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Saturday, November 30, 2013

MPA LLC Online BUSINESS SHOP - Launched November 30, 2013

November 30, 2013
MILWAUKEE | To launch the NEW online retail shop for Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC, a Countdown clock was added to MPA PUBLIC POLICY REVIEW website.  The countdown will remind shoppers how many more days before the FULL implementation of the Affordable Health Care law.

We are excited about the opportunity to offer the marketplace customized items of our "SPECIAL EDITION" line.  We have chosen our "Pass it On" logo for the Special Edition Line.  The items have been carefully selected by our Chair/CEO, Mary Glass.

Click photo to Enlarge
Our debut selections include:  cutie message bears, multi-colored throw pillows, framed prints, laptop sleeves (3 sizes), mouse pad, puzzles, Xmas tree trim, adult cozy blanket wrap w/pockets and sleeves, tote bags and our wire-bound, 160 page,  2014 Journal with a welcome message for Mary Glass.

The items were selected and customized with uniqueness in mind. The products are customized items from the stock of Cafe Press - The World's Customization Engine

The Affordable Health Care law goes into FULL effect on Wednesday, January 1, 2014. This is a historic time. We have selected items for your daily use, keepsakes, gifts and momentos of this historic time.  As the first of the year comes closer, other items will be added for an expanded selection of merchandise.  Let us be a place you visit for this year's Xmas gifts and selections the year thru.

YAHOO! Visit MPA LLC BUSINESS SHOP and start your selection today. 
We thank you and would like to hear from you about our selection and the service you receive.

Email:  mpapublicpolicyreview@gmail.com


Small Business Saturday - Starts TODAY, November 30, 2013

MILWAUKEE |  Amani, Grandview/Walnut, Halyard Park, Harambee, Hillside, Metcalfe, Midtown, Riverwest, Sherman Park and WAICO/Y are 10 neighborhoods selected for Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC Affordable Health Care Urban Population Demonstration.  An Infrastructure case study to research, create, monitor, collect data, report and implement census and neighborhood level opportunities to engage un, under-employed, un-, under-educated, un, under-finance residential and commercial stakeholders for implementation of health care, health insurance, health improvement of chronic conditions,  cost containment and the creation of economic engines at the census tract level.

Small Business 
Try your neighborhood auto repair, cleaners, boutique, barber, hair stylists, massage shop, coffee shop, car wash, eatery, restaurant, liquor store, tavern, sportz bar, bakery, florist, pharmacy, health food grocery, bank, credit union, check cashing, beauty products, seamstress, tailor, shoe shine parlor, health practitioners and recycle shops to name a few.

One of the BUY-INS is the 100% engagement and support of the neighborhood businesses.  This is the beginning of building a better quality of life and economic development climate for self-sustainability and up-scalability in your neighborhood.

A major part of the support is ensuring that what is sold is of quality and beneficial to the whole.
A major part of the support is each neighbor - tenant, landlord and business owner stand together with BUY-IN of respect, beautification and citizenship for their neighborhood.  To be the landlords and stewards of the area they rent/lease and purchase.  To show pride in where you live, work, grow your business, build history, invest your funds, go to church, raise your families and go to school.

By supporting - purchasing products - investing in retail within your neigborhood and assisting in building more products of quality for the marketplace, you keep dollars in your neighborhood and you build your welfare within the city of Milwaukee.

MPA LLC DEMO neighborhood model calls for All Hands on Deck.

You still have time to support your neighborhood - TODAY.
If not today, remember to purchase, to invest during the coming days, months and years.

Remembering Small Business Saturday.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Thanksgiving - Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thursday, November 28, 2013 - Another Special Family and Friends Day to be Thankful

AROUND THE WORLD - On this day, many folk around the world will celebrate with wonderful morsels of food prepared with special recipes.  They gather in the spirit of togetherness, great food, friends and family.  They gather in family value and historic presence.

Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC wishes each of you a moment of thanks and for sure the enjoyment of a delicious meal.

We thank those of you who share with others.

We remember our friends and family that are no longer with us and remember them in great fondness.

