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Sunday, February 28, 2016

MPA LLC 2016-2017 Agricultural and Horticultural Outlook

City of Milwaukee | DAY 59, 2016 |  Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC 2016-2020 forecast of re-designing, re-branding and UN-trapping hidden talent in Milwaukee that are the CORE CONSTITUENTS.  MPA LLC extends to the soil, dirt, earth, water, beauty, healthcare, and its growth and non-growth in lifestyle in the neighborhoods and MPA LLC fingerprint in Vision 2050.

                *  *  *  *

Agriculture - the science or practice of farming, including cultivation of the soil for the growing of crops and the rearing of animals to provide food, wool, and other products.

Horticulturethe art or practice of garden cultivation and management.

Floriculture - the cultivation of flowers - flowering plants, especially for ornamental purposes - flower farming, is a discipline of horticulture concerned with the cultivation of flowering and ornamental plants for gardens and for floristry, comprising the floral industry.

Arborculture the cultivation of trees and shrubs.

Farmingthe activity or business of growing crops and raising livestock.

Gardeningthe activity of tending and cultivating a garden, especially as a pastime.

February 28, 2016

Friday, February 26, 2016

ONLY Candidates that Re-define, Re-brand and UN-TRAP CORE CONSTITUENTS Need Apply

l-r:  Bob Donovan and Tom Barrett - Candidates for Mayor of Milwaukee 2016-2020
February 26, 2016
On February 16, 2016,  two (2) candidates emerged the winner for the next Election on April 5, 2016 to become Mayor of Milwaukee.

They are:  Thomas Mark "Tom" Barrett and Robert "Bob" Donovon.  Bob Donovan is the challenger and Tom Barrett is the incumbent.  Both men have been in City Hall of Milwaukee for at least 12 years.  They both come with "toxic undesirables" as for as the CORE CONSTITUENTS.

CORE CONSTITUENTS - are African American, other People of Color and Work Challenged residential and commercial stakeholders that live-in and make-up the majority of the population of the urban city of Milwaukee.  They are the ones that own the position of  ELECTORATE at the top of the Organization Chart.

However, the CORE CONSTITUENTS have been ROBBED continuously of their personal. individual and joint assets, resources, and fiscal benefits.  The robbery is so widespread and deleterious with NO signs of due diligence, leadership for the People, INFRASTRUCTURAL growth for the People, quality of life (education-Information Technology, employment-gainful, lifestyle affordable housing, linked medical resources for Urban health care, health food grocers, linked and viable transit, and economic development in growth of the fiscal structure).

CORE CONSTITUENTS have been treated as "Outliers" of their city coffers.  They by federal law and policies bring MEGA funds; but, the funds are by local elected officials - mayor and common council, take the funds and spend it on pet projects, to pay off election supporters, corporations, and cronies.

It is not an accident that we continue to have RELATED risky behavior by CORE CONSTITUENTS that do not see quality of life and economic development but see economic wherewithal in drug trade as a viable economy option - risky behavior that is fueled by denied access,  denied civil rights and privileges.  

It is not an accident that we continue to have police enforcement to "attack" the victims who for whatever reason - involved and not involved - bear the blame of collateral damage of profiling and disrespect when addressing regular day-to-day policing within the confinements of Milwaukee.

It is important to note that Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC PEOPLES' Tribunal of Milwaukee is the 20-month People's version of Pattern & Practices of behavior of Milwaukee Police that span the administration of Harold Brier - Police Chief to Edward Flynn - Police Chief for sharing with the US Department of Justice and Library of Congress.

It is not an accident that the LACK OF RESPECT is displayed by police, corporation leaders, cronies, non-profit organizations, namesake leaders of the neighborhoods - clergy-education-attorneys-judges leaders, other counties and local media when it comes to reporting, double-triple standards, access, equity, broad-brushing negative statements, and INCLUSION of CORE CONSTITUENTS when the Chief Executive Officer of the City of Milwaukee and the Common Council conduct the People's business as Thomas Barrett and Robert Donovan has done in the last 12 years.

