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Friday, November 13, 2015

B-R-E-A-K-I-N-G NEWS - MPA Candidates Caucus Network will host JOHN DOE Law Forums with DA Candidate Verona Swanigan

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CITY OF MILWAUKEE & COUNTY OF MILWAUKEE | November 13, 2015 | Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC continues to provide leadership and stewardship for the public square that is anchored in Informed Decision-Making that is Action-oriented.  

MPA Speakers' Bureau
"We have a new bill - JOHN DOE - led by the GOP bicameral in Madison, passed with a majority and signed by Scott Walker, Governor of Wisconsin.

The John Doe law allows prosecutors to force people to give testimony and turn over documents.

We have added Attorney Verona Swanigan, Candidate for District Attorney in Milwaukee County, to the list of participants of MPA LLC Speakers' Bureau and MPA Candidates Caucus Network for outreach to the public.  Attorney Swanigan will spotlight the John Doe law.  We are pleased to have Candidate Swanigan as a Speaker to offer her skills to the public she wants to serve as Milwaukee County DA.  MPA Candidates Caucus Network is to help vet candidates running for 2016 office and point to those candidates that RESPECT those they will serve and RESPECT their assets and resources. [ Mary Glass, MPA LLC, Chair/CEO/CVO].
On November 12, 2015, MPA LLC announced the NEW series of "information" sharing for the Voters in the 19 Municipalities, "The John Doe" Series.

We have selected 7 dates so far and the kick-off November 25, 2015.  Stay tuned for more specifics.

John Doe
 The bill recently signed into law by Scott Walker, Governor, would curtail the ability of district attorneys to use secret John Doe proceedings to investigate crimes ranging from misconduct in office to identity theft. Walker has been the subject of two high-profile investigations into alleged campaign violations committed by his staff as Milwaukee County Executive and during the 2012 recall elections. LEARN MORE

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