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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Re-define - Real Estate Concierge

Sunday, November 17, 2013
MILWAUKEE | To address the core issue of poverty - Enduring Concentrated Poverty that is in place and a way-of-life for supporting the haves and disenfranchising the have-nots, it must be identified and recognized for its barriers to quslity of life and economic development; then REMOVED.   By removal of ECP, we are able to unveil hidden talent, vetted businesses, economic engines, planet seeds of hope, fulfilled dreams, open the door wide to safety preventions and safety interventions, stop-in-its tracts spiralling incarceration injustices; and, energize residential and commercial stakeholders for self-sustainability at the census tract and neighborhood level.
MPA LLC All Hands on Deck, WE CAN Initiative calls for Re-defining, Re-branding and UN-trapping hidden talent and vetted businesses.  MPA LLC recognizes that in order to remove the self-perpetuating EDP, a holistic appoach is necessary.  The first of many steps to Re-define the Infrastructure assets of Land, People, natural resources and federal resources is engagement of the people - All Hands on Deck, WE CAN.

To RE-DEFINE, change for/to better/best, complete saturation of information to the people for awareness and BUY-IN is necessary.  The People must say, Yes.  

To RE-DEFINE, change for/to better/best, requires Upscalability.
Upscalability is the "innovative change" that marries empowerment of image, goals, strategies, merit believability, outcomes (financial-historic-legacy-laws), self-governance, self-sustainability, service delivery, service coordination, expectations, tolerations, code of conduct, stewardship of assets and accountability. 

Upscalability and Accountability BUY-IN starts at the census tract and neighborhood level and moves abroad with percentiles and percentages that can not be denied.

Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC has identified its role as chief Concierge for making this happen.

It is important to note that the Urban population of the city of Milwaukee is the City of Milwaukee.  There are over a half-million folk that are predominately African American and People of Color,  There is a mixed population of Milwaukeeans that are multi-aged, multi-income, multi-racial and multi-ethnic that are Work Challenged.  They are daily answering to the ferocious calls of the economic trends - un-, under-skilled; un-, under-employed; un-, under-financed neighborhood-level businesses; disabled; and re-entry. 

Re-entry represents those returning from WAR, INCARCERATION, boomerang employment, boomerang retirement and college-certificated graduates unemployed. .  Many are "under-water" in ECP due to many adverse conditions mentioned above.

Therefore, Re-defining the Instrastructure is the first step.  How?

There is a tsunami catalyst that came into law by the signature of our 44th President, Barack Hussein Obama on March 23, 2013.  It speaks to Infrastructure and core intervention.  It is Health Care for the entire population of the city of Milwaukee.  YAHOO! 

Finally, Milwaukeeans, especially African American, other People of Color and Work Challenged stakeholders can receive heath care in an "as needed" quality of care delivery of services.  They can take ownership of their morbility and to a great degree mortality.  They can be the drivers of their own customized urban population health care service delivery for chronic care and cost containment by being aware, creating the blueprint at the census tract and neighborhood level, advancing economic engines through hidden talent and vetted businesses; and raising quality of life for the now and coming generations.

Chair/CEO Mary Glass this week extended the first opportunity for engagement in Re-defining" through, A Note from the Chair/CEO.  The Introduction leads with seeking PEOPLE of like-mind and mission as Founding Stakeholders, Charter Members, Sponsors, and Strategists. 


  • 10-Neighborhood DEMO Project 

  • PUE/Primary-Urgent-Emergency care

  • MPA LLC twitlink Boutique marketing - Born Frees Millennials/GEN Y
  • Trailblazer Health Fitness and Wellness committees 

  • Milwaukee Health Care Caucus ACO.

  • Stay tuned.

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