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Monday, November 9, 2015

MPA LLC NOVEMBER Tooling for 2016 Candidates and MPA District Strategists

November 9, 2015
CITY CENTER MILWAUKEE - November is TOOLING/MAINTENANCE/LOCKROOM care for MPA Candidates Caucus Network Collaboratory.  These are residential and commercial stakeholders of city of Milwaukee, county of Milwaukee and state candidates running for office in 2016 and Volunteers that have signed-on as MPA District Strategist.

District Strategists are 18 years and over.  They help PUMP-Up the vote by sharing valuable information for INFORMED DECISION-MAKING regarding the 50th Anniversary of the Voting Rights Act and Voting preparedness for massive turnout of voters.

Membership Info & Invitation
MPA Candidates Caucus Network was formed to cite, support and recognize 2016 Candidates that RESPECT their voters and the People as a whole for the city of Milwaukee and the county of Milwaukee.  Their platform and background are very important.

We WELCOME Trustworthy candidates who come on behalf of the People and to improve quality of life and economic development.  We are also "spot-on" with those who speak to discrimination and racism.

It is also to recognize the 50th Anniversary for the Voting Rights Act and how it applies to PUMP-Up the Vote.

To visit and share information for INFORMED DECISION-MAKING by the voter.


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