It is important to note that the lion's share of the blame is on the policies and procedures "Let" by Thomas Barrett and Bob Donovan.  Their in-your-face disrespect, discrimination, lack of due diligence and constant disenfranchisement by suspect cabinet departments heads, the city clerk office, treasurer, city attorney, comptroller, other city staff and/or volunteers for authorities-committees-boards.

Season for Review - ELECTION 2016
Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC - MPA Candidates Caucus Network seeks outreach at this time to the two mayoral candidates during the Weeks of March.  We seek transparency and accountability of the appointed department heads, Fire and Police Commission, MEDC Board, MEDC Operation, city clerk, oversight for Milwaukee 7 and committee record of the Common Council.

We seek a COMPETITIVE RACE and will do our part to tweak each candidate for due diligence.

Monday, February 22, 2016

CNBC SQUAWK BOX with Matthew Belvedere & Peter Schacknow - SEPTEMBER 22, 2016

U.S. stock futures as well as markets in Europe and Asia were sharply upthis morning, as oil prices bounced back. The Dow and S&P 500 could turn positive for February — provided they're able to post the kind of gains indicated in premarket trading. (CNBC)

U.S. oil prices were higher this morning, recovering nearly all of Friday'snearly 3.7 percent decline, as the overall rig count among American producers continued to drop. (Reuters) 

The U.S. will lead the world in oil production increases by 2021, in spite of taking the "biggest hit for now," the International Energy Agency said this morning. (CNBC) 

Gasoline prices continued to decline, falling 5 cents in the past two weeks to around $1.77 per gallon, the l owest level in more than seven years, according to the latest Lundberg survey. 

The British pound plummeted the most in six years this morning, after the mayor of London came out in support of a so-called Brexit ahead of June's referendum. (USA Today) 

Meanwhile, the CEOs of about half of the UK's 100 biggest companiesare expected to sign a letter backing Prime Minister David Cameron's fightto keep Britain in the EU. (FT) 

Stocks in Asia finished mostly higher, with Chinese and Japaneseextending last week's advance . China's Shanghai composite gained nearly 2.4 percent overnight, while Japan's Nikkei added almost 1 percent. (CNBC) 

After months of market volatility and quickly retracted circuit breakers that closed Chinese stock trading twice at the beginning of the year, China's top securities regulator finally got the boot over the weekend. (CNBC) 

In the government's attempt to force Apple (AAPL) to help unlock the iPhone of one of the San Bernardino shooters, FBI Director James Comey said vital decisions involving safety from terrorists should not be left in the hands of corporations. (NBC News) 

Meanwhile, Apple CEO Tim Cook and the FBI's Comey have been asked to testify on the encryption controversy before a House panel. No date has been set for the proposed hearing. (NY Times) 

Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton both head intothis week's nominating contests with two out of three wins. With the exit of Jeb Bush over the weekend the GOP field race appears to be a four-candidate race. (CNBC) 

Lumber Liquidators (LL) shares were set for their worst day in six monthstoday, after a revised regulatory report found that wood flooring carries a higher cancer risk. (CNBC)

Bank of America (BAC) is set to roll out a new type of mortgage today to allow for down-payments of as little as 3 percent, in what would represent an end run around of a government agency that punished the bank for making errors on similar loans. (WSJ) 

HSBC (HSBC) today reported full-year earnings that missed expectations. The bank also sees a bumpy financial environment ahead, as it deals with volatile markets, ongoing cost-cutting efforts, and leadership uncertainties. (CNBC) 