For me, it is:
Sister Joyce Glass Crowder
Aunt Erma Glass Tipton.  

Be Well.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Reverse the Damage of cigarette smoking - Health Tips

Margarita Persico is a multi-platform journalist, producer and founder of the food and health website The Healthy Dish. She currently serves as a freelance writer, blogger and editor. Persico has published for the Harvard Review Latin America, Bay State Banner, El Planeta, Tu Boston, the Health & Family magazine, Taildom.com, and in San José, Costa Rica, for El Residente Magazine, the Tico Times and for corporate and nonprofit organizations.
Take a look.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Reed in Senate takes a step in the Direction of Real Leadership - YAHOO!

Senate Leader - Senator Harry Reed
November 22, 2013
WASHINGTON, DC - On November 21, 2013, in the U.S. Senate, Senate Leader Harry Reed led the body in a step of leadership to step away from GRIDLOCK.

He called for the vote.  A vote of 52-48 that allowed JUSTICE to be r e l e a s e d.

He took a necessary and historic step in the right direction to stop the gridlock and runaway Republican obstruction.  

It is clear that the leadership in the Republican Party, senate and house, have been hell-bent on impeding nominations of President Barack Obama as well as "lockjawing" needed decisions from our United States legislature.  The hog wild and at-any-cost defeat President Obama continue to cause our country a "drag" that had to be ended.  And, by-the-way, everything for the Republicans always come back to tying everything to overturning the Affordable Health Care law.  A law put in place to uptick our country.  A law they are mad that they "historically" chose to NOT be a positive force for their party.  They chose "wrong" then, they chose wrong with the outlandish racism and disregard for our 44th president; and, they chose wrong for the last election - the People left them with their mouths open, dismayed, flabbergasted and less wealthy.

Unfortunately, the obsession by leaders of the Republican Party demanded a drastic rule change - the Nuclear Option - a step coined by past Republican House Speaker Trent Lott.  It is the removal of the filibuster.

Republicans have disrespected the People and President Obama - over and over.
They have abused their power.
Some have looked in the camera and "outright" lied - repeatedly.
They have refused to "do-their-jobs" for the people.
They have used their personal whims, career aspirations, wealth growth, desires, misrepresentations, and craze for personal career promotion.
They have allowed their lack of judgment regarding the Affordable Health Care to blind-their-judgment, their common and professional sense.
They have dishonored the country - lowering the country's rating - refusing to honor the budget and shutting down the government - all to dishonor President Barack Hussein Obama.

The Republicans overplayed their hands and they have gone much too far!

They stripped the ACA law to almost gut stages, yet it passed.
They stood alone and the health care law still passed.
They saw their error and became angry and have gone for "their distruction".

YAHOO!  YAHOO! Speaker Reed and those who voted (52-48, 3 Democrats and all Republicans opposed) for the change.

It is just wonderful that Nevada Senator Harry Reed and the positive voters in the senate stood for the PEOPLE - their reason for being.

We say to Senator Harry Reed and like-minds, move to actions that will take the country forward.  Find the common grounds for growth with "like-minds" - We, the People will be at your back with surprising support.  Do not look back and do not let the doomsayers break-your-stride.  We, the People, need you - our country need you.

Watch and see how RIGHT will trump the misrepresentation and threats from those of whom the People must push back.

Thursday, November 21, 2013, USA, Senate Leader Harry Reed led the senate in  the Filibuster Nuclear Option vote.   It passed.
YAHOO!  Amen.
Mary Glass - American citizen

Shacknow - Today's Brief - November 22, 2013

Dow on track for 7th straight week of gains
Peter Schacknow, Senior Producer, CNBC Breaking News Desk

A Thursday rebound for stocks has put the Dow back in positive territory for the week, while the S&P 500 opens the week's final trading day about two points away from breakeven for the week. Volume could be light during the Friday session as more investors prepare for the Thanksgiving holiday next week. 

The only government report out today is one that usually does not move the markets, the Labor Department's Job Opportunities and Labor Turnover report, known popularly as JOLTS. There are also two Fed speeches on today's agenda, with Kansas City Fed President Esther George and Fed Governor Daniel Tarullo set for separate public appearances. 

