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March 16, 2014
Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC is a privately-owned public policy and channel development business based in the city of Milwaukee.  It is a think tank that rigorously pursues the benefits of public policies relative to economic development and quality of life issues at the census tract and neighborhood level of Milwaukee.  

We works with LIKE-MINDS to carry out All Hands on Deck, WE CAN Infrastructural Initiative.  We collect data for strategic planning for land-use, use of resources, reporting to revenue sources, reporting to conveyors of huge government funding and to the People.

We conduct research for preparedness and calling attention to best practices and accountability for the eradication of barriers of the People, especially African American, other People of Color and Work Challenged from the pursuit of happiness governed by the U.S. Constitution.

MPA LLC has adopted the model of the Global Development Alliance to help identify risks, threats, weaknesses, at its census tract, neighborhood level and EB-5 international engagements for economic development in the city of Milwaukee.   It is to look at specific enhancement of co-locations, co-designing, co-managing, and co-funding and rewards earmarked and shared with African American, other People of Color and Work Challenged.

To identify breaches of rules and regulations that is unlawful and criminal.

Some specifics of LIKE-MINDS are:
*   A self-imposed and PEOPLE-CENTERED think tank for resolution of issues and creating the innovative opportunity for re-defining, re-branding and UN-trapping census tract and neighborhood hidden talent and vetted businesses.

*   Building blocks of a MUST-HAVE  open and inclusive-concept that honor entrepreneurship, fellowship, ownership, citizenship, scholarship, apprenticeship, partnership, and stewardship.

*   Recognize and provide solutions for 7-deadly wrongs – cronyism, forked-tongue, bait-n- switch, exploitation, discrimination, fraud, and CONFLICT of INTEREST.

*   Shun DISRESPECT, fragmentation, misrepresentations, monopoly-oligopoly-proxy control in Milwaukee, bait-n-switch, Willie Lynching and Jim Crowing.

*   Expose the truth while clearing the air of cronyism, forked-tongues, exploitation, and discrimination.

*   Seek the good and Oath of office a representative, in spite of cover-ups and SWAY by wrongdoing.

*   Expose FRAUD in individual and group representatives that receive government funding.

*   Creating Feng-shui and Yin-Yang approach to expanded growth.

*   See what is and get it done – clerk, scribe-writer, and producer.

*   DEMAND immunities and protection of the U.S. Constitution.

*   Not waiting for permission but will set the Mission.

*   Get to ACTION, not rhetoric and SCAM.

*   Post organizations and ratings.

*   Call for Mission to match efforts.

*   Have a Call-for-Success.

*   Respect self and others.

*  Tell it like it is.
District-to-District Evaluation of vendors, organizations, businesses and government agencies, March 17 - March 31, 2014
Updated March 17, 2014

We "BLOW the Whistle Horn" of warning and due diligence for:
  • citizenship
  • ownership
  • partnership
  • apprenticeship
  • entrepreneurship
  • mentorship
  • fellowship
  • scholarship
  • leadership
Thereby, keeping the pathways and channel development open to those shut-out or on-the-way to "shut-out" in the public square.

Updated:  Wednesday, June 11, 2014

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