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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

PEOPLES' Tribunal - Creating the GO-TO Teams for Subject Matter

February 9, 2016
URBAN CITY Milwaukee | Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC speaks of GO-TO-Teams for Subject Matter distillment.  It is the first team that came together for the purpose of providing support and input for the PEOPLES' Tribunal of Milwaukee probe/PTOM.

PTOM is a paradigm shift and process created and led by Mary Glass, Chair/Chief Visionary Officer, Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC, with reports over 20-months to show "patterns and practices" of behavior that identify discrimination, lack of due process, disenfranchisement, damage and death of African American, other People of Color and the Work Challenged.  It is let the chips fall where they may and share through research - fact-finding, discovery - relevant information, and data sources.

On Friday, January 22, 2016, Center Street Library, 2727 W. Center, small conference room, ten (10) citizens came together to witness and document the visit of  the US DOJ COPS probe.  The US DOJ representative, Don Fanchier or any other DOJ representative were absent.

The first meeting was with the representative from Hillard Heintze was Robert Boehner.

The PTOM representatives were:
Glass, Mary - Chief Visionary Officer - MPA LLC
Ivy, Jackie Clark - Candidate District 2
Jones, Randy - Candidate District 7
Kauper, Richard - DS/District Strategist - Amazing Architecture and Great Gardens
Mosley Auriea - DS/District Strategist
Newsom, Candy - DS/District Strategist
Powell, Dawn - District Strategist & Owner, Dawn to Dusk Forever Garden Group LLC
Price, Deon - Entrepreneur and Photographer
Sprewer, Barbara - Family member killed by Milwaukee Police

Watts, Majungaray - Candidate District 6

Let's get busy.

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