A light earnings calendar today once again focuses on retail, with AnnTaylor parent Ann Inc. (ANN), Foot Locker (FL), and PetSmart (PETM) all scheduled to report this morning. There are no companies scheduled to report after the bell, as is often the case on Friday

Gap (GPS) leads our list of stocks to watch, with the clothing retailer reporting third quarter profit of 72 cents per share, one cent above estimates. The parent of Gap, Old Navy, and Banana Republic stuck to its prior full-year forecast of $2.57 - $2.65, which is below the consensus estimate of $2.74, and it also announced a $1 billion stock buyback program. 

Nike (NKE) raised its quarterly dividend to 24 cents per share from 21 cents, an increase of 14 percent. The athletic apparel and footwear maker has raised its dividend for 12 years in a row. 

Pandora Media (P) earned six cents per share for the third quarter, excluding certain items, matching estimates, while revenue was above forecasts. The internet radio company had higher expenses for music, sales, and marketing during the quarter. 

Time Warner Cable (TWC) is on the verge of a bid from Charter Communications (CHTR), according to the Wall Street Journal, which said Charter is near an agreement with banks for the funds to make that offer. 

Herbalife (HLF) will be the subject of a renewed attack from activist investor Bill Ackman at the Robin Hood Conference in Boston today, according to Reuters. Ackman has maintained that Herbalife is a Ponzi scheme, while other well-known investors like Carl Icahn have taken opposite bets. 

Novartis (NVS) said its experimental breast cancer drug will enter final stage trials next month. Both Novartis and Pfizer (PFE) are competing to get this particular treatment to the market, with Pfizer's rival drug already in phase 3 testing. 

UPS (UPS) will raise prices an average 4.9 percent next year, joining rival FedEx (FDX) and the U.S. Postal Service in announcing rate hike plans for 2014. 

The Fresh Market (TFM) reported third quarter profit of 23 cents per share, three cents below estimates, with revenue also missing the mark. The specialty grocery cut its full year earnings forecast for the second time, pointing to weaker consumer confidence. 

Pozen (POZN) declared a special dividend of $1.75 per share. The drug maker will pay that dividend on December 30 to shareholders of record as of December 11

Ross Stores (ROST) matched Street estimates with third quarter profit of 80 cents per share, but the retailer's current quarter guidance falls below analyst estimates as it warns of "intensely competitive" pricing for the holiday season. 

Splunk (SPLK) posted a breakeven third quarter, better than the one cent loss than analysts had been forecasting, while revenue exceeded estimates. The maker of data analytics software was able to add more customers during the quarter, and raised its yearly revenue forecast. 

Marvell Technology (MRVL) beat estimates by seven cents with third quarter profit of 32 cents per share, excluding certain items, while revenue was well above consensus. The chipmaker also gave a current quarter earnings forecast that falls largely above current analyst estimates, as it increases sales to wireless device makers. 

Intuit (INTU) lost six cents per share for its first quarter, three cents smaller than Wall Street was expecting. Revenue exceeded estimates, but the software maker's current quarter earnings and revenue forecasts are below Street forecasts. Intuit is the company behind the Quicken and TurboTax software packages. 

Autodesk (ADSK) reported third quarter profit of 41 cents per share, excluding certain items, beating estimates by two cents. Revenue exceeded analyst forecasts as well, as the design software provider benefited from higher subscription revenue and lower expenses. 

Aruba Networks (ARUN) earned 16 cents per share for its first quarter, excluding certain items, two cents above estimates, with revenue above forecasts as well. Aruba, which makes wireless networking equipment, said it saw strong sales of products using the new Wi-Fi standard known as 802.11ac. 

