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Thursday, July 30, 2015

"I Don’t Believe Sandy Committed Suicide": #BlackLivesMatter Co-Founders Speak Out on Sandra Bland

Alicia Garza, co-founder of Black Lives Matter and special projects director for the National Domestic Workers Alliance.
Patrisse Cullors, co-founder of Black Lives Matter, director of Truth and Reinvestment at the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights, and founder of Dignity and Power Now, a grassroots organization in Los Angeles fighting for the dignity and power of incarcerated people and their families.
Opal Tometi, co-founder of Black Lives Matter and executive director of the Black Alliance for Just Immigration.
LEARN MORE - Full Video

Published on Jul 24, 2015
http://democracynow.org - As a Movement for Black Lives Convening is set to take place this weekend in Cleveland, we discuss the case of Sandra Bland and many others who have died in the custody of law enforcement with the three founders of the Black Lives Matter movement. Patrisse Cullors is the director of Truth and Reinvestment at the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights in Oakland, California, and the founder of Dignity and Power Now, a grassroots organization in Los Angeles fighting for the dignity and power of incarcerated people and their families. Alicia Garza is special projects director for the National Domestic Workers Alliance. And Opal Tometi is executive director of the Black Alliance for Just Immigration.

Democracy Now! is an independent global news hour that airs weekdays on 1,300+ TV and radio stations Monday through Friday. Watch our livestream 8-9am ET: http://democracynow.org

Monday, July 27, 2015

SATURDAY TALK - Follow the Money is On-the-Road - Reason for Investment must match RETURN on INVESTMENT

City Center Milwaukee | DAY 260 SATURDAY TALK, Follow the Money monthly meeting was ON-THE-ROAD at East Library, 2340 N. Cramer.  

SATURDAY TALK was followed by Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC On-the-Road 3rd Press Conference.  It was held at 1:00pm, on the sidewalk of North Avenue and Cramer Street, outside of the East Library, 2340 N. Cramer.

Cheaper to Keep Them
The press conference addressed the June 4, 2015 "runaway train" powered by Scott Walker - Governor, GOP State representatives, Chris Abele - County Executive, Tom Barrett - Mayor, Wes Edens, Marc Larsy (NBA Bucks owners), Herb Kohl (NBA Bucks limo owner), Adam Silver (NBA Commissioner), developers, investors and NBA Bucks staff.

Citizen Oversight
Citizen Oversight and Wake-Up Call for NBA Milwaukee Bucks Projects is another All Hands on Deck, We Can Action Item.  

The volunteer group consists of interested and action-oriented individuals "who get it". 

The deal on the table is a 30-year incarceration of Milwaukeeans and their city coffers.  It is a fleecing of the assets.  It is "Involuntary Servitude" - a  violation of 14th Amendment.

If the deal proposed does not provide Reasons for Investment that match Return on Investment authorized by the People with MOU/Memorandum of Understanding specificity in quality  of life (gainful employment, affordable housing, safety matters, information technology attainment, education attainment, health care and wellness, business/ entrepreneurial partnerships) and majority economic development with the fingerprint of the Milwaukee population, NO DEAL.

A campaign on the lop-sided deal that has been pushed and are being forced down the throats of Milwaukeeans.  

Our elected officials are "SPEEDING" much too fast. 

COWU-NBA Milwaukee Bucks Projects
The  group is at the forefront of information shared for decision-making.  It will seek the third branch of government (judicial), federal oversight departments and the U.S. Department of Justice to ensure that this public policy NOT WANTED by the taxpayers of majority - African American, other People of Color and the Work Challenged.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

GLASS featured in Groups effort to SLOW DOWN legislators for due diligence

Groups use social media to put pressure on Assembly members over Bucks arena

July 24, 2015

Kent Wainscott's report on efforts of outreach for to influence of the elected representatives spoke of the Save the Bucks effort where he spoke with Paul Henning - Save the Bucks and Mary Glass - Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC.

“We've been asking them to make a lot of phone calls and to tell their family and friends, and there is a little bit of burnout, so we're trying to keep the iron hot right now,” Henning said.

The lobbying efforts, on both sides will kick into high gear on Monday, 24 hours before the Assembly is scheduled to debate and vote on the arena deal.

 “You don't have to be so gung ho. Take your time. You're going to ask the people to pay for 30 years. You mean to tell you can't take a month or so to really do due diligence?” Glass said.

