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Sunday, April 30, 2017

Citizen Stewardship is Mandatory in WATER and REAL ESTATE - Silence is NOT an Option

MILWAUKEE | Water is a precious commodity for life and sustainability.  We drink it, bathe in it, cook with it, grow agriculture with it and on and on.

Bacteria, Lead and . . .
From time-to-time, dating back most recently before the mid-1990's, Milwaukee has had bacteria (Cryptosporidium), flooding homes and lead pipes concerns for Milwaukeeans.

Water Quality Task Force shall address the problem of the presence of lead in the City’s drinking water and investigate and make recommendations regarding additional ways to ensure long-term health and safety of Milwaukee’s drinking water.

The formation of the Water Quality Task Force is extremely lacking in efficiency because of the lack of inclusion of decision-making has not gone past city hall and the pretense of insider dialog.  

"We, the People, have a responsibility to SPEAK UP and SPEAK OUT to the lack of due diligence and dictatorship of the Water Quality Task Force - Chair, Jim Bohl Alderman, Jose Perez, Alderman, Cavalier Johnson Alderman, Commissioner Ghassan Korbin DPW, Dr. Patricia McManus Black Health Coalition, Commissioner Bevan Baker Health Department, Benjamin Grambling 16 Street Center, and the entire common council for transparency and accountability of our Water issues. 
 Additionally, the Water Quality Task Force meetings can not be conducted by a person "hostile" to the electorate - his bosses.  The ongoing dialog must demand that an advisory group in each district is at the table and the ethos is INCLUSION"
said Mary Glass, MPA LLC.

The nit-picking and overbroad tweaking by Commissioner Bevan Baker were duly noted and appear limiting of safety services for all women who are of child-bearing age.

The bellicose reaction recently by Alderman/Chair James Bohl to the frustration outcry from the individuals of the audience was NOT handled with the diplomacy and problem-solving expected of elected and appointed representatives of leadership and representation of the Electorate of the City of Milwaukee.  Unacceptable.

Our citizenry, the Core Constituent population, should always be given the widest and maximum capacity for input and participation of our safety infrastructure sustainability. 

Alderman Bohl should know better.  He has been an elected charter officer for Milwaukee for some time.  No excuses.  He works for-by-on behalf of the People.  He seems to have forgotten who pays his paycheck.  He should know better. We will remind Alderman Bohl and the entire Common Council.

Take a look at how he behaved at a recent review of Rick Barrett's The Couture project with Matt Rinka, Architect Rinka Chung at the Zoning, Neighborhood and Development committee on April 11, 2017.  He is the "Chair" of this committee as well.

This is a slam-dunk project with so, so many giveaways. Bohl's fingerprint is all around the success of this "private investment" of Rick Barrett, an heir in the air of city royalities and space.  

This is hyperbole, reminds me of Donald John Trump waving of lies.  It is massive stealing from the Core Constituents and their city coffers.  It is wide-spread double-triple standards, segregation, and discrimination that is allowing a newcomer with no real experience to get royalty real estate on the backs of the Core Constituents of Milwaukee who draw millions-and-millions to the city of Milwaukee for their EMPOWERMENT but it goes to Rick Barrett, Herb Kohl, Wes Eden, Mark Lasry and the raiders for NOTHING.

The City of Milwaukee 2017 Proposed Plan and Executive Budget Summary (Tom Barrett Mayor) states in its Value of Milwaukee statement:
"Milwaukee is the economic hub of the southeast region and the entire State of Wisconsin, the "Fresh Coast City" that is rising fast in national stature and prominence". 


Members of the Water Quality Task Force and Zoning, Neighborhood and Development Committees.

Top/down:  Chair/Ald. James Bohl - District 5, Ald. Milele Coggs - District 6, Ald. Khalif Rainey - District 7, Ald. Nik Kovac - District 3, Ald. Russell Stamper - District 15 


Member Ald. Jim Bohl - District 5                            
Member Ald. Cavalier Johnson - District 2                    
Member Ald. Jose Perez - District 10
Member Benjamin Gramling - 16th Street
Member Bevan Baker - Commissioner of Health
Member Ghassan Korban - Commissioner Public Works
Member Patricia McManus - Black Health Coalition



This Task Force completed its work on April 28, 2017.

Dr. Pat McManus - Black Health Coalition, provided some glue-points that were needed to focus on the city of Milwaukee population needs.

Bejamin Grambling - 16th Street, comments regarding "building TRUST" of the citizenry was an asset.

The video of the meeting.

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