Nielsen Holdings (NLSN) announced a 30 million share secondary stock offering. Shares in the rating service provider to sold are currently held by several private equity firms, including Blackstone, Carlyle Group, KKR, and Thomas H. Lee Partners

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Gov. Walker and Kudlow's Pants-on-Fire Misrepresentation, November 19, 2013 Kudlow Report

Gov. Walker on ACA: Made promise nobody could deliver

Well, I think that's part of the problem is if you have someone who didn't have executive experience and they let the political shop in the white house run everything.  Political shops as you know and I know, they have a major impact on policy but they're not the sole force of policy here.  I think that's part of the problem. They made a promise that nobody could deliver on. Not just in terms of the web side but the overall policy of Obama care which is an abysmal failure.
 Scott Walker, Governor of Wisconsin
Kudlow Report – November 19, 2013

Kudlow Report | Larry Kudlow, CNBC host – The Kudlow Report,  kicked-off his Tuesday, November 19, 2013 interview with Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, by implying that President Barack Obama has misrepresented the truth 3 times in the Affordable Health Care law.  

He said, “Let me just start, the polls are crashing and Obama is caught in essentially his third falsehood on this subject.   What’s your take on this”?    

Governor Walker responded, “Well, I think that's part of the problem is if you have someone who didn't have executive experience and they let the political shop in the white house run everything.  Political shops as you know and I know, they have a major impact on policy but they're not the sole force of policy here.  I think that's part of the problem. They made a promise that nobody could deliver on. Not just in terms of the web side but the overall policy of Obama care which is an abysmal failure.

Pants-on-Fire abysmal failure
The first and glaring problem with Kudlow’s question is, he’s posing the question to an elected official with a record of shameless and skewed self-aggrandizement - an elected official with an abysmal record and is perceived by a wide poll of voters in Wisconsin to be a failure in overall leadership.   This is especially weighted when it comes to his drive to eliminate most public-sector collective bargaining; and, his 250,000 private sector job promise.  He is at 90,000, August 2013 (Journal Sentinel Politifacts Wisconsin).

To the point of President Obama not having ‘'executive experience”, the governor is again – to use his words - an abysmal failure.  His role as County Executive in the City of Milwaukee was spent with him running for governor with issues that gives a distorted view and ignores his outsourcing efforts that drove jobs and economic development elsewhere, massive neglect of Milwaukee county aging infrastructure, one of which killed a youth, quality of life issues and in a net position made NO real city-wide or county-wide gain for the people of Milwaukee.  

His "executive leadership" left loyal members of his staff "holding-the-bag" and criminal records.  Governor Walker is yet being looked at for his alleged John Doe misconconduct in office as Milwaukee County Executive.   

As Governor of Wisconsin, his abysmal and discriminatory leadership can be seen in his 2013 State of the Union speech minus African American, his dissing – disrespect - of Milwaukee , failure of his administration to include African Americans (majority population in Milwaukee – over 40%) in job creation (highest unemployed with reported census tract 55% unemployed) and deplorable/abysmal failure to assist Wisconsin in the Affordable Health Care law – this is most visibly seen in Walker’s decision regarding Badger Care Plus, Medicaid and Chip recipients in 92,000 Wisconsinites removed from Medicare health care assistance. 

View the November 19, 2013 Video BELOW and listen to more of Governor Walker’s “pants-on-fire-and burned-to-a-crisp” misrepresentation of the truth with Larry Kudlow on November 19, 2013 – a continuation of his self-serving and look-in-the-camera and spin-the-truth.  Oh yeah!  He’s out running for President of the United States – just as he did in Milwaukee as County Executive, he concentrated on running for governor, hoodwinking constituents and partnering with folk with money..
Did he say abysmal failure?  
Did Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker say executive experience vs political shop?
Did he say promise of President Obama?  Perhaps if he had provided leadership in Wisconsin for Affordable Health Care for approximately 5.8 million folk - the haves are benefitted if ALL have health care - the largest budget item in Wisconsin (health care) can go down?  This benefits our GNP and GDP.

Then, there is Walker's promise of 250,000 private sector jobs - he's at 90,000 in August, 2013.

According to Governor Walker, “Governors lay out vision – big bold ideas”.   Evidently, this does not speak of his strong points.

Previous Kudlow Report
 Kudlow Report with Governor Scott Walker , August 19, 2013 – our last report on Kudlow and Walker.

