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Thursday, November 6, 2014

League of Milwaukee Tavern Owners & Alcohol Licensees - Creating a VOICE for GROWTH

MC COLE - Hammer's Den Development
Class B License
November 6, 2014
City Center Milwaukee | DAY 67 | Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC has added a NEW action arm for representation of Class B license owners and Liquor Store owners/managers licenses in the city of Milwaukee.

This is a professional group of the Urban Hospitality Industry.  
This is a major revenue stream for the city of Milwaukee.

Oversight & Best Practices
The League of Milwaukee Tavern Owners & Alcohol Licensees is for roles and responsibilities for better Code of Conduct from License Committee members and other charter officers of the city of Milwaukee.  To provide a Voice for those of the League of Milwaukee Tavern Owners & Alcohol Licensees.

LM-TOAL focus call for an enforcement of the Oath of Office by charter officers of the city of Milwaukee and those they appoint-hire-volunteer for representing the government of the city of Milwaukee.

The League of Milwaukee Tavern Owners & Alcohol Licensees was put in place by MPA LLC to kick-off its customer services and provide a "unified" voice for MC Cole and others who appeared before the License Committee on October 20, 2014.

MC Cole - Hammer's Den
The property is located in the 15th District on the corner of 18th and Fond du Lac Avenue - formerly Working Class - 1810-1822 W. Fond du Lac Avenue.

On October 8, 2013, MC Cole purchased the building for $60,000. After 365 days of working day and night to prepare for the opening of his first-owned 3-part development in the Hospitality Industry, he has been "denied" a Class B license.  

This is his purchased property and an investment of over $88,000; and, over $7,000.00 in the last year for city taxes.  MC Cole's three (3) projects will bring in a minimun of full-time employment to 10 people from the neighborhood.  Additionally, will provide housing for 2-two-bedroom apartments.  

MC Cole is waiting to open at this time and capture the holiday - Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Kwanza and New Year revenue.  The three (3) projects are:

  • Hammer's Den Tavern (1st floor)
  • Restaurant (1st floor)
  • Two - 2-bedroom apartments (2nd floor)
As of October 20, 2014, the city compliances, citizen support and letters of Support were in the possession of Alderman Russell Stamper II.  He arrived for the License Committee for granting of his Class B license.  His application, though complete with city compliances and support of the neighbors and Letters of Support from fellow Class B owners, his application was placed on HOLD by Alderman Stamper.  His reasons were not valid and clearly projected conflict of interest, discrimination, pitting-one-group against another and cronyism.

Newly elected Alderman of the 15th District, Russell Stamper II, has demonstrated an appearance of conflict of interest, bias, discrimination in decision makinggross refusal to return calls and cronyism  that violates his Oath of Office.

MPA LLC Emerging & Vetted Coalition 
Creating a VOICE for GROWTH
The League of Milwaukee Tavern Owners & Alcohol Licenses is the brainchild of Mary Glass, Chair/CEO, Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC.  

MC Cole is a client of MPA LLC.

To view the License Committee hearing on October 20, 2014.
Suggestion:  MC COLE and HOPE COLBERT are close to the end of the video.  You can move the dial down for viewing.

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