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Monday, January 12, 2015

NICO & VINZ - I like - MILLENNIAL 2015

City Center Milwaukee | Day 132 |  Today, Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC releases it commitment to MUSIC 2015.  It will focus on local to global music and musicians, with at least 1 musical event this year featuring hidden talent at the census tract and neighborhood level.

The two fellows in the video are:  NICO (Kahouly Nicolay Sereba) & VINZ (Vicent Dery).
They are from Oslo, Norway.

Kahouly Nicolay Sereba (Nico)
Vincent Dery (Vinz)

Nico Sereba of Norwegian-Ivorian origin and Vincent Dery of Norwegian-Ghanaian origin created their music as a fusion of genres as diverse as pop to reggae to soul. The duo was launched as Envy with its main debut appearance at Emergenza Festival in 2011.  They won first place at the Taubertal Open Air Festival World's "Emergenza Final" for new emerging artists. Following that success, the duo released the mixtape Dreamworks: Why Not Me under the name Envy. The materials were also made available online through WiMP.

They are from Lambertseter, Oslo. They formed in 2009 as Envy and are based in Oslo.[1] They changed their name to Nico & Vinz in January 2014 after the international success of "Am I Wrong".



We start locally with recognizing the beautiful music of Mario Brown and his group during 12 Celebrations of Christmas in 2014.

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