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Saturday, April 8, 2017

SOLIDARITY & SANCTUARY come to Public Policy w/Mary Glass & Company on Riverwest Talk Radio 104.1

Back Row:  Dawn Powell, Associated Producer, Crystal Tiajero - Voces de la Frontera, Reggie Woodards, Associate Producer, Rickey Potts - Associated Producer
Front Row L-R:  Andrea Rodriguez - Progressive Parents, Cendi Trujillo - Voces de la Frontera, Mary Glass - Executive Producer/Host, Marina Johnson - UWM Students for a Democratic Society
Not pictured:  Ramone Sanders - Sound Engineer 

April 8, 2017

MILWAUKEE | Riverwest Talk Radio-LP WXRW 104.1 | SHOW 14 - April 7, 2017

Public Policy w/Mary Glass & Company provides state-of-the-art information from experts/doers/commentators.They share information for INFORMED DECISION MAKING.

Four innovative guests representing three (3) organizations joined Public Policy w/Mary Glass & Company for the 14th show. 

Their dialog included Progressive Parents outreach to parents, families, and empowerment of individuals of the neighborhood that have been bullied.  UWM SDS is working on issues that impact Safety and student resources.  Voces de la Frontera representatives fought for Milwaukee Public Schools SANCTUARY Resolution.  They were elementary and high school students working with their supporters to tell their story. 

Their victory was Thursday, March 30, 2017, with an unanimous vote by MPS Board of Directors to make MPS a Sanctuary School District.

The guests included:
  • Progressive Parents - Andrea 'Drea' Rodriguez
  • UWM Students for a Progressive Society - Marina Johnson
  • Voces de la Frontera - MPS Sanctuary Resolution - Cendi Trujillo & Crystal Tinajero 
April 9, 2017   - 11:00am, 906 S. Barclay, The Point - Drag 
April 10, 2017 - Spring Cleanup - 9th & Atkinson 
                            (led by Thrive)
April 11, 2017 - SOLIDARITY & SANCTUARY Meeting,
                           East Library, 2320 N. Cramer, 5pm-6:30pm
April 15, 2017 - BID 39 Clean-up (all day)
April 24, 2017 - SDS, Open Chancellor Meeting, 5pm, 
                           Wisconsin Room
May 1, 2017    - See Voces de la Frontera.org

Haitian Silent Auction for Riverwest Radio at Green Gallery

Contemporary Haitian and Milwaukee Art Silent Auction 
co-presented by Xav Leplae to benefit 
Riverwest Radio

Exhibition: March 29, 2017 - April 15, 2017
Auction: 2-7pm April 15, 2017


The discussion was informative on many levels and brought to the audience engagements that invoked inspirational and aspirational results. 

Rickey Potts is a BID 39 Board Member and Nail Bar owner in BID 39.  This week's highlights of BID 39 is an upcoming Clean-up campaign that starts April 15, 2017.  It will offer the businesses of the area an opportunity to pick-up from the BID garbage bags and cleaning products for the spring clean up.
The Nail Bar, 3817 W. Center, is recruiting nail techs for hire.

Reggie Potts is a Chess Teacher and Fellowship Leader at Bethesda Senior Center.  He is also a collaborator with Mr. Potts in the spring cleaning.  The collaboration will outreach for clean-up, safety (including putting down the guns and violence) and engaged talking of the stakeholders to promote hands-on citizenship and ownership for better quality of life and economic development.

Dawn Powell - Associate Producer & Ramone Sanders - Sound Engineer
Great job by Associate Producer Dawn Powell (thank you for the 104.1 T-shirt gifts to the guests); and, the great SOUND coordination by Sound Engineer, Ramone Sanders

The Team - Rickey Potts - Associate Producer, Reggie Woodwards - Associate Producer, Dawn Powell - Associate Producer and Ramone Sanders - Sound Engineer.

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