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Thursday, April 20, 2017


A crowd of about 50 residents packed the Mary Ryan Boys & Girls Club gym. (Photo by Jabril Faraj)


April 20, 2017

This interesting chronicled account by Jabril Faraj, Neighborhood News Service, of the Sherman Park Gas Station meeting revealed a good first step to address the community relationship that is so vital to commercial and residential relationship across Milwaukee.  
Silence is NOT an option.

More "due process" dialog is needed so that the CONSTRUCTION of a NEW building as part of the NEW image and NEW Spirit of Sherman Park is embraced by the stakeholders.

Specific issues are:
  • selling of marijuana paraphernalia.
  • addressing the debris and trash patrol.
  • to flush out specific issues of DISRESPECT for members of the neighborhood public.
  • to flush out specific issues of theft and other concerns of the owner.
  • creating a residential and owner workgroup that will address ethnicity, race and ongoing issues to prevent tinderbox issues from exploding.
  • identify and commit to specific ways the onus of the OWNER for INCLUSION and negative concerns are known.
  • Identify a joint effort of the workgroups to create an environment that will resurrect a walk-through garden, gathering or recreational site in the area sought for expansion by Pakhar Singh – an area of beauty, partnership care, with a landmark to provide the history of wisdom by the stakeholders out of destruction.
  • hire members of the neighborhood to work in the store with a professional commitment to supporting the economic base and broadening relationships.
  • Pakhar Singh, owner, should become a member of the Neighborhood Strategic Planning group and work with BID 39 - Jennifer Potts, Executive Director, to become a partner and respected leader that is worthy of the title of "Anchor" tenant of the Sherman Park and neighboring areas - Gas is sold to Milwaukee stakeholders in and out of Sherman Park.
  • Together, the owner and stakeholders eliminate outside illegal sellers of tapes, socks, etc. in the gas station area.
  • Together, the owner and stakeholders provide humane efforts for addressing panhandling - a byproduct of under-, unemployment and enduring concentrated poverty.
  • Alderman Khalif Rainey leadership has an opportunity to cure an ongoing angst -  dislike of outside of the neighborhood owners that do business in predominately African American neighborhoods without creating a partnership and economic survival plan for the neighborhood.
  • Continued "DISCUSSION Forums" can lead to Innovative, time shared and infrastructural growth. 
Comments by Attorney Vince Bobot is "perplexing" and putting his finger on the scale in the wrong way to Parkar Singh when he made the statements he made, especially his response that the residents were "perplexing" and people must want the business there or Singh, his client, would've been gone a long time ago for lack of business.  

Is Bobot saying because Singh remained is because the people wanted him to - Singh property rights did not come into play OR they wanted the "negative" issues that were brought forth at the Listening Meeting?

How dare such narrow and insensitive comment by Bobot, Singh's attorney. Vincent Bobot is a man that ran for mayor of Milwaukee in 2004, worked/paid through city attorney's office for neighborhood property correction support and now sits on the ADMINISTRATIVE REVIEW APPEALS BOARD. 

This is also an opportunity for Rainey to take back and use his leadership experience to provide legislation to help to improve neighborhood relationship with owners of gas stations and retail stores that has ethnicity overtones AND are not limited to Sherman Park.
Create a LANDMARK of wisdom and beauty in additional space

Mary Glass – Chief Visionary Officer
Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC

Update April 21, 2017

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