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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving - Remembering and Sharing

November 26, 2015

Today is special - Are you sharing?

The Family of Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC wishes you good and great cheer.

Mary Glass - Chief Visionary Officer

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

THE NEW BREED - 6 Unique Candidates for Election 2016

November 25, 2015

Hi Everybody!
Mary Glass, Chief Visionary Officer, Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC here.
I am pleased to announce that we have 6 serious and Innovative Candidates for the 2016 Election at this time and members of the NEW BREED Collaboratory that MPA Candidates Caucus Network manages. We welcome candidates with an Agenda of Change, Reform; and, WE CAN Aspiration and HOPE for the People of Milwaukee. MPA Candidates Caucus Network offers OPTICS in addition to steps for leadership and stewardship. We require Due Diligence commitment to Respect-TRUST-Oath of Office.
The Candidates are:
- Attorney VERONA SWANIGAN – Milwaukee County District Attorney
They are each working on their UNIQUE campaign plan to bring representation that is RESPECTFUL of the Electorate, RESPECTFUL of the People's assets, and committed to the Oath of Office.

For example:

JAMES METHU for Mayor has just released two YouTube videos that tell you about his passions for making Milwaukee INCLUSIVE and poised for Infrastructure growth.

JACKIE CLARK IVY - District 2 is moving to the second stage of her "GET-OUT TO VOTE campaign in her district at MIDTOWN - Old Lowe's Company, across from Walmart on this BLACK FRIDAY, November 27, 2015 (10am - 1pm).
On Saturday, November 28, 2015, 10am - 1:00pm, Join her and others for PUMP-UP the Vote at the Gas Service station on the corner of 60th & Villard - Southeast corner.
Candidate Andrew Shaw - Park East
Attorney ANDREW SHAW - District 4 is busy promoting his $BILLION and 80-20 Voting Campaign to empower the many that are in District 4 that he meets daily through walking the neighborhoods of District 4, while servicing clients of his law office practice. He has Youtube video of his campaign.
MAJUNGARAY WATTS - District 6, our latest Candidate Member is an example of the BRIGHT TALENT - a wife, mother of two, and grad student that GETS, "It is Time". As a matter of fact, "It is Time" - is her slogan.

RANDY JONES - District 7, has just completed his 1st priority of his campaign plan - He knocked on each of the 3,200 voters doors from the primary. You will see him more and more to increase his NAME RECOGNITION by sharing what he wishes to bring to District 7 in focus groups, chats, fundraisers, and forums.
ATTORNEY VERONA SWANIGAN - Milwaukee County District Attorney, has signed on with MPA Candidates Caucus Network for sharing information related to her candidacy - A 19-20 Municipalities visit to address: #1 Prosecutor Duty, John Doe law, Victims of Violence, and Violent Crimes & Sex Offenders. Attorney Swanigan's saying is: "One less Victim, One less Crime".
We see this as so important to providing Informed Decision-Making about our county DA system and why she wishes to be the next Milwaukee County District Attorney.
We have about 82 days before February 16, 2016 for those running in the city of Milwaukee. We will see you on the Trail. When you see us. JOIN US. Say Hello. Support us.
Are you running for office and wish to join us as a member? You can pay membership fee with the credit card, debit card or PayPal icons under the banner at the top of the page.
You can see this by CLICK - Go to: 
MPA Candidates Caucus Network builds capacity with TRAINING & Engagements

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

WISCONSIN VOTER ID - BRING IT TO THE BALLOT - Polling Place Procedures & What to Expect

November 24, 2015

Review this video more than ONCE.
Share the information with FAMILY and FRIENDS.

By all means, make sure your ID is appropriate.

First two dates of Voting in 2016

  • February 16, 2016
  • April 5, 2016

Monday, November 23, 2015

Candidate RANDY JONES - 7th District Milwaukee - DEDICATED, 3,200 doors

Randy & Outreach Team

MILWAUKEE - Congratulations to Candidate Randy Jones, 3200 visits to his constituents in the 7th District.  Randy is a member of the NEW Breed of Candidates committed to RESPECTING the People, their assets and providing leadership that will energize the Infrastructure of the City of Milwaukee.
7th District - Candidate Randy Jones is one of 4 Candidates for the 7th District.  He is the first to Register on April 14, 2015.