Tuesday, February 16, 2016


February 16, 2016
Go get it. Make your MARK against the "rigged" city hall that has set you back repeatedly with resolutions, partnerships with cronyism, paying off those who support their political agenda, legislators who walk lock-step in discrimination and disenfranchisement, pretending that putting a STREETCAR downtown for Developer Rick Barrett (Couture and Moderne) and tourists are best for those who are the CORE CONSTITUENTS, even though they aren't included in the design - THOSE THAT BROUGHT THE NBA BUCK MEGA GREED DEAL TO MILWAUKEE FOR billionaires to get carte blanche take-over of your city coffers and use Peter Feign, Bucks President, to schmooze YOU with Bucks caps and other garb, tickets for marketing, and African-American and young players that are at the pleasure of the BUCKS billionaires and Feign? Do you see YOU - or Caucasian Millennials with employment? What is up with Carla Cross and Lafayette Crump token lead position to continue RIGGING the system and to HOODWINK you? Check the gauge. Where are you in the mega constructions, developments, EB-5 PROJECTS, housing lifestyles, career development approaches tied to self-sustainability, internships, apprenticeship, partnerships, building capacity and collaborations OF MERIT?  Are YOU at the table of decision- making from the JUMP-OFF to finish? Where are you at the SAFE and SOUND administration and the WHO'S WHO board? Where are you in Vision 2050? Where are you with Century City? Where are you at the Neighborhood Strategic Planning and BID/Business Improvement Districts? Where are you in and on the 30th Street Corridor? What employment do you share in the City Police Department in Administration and management? Where are you on the WHO'S WHO boards-commissions-authorities that make policies and procedures on behalf of you? Where are you at the table of MEDC/Milwaukee Economic Development Corporation?  Why is Timothy Sheehy, Julie Penman and long-timers like Fred Lubar at the table of MEDC Board of Directors? Why does the city of Milwaukee have Gale Klappa (We Energies) - Milwaukee 7 and other Caucasian-only folk connected to the city of  Where are you in the administration and operation of the courts - judicial system? Milwaukee County Transit Department? Department of Aging? Department of City Development? Department of Public Works? Workforce Development and Neighborhood Services? Real Estate? Water Works? Freshwater Science? Bader Schools? Lubar School? School of Architecture and Engineering? Department of Library Science? Aurora, Johnson Control, Northwestern Mutual, Miller Coors, Marcus, Mandel, Gorman, CG Schmidt, Marquette University? We need a change BORN FREES & MILLENNIALS. Help make it happen. Today is a day to start. VOTE FOR JAMES METHU-Mayor, ANDREW SHAW-District 4, MAJUNGARAY WATTS-District 6 AND RANDY JONES-District 7 - The NEW BREED.
Updated:  February 17, 2016

VOTING DAY 1 - February 16, 2016 - The NEW BREED in the City of Milwaukee

L-R:  Candidate Randy Jones, Candidate Majungaray Watts, Candidate Methu and
Candidate Andrew Shaw
February 16, 2016
URBAN City Milwaukee | ELECTION PRIMARYVOTING DAY 1 - February 16, 2016

- Candidate JAMES METHU - Mayor
- Candidate ANDREW SHAW - District 4
- Candidate MAJUNGARAY WATTS - District 6
- Candidate RANDY JONES - District 7
For those who did not VOTE early, GO. GO. GO to your place of vote TODAY - "VOTE" the above ticket. 

They are the NEW BREED. They are your transparent and accountable city executive and legislators ticket for the city of Milwaukee.

NOW is the time for YOU to stand up and REMOVE the "rigged" system in Milwaukee.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

PEOPLES' Tribunal - Creating the GO-TO Teams for Subject Matter

February 9, 2016
URBAN CITY Milwaukee | Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC speaks of GO-TO-Teams for Subject Matter distillment.  It is the first team that came together for the purpose of providing support and input for the PEOPLES' Tribunal of Milwaukee probe/PTOM.

PTOM is a paradigm shift and process created and led by Mary Glass, Chair/Chief Visionary Officer, Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC, with reports over 20-months to show "patterns and practices" of behavior that identify discrimination, lack of due process, disenfranchisement, damage and death of African American, other People of Color and the Work Challenged.  It is let the chips fall where they may and share through research - fact-finding, discovery - relevant information, and data sources.

