will implement MPA LLC SAFETY MATTERS Initiative with a "Leap of Faith" by commercial leaders - one-step and one-success at a time.   Our focus is to re-define, re-brand and UN-TRAP hidden talent at the neighborhood and census tract level.

We will kick-off our census tract Drug Safety Campaign in Aldermanic District 4.   It is  working with the Hidden Talent - commercial and residential - stakeholders for LAW & ORDER patterns and practices for capacity building.  

"We are glad to have you Mary to help us.  We should have known you before now, said Farrah and Tufail." 

We will start with the engagement of leadership and neighborhood stewardship with a collaborative agreement with the store owner of 27th Street Tobacco, Hazim Farrah and property owner Amjad Tufail, 848 N. 27th Street.   Two business owners that have been working to ensure that their property and store was free of negative appearance and working to be a partner with the neighborhood.

"We are fortunate to have Mr. Farrah and Mr. Tufail off 27th Tobacco at the table and engaged in Safety Matters commercial leadership of prevention and intervention of patterns and practices that will grow the neighborhood, promote gainful employment, increase business development, promote safety and beautification of the area they choose to do business in".

Candidate for Alderman Andrew Shaw - District 4
"We are also pleased to have the leadership commitment and support for Safety Matters leadership from intervention and prevention from Aldermanic Candidate Andrew Shaw, Alderman for District 4, a resident of the area and local attorney.

He knows the business men in the area and has a candidate sign on the window.

Leadership, stewardship, partnership, mentorship, citizenship, ownership and scholarship is the expectation of commercial and residential participants of each neighborhood.  Creating Patterns and Practices that sends a message of SAFETY MATTERS.

We are partnering with LIKE MINDS and will start with the store owner and property owner of 27th Street Tobacco.

TODAY's announcement is Lunch & Learn Wednesdays - one hour and a half - for a look at Safety Matters for Neighborhood - Prevention and Intervention.  It is the hands-on patterns and practices of each Milwaukeean and/or business to ensure safety at the census tract level.  
MPA LLC will look at how members of media, information technology, law enforcement, education and District Strategists (Volunteers - self-appointed and referred to represent their aldermanic and county district) can help mold habits of change. 

Speakers from media, information technology, economics, social justice, executive, legislation, judicial and law enforcement are asked to the forum for input and take away reform.  A special viewing is on how pattern and practices of the public square genres affect safety matters in Milwaukee.  How prevention and intervention can drive a holistic care to improve safety matters one Wednesday at a time.

The forum is hosted by MPA LLC, District Strategists and Well-wishers of Safety Matters in Milwaukee.

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