The rallying of MPA LLC is at SATURDAY TALK, East Library, 2340 N. Cramer, 10:30am - 12:30am; and, a Press Conference at:  1:00pm CT at the corner of North Avenue and Cramer, outside of East Library.


Friday, July 24, 2015

SATURDAY TALK On-the-Road with a BLAST @ East Library - July 25, 2015

R-Down:  Steve Adams - SEWRPC, Sherri Bond - Jabez Transportation & Residential, James Macon - Transit Local 998, Jackie Ivy - 2016 Candidate District 2
L-R Bottom:  Mary Glass - MPA LLC, James Methu - 2016 Candidate for Mayor, Andrew Shaw - 2016 Candidate District 4

Dr. Martin L. King said:
  • Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.
  • Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.
We will engage in a discussion that is specific to the taxpayers, 30-year commitment, leveraging benefits that are going untouched, opportunities going untouched, specific jewels of the city and county coffers that should be bargaining chips and the “INVOLUNTARY SERVITUDE” that is on the table.

Hear our panelists.  Steve Adams will give an update on SEWRPC's recent report on "A comparison of the Milwaukee Metropolitan Area to its Peers", Sherri Bond is the Business Highlight for the Month, James Mason, President Local 998 to give highlights of Strike and NBA Bucks Deal.

We have three (3) 2016 Candidates present to weigh in on the NBA Bucks Deal.

Mary Glass will give an overview of the position of the taxpayers and information about the Press Conference that follows this month's SATURDAY TALK.

Information from the audience is vital to what should be done the upcoming week or so with our elected officials – local, county, state and federal - to ensure that they are lobbying on behalf of the taxpayers of the city of Milwaukee and Milwaukee County.  That they are vetted with the sound bites of economic development that will empower the LEAST OF US – Those trapped in Enduring Concentrated Poverty.

  • SHERRI BOND - Executive Director, Jabez Transportation & Residential Living
  • JACKIE IVY - 2016 Candidate, District 2
  • JAMES MASON - Local Transit 998
  • JAMES METHU   – 2016 Candidate – Mayor
  • ANDREW SHAW – 2016 Candidate – District 4
  • Moderator – MARY GLASS, Chair, MPA LLC
A Press Conference is scheduled after SATURDAY TALK.

TIME:  10:30AM - 12:30PM
DO NOT MISS THIS thought-provoking forum of SATURDAY TALK.
Lite Refreshments.

TIME:  1:00PM
JOIN US in solidarity at the Press Conference

Wednesday, July 22, 2015


City of Milwaukee | DAY  255 | Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC had its first CALL to the Press event at the corner of 17th and Vilet Street, City of Milwaukee.


The Press Conference was at the edge of Dr. Martin L. King county park to recognize:

  • Dr. King's long legacy of justice and to highlight two of his quotes
    • Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.
    • Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.
  • Recognize the CATALYTIC importance of growth and infrastructure in the NBA Bucks Deal.
  • To recognize the homeless shelter down the street - Repairers of the Breach.
  • To recognize the well-known Welfare public assistance and public-dependent building on the corner of 12th & Vliet.
  • To recognize the public and private housing in the area.
Below are photos of the event.

Click photo to enlarge

Channel 12 was present the entire time with coverage.
Our coverage was pre-empted by the large storm and rain that came to our area.  
  • 2016 Candidate - Andrew Shaw - District 4
  • 2016 Candidate - James Methu - Mayor of Milwaukee
  • 2016 Candidate - Randy Jones - District 7
  • 2016 Candidate - Jackie Ivy - District 2
  • Brandon Methu - Business Professional
  • Sam Baker - VUCS Veteran
  • Leon Booker - VUCS Veteran
  • Randy Jones's Neice
  • Mary Glass - Chair, MPA LLC
Stay tune for our next Press Call.

CORE CONSTITUENTS disenfranchisement continues - BUBLR get primary funds from city coffers but leaves out People of Color population

Where are the CORE CONSTITUENTS of Color in this list below?  Note the ones "to be determined".  Would this happen if it was Caucasians in the reverse roles?

Milwaukeeans that represent Core Constituency of Color are repeatedly being "taxed without representation" and placed in ISOLATION status - thereby victimized with "less than" and disenfranchisement.  It is housing, recreation, entertainment, economic development, health and wellness, labor empowerment, public schools, transportation, real estate, naming rights, tax increment districting, budget extrapolations; i.e., BUBLR Bikes.

