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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

MPA LLC chooses city of Milwaukee Organization Chart to define DNA and Change of Guard of city government

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January 7, 2015
City Center Milwaukee |  Day 128 | Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC starts the year of transparency and accountability with the use of the city of Milwaukee "Organization Chart".

Forensic Review
It will be used throughout the year 2015 to provide forensic review of the local government ran by elected-appointed-hired-volunteered individuals.  The focus is first-and-foremost on the city charter officers and the city clerk's office.

It is part of the 2010-2020 All Hands on Deck, We Can Initiative to re-define, re-brand, and UN-TRAP hidden talent and vetted business to grow economically the city of Milwaukee.  It is the force of the People that will end Enduring Concentrated Poverty.

Take back city order
The organization chart shows the "prime decision-maker" to be the "Electorate" - Milwaukeeans, The People, The Core Constituents.

The Forensic review process calls for all three (3) levels and the sub-offices to be addressed.  This process started April 7, 2014.  It will end before the 2016 election of the next body of elected city charter officers for 2016.

According to Mary Glass, Chair/CEO/CVO, Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC, "It is time for a change of guard and a 21st Century focus for city of Milwaukee government".

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