Kudlow’s November 19, 2013 

Kudlow Transcript
but let me just start, the polls are crashing. and obama is caught in essentially his third falsehood on this subject. what's your take on this? well, i think that's part of the problem is if you have someone who didn't have executive experience and they let the political shop in the white house run everything. political shops as you know and i know, they have a major impact on policy but they're not the sole force of policy here. i think that's part of the problem. they made a promise that nobody could deliver on. not just in terms of the web side but the overall policy of obama care which is an abysmal failure. it's not only a failure for obama care, but continuing to be a wet blanket on the recovery in the nation's economy. right. anti-growth. but it sort of blows my mind, okay, this guy is a lawyer. i have never had any personal criticism of him. i don't deal in that currency. but my point is he's a well trained lawyer who taught law. he's making the assertions that are blatantly false. does he not think in the able of facebook and electronics this isn't going to come out? it's shocking. i think -- i think people are just as angry at his falsehoods as they are at the breakdown of obama care. i really do. i think it only gets worst, day by day goes by and more of the promises we find out, it's one thing they're wrong and you're told they're wrong and you actually believe that people believe that. but the more we find out that there were business -- as you said, firm after firm telling the white house and the administration it wasn't going to work, it's either one of the things where they're not listening to the facts or they're not being informed. in either case it's rather troubling. no ceo experience whosoever. so you believe, a obama care should be the defining issue in midterm elections? no doubt about it. political issues are most significant when you're telling people something they know to be true. i think regardless of how people originally thought about obama care, overwhelmingly the public realizes this is an abysmal failure. not just the rollout, but the policy itself. i think the longer this goes on, the more democrats are going to run forhe hills. as a governor running for re-election, your third re-election, how do you put obama care into the conversation? how do you work it in? well, in our case it's interesting. the only democrat in the race is trying to make an issue, trying to talk about how they would have taken the expansion, they would have taken the state-run exchanges. i think that might have sounded nice a couple months ago, but as time goes on, i think for those of us who raised question marks about obama care it becomes pretty clear we didn't want to put our state taxpayers at risk. havisaid that, for republicans in state and federal offices as well, we have to be careful that we don't look like we're relishing this. as much as us raised the red flag of concern, i think we need to empathize with many of our fellow citizens who are going to suffer because of these.

Part I

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

MPA LLC REPORTING Grows to 12 for providing Best Practices and Accountability

November 19, 2013
MILWAUKEE | Today, Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC released an increase of federal committees, federal organization, federal departments and national boards for Reporting Code of Conduct in the marketplace.  The total is 12.

They are:

“There are a lot of kids out there who need help, who are getting a lot of negative reinforcement.  And is there more that we can do to give them the sense that their country cares about them and values them and is willing to invest in them?”
– President Barack Obama, July 19, 2013

Enlarge, click photo



– U. S. Rep. Darrell Issa and U. S. Rep. Elijah Cummings

– U. S. Senator Ron Wyden, Chairman & U. S. Senator Orrin Hatch, Ranking Member







MPA LLC Consumer Protection Group (Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC) is the body that evaluate, monitor and make assessment of Code of Conduct and Stewardship with follow-up for oversight, transparency, best practices, oligopoly, monopoly; and, investments at the census tract and neighborhood partnerships.

Partnerships are quadfurcated with hidden talent and vetted businesses at the census tract and neighborhood level for urban population health care, quality of life, economic development and self-sustainability in homes, businesses and organizations of the City of Milwaukee, especially with African American, other People of Color and Work Challenged to help remove Enduring Concentrated Poverty/ECP.


Last update:  April 16, 2014

Healthcare.gov Reminders - November 19, 2013

USA |  Milwaukee - Basic information for you to stay abreast and on-top of Affordable Health Care information.


Below are dates to remember.

October 1, 2013 - Initial Open Enrollment (in progress).
October 1, 2013 thru March 31, 2014 - Open Enrollment.

December 15, 2013 - Deadline for Insurance for January 1, 2014 Insurance.

January 1, 2014 - Full Implementation of Affordable Health Care Law.

