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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

What about INFRASTRUCTURE 101 did Mayor Tom Barrett miss?

Mayor Barrett missed Infrastructure 101
November 19, 2014
City Center Milwaukee | DAY 80 | On September 23, 2014, the mayor of Milwaukee submitted the $1.5 billion 2015 operating budget with 60% earmarked for police and fire.  He has asked the CORE CONSTITUENTS (Milwaukee population) to up the anti of taxes.

Alternate funding
Alternate funding streams are suggested by the Journal Sentinel Editorial Board and the Public Policy Forum, it is Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC view that until the CORE CONSTITUENTS have had an opportunity to weigh in and endorse such measures, it is NOT APPROPRIATE.

We start and end with the 2015 budget five (5) "strategic mission":
  1. To build safe and healthy neighborhoods.  
  2. Increase investment and economic vitality throughout the city.
  3. Improve workforce development and connect more citizens to family supporting jobs.
  4. Help children succeed, prepare for post-secondary education, and meet their full potential.
  5. Sustain Milwaukee natural environment assets.
What's in it for them?
Preliminary review shows that the budget is business-as-usual with NO input from the CORE CONSTITUENTS.  Input that specifically focus on - To build safe and healthy neighborhoods.

What he did not do is provide "focused" quality of life and economic development benefits that improved the status quo of the Core Constituents.  

Yes.  Mayor Barrett, provided "bells-and-whistle" stops that:
  • highlight more downtown and lakefront exhortation of new real estate by the wealthy and monopoly-oligopoly visitors to the city of Milwaukee coffers - however, these are business-as-usual add-ons that do nothing to show job stability from Day One to create and build use of in-the-city construction workers (link Workforce Development at North Avenue Commerce Center) per DWilson report of disparity in the city of Milwaukee.
  • Northwestern Mutual focus does nothing to garner decades of infrastructure for ongoing construction and employment of the laid-off, temporary, under-used and trained workforce of Urban city Milwaukee - It allows CG Schmidt and Gilbane Construction a healthy opportunity to add to their profile as primary contractors and continued exploitative takeover with NO REAL accountability for INFRASTRUCTURE growth leadership in the city of Milwaukee.
  • implement in the policies and underwriting a new colorful "bike" implementation embedded for coverage of downtown ONLY spots, with a lack of inclusiveness and DNA of the Core Constituents.
  • shows the NEW east side public library (public coffers and real estate developers - Are these the folk that sit around the MEDC board like Julie Penman DNA?).
  • the novel idea at Milwaukee Public Library KIOSK on 64th and Silver Spring - Barrett, Librarian Paula Kiely and Secretary-Executive Director Jose Perez would have been more credible with renovation of Center Street Library use of a site in the neighborhood with partnership to depict the urgency of Core Constituents having access and training of Information Technology - upgrade of the library sites with upper or lower floors that provide 24/7 opportunities to the internet given the high un-, under-employment, emerging and vetted business access to tools of the internet and the government -- The 64th Street KIOSK is another form of the 20th Century MPL services at the downtown library and connected to the drive thru.    
  • This is a "bell-and-whistle" claiming self-technology; related to DVDS and book checkout and delivery; however, African American, other People of Color and Work Challenged [Work Challenged represents un-, under-skilled; un-, under-employed; un-, under-financed neighborhood-level businesses; disabled; and re-entry. Re-entry represents those returning from WAR, INCARCERATION, boomerang employment, boomerang retirement and college-certificated graduates unemployed. ] Milwaukeeans are in need of "state-of-the-art" tools and Apps that directly impact the bottom line of their economic existence.
  • Given the concerns of the winter climate and safety intervention, a better option of inside use of the library with multi-functions so that both the mother and little girl are exposed to internet link to schools and school programs, medical care, nutrition, tutoring, vocational and post-secondary classes for adults.  Also, the real estate and library concept for a NEW housing at the HUD funded Milwaukee Housing Authority could be an option IF it started and stopped with members who live in the housing and community volunteers selected by the people to help administer and to maintain the library.
  • Barrett also has promised $25,000 to kick-start WWBIC - Wendy Baumann new mega venture, Microfunding, using Urban Milwaukee People of Color, women, etc. as the collateral.  This is a "NO" because again, it was not VETTED by the Core Constituents and do not have emerging and vetted businesses from-the-neighborhood (private) tied to the DNA (Field Partners, etc. of Kiva Crowdfunding project) for the planning, implementation, administration and coordination. Just WWBIC is BOGUS.  Mayor Barrett tried the backroom approach with Donna Raffaelli, Midwest Fiber Network, a female-owned business in Milwaukee for the 2005-2006 Milwaukee Wireless Initiative, a fiasco.  This is another city, the mayor and a Caucasian organization bringing in an outside entity withOUT the endorsement of those they wish to engage.   Not this time Mayor Barrett.
  • As far as the endless loop of slush funding of the city of Milwaukee Police Department, we are looking at the step by the too often appearance of being "asleep" Common Council to lessen funding in view of more COMMUNITY options.
Then there is the STREETCAR notice today that Mayor Barrett is "hell-bent" on a project label as "transportation" to support the will of those citizens such as Barry Mandel, Mandel Properties (made real estate baron through privilege - city government and WHEDA) and cronies.  Barrett also is quoted in Urban Milwaukee, November 19, 2014:
In a statement issued today Mayor Barrett said “Milwaukee residents and businesses have demanded a transportation alternative to spur development and provide more options, something most other cities our size are building or already operating. This starter system will — with future additions to other neighborhoods being planned — provide a modern, attractive way to get around Milwaukee, to and from residences, businesses, cultural institutions and entertainment destinations.”

CORE CONSTITUENTS did not say that.  Therefore, he is being reckless here and toying with the quality of life issues and economic development stabilization of employment of Core Constituents and Vision 2050 projections.  Who's GREEDY thought is this?  

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