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Friday, February 5, 2016


February 5, 2016
MILWAUKEE - The Spring Election went into HIGH gear on February 1, 2016.  It is the COUNT-DOWN  for the first election - Tuesday, February 16, 2016.  

The three (3) branches of government have candidates running for seats.

Focus:  Re-defining, Re-branding and Un-trapping Milwaukeeans of Concentrated Poverty – replacing it with a BOTTOM-UP Recovery for a NEW Working Class.

Setting the stage
On Groundhog Day, the folklore calls for a forecast of the weather.
Today, MPA LLC is taking a look at Accountability, the use of funding and the importance of Respect and INCLUSIVENESS for the CORE CONSTITUENTS of Milwaukee - African American, other People of Color and the Work Challenged voters taking a look at the INCUMBENTS. 

Work Challenged VOTERS are:
  • un-, under-employed
  • un-under-skilled; 
  • retirees;
  • disabled; 
  • re-entry 
    • those from INCARCERATION (identity of Misdeamenor)
    • those from INCARCERATION (identity of Felony - out of incarceration, OFF supervision - probation and parole) 

Rule I
If an Incumbent - Has this candidate led in representing the interest of quality of life and economic development at the census tract and neighborhood level; and, has he/she made communication of proof to the VOTERS "incrementally" the last 4 years?

Rule II
If an Incumbent - Has he/she represented the VOTER in improving economics in the neighborhood to match their vote to spend money for economics downtown?

Rule III
If an Incumbent - Did he/she VOTE and/or sign-OFF for the following groups and projects that do NOT and have NOT shown address for EMPOWERMENT issues AND tax resources of Milwaukeeans (city coffers/federal funds/Tax Increment Districts/TID/EB-VISA) - African-American, other People of Color and Work Challenged in the neighborhoods.  The mega dollar projects are:
  • NBA Bucks Mega Greed Deal - Herb Kohl, Wesley Eden, Mark Lasry, & Peter Feign
  • Northwestern Mutual Insurance - Sandy Botcher
  • Streetcar Project - Ghassan Korban, DPW Commissioner  
  • Couture and Moderne Development - Rick Barrett
  • J. H. Findorff & Son & Rinka Chung Architecture
  • M A Mortenson - Alicia Dupies (moved to Bucks project - Community Relations)
  • Wisconsin Center District*
  • Other downtown and corporate WHO'S WHO developments - Aurora, BC Management (Lenny Chu), BMO, CG Schmidt, CHASE, GMC, Gorman, Harley Davidson, Helen Bader School of Social Work, Johnson Control, Joseph Zilber School of Health, Lakefront, Mandel, Manpower, Marcus Group, Marquette, Medical College of Wisconsin, Miller Coors, Milwaukee 7, MMAC, Milwaukee Library, Mortenson, PABST Brewery - Blue Ribbon Management and Eleven 25 @ Pabst, Penfeld School, Potawatomi, Roundy's, TRI-CITY, UW-M Lubar, UW-M CAROLYN ESSWEIN, UW-M School of Fresh Water, Water Council,  WE Energies, and trade unions
Milwaukee County Executive (Chris Abele), City of Milwaukee Mayor (Tom Barrett)  and City of Milwaukee Common Council President (Michael Murphy), Scott Neitzel, Wisconsin Secretary of Administration, Chairman, Jason Allen, Foley & Lardner, Representative Peter Barca, Wisconsin State Assembly Minority Leader, Alderman Robert Bauman, City of Milwaukee, Joel Brennan, Discovery World, Alderwoman Milele Coggs, City of Milwaukee, Mayor Kathy Ehley, City of Wauwatosa, Senator Scott Fitzgerald, Wisconsin State Senate Majority Leader,  James C. Kaminski, Kaminski Consultants, James Kanter, MillerCoors, Rebeca Lopez, Godfrey & Kahn, Stephen H. Marcus, Marcus Corporation,  Martin Matson, City of Milwaukee Comptroller, City of Milwaukee Common Council President, Jeff Sherman, OnMilwaukee.com, Senator Jennifer Shilling, Wisconsin State Senate Minority Leader, Representative Robin Vos, Wisconsin State Assembly Speaker, Russell Staerkel, President & CEO

If an Incumbent - Did he/she VOTE for the following projects that did NOT show respect for the issues AND resources of African-American, other People of Color and Work Challenged WITHIN the neighborhoods.  They are:
  • 30th Street Corridor  - Kein Burton and Behji Timm (DCD)
  • Blue Ribbon Management - Michael Kelly, Thomas Gehl, Jackie Higgins, MEDC & EB5
  • Bublr Project - Bruce Keys, Barry Mainwood and Board
  • Business Improvement DISTRICT 10 - Keith Stanley, Ald. Bob Bauman, Ald./Common Council President Michael Murphy,  and Board
  • Business Improvement DISTRICT 32 -  Jacqueline WardKarl Tatum, Sharon Adams, John Mullarky, JoAnn Harris, and Sue Eick
  • Century City - David Weiss & Michael Weiss
  • COA Riverwest & COA Goldin - Thomas Schneider
  • Fix Development - Julie Kaufmann
  • Irgens Development - Mark Irgens
  • Johnson Controls - 
  • Kilber Famiy Foundation - Susan Lloyd and Board 
  • Legacy Redevelopment Corporation - Sally Peltz and Board
  • Milwaukee Library Developments - Paula Kiely, City Librarian & Board
  • Milwaukee Mall - Lenny Chu & Partners
  • Penfield - Jason Parry & Board
  • Projects with Sharon Adams - Commons on North - Fix Development (Juli Kauffman) & Kilber Family Foundation (Susan Lloyd), Lindsay Heights, Fond du Lac Park, Strong Neighborhoods of Milwaukee - Fix Development
  • Safe & Sound - Kimberly Kane and Board
  • St. Ann's Center - Sister Edna Lonergan - Amani Neighborhood
  • UW-M Architecture and Urban Planning - Carolyn Wessein & Chancellor Mark Mone
  • UW-M Helen Bader School of Social Work - Dean Stan Stojkovic
  • UW-M Lubar School of Business - Dean V. Kanti Prasad
  • Wisconsin Women Business Initiative - Wendy Baumann
Rule IV
If an Incumbent - Has this candidate led in representing the interest of quality of life and economic development at the census tract and neighborhood level and has he/she made COMMUNICATION (transparent and accountable, accessible, returned calls, attended forums) proof to the voter?


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