January 1, 2014 - March 31, 2014 Enrollment.
(Insurance BOUGHT in January will be available one month later - this is true for February and March, 2014; 30-day wait)

You can apply for health coverage in the Marketplace 4 ways: with a paper application, online, by phone, or in person with an assister.
Get status updates about HealthCare.gov site performance and the actions we’re taking to improve your experience.

What if my current individual plan is changing or not being offered in 2014?


Types of information we collect
When you browse through any website, certain information about your visit can be collected. We automatically collect and temporarily store the following types of information about your visit:
  • Domain from which you access the Internet
  • IP address (an IP or internet protocol address is a number that is automatically given to a computer connected to the Web)
  • Operating system on your computer and information about the browser you used when visiting the site
  • Date and time of your visit
  • Pages you visited
  • Address of the website that connected you to HealthCare.gov (such as google.com or bing.com)
We use this information to measure the number of visitors to our site and its various sections and to help make our site more useful to visitors.

Text4Baby - Gestational Diabetes Reminder for Moms - November 19, 2013

November 19, 2013
Text4Baby Tuesday - 

During American Diabetes Month, Text4baby encourages expecting and new moms to make simple, but important lifestyle changes to improve their health - particularly if they have diabetes or are at risk for the disease. Women with a history of gestational diabetes have a 35 to 60 percent chance of developing diabetes again within 10 to 20 years after the birth of their child. The child also has increased risk for obesity and type 2 diabetes. 

Text4baby messages inform mothers about gestational diabetes and ways to manage the disease. Encourage women to sign up for Text4baby - information like this helps to keep moms and babies healthy.


Use the text below for MORE  info and for sign-up info.
Diabetes can happen for the 1st time in pregnancy. You may be tested at 24-28 weeks. Your Dr. can help you control it. Diabetes info:text4b.org/043.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Re-define - Real Estate Concierge

Sunday, November 17, 2013
MILWAUKEE | To address the core issue of poverty - Enduring Concentrated Poverty that is in place and a way-of-life for supporting the haves and disenfranchising the have-nots, it must be identified and recognized for its barriers to quslity of life and economic development; then REMOVED.   By removal of ECP, we are able to unveil hidden talent, vetted businesses, economic engines, planet seeds of hope, fulfilled dreams, open the door wide to safety preventions and safety interventions, stop-in-its tracts spiralling incarceration injustices; and, energize residential and commercial stakeholders for self-sustainability at the census tract and neighborhood level.
MPA LLC All Hands on Deck, WE CAN Initiative calls for Re-defining, Re-branding and UN-trapping hidden talent and vetted businesses.  MPA LLC recognizes that in order to remove the self-perpetuating EDP, a holistic appoach is necessary.  The first of many steps to Re-define the Infrastructure assets of Land, People, natural resources and federal resources is engagement of the people - All Hands on Deck, WE CAN.

To RE-DEFINE, change for/to better/best, complete saturation of information to the people for awareness and BUY-IN is necessary.  The People must say, Yes.  

To RE-DEFINE, change for/to better/best, requires Upscalability.
Upscalability is the "innovative change" that marries empowerment of image, goals, strategies, merit believability, outcomes (financial-historic-legacy-laws), self-governance, self-sustainability, service delivery, service coordination, expectations, tolerations, code of conduct, stewardship of assets and accountability. 

Upscalability and Accountability BUY-IN starts at the census tract and neighborhood level and moves abroad with percentiles and percentages that can not be denied.

Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC has identified its role as chief Concierge for making this happen.

It is important to note that the Urban population of the city of Milwaukee is the City of Milwaukee.  There are over a half-million folk that are predominately African American and People of Color,  There is a mixed population of Milwaukeeans that are multi-aged, multi-income, multi-racial and multi-ethnic that are Work Challenged.  They are daily answering to the ferocious calls of the economic trends - un-, under-skilled; un-, under-employed; un-, under-financed neighborhood-level businesses; disabled; and re-entry. 

Re-entry represents those returning from WAR, INCARCERATION, boomerang employment, boomerang retirement and college-certificated graduates unemployed. .  Many are "under-water" in ECP due to many adverse conditions mentioned above.