This is the same Jim Crow and involuntary servitude supposedly fought and passed as unlawful - Amendment 14.  

In order for safety matters and risky behavior of dismay to change, we must simultaneously and equally address the unlawful and criminal behavior of those in the executive, legislative and municipal branches.

The double-triple standard must go!

Lifestyle and Image improvement in People of Color neighborhoods IS always on a 2nd, 3rd and NO implementation.  Why?  These are the Milwaukee stakeholders with mega funds going for Streetcar fiasco, Couture extravagant project, NBA Bucks Cheaper to Keep Them deals, tax increment districts wild, transportation dollars to environment for NBA Bucks deal, FORCED 30-year involuntary servitude, WWBIC Micro-funding jumpstart and on and on but get enslaved, victimized and left out.

NO.  NO. NO!

Bike riding is NOT just for Caucasians and class-destinction sites, especially since the city of Milwaukee construct is 60% People of Color.  There is NO EXCUSE.

To change the necessary quality of life and economic development, People of Color must see the value of their tax dollars, their fingerprints on the mega funding they bring to this city and NOT after they have been "RAKED-OVER" by those elected-appointed-hired and donor for hire operated through city hall.

NOT on the job

It is this type of oversight and monitoring that is desired and asked for by our federal level oversight departments and the three individuals elected at the federal level for the Milwaukee districts.

We are looking "cross-eyed" at U. S. Congresswoman Gwen Moore, U. S. Senators Johnson and Baldwin lack of leadership and stewardship in the use of federal funds.  NO ONE IS EXEMPT.

However, we are documenting for 2016 RECALL of continued misuse of funds and misbehavior in office by Tom Barrett Mayor and the Common Council.  We also know that investigations take longer than desired but that it will come and NO ONE is EXEMPT. 

U.S. Justice Department & 8th District
In addition to each of the federal oversight and funding departments, we look to legal think tanks, advocates for justice, global media and the U.S. Justice Department to come front and center.

U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch
The U.S. Justice Department Attorney General Loretta Lynch has made a pledge to law enforcement and true investigation on her watch.  We expect nothing less.

The 8th District of the U.S. Justice Department is in transition but is expected to be on the JOB post haste to pursue the many concerns on the plate and NEW ones that lead to the local, county, school board and state level of government officials that have gone amuck. 

Recent investigations in Ferguson, Baltimore and other places reveal and unveil gross discriminations, lock-step wrong doing, mockeries of the electorate of Color and just plain disobeying of the law - entire city government and state prosecutors.

In Milwaukee and state of Wisconsin, we only have to look at the last mayor, past aldermen of the city, county executive recall and John Doe investigations (NOT OVER), state representatives, state governors and on and on.  There are those whose behavior is more and more being highlighted for improper behavior - more and more disclosures of misbehavior.  

During the run for President, present Governor of Wisconsin Scott Walker, the legislator who made his mark in Truth and Sentencing is in for a rude awaking.

WATCH THE FINGERPOINTING (potential lists of step downs, indictments) AND SHOCKS at the city, county and state level.