4/14/2015 Randy Jones 
4/30/2015 David Crowley 
5/22/2015 Temeka M. Williams 
10/6/2015 Willie C. Wade 

It is important to note that two (2) key dates have come and passed in CANDIDATE RANDY JONES "dedication" to his commitment to WINNING the Vote of the 7th District voters. 

RANDY JONES for Alderman 17th District

The two timeframes are:
  • Friday, November 13, 2015 - Announcement of completing3000 visits to the home of Voters of the Primary vote in his district per Election Commission.
    • This announcement was given during Randy's successful MEET-N-GREET event on November 13, 2015, at Mr. J's Jazz Club, a prominent business of the 7th district.
  • Thursday, November 19, 2015, 11:41 am, Randy completed the remaining 200 visits to  the home of Voters on his list.
    • April - November 19, 2015 has been the outreach for Candidate Randy Jones to the Primary list voters. 
    • Much has been learned about his voters, what they are concerned about and what they are not satisfied with.
    • During the same time, he reached out to voters in his district that were not on the list.
    • During this time, he saw firsthand conditions he will address once he is elected Alderman of the 7th District.

L-R:  Earl Ingram & Randy Jones

He was recently Endorsed by Earl Ingram, Jr.:
"I am endorsing Randy Jones for Alderman to represent my district - the 7th District.  Randy has dedicated his life to helping others  overcome obstacles in their life to succeed just as he has.  He will serve people in this district!"

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Today's Calendar - November 19, 2015

Click to Enlarge
MILWAUKEE - For Your Information
  • FRESH COAST CLASSIC - UW-Milwaukee, 2200 E. Kenwood, 8:30am - 3:30pm
    • All Day event with students from MPS and Wauwatosa schools
The Fresh Coast Classic College & Resource Fair gives high school students an opportunity to explore Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU's) and other colleges around the country. Students will also get a chance to attend breakout sessions throughout the day.  Breakout sessions topics include (but are not limited to): information on how to obtain scholarship money, FAFSA completion and NCAA athletic eligibility at the college level.  Information on apprenticeships, technical schools and careers in the military are discussed as well.
    • The Fresh Coast Classic began in 2007, and since then has become more than just a basketball tournament. People travel from around the world to experience this classic. Running Rebels, a Milwaukee community organization, wanted to find a way to get youth interested in things other than what they would see going on daily in their neighborhoods and provide access to college and career pathways. This event exposes Milwaukee area students to many educational opportunities available at HBCU's as well as colleges in Wisconsin and surrounding states and promises to be a great, family fun-filled weekend of events!

  • VISION 2050 , Workshop #4 - War Memorial, 
Reminder: seeking input on future land use and transportation!  
  • What is your vision of future land use and transportation in Southeastern Wisconsin?  The Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission (SEWRPC) staff has prepared three alternative visions of future regional land use and transportation and is seeking your feedback about them at seven interactive VISION 2050 public workshops from November 9-19 in Kenosha, Milwaukee, Ozaukee, Racine, Walworth, Washington, and Waukesha Counties. Information about the VISION 2050 workshops, registration, and the alternatives is available at www.vision2050sewis.org. Each workshop will include the same information and materials.

    The alternatives are the focus of the fourth planning stage in the development of the VISION 2050 long-range regional land use and transportation plan. Whether or not you attended a previous workshop for the first three stages, we want to see you in November!

    At the VISION 2050 workshops, you will be able to compare a “Trend” projection of the future under recent land use and transportation trends to two alternative plans. Your feedback will help Commission staff prepare a preliminary recommended plan to be presented next spring. The workshops will include materials, interactive discussions, and options for providing feedback about the alternatives.

    Please register to attend a workshop in advance, and kindly forward this email, download and distribute the VISION 2050workshop flyer, and/or ask us to create a workshop announcement jpg for your website or newsletter by emailing us atVISION2050@sewrpc.org. (When you share workshop information, please ask friends and colleagues to register for the workshops so that we have enough materials for everyone.)

    We look forward to seeing you at a VISION 2050 workshop!


The HUDDLE -  A group of individuals called upon to provide intelligence - ideas to solve problems strategically with defined ways.  They include: district strategists, candidates, parents, entrepreneurs, teachers, theologians, IT professionals, communication, artists, students, economists, clinicians, transportation advisors, historians, and activists.  We are to generate solutions to Enduring Coincentrated Poverty in Milwaukee city and county.
MPA Candidates Caucus Network help develop leaders with innovative thoughts tha ensure a change of IMAGE and Lifestyle with engagement.

November 19, 2015

Friday, November 13, 2015

B-R-E-A-K-I-N-G NEWS - MPA Candidates Caucus Network will host JOHN DOE Law Forums with DA Candidate Verona Swanigan

Click photo to Enlarge
CITY OF MILWAUKEE & COUNTY OF MILWAUKEE | November 13, 2015 | Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC continues to provide leadership and stewardship for the public square that is anchored in Informed Decision-Making that is Action-oriented.  

MPA Speakers' Bureau
"We have a new bill - JOHN DOE - led by the GOP bicameral in Madison, passed with a majority and signed by Scott Walker, Governor of Wisconsin.

The John Doe law allows prosecutors to force people to give testimony and turn over documents.

We have added Attorney Verona Swanigan, Candidate for District Attorney in Milwaukee County, to the list of participants of MPA LLC Speakers' Bureau and MPA Candidates Caucus Network for outreach to the public.  Attorney Swanigan will spotlight the John Doe law.  We are pleased to have Candidate Swanigan as a Speaker to offer her skills to the public she wants to serve as Milwaukee County DA.  MPA Candidates Caucus Network is to help vet candidates running for 2016 office and point to those candidates that RESPECT those they will serve and RESPECT their assets and resources. [ Mary Glass, MPA LLC, Chair/CEO/CVO].
On November 12, 2015, MPA LLC announced the NEW series of "information" sharing for the Voters in the 19 Municipalities, "The John Doe" Series.

We have selected 7 dates so far and the kick-off November 25, 2015.  Stay tuned for more specifics.

John Doe
 The bill recently signed into law by Scott Walker, Governor, would curtail the ability of district attorneys to use secret John Doe proceedings to investigate crimes ranging from misconduct in office to identity theft. Walker has been the subject of two high-profile investigations into alleged campaign violations committed by his staff as Milwaukee County Executive and during the 2012 recall elections. LEARN MORE

MPA Candidates Caucus Network has First SATURDAY TALK Focus Group w/Director Julietta Henry

Click photo to Enlarge
November 13, 2015
- Milwaukee CENTRAL Public Library, 814 W. Wisconsin, was the kick-off of MPA LLC SATURDAY TALK Focus Groups, town hall meetings and debates for Election 2016.

MPA LLC outreach and engagement is to provide Informed Decision-Making for Candidates running for office.  To help ensure that Voting 2016 is Voting Empowered.

The MPA CC Network Focus group vignette was on the relationship of Milwaukee County Election Commission to Voting 2016.  

The speaker was:  Director Julietta Henry - Milwaukee County Election Commission.  

The mission of the Milwaukee County Election Commission is to administer federal, state, and local elections in a manner that fosters public trust in the accuracy, efficiency and fairness of elections and develops public confidence in the democratic process.

Ms. Henry shared the focus of her office to the public.  Milwaukee County Election Commission services 19 municipalities in the county of Milwaukee.  They are:

 Village of Bayside

 Village of Brown Deer

 City of Cudahy

 Village of Fox Point

 City of Franklin

 City of Glendale

 City of Greenfield

 Village of Hales Corners

 City of Milwaukee

 City of Oak Creek

 Village of River Hills

 Village of Shorewood

 City of South Milwaukee

 City of St. Francis

 City of Wauwatosa

 City of West Allis

 Village of West Milwaukee

 Village of Whitefish Bay

Milwaukee County Election Commission is responsible for:

She also summarized sheets of the packet given to candidates, such as:  Registration Statement, Declaration of Candidacy, Statement of Economic Interest, and Nomination Paper.

Focus group 
  • ANDREW SHAW - Candidate for Alderman District 4
  • RANDY JONES    - Candidate for Alderman District 7 
  • JACKIE IVY         - Candidate for Alderman District 2
  • Rev. Bonnie Melvin - District Strategist - District 1
  • Dawn Powell - District Strategist - District 6

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

A BIG SHOUT-OUT to ALL the VETERANS Everywhere - November 11, 2015

November 11, 2015
Day of Remembering - VETERAN'S DAY

Today is the nation's opportunity to REMEMBER those that signed the Oath to protect the USA.  Women and Men who stepped forward and denied themselves of family, homeland, quality of life and economic development often for years and more than one tour of duty.

These are our heroes.

We must untiringly Call for and ensure that our VETS are front and center for quality of life issues - starting with front and center HEALTH CARE on-Demand. 

Go.  Go. Vets!

RANDI HUBATCH - Vets Place Central
Click photo to Enlarge
"Vets Place Central located at 34th & Wells is/has been an ACTION partner in VOLUNTEERISM for the People.  Kuu Wamubu is the VUCS/Veterans United for Community Services Director.  We recognize today his work and the work of his linking staff to ensure that our VETERANS that return for RE-ENTRY have a place they can come to and REGROUP for today's public square.  Thanks a Bunch Kuu! and the VUCS Family," said Mary Glass, Chair/CEO/Chief Visionary Officer, Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC.

Monday, November 9, 2015

MPA LLC NOVEMBER Tooling for 2016 Candidates and MPA District Strategists

November 9, 2015
CITY CENTER MILWAUKEE - November is TOOLING/MAINTENANCE/LOCKROOM care for MPA Candidates Caucus Network Collaboratory.  These are residential and commercial stakeholders of city of Milwaukee, county of Milwaukee and state candidates running for office in 2016 and Volunteers that have signed-on as MPA District Strategist.

District Strategists are 18 years and over.  They help PUMP-Up the vote by sharing valuable information for INFORMED DECISION-MAKING regarding the 50th Anniversary of the Voting Rights Act and Voting preparedness for massive turnout of voters.

Membership Info & Invitation
MPA Candidates Caucus Network was formed to cite, support and recognize 2016 Candidates that RESPECT their voters and the People as a whole for the city of Milwaukee and the county of Milwaukee.  Their platform and background are very important.

We WELCOME Trustworthy candidates who come on behalf of the People and to improve quality of life and economic development.  We are also "spot-on" with those who speak to discrimination and racism.

It is also to recognize the 50th Anniversary for the Voting Rights Act and how it applies to PUMP-Up the Vote.

To visit and share information for INFORMED DECISION-MAKING by the voter.


Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Directness - Moving the Needle to Character and Strength in the Public Square

Pass It On
November 4, 2015
MILWAUKEE - Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC continues to lead in the Action-oriented pursuit of excellence in providing the public square with an alternative and the natural PUSH for "Informed decision-making".  

Mary Glass, Chief Visionary Officer is known for her "directness".  In other words, she ask the pointed questions in accountability and transparency when seeking clarity and reasons for lack of due diligence in the marketplace by those in leadership.  
No one is exempt.

You will time-after-time hear Glass speak of research, fact-finding, and her hitting the floor running every day and the discovery of day-to-day disrespect by elected-appointed-hired-donor for hire government officials.

"I am direct in my questions but as a rule civil - I feel that each of us have a stewardship, leadership and citizenship responsibility in creating the necessary balance in our public square to keep the toxic wrongdoings from becoming status quo," said Glass.