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Friday, January 9, 2015

MC COLE Class B License denial is TAXATION w/OUT Representation

January 9, 2015
City Center Milwaukee | DAY 130 |  MC COLE, investor and property owner was denied a Class B License on Tuesday, January 6, 2015, after being Certified for six (6) months, July 5, 2014, and in appearing in FULL COMPLIANCE since October 20, 2014.

First Meeting
October 20, 2014, in FULL COMPLIANCE - city departments, with business plan and neighborhood support.

Without rationale, moral and legal reasoning, the application was "placed on hold" by Alderman Russell Stamper II claiming he needed to discuss with members of the neighborhood, namely Sharon Adams - Walnut Way before approval.

Alderman Stamper was disengenuous with the claim of speaking with the neighborhood, especially since he had MC COLE to come to a WAICO/YMCA meeting and he nor his assistant appeared NOR did he have MC COLE on the agenda.  Afterwhich, he failed to call and give reason for his outright fib.

Prior to that meeting, Alderman Stamper failed to tell MC COLE, but told Donald Lewis to attend the October 18, 2014 meeting.  Additionally, he refused for over 3 weeks to return calls and provide input.

Further investigations has disclosed behaviors of Alderman Russell Stamper II, Larry and Sharon Adams - Walnut Way, Sharon Adams (Walnut Way), Susan Eick (Legacy Redevelopment Corp), Jacqueline Ward and Board of BID #32, Virginia DuPriest - WAICO/YMCA and Tabernacle Baptist Church has engaged in behaviors that include:  intimidation, taxation without representation (use of government funding), the appearance of conflict of interest and breach of trust.

BID #32 
BID #32 disenfranchisement and discrimination of MC COLE while receiving assessed taxes of $703.00 for 2013-2014 property taxes is just reprehensible.  MC COLE has also provided an undetermined BOND amount in the TID #44 for the Lindsay Heights area.

BID #32 is a city validated board-group put in place by Mayor Tom Barrett.  

They deliberately chose to make a difference between MC COLE, Hammer's Den, 1810-1822 W. Fond du Lac and Donald Lewis, Urban Cafe, 2451 W. Fond du Lac.  They placed Urban Cafe on their monthly agenda as economic development but failed to reach out to MC COLE.

Additionally, Sharon Adam and Larry Adams have property, 1834-36 W. Fond du Lac located adjacent to MC COLE.  Therefore, they know he is there.

Sharon Adams, Walnut Way was the place of the first neighborhood meeting.  It was where there neighborhood, especially Virginia Dupriest, Richard Qualls and M. Sabir (Walnut Way staffer) attacked MC COLE - present was Alderman Russell Stamper II with a "sly grin". Dupriest, Qualls and Sabir were present on January 6, 2015 with undocumented truth and wild claims.

See video, January 6, 2015.  

For MORE, visit LICENSE-gate

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