New Bike Station Locations

Stations listed by Station Name (Primary Street/Secondary Street) – Installation Year – Owner
  1. Bradford Beach (E. Water Tower Rd./N. Lincoln Memorial Dr.) – 2016 – City
  2. Humboldt/Commerce (N. Humboldt Ave./N. Commerce St.) – 2016 – City
  3. Water/Pleasant (E. Pleasant St./N. Water St.) – 2015 – City
  4. Pleasant/Commerce (N. Commerce St./E. Pleasant St.) – 2016 – City
  5. Lakefront Brewery (N. Commerce St./N. Holton St.) – 2015 – City
  6. Marsupial Bridge East (N. Water St./E. Pearson St.) – 2016 – City
  7. Brady/Prospect (N. Prospect Ave./E. Brady St) – N/A – Bublr
  8. Broadway/Knapp (N. Broadway/E. Knapp St.) – 2015 – City
  9. Ogden/Jackson (E. Ogden Ave./N. Jackson St.) – 2015 – City
  10. Cudahy Tower (N. Prospect Ave./N. Jackson St.) – 2016 – City
  11. Burns Commons (N. Prospect Ave./E. Ogden Ave.) – 2016 – City
  12. Ogden/Marshall (N. Marshall St./E. Ogden Ave.) – 2015 – City
  13. MIAD (E. Menomonee St./E. Erie St.) – 2016 – City
  14. Jefferson/Menomonee (N. Jefferson St./E. Menomonee St.) – 2015 – City
  15. S. 2nd/Freshwater (S. 2nd St./Freshwater Way) – 2016 – City
  16. S. 2nd/Washington (S. 2nd St./E. Washington St.) – 2015 – City
  17. S. 2nd/Virginia (W. Virginia St./S. 2nd St.) – 2016 – City
  18. S. 6th/Virginia (W. Virginia St./S. 6th St.) – 2016 – City
  19. Public Museum (W. Wells St./N. James Lovell St.) – 2016 – City
  20. MATC (W. State St./N. James Lovell St.) – 2016 – City
  21. Old World Third (W. Highland Ave./N. Old World Third St.) – 2016 – City
  22. Central Library (N. 8th St./W. Wisconsin Ave.) – 2016 – City
  23. Hillside Terrace (N. 6th St./W. Galena St.) – 2015 – City
  24. N. 6th/Reservoir (N. 6th St./W. Reservoir Ave.) – 2016 – City
  25. MLK Dr./Brown (W. Brown St./N. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Dr.) – 2016 – City
  26. Cambridge Commons (E. North Ave./N. Cambridge Ave.) – Fall 2015 – City/UWM
  27. Riverview – UWM (N. Commerce St./W. North Ave.) – Fall 2015 – UWM
  28. Kenilworth Square – UWM (N. Prospect Ave./E. Kenilworth Pl.) – Fall 2015 – UWM
  29. Sandburg Hall – UWM (N. Maryland Ave./E. Newport Ave.) – Fall 2015 – UWM
  30. UWM Student Union (N. Maryland Ave./E. Kenwood Ave.) – Fall 2015 – UWM
  31. Golda Meir Library – UWM (E. Hartford Ave.) – Fall 2015 – UWM
  32. Walker Square (W. Washington St./S. 9th St.) – 2016 – Bublr
  33. Cesar Chavez Dr. (Location still being determined) – 2016 – Bublr
  34. King Park (Location still being determined) – 2016 – Bublr
  35. North/Teutonia (Location still being determined) – 2016 – Bublr
Existing stations in blue, new stations in gray, proposed UWM stations in green.
Taken from Urban Milwaukee

KEEP UP WITH YOUR GOVERNMENT - City of Milwaukee Week July 19-25, 2015

City of Milwaukee Districts
CALENDAR - July19-25, 2015
The Electorate is asked to daily look at what is taking place in their city, how their money is being spent, who is spending the money, who is OK'ing the money to be spent and specifically what the 3 branches leadership is providing Milwaukeeans.

July 19 - July 25

Special Joint Committee on the Redevelopment of Abandoned and Foreclosed Homes

07-20-20159:00 AMCity Hall, Room 301-B

Business Improvement District Board No. 19

07-20-201512:00 PM3328 W. Villard Avenue

Public Information Meeting-Bike Share Program

07-20-20154:30 PMZeidler Municipal Building, 841 N. Broadway, Room 102 - Conference Room


07-21-20158:30 AMCity Hall, 3rd Floor, Common Council Chambers


07-21-20158:30 AMCity Hall, 3rd Floor, Common Council Chambers


07-21-20159:00 AMCity Hall, 3rd Floor, Common Council Chambers

Animal Hearing

07-21-20159:00 AMDepartment of Neighborhood Services, 4001 S. 6th Street, 3rd Floor

Business Improvement District Board No. 41

07-22-20158:00 AM2608 N. Downer Avenue, Cafe Hollander

Fire & Police Commission-Disciplinary Appeal Hearing

07-22-20158:30 AM809 N. Broadway, Room 111

Annuity & Pension Board Investment Committee

07-23-20159:00 AM789 North Water Street, Suite 300, Conference Room

Bronzeville Advisory Committee

07-23-20159:00 AMCity Hall, Room 303


07-23-201510:00 AMCity Hall, Room 301-B

Fire & Police Commission-Special

07-23-20155:00 PM809 N. Broadway, Room 111

Business Improvement District Board No. 8

07-24-201510:00 AM2745 N. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, Suite 206, Milwaukee, WI 53212
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