On Friday, January 22, 2016, Center Street Library, 2727 W. Center, small conference room, ten (10) citizens came together to witness and document the visit of  the US DOJ COPS probe.  The US DOJ representative, Don Fanchier or any other DOJ representative were absent.

The first meeting was with the representative from Hillard Heintze was Robert Boehner.

The PTOM representatives were:
Glass, Mary - Chief Visionary Officer - MPA LLC
Ivy, Jackie Clark - Candidate District 2
Jones, Randy - Candidate District 7
Kauper, Richard - DS/District Strategist - Amazing Architecture and Great Gardens
Mosley Auriea - DS/District Strategist
Newsom, Candy - DS/District Strategist
Powell, Dawn - District Strategist & Owner, Dawn to Dusk Forever Garden Group LLC
Price, Deon - Entrepreneur and Photographer
Sprewer, Barbara - Family member killed by Milwaukee Police

Watts, Majungaray - Candidate District 6

Let's get busy.

Monday, February 8, 2016

MPA Candidates Caucus Network Welcomes New Member - Candidate Marcus Hart, Senator District 6

February 8, 2016

Milwaukee - Today, Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC announced a NEW member of MPA Candidates Caucus Network, Candidate Marcus Hart, for Senator District 6.

"We WELCOME Candidate Marcus Hart to the 2016 Voting arena and we look forward to providing our brand of support and coaching," said Mary Glass, Chair/Chief Visionary Officer, MPA LLC

Primary Election - August 9, 2016
General Election - November 8, 2016

Friday, February 5, 2016


February 5, 2016
MILWAUKEE - The Spring Election went into HIGH gear on February 1, 2016.  It is the COUNT-DOWN  for the first election - Tuesday, February 16, 2016.  

The three (3) branches of government have candidates running for seats.

Focus:  Re-defining, Re-branding and Un-trapping Milwaukeeans of Concentrated Poverty – replacing it with a BOTTOM-UP Recovery for a NEW Working Class.

Setting the stage
On Groundhog Day, the folklore calls for a forecast of the weather.
Today, MPA LLC is taking a look at Accountability, the use of funding and the importance of Respect and INCLUSIVENESS for the CORE CONSTITUENTS of Milwaukee - African American, other People of Color and the Work Challenged voters taking a look at the INCUMBENTS. 

Work Challenged VOTERS are:
  • un-, under-employed
  • un-under-skilled; 
  • retirees;
  • disabled; 
  • re-entry 
    • those from INCARCERATION (identity of Misdeamenor)
    • those from INCARCERATION (identity of Felony - out of incarceration, OFF supervision - probation and parole) 

Rule I
If an Incumbent - Has this candidate led in representing the interest of quality of life and economic development at the census tract and neighborhood level; and, has he/she made communication of proof to the VOTERS "incrementally" the last 4 years?

Rule II
If an Incumbent - Has he/she represented the VOTER in improving economics in the neighborhood to match their vote to spend money for economics downtown?

Rule III
If an Incumbent - Did he/she VOTE and/or sign-OFF for the following groups and projects that do NOT and have NOT shown address for EMPOWERMENT issues AND tax resources of Milwaukeeans (city coffers/federal funds/Tax Increment Districts/TID/EB-VISA) - African-American, other People of Color and Work Challenged in the neighborhoods.  The mega dollar projects are:
  • NBA Bucks Mega Greed Deal - Herb Kohl, Wesley Eden, Mark Lasry, & Peter Feign
  • Northwestern Mutual Insurance - Sandy Botcher
  • Streetcar Project - Ghassan Korban, DPW Commissioner  
  • Couture and Moderne Development - Rick Barrett
  • J. H. Findorff & Son & Rinka Chung Architecture
  • M A Mortenson - Alicia Dupies (moved to Bucks project - Community Relations)
  • Wisconsin Center District*
  • Other downtown and corporate WHO'S WHO developments - Aurora, BC Management (Lenny Chu), BMO, CG Schmidt, CHASE, GMC, Gorman, Harley Davidson, Helen Bader School of Social Work, Johnson Control, Joseph Zilber School of Health, Lakefront, Mandel, Manpower, Marcus Group, Marquette, Medical College of Wisconsin, Miller Coors, Milwaukee 7, MMAC, Milwaukee Library, Mortenson, PABST Brewery - Blue Ribbon Management and Eleven 25 @ Pabst, Penfeld School, Potawatomi, Roundy's, TRI-CITY, UW-M Lubar, UW-M CAROLYN ESSWEIN, UW-M School of Fresh Water, Water Council,  WE Energies, and trade unions
Milwaukee County Executive (Chris Abele), City of Milwaukee Mayor (Tom Barrett)  and City of Milwaukee Common Council President (Michael Murphy), Scott Neitzel, Wisconsin Secretary of Administration, Chairman, Jason Allen, Foley & Lardner, Representative Peter Barca, Wisconsin State Assembly Minority Leader, Alderman Robert Bauman, City of Milwaukee, Joel Brennan, Discovery World, Alderwoman Milele Coggs, City of Milwaukee, Mayor Kathy Ehley, City of Wauwatosa, Senator Scott Fitzgerald, Wisconsin State Senate Majority Leader,  James C. Kaminski, Kaminski Consultants, James Kanter, MillerCoors, Rebeca Lopez, Godfrey & Kahn, Stephen H. Marcus, Marcus Corporation,  Martin Matson, City of Milwaukee Comptroller, City of Milwaukee Common Council President, Jeff Sherman, OnMilwaukee.com, Senator Jennifer Shilling, Wisconsin State Senate Minority Leader, Representative Robin Vos, Wisconsin State Assembly Speaker, Russell Staerkel, President & CEO

If an Incumbent - Did he/she VOTE for the following projects that did NOT show respect for the issues AND resources of African-American, other People of Color and Work Challenged WITHIN the neighborhoods.  They are:
  • 30th Street Corridor  - Kein Burton and Behji Timm (DCD)
  • Blue Ribbon Management - Michael Kelly, Thomas Gehl, Jackie Higgins, MEDC & EB5
  • Bublr Project - Bruce Keys, Barry Mainwood and Board
  • Business Improvement DISTRICT 10 - Keith Stanley, Ald. Bob Bauman, Ald./Common Council President Michael Murphy,  and Board
  • Business Improvement DISTRICT 32 -  Jacqueline WardKarl Tatum, Sharon Adams, John Mullarky, JoAnn Harris, and Sue Eick
  • Century City - David Weiss & Michael Weiss
  • COA Riverwest & COA Goldin - Thomas Schneider
  • Fix Development - Julie Kaufmann
  • Irgens Development - Mark Irgens
  • Johnson Controls - 
  • Kilber Famiy Foundation - Susan Lloyd and Board 
  • Legacy Redevelopment Corporation - Sally Peltz and Board
  • Milwaukee Library Developments - Paula Kiely, City Librarian & Board
  • Milwaukee Mall - Lenny Chu & Partners
  • Penfield - Jason Parry & Board
  • Projects with Sharon Adams - Commons on North - Fix Development (Juli Kauffman) & Kilber Family Foundation (Susan Lloyd), Lindsay Heights, Fond du Lac Park, Strong Neighborhoods of Milwaukee - Fix Development
  • Safe & Sound - Kimberly Kane and Board
  • St. Ann's Center - Sister Edna Lonergan - Amani Neighborhood
  • UW-M Architecture and Urban Planning - Carolyn Wessein & Chancellor Mark Mone
  • UW-M Helen Bader School of Social Work - Dean Stan Stojkovic
  • UW-M Lubar School of Business - Dean V. Kanti Prasad
  • Wisconsin Women Business Initiative - Wendy Baumann
Rule IV
If an Incumbent - Has this candidate led in representing the interest of quality of life and economic development at the census tract and neighborhood level and has he/she made COMMUNICATION (transparent and accountable, accessible, returned calls, attended forums) proof to the voter?