Therefore, Re-defining the Instrastructure is the first step.  How?

There is a tsunami catalyst that came into law by the signature of our 44th President, Barack Hussein Obama on March 23, 2013.  It speaks to Infrastructure and core intervention.  It is Health Care for the entire population of the city of Milwaukee.  YAHOO! 

Finally, Milwaukeeans, especially African American, other People of Color and Work Challenged stakeholders can receive heath care in an "as needed" quality of care delivery of services.  They can take ownership of their morbility and to a great degree mortality.  They can be the drivers of their own customized urban population health care service delivery for chronic care and cost containment by being aware, creating the blueprint at the census tract and neighborhood level, advancing economic engines through hidden talent and vetted businesses; and raising quality of life for the now and coming generations.

Chair/CEO Mary Glass this week extended the first opportunity for engagement in Re-defining" through, A Note from the Chair/CEO.  The Introduction leads with seeking PEOPLE of like-mind and mission as Founding Stakeholders, Charter Members, Sponsors, and Strategists. 


  • 10-Neighborhood DEMO Project 

  • PUE/Primary-Urgent-Emergency care

  • MPA LLC twitlink Boutique marketing - Born Frees Millennials/GEN Y
  • Trailblazer Health Fitness and Wellness committees 

  • Milwaukee Health Care Caucus ACO.

  • Stay tuned.

    Friday, November 15, 2013

    A Note from the Chair/CEO - Mary Glass

    November 15, 2013


    I am delighted to invite you to be part of Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC 2013/2014 robust and innovative engagement to ensure that ALL Hands on Deck, WE CAN Initiative for Affordable Health Care preparedness is reflected in the framework of the decision making blueprint for Milwaukeeans, especially African American, other People of Color and the Work Challenged individuals.  We fiercely support ongoing paradigm shifts in quality of life and economic development enhancements for Urban Population Health Care.  Health care designed for residential and commercial stakeholders in the iconic city of Milwaukee.  Health care that recognizes specifics for public and private insurance, health care providers (hospitals-after hospital care and home care), health care practitioners, pharmaceuticals, health care suppliers (sample products to doctors, hospitals, after hospital care facilities and shipped to homes), health care education institutions, navigators and consultants.

    We seek baseline collaborative efforts that embrace and empower BUY-IN at the census tract and neighborhood level that recognizes the need for ongoing access and literacy in information technology.

    Our focus for the next 14 months is on creating an INFRASTRUCTURE model in the public square that supports upscalability and will help remove ECP/Enduring Concentrated Poverty in Milwaukee through the creation of Urban Population Health Care, the recognition of and removal of oligopoly takeover and greed by well-connected, live-outside of Milwaukee, donor-for-hire and corporate businesses.  We welcome partners and shun oligopoly isolation, discrimination and exploitation.

    We are a change agent and premier supporter of preparedness and implementation of the Affordable Health Care law in the urban city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Holistic health care for stakeholders that implement Primary-Urgent-Emergency/PUE care with the customer in mind - in-the-neighborhood sites for the convenience of customers/beneficiaries to receive care.

    We are creating the centerpiece model - DEMO Neighborhood Health Empowerment Zones - for improving chronic health concerns, empowering the customer to be the key authorizer in his/her overall health care maintenance and joint-partner in cost-containment.

    We have much to do to create the framework platforms for establishing TRUST, dialog, connected communications, ongoing networking, research, financial wherewithal, joint-leadership, education and technology (access-literacy and use).

    We seek PEOPLE of like-mind and mission as Founding Stakeholders, Charter Members, Sponsors, and Strategists.

  • 10-Neighborhood DEMO Project 

  • PUE/Primary-Urgent-Emergency care

  • MPA LLC twitlink Boutique marketing - Born Frees Millennials/GEN Y
  • Trailblazer Health Fitness and Wellness committees 

  • Milwaukee Health Care Caucus ACO

  • If this is of interest to you and you wish to be part of this INNOVATIVE opportunity, go to:

    Be Well.
    Mary Glass - Chair/CEO
    Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC